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Monday, October 31, 2011

[NEWS] 111031 SHINee, the Icon of KPOP Wave in Europe, Proved Tremendous Popularity in London!

SHINee Shut Down the Britain’s Largest Theater Chain’s Server!
Britain’s Largest Theater Chain’s Reservation System Went Down Just 1 minute After the Ticket Sales Began!
Tickets for Opening Gala Concert of the 6th London Korean Film Festival, ‘SHINee in London,’ are all Sold out!
SHINee, the Icon of KPOP Wave in Europe, Proved Tremendous Popularity in London! 

SHINee proved their tremendous popularity once again by crashing the Britain’s largest theater chain’s reservation system server.

SHINee will hold this gala concert after they are invited to ‘The 6th London Korean Film Festival’ and SHINee is the first Korean idol to hold a solo concert in London.

In fact, SHINee has already performed in AbbeyRoadStudios (famous for studio of Beatles) in June as the first Asian artist, but it was intended for media and music officials and held in private. However, since this performance is the first solo gala concert in London, which is open to fans, competition for tickets was expected.

Actually, as soon as ticket sales began for this concert on the 27th, Odeon’s reservation system, the Britain’s largest theater chain, went down for 5 hours because it was overwhelmed by the thousands of fans who were trying to buy tickets.

Therefore, not only the reservation for SHINee’s concert but also reservation for other movie tickets of hundreds of theaters in Britain was unavailable. Fans made reservation through phone calls or visited the theater to get the tickets after waiting for long lines. Local audiences, who wanted to buy other tickets, unusually reserved them by phone or purchased on site.

Odeon said “It’s our first time to make server down by ticket booking. We never expect this much of people coming in all at once,” and it is said that for SHINee fans’ safety, Odeon will develop measures to keep order at the theater.  

SHINee will perform their hit songs including ‘Replay’ ‘Juliette’ ‘Ring Ding Dong’ ‘LUCIFER’ etc. and have an interview session at this gala concert.

Meanwhile, SHINee will leave for the opening gala concert ‘SHINee in London’ of ‘The London Korean Film Festival’ which will be held in London, Britain on November 3rd.

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[I/VIEW] 111029 SHINee Magazine Excerpt: Junon - Jonghyun

What are you working zealously on?
Body care

(Being) healthy is the best!
For a single concert, you’re doing 3 hours of performance, so you must take care of your body, that’s the most important!!
Concerts are physically hard.  Although,  when you’re up on stage, you’re coming in contact with all of the fans, so on the day of the performance, you feel content and get a good night’s sleep.

When do words (for songs) pop into your head?
(Even from) Tetris, an image of love (appeared)

At times when you’re watching a picture or a movie, you could be inspired. But interestingly, at times when you’re doing something unrelated it could come into your head.
The other day, I was playing Tetris, and suddenly, an image of love started to form. [1]
When it comes to me, I’ll whistle the melody into my cellphone.
Recently, instead of “Love”, I’ve been finding it fun to (write) lyrics about ordinary things.

What sort of child were you when you were little?
Lively, and I liked dinosaurs.

When I was little, I was bright and lively, I loved (playing) pranks.
Basically I’ve grown up into the same character (laugh).
I liked large dinosaurs  and I read colouring books, etc ne.

What makes you think, “If I had this, I would be happy?”
Spare time.

I’m naturally the type that has soon as I think about, I put it into action, so if I had sufficient time, then I wouldn’t feel so rushed. I think if I definitely had the feeling of having just a little more spare time then  I’d happy.

What if you could have three wishes granted?
1.       Be able to play any instrument
2.       Turn back the hands of time
3.       Teleport

Before, I used to play bass, but, now I’m practicing the guitar.
If I could play different instruments, my understanding of how to mesh the together  would improve, I think.
 As for turning back time, isn’t this something everyone thinks about?
If I could go back to my student days, I would study more, etc (laugh)
For teleportation, I have to travel a lot within (Korea) and outside, I want to teleport to the next place, I want to so I can meet everyone sooner.

What do you always buy at Japanese convenience stores?
Ice Cream!

It’s ice cream I guess. It’s one of the snacks I eat a lot. There are so many delicious flavours!
I like eating the bar ones more than the cup ones. (laugh)

What sort of physical training are you doing?
I ride the bicycle at the gym.
I always do weight training without fail.
If I don’t train, not only will I lose muscle, but I get tired easily.
Recently in order to improve my physical strength and stamina, I’ve been getting on the bicycle at the gym.  I’m trying to balance aerobic and anaerobic training.

Behind the scenes shot.
In the interview (he was) outspoken.
With an impressive momuchan (physical beauty) body!
[1] Falling bricks are sexy.

Scan: Tonghyun.
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[I/VIEW] 111029 SHINee Magazine Excerpt: Junon - Minho

What must you always buy at a Japanese convenience store?

