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Friday, May 31, 2013

[NEWS] 130531 SHINee’s Onew & Key Goes To Play on ‘Lee Soo Geun and Kim Byung Man’s High Society’

Bringing light into the dark rooftop room, SHINee visited jTBC’s Lee Su Geun and Kim Byung Man’s High Society.

In a recent recording of High Society, the SHINee members snuck into the rooftop rooms belonging to Lee Su Geun, Kim Byung Man, Super Junior’s Shindong and Infinite’s Sung Kyu. 

Without the fixed cast even noticing their presence, the SHINee members hid themselves around the house. Every so often, the SHINee members began stealing food and household items right under the High Society members. 

Will the SHINee members continue sneaking around without getting noticed?

Find out on June 1. 

Photo Credit: jTBC
Source: enewsworld

[TRANS] 130531 Jjong Twitter Update!


Kekkeke ah EXO is coming back, so I was searching and watched EXO’s Inkigayo debut interview. Kyungsoo kekkegeke kekegegegegegege su su… superior… orchestra and that powerful… powerful… that…yes..yes…. Thank you…. Look at Junmyeon’s expression kekekeke I love you, EXO keke.
I’m nice and got the link

But now that I think about it, we were a lot worse with stuttering……………………………

Since I’ve set fire to your hearts by tweeting that calls for reviewing, I’ll give you the relevant prize to those of you who are still awake.





T/N: Crucio is the Cruciatus Curse from Harry Potter. It is a curse of torture, inflicting excruciating pain on a victim.

Credit: realjonghyun90
English Translation: shiningtweets

Thursday, May 30, 2013

[TRANS] 130530 Jjong Twitter Update


That girl(She)’s sleeping


That girl (She) woke up
T/N: ‘Girl’ refers to Roo
Credit: realjonghyun90
English Translations: Forever_SHINee[5]

[INFO] 130530 SHINee to release full Japanese album "Boys Meet U" on June 26 + album specifications

SHINee's long-awaited Japan original album "Boys Meet U" to be released on June 26!

Posted Image

◆Limited Edition (First Press)
Price: 5,480 JPY  
Product No: TOCT-29171
Main Contents: CD + DVD + 44 page photo booklet
Included in Package:
★ One of five random photo cards
★ Application sheet for "Boys Meet U" special event
★ DVD containing Music Video & Dance Music Video starting from Sherlock onwards and footage of Dazzling Girl Special Showcase

01. Password
02. Breaking News
03. Dazzling Girl
04. 1000年、ずっとそばにいて…
05. Run With Me
06. Kiss Yo
07. 君がいる世界
08. Keeping love again
10. Sherlock
11. Fire
12. I'm with you

T1. Sherlock Music Video
T2. Dazzling Girl Music Video
T3. 1000-nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite... Music Video
T4. Fire Music Video
T5. Sherlock Music Video (Dance Version)
T6. Dazzling Girl Music Video (Dance Version)

◆Regular Edition (First Press)
Price: 3,059 JPY  
Product No: TOCT-29172 <POPS>STEREO
Main Contents: CD + 24 page photo booklet
Included in Package:
★ Application sheet for "Boys Meet U" special event
★ One of five random photo cards for first press only

■Bonus items from various shops
Mini clear file (Member solo shot)
For any pre-order of Limited Edition or Regular Edition from these shops (including their online site):
・TOWER RECORDS  ・HMV  ・TSUTAYA  ・新星堂(Shinseido)  ・WondeGOO  ・山野楽器(Yamano Music)  ・楽天(Rakuten) ・
※ The design will be of member solo shot (Randomly picked out of 5 designs. You can't choose which design to have)
※ Some of the branches or sites may not have this offer. Please confirm before you proceed with the purchase.
※ While the stock last. We recommend you to place your order early.

Mini clear file (Group shot)
For any pre-order of Limited Edition or Regular Edition from Amazon.
※ The design will be of group shot.
※ While the stock last. We recommend you to place your order early.

Mini note book (Group shot)
For any pre-order of Limited Edition or Regular Edition from EMI Records Japan online site (
※ The design will be of group shot.
※ While the stock last. We recommend you to place your order early.

Original B2 size poster
For any pre-order of Limited Edition or Regular Edition from shops that are not listed above.
※ The design will be of group shot.
※ Some of the branches or sites may not have this offer. Please confirm before you proceed with the purchase.
※ While the stock last. We recommend you to place your order early.

