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Saturday, April 30, 2011

110430 OnHo at MuCore PICTURE

watch all pic at our FanPage
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110430 FANACCOUNT-Onew with friends at internet cafe (after Kangnam Severance Event) 110428

- Around midnight, 6 people came to the internet cafe I work at.

- One of them, looking pretty (korean ‘pretty’ means different from ‘normal’ people?) was carrying a big sky-blue backpack and was recognized by my boss. He told me “I’ve seen him. He looks familiar…”

- So, I looked at him again. He just looked exactly like Onew, but his membership name was Park-Yuwon so I thought I mistook him. (He probably borrowed his friend’s card ㅋㅋ)

- However, all his friends called him “Jinki-ya Jinki-ya” Holy! I was surprised I was right. I wanted to get his autograph, but I didn’t do it.

- I think he likes spicy steamed dumplings (mangdu). He kept ordering it..ㅋ

- He also drank a ‘cocopalm’(coconut) drink

- He paid everything for his friends.

- He played Warcraft 3 and WOW for 6 hours. ㅋ

- He had lots of Japanese cookies in his backpack as if he’s going on a picnic with friends ㅋㅋㅋ

Source: dc/dub.dothome
Eng Translaton: april_ontokki / vivz@soompi
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110430 SHINee Jonghyun's Me2Day Update

[종현] 에프엑스!!!어제일등했죠!!!추카추카!!아자뵤 문제!!!누예삐오 앨범을 열장이나 샀던 샤이니의 종현군은 이번 정규앨범 피노키오를 몇장이나 구매했을까요!? 맞추면 셀카올리지롱>○<

[Jonghyun] F(x)!!! They won first place yesterday!!! Congratulations!! Here's a question!!! SHINee bought 10 NU ABO CDs, how many full album Pinocchio CDs did Jonghyun buy!? If you get it right I'll upload a selca >o<

Credit: SHINee me2day 
Chinese Translate: Karen
English Translate: forever_shinee 5th admin 

2ND UPDATE (PM 07:51)

[종현] 아직 안ㅋ샀ㅋ엉ㅋ 내일 사러 가야지…팬싸추첨있는데로…아! 물론 뽑혀도 가진 않을겁니다 겨뤄보자구 에프엑스팬들 누가 더 많이 사나 투닥투닥(도발)ㅋ

I haven’t bought it yet hahahahah , I will buy it tomorrow… autograph have to draw lots.. Ah! If I got choosen I won’t go to , let’s have a challenge Aff(x)tion see who buy more (ge zi ge zi - some voice to disturb the fans ) ha

Trans emily @ HJIF
Source : SHINee's Me2DAY
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Friday, April 29, 2011

110429 SHINee to perform at Miss Chunhyang Contest

Jeonju_KBS hellopd_peter
한국의 미인, 춘향을 뽑는다! 81회 춘향선발대회 초대가수 확정! 샤이니, 테이, 5Dolls!
SHINee will appear as one of the guest singers invited for the 81st Miss Chunhyang Contest in Jeonju on May 9.

Source/Credits: Jeonju_KBS @ twitter
Shared by: jujugal
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110429 SHINee & Minho mentioned in F(x)'s Pinocchio Album review

*Only related part.*

- As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and even if the pudding is a vacant slow song like this one, all five ladies managed to sing it well; down to Amber, who usually doesn’t get more than a word in of rap, let alone any singing, but here she’s clearly testing the waters out just like Minho of SHINee circa “Lucifer” 2010 (Beautiful Goodbye).

- The final song on this album is “Lollipop,” which is a Korean remake of f(x)’s previous endeavor with MIC (Chinese group). For this re-issue, f(x) have employed the help of label mates SHINee, the group that these ladies are supposedly modeled after.

This collaboration sounds rather promising, but as the song unfolded, so did my hopes for an epic duet.

The vocal treatment on everyone involved in this song is cringe-worthy. They say less is more, and in this case, f(x)’s producers could have taken note from a certain other Lollipop song-on-song progression, because this version is hectic and unbearably one-dimensional. The mix seems off too, as I’ve noticed on other songs on this album, because several members from both idol groups get buried and lost among everything going on (Lollipop).

Written/Posted by: arnold.arteaga @ allkpop
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110429 SHINee Replay Japanese version tops Recochoku Chart

The chaku-uta (cell phone ring tone) service for the Japanese version of SHINee’s Replay was open on April 28, and it is currently ranked 1st at the daily chaku-uta chart on Recochoku, Japan’s largest mobile site.

Photo Source:
Source: OSEN
Shared/Posted by: jujugal
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110428 ONEW @Kangnam Severance Hospital Concert

credit : source: onewsama, onewside, withonew.

source: baby2min - splendid | Credit & Reupload :Emtenanshinee @Soompi

source : only onew, happy virus, onewstyle . Credit : vivz@soompi

source: JinganJang, credit :paprii@soompi

source: onewlee credit: winkme @ soompi
credit :- MYSHAWOLS(MSW)
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