I’m don’t really eat junk food usually, but when I’m lining up for the cash register, I tend to unconsciously pick it up and buy it.
As I’m chewing gum, I sort my thoughts out.
As for flavour, whether it’s the refreshing ones or any other flavour, I don’t have a preference.

What makes you think, if I have this, I’m happy.

When I’m with my family, I can relax and so on, I think (this is) happiness.
Even though I’m busy and don’t have a lot of opportunities to contact them, all the members of my family are supporting me. They check out performances on TV programmes and stuff for me.
My father coaches soccer, in the past, he was a entirely great character [1] to me. Because in primary school days he was always away and busy so I didn’t see him a lot. His character made a big impression on me.
Rather than my mother’s usual scolding, his few words had a bigger impact. (laugh)

If you could have three wishes…
1. To become the happiness (person) in the world
2. To someone meet a kind girlfriend.
3. Travel back in time.

Actually, even if I’m told that the truth is there are no 3 wishes then I would still be fine. Right now, I’m sufficiently happy (and can manage without it).
So, things like wanting to fly in air, etc, I have those, but, no big wish.
If I dared to pick, it would be these three.

What kind of child were you when you were young?
My dream was to be a soccer player

Even in my younger days, I loved being active. My dream was to be a soccer player.
However, my father who knew that harshness of professional soccer (as a former pro-soccer club coach) strongly opposed.
I gave up that dream and with the scouts from the office, I started on my dream to become a performer.

What sport do you want to challenge?

I’ve always like sports, I played soccer and basketball, but in the future, I would like to challenge golf!
Unless you concentrate, your score won’t echo (it), your mentality is what’s important.
I tried it a little before, I feel I now get why older people do it. Right now, I’m still too young (for it) so when I grow old, I think this will be the last sport I want to challenge.

What’s your fashion hangup / obsession?
Wristwatch, sunglasses, cap

These are the three things that I pay attention to.
Now, I’m checking my cellphone for the time a lot, but I’m one of those who checks their watch.
Today, I hurried out and completely forgot my watch (laugh).
This watch is simple, but the colour and design is varied and interesting.
Good things are expensive, this is rather hard ne.
I have a few watches, but, the one I received from my parents is the one I treasure the most.

What do you involuntarily become excited about?
Sport programmes on TV

The other day, we filmed for a entertainer sports tournament show on Korean TV. I completely lost, but while that was extremeeely unfortunate, I will found myself reflexively getting excited excited about it.

Behind the scenes shot
Even though he’s only standing there, he looks like a picture, even the cameraman couldn’t help saying “Mosshita!” (kakkoi) [2] over and over.

[1] As in he was a big deal in his eyes.
[2] handsome, cool, etc.

Scan: Tonghyun.
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[NEWS] 111031 Billboard Korea's "K-POP MASTERS" Concert to take place in Las Vegas on November 25th/26th

On August 25th, Billboard announced their official "K-Pop Hot 100" Chart, which was launched in conjunction with Billboard Korea. The chart is mostly based on digital sales from leading music sites, as well as mobile downloads using an industry-standard formula and the most credible music data sources within Korea. SISTAR was the first group to top the chart with their latest hit, "So Cool," and Davichi followed with "Don't Say Goodbye."

To celebrate the premiere of the chart, Billboard Korea will be presenting the Billboard 2011 KPOP MASTERS event live in Las Vegas, Nevada in conjunction with the MGM Grand. The event will be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday, November 25, 2011 at 8PM PST and Saturday, November 26th at 8PM PST.

Howard Appelbaum, the president of Prometheus Global Media, stated, "At Billboard, we recognize the huge potential for K-Pop in the United States and are excited to be able to gather all of the premier Korean music agencies together at MGM Grand for this historical event." He continued with, "We’re hoping this will foster more collaborations and make additional moves towards building a global music scene as opposed to country specific offerings."

For over a year, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has been working with event organizing company KPMA, LLC. Some of the major companies in Korea, such as SM Entertainment and Cube Entertainment will be coming together for the event hosted by Billboard Korea.

The two day concert also includes a red carpet event, arranged by K-Pop Masters which will occur on Friday for all attendees. Fans will be able to get up close and personal with the favorite groups as they get ready for the show. This event is free to the general public and will be held at MGM’s Grand Garden Arena. Photography will be allowed for all fans and will be at a first come first served basis.



For more information, visit or!