Source:, shinette0718
Translated by: red @

[TRANS] 130529 SHINee ‘LINE' Update

[Trans] SHINee &#8216;LINE Update &#8217; 130529 -

Last weekend the 3rd album&#8217;s official activities for SHINee is all completed!!
Thank you for everyone&#8217;s enthusiastic support towards SHINee during the activities of the 3rd album. (sobs)
SHINee sends a present for all of you who always supports SHINee 
Please keep supporting SHINee in the future~~

Credit&#160;: SHINee Line 
Translation&#160;: Forever_SHINee [ 5]
Last weekend the 3rd album’s official activities for SHINee is all completed!!
Thank you for everyone’s enthusiastic support towards SHINee during the activities of the 3rd album. (sobs)
SHINee sends a present for all of you who always supports SHINee
Please keep supporting SHINee in the future~~

Credit : SHINee Line
Translation : Forever_SHINee [ 5]

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[NEWS] 130529 Onew is confirmed to join JTBC’s new sitcom “Welcome to Noyal Villa”

Posted Image

Onew has been confirmed as a cast member of JTBC’s new sitcom, “Welcome to Noyal Villa”. He was offered the role by the production team and a SM representative announced on the 29th that he accepted it.

The show comically portrays people living in a royal villa. Every week, 30 audience members will be invited to the studio for the recording. Along with Onew, comedian Kim Byungman and actor Ahn Naesang will be on the show.

The first episode of “Welcome to Noyal Villa” will broadcast on June 7th.

Source: My Daily
Translated by: kimchi hana @

[NEWS] 130529 Minho shares a video of his trip to London

If you've never been to London, let SHINee member Minho take you through a short journey featuring some of the beautiful sights and sounds of England's capital city.

SM Entertainment released a video that was personally taken and edited by Minho himself during his travels through London. It's quite a beautiful piece of work, especially for someone who has no previous experience in film editing. 

The video starts off with a SHINee performance and then takes you through London from Minho's own point of view. He visits a bunch of landmarks and introduces London in all of its rainy beauty.

What do you think about his video?

Monday, May 27, 2013

[NEWS] 130527 SHINee to release a Japan-limited Bonus: ‘SHINee SURPRISE VACATION TRAVEL NOTE 01’

The long-awaited sale of SHINee’s Photobook will start preorder today (May, 27 2013) on EMI Records Japan Mail Order Site!

This Photobook will contain photos together with messages written like diary, bringing you through the various respective countries which the SHINee members have visited.

As for the Japan Limited / EMI Records Japan mail order site limited benefits, there will be 2 unpublished photos of each members printed on an additional special folding format photobook like seen like this:

Sales Price: 3,500 Yen

Because it is an imported goods from Korea, it is estimated to arrive in Japan from June, 10 onwards.

**** Do take note that it is NOT a Japan version of ‘SHINee SURPRISE VACATION TRAVEL NOTE 01’, everything will still be the same as the Korea version. The only difference is the 2 additional unpublished photos of each member.

English Translations: Forever_SHINee[4]

[FA] 130526 SHINee High Touch Event at UNIQLO AX Hall

Onew recognised the fan ? He raised his hands , did a weird but cute expression and it mesmerized the fan so much that she forgot whether she high-5ed him or not.

Order :Key - He put up his hand for you to high 5 with
Minho - The most active when doing high 5 with fans.
Jonghyun - seems a little tired.
Taemin - cutely raises his hands.
Onew - depends on his mood.
Source: 伊Jinki
Translation by bling_saur

Ended. I wanted to tell taemin that i will always cheer for him but when i saw him , i was lost for words and only sputtered out 2 words !! Taemin kept looking at me and waited for me to speak but i really blanked out. Staff chased and rushed me but i still managed to interlock my 10 fingers with him . With that , i am more than satisfied already.
Source: tudou_taem
Translation by bling_saur

Before they left the stage , Ontae discussed and decided to do a heart shape. Minho later also ran up to stage and walked one round. Cute babies.
Source: 我相公是温梦郎
Translation by bling_saur

It was the first high 5 meet so the fan doesnt not know how to do it. Taemin said to do it with both hands. He then held the fan's hands with his fingers widely opened. His hand is really soft.
Source: yilin710
Translation by bling_saur

Jonghyun had one hand on the table and he raised the other hand. I kept touching his hand cos once you high5 with them , you will be chased by the staff so i had to high 5 with him lightly. I told him that i was chosen for the fansign but he wasnt there. He apologised and i said next time(staff chased me away). He smiled and nodded his head.

When it was Minho's turn , he purposely raised his hands higher. I high-5ed with him and told him you are really good looking. his face is really small and very good looking.

