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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[Tidbit] 120229 Humorous News Article titles for Jongtae

The title of the article for both photos are as follows :

SSTV : SHINee Jonghyun, Having stomachache feeling throughout the day
TV Report : SHINee Taemin, “Jonghyun Hyung, I’m hungry”

Source : SSTV/ Report // Credit : @SHOW葛哥 // Trans : soundtracklove @ soompi
shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

[LIST] 120229 Top20 Daum Cafe for February

[TRANS] 120229 jjong Twitter Update!

내가 목표로 삼는 인물
the person i set my goal as

Credit: realjonghyun90
Chinese translation 豆腐 via闪耀纪年Translation : Forever_SHINee

*The picture attached is a person’s information. The person is Lee Mal Yeon, a cartoonist.
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

[NEWS] 120229 SHINee JongKeyTae at Etude House 'Dear my lips-talk' launching event

Posted Image

Group SHINee's Jonghyun, Taemin, Key participating in Etude House's new product 'Dear my lips-talk' launching event on the afternoon of the 29th in Seoul Jongro-gu Garden Place.

The concept of this product is to tell your own emotions through the lips and it will be released in 24 colors like 'breathless pink', 'shy coral', 'electrifying red', etc.

It will be out in stores all over the country from 1st March and also in internet malls.

Source/Credits: News nate
Translation by: byulbit @ Twitter
shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

[TRANS] 120228 SHINee is making custom-made earphones

For those who are interested, you can check out how it looks like (Video - SNSD custom earphones)

Source : thesewon // Translation  : SFINEE // Additional Info + Image : soundtracklove @ soompi
shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

[TRANS] 120229 Jjong Twitter Update! -Jjong Declaration!-

약속 무효 공지 존경하는 샤이니 월드 누나 동생 친구 어머니 아버지 삼촌 이모 고모 숙모 숙부 대부 사촌 님들에게..그래 너말야 너 지금 이거 읽는 너!!!일주 일회 트윗 약속을 철회하겟사와요.


Invalid promise announcement to the SHINee World nunas, dongsaengs, friends, mothers, fathers, maternal uncles, manternal aunts, paternal uncles, paternal aunts, aunt (father's younger brother's wife), uncle (father's younger brother), godfathers whom I respect.. That's right, you, you reading this right now!!! I'm going to withdrawal my promise of tweeting once a week.

더이상 내안에서 꿈틀대는 드립력을 억누르기엔 세상은 너무 넓고 스마트 폰은 너무 편리합니다.하루에도 웃을 일이 수백번씩 일어나는데 나만 웃을수 업서!! 난 너무 웃기다고!!


The world is too wide and the smartphone is too convenient for me to suppress these skills to be famous wiggling inside of me any longer. There are a ton of things that happen in a day to laugh about but I'm the only one who can't laugh!! But they are so funny!!

는 훼이크고 일주일에 한번 하려니 감질맛 나서 못참겟슴 하고플때 할꺼에요거트아줌마 요거트주세요 트윗 더 자주하겟슴 ㅇㅇ


is a lie. I've had an insatiable taste so I can't take it anymore to do it once a week. I'll do it when I wanna yogurt ajumma please give me yogurt. I will tweet more often ㅇㅇ

T/N: The end of his sentence before yogurt ends with a "yo" in Korean so he just randomly added in the yogurt ajumma line.

Posted Image

내공지를 보고 지은 당신의 표정


Your expression after seeing my announcement

Source/Credits: Jonghyun's Twitter (@realjonghyun90)
Translation by: ShiningTweets @ Twitter
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

[TRANS+PIC] 120228 JK Tiger Mentioned Minho in HisTweet!

Posted Image

도룡뇽 도사..... 금요일! 꼭 봐주쎄용 ^* This Friday. Peep Sala....somethin GuRu !
 This Friday. Peep Sala....somethin GuRu !

Source/Credits: Drunken Tiger JK's Twitter
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

[TRANS] 120228 Taemin in Immortal Song staff Twitter Update

대기실에 전설과 출연가수들이 오글오글(?) 함께 있는 그림도 나름 신선하고 재밌군~ ^^

In the resting room with the “Legend” and performers - looks refreshing and interesting ^^

Source : cyberelf7 // Kor-chi : yinyuetai // Chi-eng : soundtracklove@soompi
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[TRANS] 120228 Boyfriend Minwoo: “I aspired to our senior group SHINee”.

During the Press Conference held for fresh new idol group Boyfriend in Singapore, they were asked which sunbae group (or seniors) in the Korean music scene they look up to.