Be sure to check out the event on Facebook, Twitter (@kpopMasters), and Google + for the lastest updates! Koreaboo will be at the event bringing the latest updates and full coverage, so make sure you're there to say hi!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

[NEWS] 111030 SHINee revealed video messages for K-Friends Concert in Taiwan

The K-Friends Concert, originally scheduled to occur on October 8th in Taiwan, was postponed due to technical difficulties. Recently, it was announced that the concert has been rescheduled to November 20th, and it is expected to be held at Taiwan’s Ban Ciao #1 Sports Complex. Originally, the artist lineup included After School, MBLAQ, SHINee, and U-KISS. However, due to the rescheduling, the lineup has been changed to MBLAQ, SHINee, SISTAR, and ZE:A. In order to promote the concert, each of the artist groups took some time and recorded video messages for the fans! Check out the video as well as the translation of their messages below!


"Hi everyone! We are SHINee. We will be participating in Taiwan’s K-Friends Fireworx Concert! We haven’t seen our fans in Taiwan in awhile now, so we are very happy just thinking about it. We are really anticipating it. We hope everyone will anticipate the concert, which is to be held on November 20th at Ban Ciao Sports Complex! We are SHINee.

Source: K-friends and aeonfluxlin
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[i/VIEW] 111030 SHINee Excerpt: Spring Japanese Magazine - Onew

Please tell us what you would want to be told by fans.
When the write “Himune” in fanletters to show their support.
In Japanese, it means “Ganbatte”

What do you do on a day off?
A trip! I love the beach so I want to go somewhere I can see the pretty sea.
Just relaxing is the best.

What’s your strong point?
(To be able to) concentrate and strive with all my energy towards one (goal).

What Japanese have you recently learned?
Reading (dokusho). I bought a book to study Japanese and it’s the first word that caught my eye (laugh).

Recommend a place (to see) in Seoul
I would recommend the pretty streets of Samcheong-dong. [1]
The cobblestone side streets have such a nice atmosphere. Please go and see it!

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[I/VIEW] 111030 SHINee Excerpt: Spring Japanese Magazine - Jonghyun

I’d like to be (asked) “kibuni choa” by Japanese fans, this means “How (are you?) Are you ok?”, but when I hear it in Korea, I feel completely refreshed.

What do you do on a day off?
I go training at the gym or shopping. (Right now), I want to go shopping for fall clothes.
I want a monotone style leather jacket that’s suited to an adult.

What’s your strong point?
A honest / frank character. On stage, even when I’m nervous, I will still openly say what I’m thinking.

What Japanese have you recently learned?
Nigecha dame! (I will not run away!) It’s the line of the main character Shinji-kun from my favourite anime, New Genesis Evangelion. (laugh)

Recommend a place (to see) in Seoul
There’s a lot of people and many attractions at Dondaemun, with lots of carts lined up on the sides of the streets selling delicious food like Ddeokbokki, that’s my recommendation.

Scan: Tonghyun.
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[I/VIEW] 111030 SHINee Excerpt: Spring Japanese Magazine - Key

Please tell us what you would want to be told by fans.
Tanoshikatta (I had fun) is 재미 있었어 (jaemi iss-eoss-eo) in Korean. If I was told that after a concert, it would make me happy.

What do you do on a day off?
Stuff like shopping, going for coffee, after 2- 3 hours, I’d take it easy at home.

What’s your strong point?
I’m bright (cheerful) no matter what.
If someone is down and thinking “that’s enough”, I like I can cheer them up. (laugh)

What Japanese have you recently learned?
“Arisou na” (“That’s likely” or “Probably”). If I’m thinking “that’s true” in Korean, in Japanese, I’ll end up saying “Arisou”.
[Rough translation. Here’s my explanation.
By default Japanese say “sou desu ne” or “sou da” if agreeing.
A: “If Onew continues to throw himself down he’ll injure himself seriously”
B: “Sou desu ne”
But, arisou sounds like the way they say “I agree”/”Got it”/”ok” in Korean so he was saying arisou instead of “sou desu”.]

 Recommend a spot (to see) in Seoul
My recommendation is (a) Hanok Village. The old buildings and the food are fascinating.


Scan: Tonghyun.
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[I/VIEW] 111030 SHINee Excerpt: Spring Japanese Magazine - Minho

Please tell us what you would want to be told by fans.
Moshitta means the same as “kakkoi”  (cool / handsome”) in Japanese. When we’re standing on stage, I’m happy if I hear this being yelled out.

What do you do on a day off?
Exercise. On days off, I play soccer and futsal with friends.
I like physical activity. [1]

Your strong point(s)?
I think positive thinking and no matter (what my goal is) I will strive until exhaustion.

What Japanese have you recently learned?
Sakura Flower arrangement (sakura no kadou).  I only learned this from Slam Dunk, the main character’s name is Sakuragi Hanamichi and I misread it as Sakura flower arrangement (laugh).

Recommend a place (to see) in Seoul
Garosu-gil. It’s a fashionable shopping area like Omotesando and Aoyama, it’s my favourite.