Key's complexion is really ... poreless like a doll. His hands are really huge and he has huge knuckles. I really want to just place my hand into his forever. He just raised his hands and did not move and so i just kept comparing the size of our hands.

Onew's hand is the softest , like pudding. Soft , warm and it was the best !! I told him that he wrote my name really nicely last time and he slanted his hand , smiled and went : Ne ?? with an unbelievable look.
Source: human-lock
Translation by bling_saur

Taemin said that he wont high 5 but instead he will hold the fan's hands and he really interlocked fingers with noona. Taemin's hands are really small, soft and warm. When i asked him if he saw the bus advertisement for his coming-of-age gift , he smiled and said "Ne ~". During the ending , he said : I high-5ed with everyone !"
Source: Lastfantasy0718
Translation by bling_saur

I stood in front of him and grabbed his hands tightly. His hands are really comfortable ! I held and shoook and told him : Kibum , you are golden. You did really well !" He then gave me a foxy smile ! He is really beautiful when you see him in person.
Source: 甜心小bongbong
Translation by bling_saur

Onew's hands are really small... Meaty but soft like cat claws. It was really nice.
Source: 热可可
Translation by bling_saur

Told Key to "Please come to HK" then he asked " You come from HK ?" Fan said "yes , i come from HK". Minho only nodded his head and Jonghyun nodded his head in a silly way. Taemin grabbed both of my hands and shook my left hand. Onew said : Ya , Ok Haha~"
Source: 身心疲累想要自我了斷-永KEY媽媽
Translation by bling_saur

ah, i hear jonghyun and taem did not just touch fans' hands but folded hands with fingers interlocked T.T
at hight touch, F said 2 MH "yeobo, I came cuz u didn't come home" MH "Why did u come? I won't go" xD
F to key "oppa ur glasses were cute yesterday" Key said "Glasses? Ah~ pabo glasses!" n laughed
F to JH "Love you" JH "Me too~" T.T
F to ON "It was a good year thanks to u" ON "It's not ended yet!" - yes, it's not!
Taem said there could be a surprise, n other members were like "what? what surprise? we don't know!" - oh curious~
F's mind going blank b4 onew, said only "chicken" to him n On was like o_O xDDD
F: taem's hand feels like marshmellow~
ON teased smaller fans by raising his hands high n fans teased JH by raising hands high - orz
a fan brought green confetti and sprinkled it on key at high touch, key surprised xD
Source: juju_home

In the beginning, 2min were demonstrating how to hold hands? They interlocked their fingers really tightly!
Source: 無條件溺愛李珍基
Translation by squishyjinki

Minho said "fighting" together with a fan. Jonghyun highfived her once and the other time, their fingers interlocked.
Source: 金鐘鉉我的暖男我等你回来
Translation by squishyjinki

There were only 3 microphones and Minho didn't have one. When Key was talking, Meanho snatched Key's mic from the back Source: human-lock
Translation by squishyjinki

Minho's mood was very good. He was high from start to end. He said that they will be back from Japan very fast.
Source: 珉时刻MrMinho
Translation by squishyjinki

When Minho saw that the fan was crying, he was stunned and told her not to cry. He kept looking at the fan and asked her why she was crying. He held her hand and kept saying "don't, don't".
Fan: Thank you. I will stop crying. (But she was still crying) you have to come to Hong Kong for the 3rd concert oh. HK fans are waiting for you.
Minho: You're a Hong Kong fan!? Planning for 3rd concert is still undergoing. It'll not be so fast as have to wait for the Japan tour to be over.
Fan: Oh, I'm a HK fan. HK Fans are all waiting.
Minho: I know, don't cry.
Source: Iron_Jong
Translation by squishyjinki

Kibum started to say hello to me in Korean but when he saw i was foreigner, he said 'Hiii~' with a very cute smile

And Minho said Hi too and i could just say 'Hiiiii1' happily to the boys ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

I stayed a little longer in front of Jonghyun cuz the girl before me took her time with Taemin

I was so embarrassed repeating 'kill me kill me now' in my head as the dino was just next to me

And all their face were so bright and beautiful ㅠㅠ

There was a fanboy lmao the boys faces went like 'uh' so funny xD

Key found a long hair on the table he was like 'there's a hair here, who's this?' Lmao

At the end Onew & Taemin joined to make a heart it was sooooooo cute
Fan account by OoMurasakioO

"a fan asked jjong if jinki and he could follow each other. he simply answered no.”
At high touch event, there are many fans who lost their "soul" after passing jonghyun.

