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Saturday, November 12, 2011

[I/VIEW] 111101 SHINee Excerpt: Spring Japanese Magazine - Group Interview

Minho is obviously the tsukkomi of the group, while Onew is the boke. It’s interesting the way Onew sets it up so Minho can tell him that.
A relaxed (all) boy interview about the group and the new song!
SHINee’s contemporary fashion and dance has charmed a wide spectrum of fans.

Their new song “Lucifer” tells the philosophy of deep love, its dance is different from what we’ve seen so far, it really nails viewers (to their seats).
Key:  In the new song, we sing about a confining love [1], it’s a deep and serious song. It’s like we’re singing about the feelings of a man who has sort of been cast under a spell.
Taemin: At the point where (we sing), “Loverholic” part, we do a handcuff movement with both our wrists , this signifies the shackles, I think this is interesting. [1]
Jonghyun: The song itself has a fast beat and electronic sound. I think maybe this tune will show a new side to SHINee, a manly side.
(But,) while we were shooting, it was just five guys fooling around all the time.
Key:  The members were just playing pranks and goofing off.  Always excited and having fun.
Onew:  After, I thought, “I’ll make everyone laugh by telling oyaji gags, but, recently no one is really laughing at them.
Minho:  That’s because you tell the same jokes time and time again. When we first heard them, they were funny.
Onew:  The futon flew away, the frog is returning, how much is this caviar, etc, right? [2]
Taemin:  Ahaha (*laugh*). I liked Onew’s jokes. What makes me laugh and what makes other people laugh may be different it seems. (*laugh*)
Jonghyun: As long as we’re together the way we are now, we won’t stop laughing. When we’re standing on stage with our faces serious, it’s a 180 degree turn.
Taemin: True. I hope that we have lots of opportunities to do stage shows. Our current goal is for a country-wide tour in Japan!
Onew:  I think all of the members’ hearts are together on that, we want to carry out a cross-country tour.  We want to increase the (chances) [3] to come into contact with all of the  Japanese fans, so please wait.

[1] Discussed this before here:

[3] Literally says “general meetings”

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