“I have always aspired to our senior group SHINee, they have always been very trendy and have a fantastic presence on stage,” answered the youngest member of the group, Minwoo.

Their high aspiration towards the 5-member group which debuted back in 2008 is notable. Seeing Boyfriend’s MVs reminds us of the works of SHINee, with the inclusion of colorful skinny jeans, black-red thematic outfits, and the use of splashing water effects in their dance moves.

Via:  joAnnwashere@SFI
Shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

[SIDETRACK] MVP!! Read This!

I said I’d try to clear things up. What am I to take on that role? I think no one can do fix the story for you. But here are some facts I’ll translate for you. And I’ll add some thoughts.

You must have seen a translation of this apology from Onew Style’s master, which has been posted on the fansite. The first underlined part says, “I’m sorry to Onew fans who were hurt by the fact I visited his parents, and sorry and sorry again for causing trouble to his parents.” She admits that she has visited Onew’s parents. The second underlined says, “The facts derived from my wrong behaviors, and all the limitless rumors added to them, and now even Onew’s position established as fact…”

This is an apology left by Maeil Onew, the Onew Style master’s supporter, on her blog. She also admits in the first underlined part, “It is true that Left-handed [*the Onew Style master's nickname] and I visited (Onew’s) parents in Gwangmyung.” The next is a comment left by a fan under her apology: she says they visited Gwangmyung frequently to poke into Onew’s private life, to ask about his friends and what Onew is doing. According to this comment, what the Onew Style master means by “Onew’s position established as fact” seems to be that Onew finally told her not to come any more because he couldn’t bear it. Just think about how much he must have suffered when he finally had to say no to a fan, well not just a fan but the master of one of his largest fansites.

There are now two things at issue here: that the fansite master and her supporter were “sasaeng” [*stalkerish follower of an idol's private life] and that they may have used the money collected by selling photobooks and other goods to serve other idol group members they started following and taking photos.

The first one is a sensitive issue. You want to know what your idol is doing and get to know about him in every situation. But there must be a line you should not cross. Your obsession starts from your love for the idol, and it gradually changes into something else. You intrude on the private space of the one you love. There is a fine line between fans obsessive about their idols and “sasaeng” fans. Some of the former oftentimes become complicit in “sasaeng” unintentionally through materials shared by the latter. You should have a line set in your mind that you know you should not cross for the one you love and respect and for your dignity.
I think the relationship between fans and their stars can be two-way only as you seek joy through their music, performances or other public activities. A fansite’s master gains power and recognition as she follows her star everywhere to take photos. The star is thankful because she is sort of doing service to him by taking photos and sharing them with other fans who cannot be there for several reasons. The star recognizes her face and shows it through an eye contact. She feels excited and joyful. She gains power among fans…and sadly forgets her first intention. You lose control of yourself to desire more and more.

Money also follows as a fansite’s master gets more subscribers and sells goods and photobooks. It originally starts as another way to share love for the star. To leave all the records in the form of book or dvd. Or it can be a way of raising funds to buy gifts or support meals. Then, what happens when she gets interested in another group’s member? How can you trust her? What if she collects money through the fansite and uses it for her new interest? Now some fans feel betrayed by all these revealed facts and have doubts about her use of money. I feel sorry for them. I can understand how much they must be hurt. I don’t know whether this particular fansite master did or not. Possibly. Likely. It’ll be hard to be absolutely clear about this matter.

Why all this now at this time? I think what had to happen happened. It couldn’t last longer that way. These days, I find the fan, who made the parody anime, Waiting for SHINee’s Teaser, brilliant. Those who are leaving, let them go. There have always been such people who move from this to that group. There are different kinds of fans out there. Some of them might come back when SHINee come back. Whatever. SHINee will get new fans. At DC I see new fans come in even at this drought time. Wonder how they survive ;) Let those come and go. This has been part of the fandom world. It’s a process of purification. Yes, I feel I’m getting purified (see I’m floating!). Maybe SHINee World is getting purified :D Those who love SHINee’s music and wonderful performances will remain and continue to support our boys. Sure I am one of them. Are you?