Minho: Let Key do some little dance Key snatched the mic back. Key: Care about yourself
Source: human-lock
Translation by KEYBE0MMIE

There's so many Japanese fans here I feel like Im in mini japan T.T
Omg there's like an uncle queueing as well. I dont know if he's waiting for someone or not but the sight's too funny ahahahahaha ahjussi fan
There's a hugeeeee banner on stage its so pretty omg

Okay first. The boys came in their inki outfits & greeted the fans ~ all of them seem to be in a good mood today!!! Kekekeke.
So fans will just go on stage and hi5 with them ~ I was just staring at them trying to decide what I shld do & what I shld say

TM said he will interlock his 10fingers with all the fans and HE REALLY DID OMG taemin-ah...Onew said he has no idea what to do 헐
Halfway throughout Onew used a tissue to wipe his face after each turn acting like it's really tiring 헐 you old man
A fan threw some...cotton(?) stuff like magic and Kibum gave a really shocked face hahaha kibum-ah. My view was OnTae kekekekekekekkeke

When it ended they just said all the usual thankyou stuff and TM whispered to Onew & then told the fans he has a surprise for them
The other hyungs just gave him the "taemin-ah what are you gonna do" face lol it was really cute!!! And then when they walked out of stage..

Taemin raised his 2 hands in the air and Onew walked right into it (-.-) and gave a pained expression lol you actor wannabe
TM turned around and saw Onew and they had hands around each others' waists okay WHAT ARE YOU 2 DOING
And then OnTae turned to face the audience and did a big HEART SHAPE TOGETHER OMG. MY ONTAE T...T just when Im there I witness OnTae omg ♥♥♥

After they all went backstage Minho suddenly ran out to wave at everyone again ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ so cute.
I was out of my mind during their talk but I managed to catch this phrase "we'll hurry to japan and hurry back" yayyyy ♥♥♥

Key. I love Key with hats and he looked like a freaking DOLL today. I told him "Hi Key you're so beautiful, my friend loves you!" and he sniggered (you know his famous laugh) and said thank you very much, and your friend too! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Minho. He's like trying to see who hi5 w more force LOL I told him that he sings very well & shld sing more. He said ok! KEKEKE

Jonghyun. He looks so HOT in this hairstyle & eye makeup omg T.T his hand was a lil rough and quite bigggg. Like a namja KEKE. I told him to stay healthy and he said yes he will thankyouuuu (literally 감사합니다ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ) omg I died

There was a holdup at Jjong's side so I had OnTae all to myself for the longest ♥♥♥

Taemin. He held up his 10 fingers & interlocked with mine omg. His soft baby hands literally T.T I told him to be careful & stay out of danger. He gave that SHEEPISH SMILE. Onew looked at Tae & kept nodding his head!!!! He replied me okay i will try.

Onew. He was already smiling at TM's direction when I reached. Omg precious eyesmile T...T I felt like I couldnt breath for that moment. Idk what he was trying to do but he moved his hand in diff directions & I felt like an idiot trying to match his -.---------
In the end he laughed and stopped and shook hands with me omg he grabbed my hands in a handshake OMG SAVE ME
It was like...dubu hands with a firm handshake omg. I told him to stay healthy & happy always. And he just KEPT SMILING OMGGGGGG. He said "yes thankyou" in an aegyo manner "넹 고마워용~" omg guys T.T and when I was walking away he didnt let go OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Then he finally did and kept laughing to himself omg what are you trying to do to me T.T

Ah we couldnt bring our bags up so no PINee sobs T.T I think Onew was trying to delay cos there was a holdup at Jjong. THANKYOU JJONG T.T
In all, Key's skin is FLAWLESS T.T his hands are huge!!! Minho's eyes are really big and round omg like goldfish. His fingers are longgg!
Jjong's hand is the roughest amongst them I think, Taem's hand is so soft like a baby T.T
Onew's hand is soft compared to Jjong's but his handshake is firm omg namjaaaa. His fingers are chubby kekekekeke ♥
Fan account by onewsokyute

i told jonghyun i liked his song and he didnt hear/aknowledge me because he wasnt looking at me
i kind of lingered too long touching key's hand i hope he didnt think it was awkward LMAO
minho was really energetic and cute idek what else to say he was just so excited and leaned in a lot a weird kid omfg he grabbed not high fives like double-handed handshakes and stared into our souls
onew smiled really a lot but i couldnt tell if it was forced or not..his over-friendliness flustered me (but not as much as 2min omg)
onew has a weird face. like a fairy elf. he has really distracting ears LOL
key was not having it today or sth he didnt smile much. he was polite though and said thank you when i gave him my letter
key made a face when i walked up and cocked his head to the side like ????? prly bc at the last fansign i said i'd never see him again lol
jonghyun is sexy though ok like inhumanly attractive..the contacts and hair..his hair looks a little fried but not bad and his skin is perf
Fan account by kimkeyy