[*If there's anything to add, I may edit this.]
[*I didn't include hearsay stories and speculations. Beware of them! The story you come up with only shows who you are, not the truth of what really happened, I think.]
[*To those who are disappointed at the master: you get to know what kind of person your lover really is by how he/she acts at break-up ;) Sad but true!]

cr: jujugal
shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

[TRANS] 120228 Description and some snippets of "Son of the Sun"

Posted Image

태양의 아이들: ONEW, KEY, TAEMIN of SHINee

1. Currently popular idol group SHINee's first tour guide
     It encompasses accounts, expressive literary works. This guide is translated in chinese - worth to be a part of fan's collection
2.  Map + Barcelona tourist attraction description
     Includes a map, description of tourist spots. Fans can follow the trails SHINee have experienced
     It also includes information regarding Spanish, Transportation, Accomodation, Shopping etc
3.  First press edition comes with an exclusive gift
     First press edition will be entitled with 1 poster (4 editions in total. Chosen randomly.)


Children, where are you all going?
Barcelona? Barcelona!
We have finally got our break, so where are we going? The first place we thought of is a faraway country  where we are unable to fly back and forth for a short break (S/N : I think they are referring to the constant flights they took back and forth from Korea and Japan?) and a place where we will spend more than half a day cruising in the skies. And the place that have attracted all 3 of our hearts is Barcelona. It feels that SHINee and Barcelona are extremely close. It is the highly anticipated SHINee and Barcelona story.

Slow walks, running, hovering, meeting, experiencing, a story about love.
SHINee, the most shining place has become a sun (S/N : SHINee shines so bright that they seem like a sun)
Onew, Key, Taemin 100% true Barcelona experience
No matter overseas or back at their home, the highly popular idol group SHINee have to to travel everywhere for activities
Onew, Key and Taemin have finally gained time to rest and have written around 10 exclusive accounts of their trip
Just like ordinary 20 years old children who eat, sleep and play - this is a real tour story.



Son, Mina Author of "Spain, You are free"

Spain, a place that will excite you whenever you hear the name of it
Furthermore, the ones who are going are SHINee - their cheerful amiable personality matches the Spain culture
This makes me even more curious about what is inside the book
Because of their innocence and cheerfulness,
I feel like I've seen another side of Barcelona, especially in the tourguide contents.
There's a feeling that they seem to observe the Barcelona culture more attentively than tour guide authors

Lee Teuk, Super Junior

Upon hearing that Onew Key and Taemin are going to Barcelona,
The first thing that came to my mind was : So envious!
Barcelona will remind you of the warm sun, delicious cuisine and the mediterranean sea..
One of the cities I would want to go to have fun
But for now I will let their photos and animated stories soothe my "urge" !
(S/N : The word use is "envy" but I feel that it has a more positive connotation to it)

ChangMin TVXQ

It's a really happy thing to be travelling to other countries to sing, perform
But it is even better to be travelling to that city for leisure
Even though I cannot experience what they have written about the trip
But I was deeply moved by it.
From their fleeting emotions expressed through their words to their brilliant smiles,
I know that the memories they gain from this trip will always remain in their hearts
Even I feel blissful from experiencing their memories.

Seohyun SNSD

SHINee kept flaunting to me about their trip once they came back from Barcelona
Finally, SHINee has published a tour guide!
Not only can they experience the charm of Barcelona,
They can also happily enjoy the daily Barcelonian activities, away from their usual performance activities
Everything was included so it gives it (the book) a happier sense to it~
They smile brightly (S/N : get along well with) with the locals they meet
Just by looking at the photos, (I) can feel how happy they were at that time
It feel as if I was actually going with them to Barcelona in reality~! ^^

Minho SHINee

Hearing members talk about the "City of football/soccer" -- stories of Barcelona,
I was really interested and felt really excited
Because of (my) schedules, I couldn't go, it was so so so....
Even though it is a pity, but if there is a chance (in the future)
I will want to camp at the Soccer field/stadium with the members

Seo, Hyungwook Soccer commentatator

Barcelona - once the guys hear this name, they will all get excited
This is all because they will think of Barcelona FC
This is the story of Onew, Key and Taemin in the "City of Soccer" Barcelona
And what they have discovered regarding the charms of Barcelona, please look forward to it.



Our trip has begun
We are going for a tour
An escapade of our busy lives, our first "trip"
Is that the feeling of freedom of suddenly letting go of a routine-life?
Our trip to Barcelona feels like that
We have neglected the feeling of following people's orders to go for schedules in our hectic lives
We can spend our time experiencing and thinking
K, the one who took us around the unfamiliar Spain
has helped us compiled, organise many tips and events (for us to experience)
K has published many books on Spain, a really experienced tour guide author.
Ultimately, we are singers,
Rather than forcing us to come out with information,
we have asked the experienced "K" to help us pinpoint the special points
We believe this is the basic courtesy for readers (S/N : For readers to be able to read rich and accurate contents that are written by professionals)
So most of the information in this book is provided by K
and it has coincided with our thoughts too.
Even though it was a short stay, but thanks to K,
we get to understand every bit of Barcelona better than anyone else
We hope those who bring this book to Barcelona
will be able to experience the happy times and information provided by K.

Source : // Translation : soundtracklove@soompi
shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

[TRANS] 120228 Jjong UFO Replies!

Source : DC Gallery (Blinger, yujong) via weibo // Kor-chi : 状态组御用围脖 // Chi-eng soundtracklove@soompi

*To explain more about “someman”: it’s a new word made up by Korean netizens as a compound of “something+man”. It refers to a man you have a good feeling but are not dating yet.
[Cr as tagged |] via: jujugal

Credits : UFO, as tagged // Kor-Chi : For SHINee World // Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi 

[Fan] Oppa, what is your age difference limit with younger girls? I’m younger than you by 7 years ㅎㅅㅎ
[Jonghyun] You’re my baby
[Fan] Heard that the saddest love is between a singer and fan. ToT So we can’t be together?
[Jonghyun] hehehehehehehehehe
[Fan]  I miss you
[Jonghyun] Ne?
[Fan] I’ll give you my soul.
[Jonghyun] Thank you.

Korean to Chinese Translation: 温流xi
Chinese to English Translation: Forever_SHINee

Credits : UFO, as tagged // Kor-Chi : For SHINee World // Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi 

shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

Monday, February 27, 2012

[FA] 120227 Onew spotted having a meal today!

当时的情况。温流跟一个中年女人在角落的位置吃饭 他脸上的豆有点多 还戴着个毛线帽 一开始我没敢确定是他 所以就没去要签名 后来有个阿姨去向他要签名 他没给签 所以我也没去要了。他看起来心情不是太好。小侧脸在相机里 所以就只能先这样了。 

Here goes, Onew was with a middle age lady sitting at the corner and having their meal , a little much pimple on his face and his wearing a wool beanie , at the beginning i didn’t dare to confirm it’s him so i didn’t ask for his autograph , after that there’s an ajumma(aunty) went over and asked for it and he didn’t give his autograph and i didn’t went up to ask for it. he’s mood doesn’t seem appear to be good. his small side face in the camera , that’s it .

Credit:  _香蕉先生    
English translation : Forever_SHINee
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

[FA] 120227 Taemin at IS2 Recording!

Today Taemin was screaming during the stage! make some noise!!!!!!! Everybody scream!!

Source : ONTAMNEW // Translation : Google Translato

For more detailed fan accounts on Taemin’s performance today…

# ??  > Sonia > Im Taekyung > Hong Kyungmin > Tim > Jay Park > Kang Minkyung > Sunghoon > Lucia > Taemin > No Brain > Ali > Lin > Heo Youngsaeng

When Taemin danced, ajummas sitting in front said Taemin who looks so light was like flying. kkk

[*T/N: Taemin is in the second round group. We'll have to wait one more week to watch his performance! :( ]

# Taemin sang Wrongful Meeting with Amber as rapper.

Taemin started with a shout “Make some noise~”
and he danced fiercely. The audience response was really good.

To this fan, Taemin’s performance was the best today.
For Taemin’s hair and stage costume, look at the photos.

Taemin was wearing lots of bling bling bracelets.
One of them fell on the floor, so MC Shin Dongyeop told him to pick it up after his performance ended.

Kim Gunmo said, “The song was released when he was 29, but Taemin is 20.”
He wondered if he could have danced like him.
And there is a high note part beginning with “One day~”
It’s too high, so he doesn’t sing the part at concerts and passes it over to the audience.

When Taemin came back on the stage with Sunghoon for the result, he was still out of breath.
Shin Dongyeop said, “Singing while dancing so fiercely is great” (this might not be accurate, but he made a comment like this)

He asked if Taemin knew this song.
Taemin said he doesn’t recall this song at the time of its release,
but it is his friend’s favorite, so he heard it at Noraebang (Korean karaoke).
He also heard the song on streets.

Taemin said he prepared a lot for this song as he wanted to win,
but this song is difficult, so he is just happy he was able to sing the whole song (how humble!).

Shin Dongyeop introduced Taemin, “People think he is a member who dances well, but he also sings well.”
Again he introduced him as Immortal Song’s maknae.