Compiled by letterstojuliette @

Saturday, May 25, 2013

[FA] 130525 SHINee @SHINee Debut 5th Anniversary Special Party

Onew is such a sweet boy . He went to take tissues for the members.  
Source: 無條件溺愛李珍基 Translation credits: bling_saur

Minho and Jonghyun took off their jacket to compare their muscles. Onew said its showtime. Hahahahs

Onew was saying something about being together for the next 1000 , 10000 years but it wasnt said smoothly so Jonghyun suddenly added : Saranghaeyo ~ Onew also said Saranghaeyo and did a heart shape.
MC kept teasing Key.

The cake is being pushed on stage and onew went : Its real ? The fans sang birthday song together.  
Source: Onewbar Translation credits: bling_saur

They cried after seeing the fanmade video .
 Source: 崔喏喏喏喏喏喏 Translation credits: bling_saur

A fanmade video made the kids really touched. . Jonghyun cried. Onew back-faced the fans, Key has tears in his eyes. Only taemin is smiling happily though he is touched.
Source: 無條件溺愛李珍基

1.The MC sat on the wrong seat so Onew sat on the floor.
2. Cos of the accident , Jonghyun felt very apologetic to his fans and the members. He ended off by doing aegyo.
3. MC mentioned about Taemin's WGM and fans moaned. Jonghyun stood up and said : Lets not mention this !
4. They gave out autographed Travel Note Book. Minho even flipped to the page that had Jonghyun's sauna photos.
5. They played a fanmade video and SHINee started crying.
Source: HelloHyun Translation credits: bling_saur

After the fanmade video , Jonghyun cried. The other 3 turned around too and had this sad face. Fans shouted " Dont cry". Suddenly they zoomed into Taemin and the way he smiled made all the fans smile too. He was a little embarrassed.
Source: yilin710 Translation credits: bling_saur

Jonghyun's solo is a self-composed song that was shown on One Day  
Source: 我相公是温梦郎 Translation credits: bling_saur

Onew cried again during his solo.

Posted Image
Source: Onewbar Translation credits: bling_saur

Initially when Jonghyun was watching the fanmade video , he was smiling but after it ended , his smile became a little forced and in the end he cried. He tried not to cry by touching the mic and water bottle but failed. They played 2 videos. Jonghyun watched the first video by lying on the table , he watched the other by sitting in front of the screen.  
Source: real9048 | yoyoyuan Translation credits: bling_saur   

1.Members cried cos of Sleepless Night again.  
2. Minho wiped away Key's tears and some fans shouted Minkey.  
3.After his solo , Onew winked and smiled to the camera.  
Source: HelloHyun Translation credits: bling_saur

1. Jonghyun's solo stage - prince like shirt with a white bow tie.Before singing , he mentioned "Oh say oh say" and then whistled.  
2. Minho's eyes is like out to attract fans. He blew a flying kiss.  
Source: HelloHyun Translation credits: bling_saur

Minho and Jonghyun took their shirts off and compared their muscles. Onew then said that it's time for the show to start.
Source: Onewbar Translation credits: squishyjinki
There was a 5 level cake and everyone sang the birthday song.

 Source: 無條件溺愛李珍基 Translation credits: squishyjinki
After watching the video that fans made, they started crying

 Source: 崔喏喏喏喏喏喏 Translation credits: squishyjinki
Jonghyun cried, Onew kept facing the audience with his back, Key's eyes were full of tears, Taemin smiled gratefully

Source: 無條件溺愛李珍基  Translation credits: squishyjinki   
Onew gave Taemin tissues to pass to the other members to wipe the tears but Taemin gave all to Jonghyun.

Source: DC Translation credits: squishyjinki
After the fan made video was played, Jonghyun crowd and the other 3 kept tuning around, with sad faces. fans shouted "Don't cry, don't cry" and the big screen suddenly showed Taemin, who was smiling happily. Everyone laughed and Taemin himself felt embarrassed.
Source: yilin710 Translation credits: squishyjinki

In the middle of Jonghyun's solo, there was whistling and he laughed in embarrassment. Source: real9048 Translation credits: squishyjinki
Anniversary party starts with Dream Girl♡ Onew's mom sitting with Jonghyun's mom and sister♡

Onew grabs some tissue to distribute to all, Taemin took a piece and passed on to Jonghyun, Jonghyun wiped his face with the whole pile lol

Jonghyun is tearing... ㅠㅠ Onew refuses to face the audience ㅠㅠ

Source: ipipie
SHINee 5th Year Fan party - Jonghyun just said 'It's really beautiful to see the whole stadium with SHINee light sticks.

SHINee 5th Year Fan party - Jonghyun kept apologising & bowing.

SHINee 5th Year Fan party- OnKey remove their jacket first then they ask the rest if they are hot anot? Then Jong2min removed their jacket as well Minho back face and remove it sexily.

SHINee 5th Year Fan party- A cake was pushed onto the stage a SHINee debut 5 years was written on the stage.

SHINee 5th Year Fan party- - SHINee introduced the ‘ Special Vacation Book’ Minho turn to the page that show half naked Jonghyun they sign on two books.

SHINee 5th Year Fan party- They have tears in their eyes.

SHINee 5th Year Fan party- Footage taken by Minho when he went London was shown.

SHINee 5th Year Fan party- Onew solo now he's singing to the beautiful you OST ' In your eyes' ~

SHINee 5th Year Fan party- Key wore a crown during his solo ^^~
SHINee 5th Year Fan party- during Minho he SING & not RAP . :) ! 
Source: Forever_SHINee

SHINee introduced the ‘Special Vacation Book’ Minho turn to the page that show half naked Jonghyun they sign on 2 books.

When they pushed out the 5 level cake, onew was like "THIS IS REAL?!" (Just a friendly reminder, he is the oldest member)

Key's Grandfather is also there!

Source: shinee5evah
Jjong cried, Onew back faced shawols, Key had tears in his eyes but the maknaes are touched but happy.

It's a song that a fan composed(?) that made the 5 of them teared.

Jjong apologized bc he made the fans worried bc he injure himself. He felt sorry for the members too. After finish saying, he end off with aegyo

Onew passed tissue to Taemin for him to distribute to the members to wipe their tears but Taemin gave the entire stack to Jjong.

Video that Minho made on his London trip was shown to shawols.

When the hyungs were crying the camera sudden film Taemin. He was smiling on the big screen so the fans laughed too.

Minho helped Key to wipe his tears and shawols shouted "MinKey!!!!!!""

Onew ended in your eyes by winking and smiling to the camera.

Source: keykrisyeol

Minho did a flying kiss at the end of his solo  
Source: vernxoals Translation credits: squishyjinki
Onew told the rest to stop crying when he himself is crying.  
Source: 崔杨杨 o_O Translation credits: bling_saur
1. Key sang an english song. He wore a striped short-sleeved jacket and a crown.  
2. Jonghyun appeared in a black/white polka dots top, white pants and a white tie.  
3. Minho appeared with Key's crown again and fans shouted " Minkey".  
Source: HelloHyun Translation credits: bling_saur
SHINee 5th Year Fan party- Member are asked to do ' Wink , Bobo & a heart ' Minho did in his solo so Shawols asked for encore and Minho did it again .
Jonghyun did next Key came out and all member’s chanted for him to do it, He did it continuously left with OnTae They did it together ‘ A wink a bobo together & a heart ‘ ^^
Source: Forever_SHINee
Minho performed a solo that had no rap at all.  
Source: 崔杨杨 o_O Translation credits: squishyjinki

The boys were asked to do Hearts and kisses. Its really crazy. Initially only Minho did then fans shouted for Jonghyun. After Jonghyun did , fans shouted for taemin. In the end , key appeared after he changed his clothes so taemin shouted for key. Key did it though he was little puzzled. In the end , taemin and onew did it togetheer. Its so cute ! 
Source: Onewbar Translation credits: bling_saur
1.Taemin said that his fave dance is his solo part in Replay.  
2. He also said that if he could return to 20080525 , he will write GS and dance the horse dance. 
Source: LastFantasy0718 Translation credits: bling_saur
Q: What does Jonghyun do the most during his break? A: Watch television Q: What did you watch? A: Can I say the company name? I watch Olleh TV Q: What did you watch the most? A: Movies. I have watched Lord of the Rings once and The Hobbit  
Source: real9048 Translation credits: squishyjinki

Onew picked out a fan letter and he read the letter in a weird way . The members said that he looks like a Fried chicken.  
Source: Onewbar Translation credits: bling_saur

Jonghyun's solo will be released on 27th MAY ???
Source: 陪你们-sherlock Translation credits: bling_saur

The song that Jonghyun composed will be released on 27 May?  
Source: 陪你们-sherlock Translation credits: squishyjinki