He also added an introduction about SHINee for the audience as a group popular not only in Asia but also in Europe and Latin America.

Before the result comes out, Shin said he’s turned 20 and dyed his hair as soon as he graduated.

Sunghoon made a record by receiving 435 votes and won over Lucia.
Yes, Taemin lost to him, but Shin said it was by a narrow margin.

[*T/N - Sunghoon continued to win after Taemin. Likely he is the final winner.]

# Look forward to seeing Tough Taem.  Taemin took off the jacket he was wearing and threw it away.

# Taemin’s ending pose was the same with the pose Taemin made when he danced to Let It Go at Sebaqui

Source: DC SHINee Gallery // Credit + Translation : Jujugal (wordpress)


Credit: Sweetthing
Credit: Beef4taem

泰民第十个出场,染发了,很浅的棕色,身穿荧光桔黄色阿迪三叶草外套 ,超激烈舞蹈,现场气氛high翻天,但由于成勋的钢琴演出拿到超高票所以无法超过,但孩子的舞台真的很棒,最后跪地脱衣里面是白色小背心哦!!另外Amber的友情rap出演真的很帅哦!无论输赢你都是最棒的^^;;  
Taemin was the 10th to perform today , dyed his hair, Very light brown , he’s wearing Fluorescent orange Adidas clover coat, super explosive dance , The atmosphere live here was high , but because of Sunghoon(BES) piano performance receive high vote’s, he wasn’t able to pass through, but Taemin’s dance stage is really awesome, till the end he kneel down and took off his coat inside was a white tank top!! and also amber’s Friendship performance rap is really Oh, so handsome! no matter losing or winning you are the best ^^; 
Chinese/via : Withtaemin
English translation : Forever_SHINee
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

[VID] 120227 Jjong Twitter Update Roo Video

Dorky Jonghyun twitter update on Precious ROO 120227 -
이번주는 개위터입니다. 쒜낏쒜낏 쒜낏쒜낏쒜낏 - his week is Dogwitter. Shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it
 Translations of the Roo video:
 Roo, stay! Stay! Roo, lay down. Shake it shake it! Do shake it shake it! Shake it shake it shake it shake it! Why is your tail doing that? Shake it shake it shake it shake it! Shake it shake it more! Are you not gonna play with me? You’re so cute.

Credit: Realjonghyun90  
 translation shiningtweets
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

[PIC] 120227 Newest Jjong Profile Pic for Twitter!

credit: realjonghyun90

[TRANS+PIC] 120226 Cyberelf7 Mentioned Taemin in Twitter Update!

와~ 편곡 대박 신나!! ㅋㅋㅋ신나게 집에 가야쥐!! ㅋㅋㅋ
Wow~ This rearrangement is super exciting!! Kekeke I’m going home all excited!! kekeke 

Credit: cyberelf7
Translation/via: SFI
shared by: nuha^^jinki!@MYJinki

Sunday, February 26, 2012

[TRANS] SHINee Onew & Jonghyun Letter at Their Early Debut

I’ve tried to sub this, English might have error not 100% right but the rough
idea is that enjoy this touching letter ;)

Jonghyun :

Your vocal, just like heaven , just because of that, you became the first member to be in SHINee, and the first to be notice as the highest member, your piano play while you sing,
from the beginning you show the ‘king style’ during interview, answering the question as fast.

With Key coordinating with each other well, this let me feel a little jealous, feeling that i’m left out, although i am a leader saying about what is lacking in each other , you seems to have alot of disagreement with me, this let me feel’s a little sad, i am hyung, but i was said till i am like the dongsaeng, 

during shows, answering question in a intelligent manner everything is perfect comparing to me i’m a little slow leader , Noona pick you very quickly and i’m always disqualified .. looking at how natural you’re dating with noona , suddenly i feel that in relationship i’m a slow dummy , i totally don’t know how to get along with girls…

From the beginning i have always heard that you are more like a leader i got the feeling that my leader position is not safe, but sometimes i feel that you’re more mature. 

The first time winning an award, while giving the thank you speech i was choke by holding back my tears,
if it’s not you whom came taking over the lines, i will be crying out, hugging you give’s me energy letting me know that i have such a good dongsaengs. 