They played 2 fanmade videos. The second one's BGM was honesty. Fans changed the lyrics , sang it. It was really touching. Members cried but taemin didnt though his eyes were red. Then they sang Honesty without BGM music for the fans.  
Source: withtaemin Translation credits: bling_saur
Q. Jonghyun oppa, what did you do the most when you were resting? / JH. I watched TV the most. Q. Which kind? / JH: Can I say the brand name? Olleh TV. Q. What did you watch the most? / JH: I watched a lot of movies. Watched Lord of the Rings again... and The Hobbit.. Q. What do you want to do if you return to May 25, 2008? JH: Not cry in front of the camera. Minho keeps teasing me about it. My mother and noona are here. He's already said it about 8 times but he said it again. How long are you going to make fun of me? MH: Forever. 
 Source: real9048 Translation credits: kimchi hana

"if u go back to debut time?" onew "I'd like to wear more fashionably"
didn't u watch racy videos while resting?" jjong hesitantly said "Delicious..." n stopped xD Source: juju_home

Q: Who has the most secrets in SHINee? Jonghyun: Key! I want to go to a bathhouse with Key! I have never been there with him at all! Other members have already went together. Key: in the first place, I don't go to public bathhouse. Everytime he asks me, I will answer like that. Jonghyun: Then Key goon, can you go to a bathhouse with me? Source: real9048 Translation credits: squishyjinki

Q : Who in SHINee has the most secrets ?  
JH : Key ! I want to go to the bath house with Key ! We have Not gone even once !! I went with the other members already ! 
 Key : I dont go to public bath houses. I always answer you in this manner whenever you ask me right ?  
JH : Then Key , can you go with me to the bath house ?  
Source: real9048 | yoyoyuan Translation credits: bling_saur

Taem had an inflatable hammer and kept wanting to hit his hyungs with it. He won Onew in scissors, paper, stone and hit O twice with hammer.  
Translation credits: squishyjinki

Minho did wink, bobo, heart during his solo. Fans wanted an encore and he did it.  
Source: WithTaemin随行 Translation credits: squishyjinki

Everybody had a mic that resembles the one in MUCORE. Taemin had a yellow one. But after 20mins , his broke.  
Source: LastFantasy0718 Translation credits: bling_saur

Taemin saw the list of their title tracks and was shocked "we have so many title tracks?!!!" Source: keykrisyeol

Taemin was holding a rubber hammer and he kept hitting the table. Taemin played "SCISSORS PAPER STONE" with Onew and he won so he hit Onew twice. Taemin looked at their promo songs and he went : There are so many ??  
Source: LastFantasy0718 Translation credits: bling_saur

Q. Which SHINee member has the most secrets? JH: Key does! I want to go to a bath house with Key! But we haven't even gone once!! I've gone with all the other members. JH: I don't normally go to public bath houses. If you ask me things, I always answer them though.. JH: Key, would you like to go to a bath house with me then? 
Source: real9048 Translation credits: kimchi hana

Taemin's magichands Everybody had a mic that resembles the one in MUCORE. Taemin had a yellow one. But after 20mins , his broke.
Source: LastFantasy0718 Translation credits: bling_saur
They are now playing SHINee's 5 years video. They laughed when they looked at their old selves.
Source: Onewbar Translation credits: bling_saur

During the QnA session , Taemin picked a ball and he asked about the smaller size as compared to Onew's. Taemin could not open so he stepped it on the ground and it broke.
Source: withtaemin Translation credits: bling_saur

While watching the video , Minho went : Ah , so embarrassing ! Next next ~

Source: dreamcherish  Translation credits: bling_saur
Onew realised that taemin's nametag is spoilt and is left with only "Taem"~

Source: Onewbar Translation credits: bling_saur
Taemin took off his jacket and threw it aside during sherlock

Source: Yilin710 Translation credits: bling_saur
They were really high during WSS. Minho kissed Taemin's hands (like how a prince kisses his princess)

Source: 無條件溺愛李珍基 Translation credits: bling_saur
Jonghyun took photo of SHINee world with his phone :)!