Every time saying about this person, everyone recommended me, and i accepted, it’s not easy, and i will think of you because you can imitate too.

i think as a leader I’m really not fit to be one; Radio DJ I’ve always lose to you, i feel that I’m a little unbalance, why i am hyung, and i keep losing; 

Live singing, my voice will off sound or crack. sigh…. i guess i need to word hard to keep
my leader position! In fact i know you won’t snatch the leader position with me because i am older than you HAHA

Back to serious stuff, I’m thankful to you for letting our group full of spirit, letting SHINee more powerful , and letting SHINee moving to a bigger stage,
You the main singer, is forever SHINee’s irreplaceable Bling Bling Jonghyun!
hoping that in the future you will be more Bling Bling!

Onew hyung :

Fact is that our age gap is really small, lot of matter’s we have the same thinking but i don’t like you saying this about yourself, you looking down on yourself a little too overboard.

 I declare i have never want to snatch the leader position ! who doesn’t know u’re the best leader, without you how can we SHINee step on to a bigger stage, and get the new comer award in such a short period ? you have not discover your good point’s yet, your good point is what we can’t catch up.

Myself and key coordinating with each other well, letting you jealous~ haha,
Onew hyung is always saying some mushy words, Actually Key is really someone who can speaks very well, sometimes i can’t even handle , but there must be someone to accompany him, or not Key will be doing a solo show. 

Saying thankful words is also another reason, can’t be letting us standing there and daze, and not say anything, or not we will be Criticize ! so for the sake of everyone, took over your words and continue with the speech, in the end you ended the speech right!

actually during the competition shows, it’s just for fun, this time round you won, don’t always look down on yourself alright! Play singing at the same time everyone was shock too, i believe that slowly everyone will find this person is not easy! hidden talent!

when we’re free we must compete in piano skills ! and about the imitating skills problem erm..
there’s sometime i must show it, but it’s confirm that Onew hyung’s skill we’re sure that we can’t imitate , i Admire that! 

It’s because i am nicer to ladies than you all well, so the noona’s chose me, but i believe noona who have chose Onew hyung is a great noona, and also the blissful noona, because Onew hyung is the gentlest guy, if everything doesn’t go well, show your Onew Condition, you’ll never know that noona might love it!

among the leader the one with the most affinity is none other than you Onew hyung , always smiling get along well with the rest.
I believe such a nice Onew hyung will be an outstanding leader and bring SHINee to become more Bling Bling !

Source; Shzaki 
Onew’s Chinese translation :溫流篇翻譯:溫溜家族
Jonghyun’s Chinese translation : 鈡鉉篇翻譯:NYH.牌
English translation : Forever_SHINee
shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

Saturday, February 25, 2012

[FA] 120225 SHINee at Shanghai

[Update from Shanghai] Its raining & snowing in Shanghai, so delivered some piping hot coffee & snacks to the studio. Specially bought milk for Jonghyun since he’s sick & can’t take coffee.
About Jonghyun’s health, enquired that the manager said that Jonghyun had seen the doctor yesterday & is ok now but for those whom are sending them off at the airport, please remember not push him! Because he has been unwell! Thank you!

[Shanghai Update] They are now on the way to Shanghai Pudong Airport. Source: 嗑药成瘾的尼扣扣
Choi Minho as usual sat together with manager!! Jonghyun sat beside Key!! Key’s sleeping, Minho playing with an Ipad in pink casing while Jonghyun playing with his mobile again!! Manager kept shielding Jonghyun’s face!!!

[Shanghai Update] Jjong leaving the hotel around 1.30pm

Because it was slightly packed, Key held onto Jjong’s shoulder with both hands & was pouting

Cr: real蹲蹲92_fake钟铉90
Because it was slightly packed, Key held onto Jjong’s shoulder with both hands & was pouting
Cr: real蹲蹲92_fake钟铉90

Source: SHINee Bar, translation: eimanjjong
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[FA ]120224 Key’s Fan Account at Shanghai Airport

Yesterday thre was news from bar (Chinese forums)  that SHINee will come to Shanghai - everyone was guessing. Shanghai fangirls were so happy that they were going crazy. I got firsthand information from those who waited at the airport. Around 11am they left Korea (for Shanghai).. So I was thinking.. ah, they are really coming! I was thinking : Why wasn’t I born in Shanghai. 