Source: Forever_SHINee

When asked about Jonghyun's condition during his break. He said he watched a lot of movies like The Lord Of The Rings , Hobbit. Minho then looked at him and said : Ho ~ Bb ~ it ? Ho ~ Bb~it ?  
Source: dreamyboy1209 Translation credits: bling_saur
They are choosing the best variety and 1st was SHINee Wonderful Day . Taemin went : Isnt it Star King ? Minho went : Isnt it Dream Team ? 
Source: badatae_mll Translation credits: bling_saur
Taemin had something on his face. Jonghyun stretched his arm to remove it for him. Fans screamed and JH went to hug taemin and said : Its fine. 
Source: 只爱SHINee的U Translation credits: bling_saur
shinee first came out to perform dream girl and there was some awesome intro music.
  jonghyun apologized. didn't cry! he seemed really happy just to see us. he smiled a lot, looked shy and cutely said "미안!" (informal sorry)

they brought out a giiiant cake with like 5 tiers, but i think only the top was real cake lol. shinee all cut it together but didnt know how shawols sang happy birthday to shinee when the cake was brought out and they blew out a candle :')
  they talked about the travel note and signed a few. minho opened to the picture of shirtless jjong and started yelling about jjongs body LOL
  they showed some fanmade videos and afterward all of shinee teared up. onew stood backwards and didnt show his face for a long time
  jonghyun and key cried the most though. not a ton, but enough for key to tap jjong on the shoulder and hand him some tissues >///<  
Source: kimkeyy
Onew said that he will be more fashionable if he could return to 5 years ago. Jonghyun said that its fine as long as he is fashionable now..  
Source: human-lock Translation credits: bling_saur
Onew wanted to do a heart sign with taemin. Onew raised his hand and waited for taemin but taemin did the heart sign himself .  
Source: WarmLee温民站 Translation credits: bling_saur
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[TRANS] 130525 SHINee Official Site Update; SHINee + Minho

[From. Min Ho] 샤이니는 다섯살….. 감사합니다… 사랑합니다…..
SHINee is 5 years old…..  Thank you… I love You…..

[From. SHINee] 빛나는 5주년! 감사합니다.
Shining 5 years! Thank you

[TRANS] OnHyun Twitter Update+Tweets Mentioned SHINee

Congratulations on your 5th anniversary!

Thank you^^


I've spent 5 years with you all. The next 500 years will go by easily~ Ohohohinghinghoh

오오오오오!!!!!오는다섯개!!!!! 다섯개랑오!!!!!우아아아악!!!!! 가자아아아!!!!!
 Oh oh oh oh oh!!!! Five ohs!!!!! Five and oh!!!!! Ooaaack!!!!! Let's gooo!!!!! (T/N: Oh is five in Korean.)
Credit: skehehdanfdldi

오주년이라서 오쎄이 오쎄이
: It's our 5th anniversary oh say oh say 

벌써오주년이라니...! 팬미팅재밌었어~~^^ 다들조심히 들어가..!  
: It's already our 5th anniversary...! The fanmeeting was fun~~^^ Everyone go home safely..!
  엄마의 이메일 비밀번호에 0525가 들어가더라. 문득 피부로 와닿았다 샤이니라는 존재가 우리 다섯 뿐만 아니라 정말 많은 사람들의 추억에 지금에 미래에 같이있다는 걸 우릴 아끼는 분들중에도 우릴상징하는 무언가가 일상에 자연스래 녹아있는 분들이 있겠지.

  자신만이 알고있는 비밀에 우리가 관련되다니 얼마나 고맙고 놀라운지...감사또 감사...

SM Dancer tweet
[Trans] SM Dancer twitter update - #5YearsWithSHINee 130525 - 
SHINee 5th Anniversary Congratulation 
Credit: Leehyukjoo 
Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee [2] 
SHINee 5th Anniversary Congratulation 
Credit: Leehyukjoo

오이니 오주년 격하게 추카추카츄!~
@/Gr9242: OINee, strong congrats on your 5th anniversary~ 
(T/N: He replaced the "sha" in SHINee with 5 which is oh.)

Etude Staff update

지난번/기범/형섭/ 한끼/저녁/스테이크
Last time/Kibum/Hyeongseop/together/supper/steak
Credit: spiffyhyosup

[NEWS] 130525 SHINee World celebrate SHINee's 5th anniversary's a great day for SHINee fans, because it's the 5th anniversary of the amazing quintet.

SHINee debuted on May 25, 2008, and they've been going strong for five full years now. The boys who crooned "Noona, you're so pretty" for their debut song "Replay" have now grown into full-blown men who now ask, "Why so serious?" with total confidence as they step into the beginning of the 6th year.

To celebrate, SHINee World took to Twitter to trend #5yearswithSHINee on, which immediately shot up to the #1 place right below the promoted trend. 

Leader Onew also tweeted, "We've been together for 5 years now. I think 500 years more should be easy~ Ohohohohoho". 

Onew also showed off his quirky side as he tweeted to himself, "Congratulations on your 5th year!", "Thank You", and "Hahahahahaha^^".

SHINee will be having their 5th anniversary party tonight with fans in Korea. Congratulations to the boys men!

cr: allkpop