Around 1.30PM, someone from weibo told me that SHINee have touched down but have not come out from the immigration - at the same time I was getting crazy in my dorm. I read from Weibo that they were coming out from the immigration counters, I quickly called my friend who was present at the airport. Once I got through with her, she said she saw Key! It was not difficult to spot key (because of his airport fashion). My friend gave a picture to Key and I thought Key only glanced at it but Key took it!!! Everyone at Weibo was asking what Key was holding. I was so proud that it was a friend that I knew who passed the present to Key!!! And there was a fan who managed to take a snapshot of Key looking at the photo!! 

v Key looking at the photo

Fan Account by : 神潼ST // Gift given by : 席择狱 (baidu) // Image by : 小恐龙小狐狸哟-皿- //
Translation : soundtracklove @ soompi

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[INFO] 120225 Taemin To Participate in Immortal Song 2 Patty Kim Special

PD Ko Mingu said, “Singers lined up for the Patty Kim Special are Kim Taewoo, K-Will, John Park, Ailee, Im Taekyung, Sunghoon, Jay Park, Lin, Kang Minkyung, Taemin, Sonia, and Lee Jinsung (Monday Kids).”

The Special recording is scheduled to be on March 12 and will be broadcast in two rounds at the end of March.

[Source:…ype=1&outlink=1 | trans by jujugal]
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[NEWS] 120225 SHINee & Dara for KISS NOTE!

2NE1’s Sandara Park and boy group SHINee‘s special collaboration has been garnering a lot of hot reaction!
Sandara Park and SHINee, who are both endorsers of the cosmetics brand,Etude House, have come together for the romantic, fantasy web drama, “Kiss Note,” which has become a hot topic. In the web drama teaser released recently, it was revealed that each of SHINee‘s Jonghyun, Key, Taemin, and Minho each had four different kinds of kissing scenes with Sandara Park.
Etude House reveals that it will endeavor to step out of the box of traditional advertising formats, and have conceptualized the web drama concept starring Sandara Park and SHInee. It has especially gained response from women who say that they have dreamed of being kissed romantically, in different ways, as was shown in the teaser.
Also, since 2NE1′s Sandara Park, and SHINee’s Minho, Key, Taemin, andJonghyun, are all very popular idol stars both in the domestic and international scene, fans and netizens alike, have all gotten excited over the romantic kissing scenes.
Ever since Etude House’s YouTube channel uploaded the official teaser, there was an explosive reaction, as views and comments kept coming in from surprised, delighted, and jealous fans and netizens.
Those who saw the video commented with, “Although I’m jealous, they match each other more than I thought,” “It seems they’ve overcome their age gaps successfully,” “Minho and Sandara Park are going to be the main characters I think,” “I like the lipsticks,” “Sandara Park matches everyone,” “Sandara and Minho are kissing on the lips?!” showing their hot reaction.
Meanwhile, Sandara Park and SHINee‘s drama, “Kiss Note,” is set to be officially released on YouTube, on March 1.

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara
via: dkpopnews
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Taemin Mention in SM Choreographer Jaewon tweet 120225 
This should be taeminnie keke

이제 춤쫌 추시는 이태봉님과 연습실에서
now at the dance studio with lee TAE BONG gonna practice dance 

Credit : Jaewon’s twitter 
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[INFO] 120224 Chi-Shawols Mini Fan Support for Photoshoot

Today was raining and snowing, SHINee bar ( SHINee chinese forum) specially presented hot coffee and small snacks to the photoshoot site to the kids (S/N : Chinese noonas treat SHINee as their precious babies). This photo is taken using my camera so just bare with it. Regarding Jonghyun’s illness, the manager told us that he has already seen the doctor yesterday and there is nothing serious. Hopefully the noonas that want to send SHINee off will not squeeze him (at the airport)! Because he is sick! Thank You!

Source : SHINee Bar (forum) // Translation : soundtracklove @ soompi
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Friday, February 24, 2012

[TRANS+PIC] 120224 SM Choreographer Jaewon Mentioned Taemin in His Tweet

Jae Won jokingly tweeted : ” Intense practice with Taemin, who cannot dance well “

Source : famous_jae // Kor-Chi : 何yi陌生 // Chi-Eng : soundtracklove @ soompi 
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[TRANS] 120224 Taemin Japan Mobile Site update


Everyone from Mobile site,hello, i am Taemin. This is Paris , wearing Japan’s album «The first» Shirt ,took a picture before performing for a Korean’s Music Show. It’s complicated! (laugh) Everyone , SHINee will be coming back soon!
Credit: SMent EMI Japan Source: minoutshine
Chinese translation : yinyuetaishinee
English translation : Forever_SHINee 
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[TRANS] 120224 Ryu HunKyung Mentioned Minho in Her Mini-hompage!

Flaming charisma Mino-koon
gave me a SHINee live CD.

Minho-koon is such a
good manner-dol
who is loved by all sunbae-nims and staff

[Source: Ryu Hyunkyung's mini-homepage |trans by jujugal] shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

[TRANS] 120223 Drunken Tiger JK Menioned SHINee Minho in His Tweet

Just finished shooting… with SHINee Minho. You’ll find soon. got done wit filming somethin somethin with Minho from Shinee

Source/Credits: Drunken Tiger JK’s Twitter
Translation by: mayafeby @
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

[TRANS] 120223 Jonghyun UFO Replies!

[Cr as tagged | Source: DC SHINee Gallery | trans by jujugal]

2012.02.23 02:30
[Fan] I’m going to ignore you.. Shoo.. -3-
[Jonghyun] Whom said I’m going to pay attention to you, keke
2012.02.23 02:47
[Fan] Oppa, I’m hungry, think I will be full if I eat your love.. hehe
[Jonghyun] Hehe Love can be food!!!
2012.02.23 02:50
[Fan] Oppa’s love can make one full even without eating it. keke.. Give me love  love love
[Jonghyun] Give you
2012.02.23 02:59
[Fan] When will SHINee come back? The answer is !!!??
[Jonghyun] Will announce after 60 years
Credits Chinese translation: yinyuetaishinee
Translation: eimanjjong

Fan: A uneven body dressed in red.. Oppa, is it a tomato?
Jong: It’s Strawberry

Fan : although there’s no surprise , will still be waiting 
Jong: hmm wait a while

Fan :oppa i’m really impatient already,along with nearing to Comeback but date is not confirm 
Jong: Is it 

Fan : agent Kim here a cup of coffee 
Jong: nurse Kim!! come and trap her till her mind recover to normal state 

Fan:  little  little  Jonghyun Oppa scared scared 
Jong: Something serious will happen 

Fan : Where did you come from and where did you hide do you like me  caught you
Jong: oh i got caught 

Fan : You don’t want to sleep? not sleepy? let me sing you a lullaby !! dear?!
Jong: I can fall asleep by myself

Fan: ahh you don’t want to be mine?then i become yours!accept me!cupid arrow shoot
Jong :  shoot back 

Fan: oh.. i called you yeobo and you never reply me but i really love you
Jong: oh..ha  

Fan : Where did you come from and where did you hide do you like me  meow meow caught you
Jong: erm i got caught 

Fan : now that you are caught by me you’re mine lovely lovely Jong you’re whose?
Jong: belong to myself

Fan : You don’t want to sleep? not sleepy? let me sing you a lullaby !! deal?!
Jong: I can fall asleep by myself

Fan: cut.. i called you yeobo and you never reply me with sincerely loving you?! haha
Jong: oh..ha thanks 

Fan: I do not want to care about you。。go go -3-
Jong: who say that i am gonna bother about you , hehe

Fan : i meant the opposite way and say it…. sigh
Jong: ㅎㅅㅎ 

Fan : Oppa I’m hungry if i’m able to eat your love i guess i will be full ..keke
Jong : hehe how can love be eaten !!!

Fan : If Oppa give me your love even if i don’t eat i will be full~ hehe give me your love love love
Jong: give you

Fan: When’s SHINee’s comeback? the ans is!!!!??
Jong: will reveal the ans 60 years later

Fan : Oppa ! why didn’t you appear in Salamander Guru 
Jong : that’s Min Hyuk (minho’s show) ah

Fan : Oppa! why didn’t you appear in Salamander Guru 
Jong : because i look like Salamander

Fan: can’t forget your love..!
Jong: hahahaha thanks

Fan : while thinking of you i drew you down will you approve this on twitter? next time is Minho oppa ,Tension burning^^ (picture as of above)
Jong : Hahaha no  
Fan:  little  little  Jonghyun Oppa scared scared… quick run haha
Jong: Something serious will happen 

Fan :   little  little  Jonghyun Oppa i love you
Jong: hehe

Fan : discuss about Jonghyun (height) it’s consider quite tall right?!
Jong: ha
Fan : Oppa i’m badly bothered haha and the comeback date isnt confirm this make me more !
Jong: that

Fan : agent Kim here a cup of coffee 
Jong: nurse Kim!! come and trap her till her mind recover to normal state 

Fan : do you know which day is the best to SHINee’s notice(teaser?comeback?)?? there’s every fan’s true heart ah huhu 
Jong: Haha it’s so funny

Fan : broken heart..when will i receive?
Jong: erm erm now ha

Credit/chinese translation : For_SHINee_World 
English translation : Forever_SHINee
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