[1] Literally it says moving his body.
[2] Because the same kanji is used, most likely he’s looked up花道 and saw flower arrangement lol
[3] It looks so nice. I guess he really means the one in Sinsa?
This is for kenkatz since she likes minho XD

Scan: Tonghyun.
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[i/VIEW] 111030 SHINee Excerpt: Spring Japanese Magazine - Taemin

Please tell us what you would want to be told by fans.
It doesn’t matter when I hear it, I feel happy when I’m told “Sayounara” and “Ai shiteru” [1]

What would you do on a day off?
Dance Lessons! I practice my singing as well, but recently I’m being taught lessons by a dancer.

What’s your strong point?
When I decide on a target or a dream, I stoicly accomplish it. I hate to lose, it’s being greedy in a good way.

What Japanese have you recently learned?
“Arienai yo~!” (laugh) [2]
When I hear something that sounds like a lie I use it.

What spot would you recommend in Korea?
Busan’s Haeundae where the sea breeze is refreshing, you can sit on the docks, play with seagulls [3], and the scenery is pretty.

[1] “Goodbye”, although you usually only say this in Japanese if you’re not going to see the person for a while.
And “I love you”, although traditionally Japanese refrain from using this freely.

[2] Sort of like “Impossible!”
[3] play with seagulls

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[NEWS] 111030 English TV Host Jonathan Ross Talks About SHINee with Fans on Twitter

English TV Host Jonathan Ross Talks About K-Pop with Fans on Twitter

I always knew Jonathan Ross was a fan of lots of types of music, but I never thought I would find myself writing this. Gor those who are not sure who Jonathan Ross is, he is a very popular television host in England, most known for his talk show, "Late Night With Jonathan Ross." He has had countless famous guests from movie stars to musicians, the cream of the crop; when he talks about someone, you know people will take notice.
Today he took to Twitter and started answering tweets from his followers and the subject turned to one that we're all so in love with: K-Pop!
Another piece of info that will clarify one tweet he made: Jonathon Ross is known for having a little bit of a speech impediment, one he embraces and makes fun of himself for. This is why his Twitter is Wossy (joking about how he says Rossy,) and why he tweeted "Wing Ding Dong," in reference to SHINee's song "Ring Ding Dong."

It turns out that he is very aware of K-Pop and he loves SHINee and SNSD! With someone as strongly embedded in pop culture as him, do you think this could be the start of a larger growing of K-Pop in the UK? Hopefully he will be there when Cube Entertainment bring their artists to London. He is a big fan and friend of the London Korean film festival and he actually uploaded a video message in support of it, where he drops a big bombshell about the group SHINee and who the 6th member should have been.

Also, we just have to share this hilarious picture created of the true 6 member SHINee created by Jasmine Arnaiz!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

[I/VIEW] 111029 SHINee Magazine Excerpt: Junon - Taemin

What do you want to do in your teen years?
Go to Alaska

Going abroad, there’s a lot of things to see, a lot of things to experience, I think I want to mature more. One place a I especially want to visit is Alaska!
We already talked about it in a 5 person interview, but, I’d like to try taking photos with SHINee in the cold Alaska scenery.
(In Japanese) I really like the cold (laugh)
For everyday weather too, rather than a clear weather day, I prefer a day just before the rain falls or a snow day.

What do you think about being the youngest on the team is good?
There’s infinite potential.

As the youngest, as for being an artist, it’s only 1 - 2 years (younger), but I think there may be a long period of challenges still.
Of course strength is required but, if you learn young, you can pick it up faster right?
Although I receive a lot of different advice from the other members, I think that there are a lot of possibilities, that makes me happy that I’m the youngest.

What three things would you wish for?
1. Flying
2. Breathing under water.
3. Elasticity

The first is flying!
I want to try flying with birds, cutting through the cool winds.

Second is breathing under water.
Diving in the deep sea, looking at the wonderous living things and seaweed.

The 3rd is being an elastic human. In the manga “One Piece” there’s a character like a rubber person, I want to stretch like that. (laugh)

[Note: He means Monkey D. Luffy. ]

What are you tackling with enthusiasm?

(I’ve studied) in order to read and write hiragana, and I somehow manage to understand what I hear. But, speaking is hard.
It takes long for me to put things into words. I’m studying more so I can smoothly and naturally speak!

What’s your fashion hangup / obsession?

I like styles that show off the body’s silhouette.
I like clothes with a slim and slender line.
I wonder if there’s lots of stores to go shopping in Minami-ku near the office.

If I have this then I’m ok.

As expected, the thing that gives me the most strength is (my) family.
I’m very busy, so I don’t get to see them often, but even when we do meet after a long time, I’m happy.
Usually I don’t call often, but my family calls me a lot.
“Where are you?”
“What are you doing?”

My mom’s cooking, Chige (Korean stew), samgyetang, meat gochujyang (Korean red chili paste), fried food, etc. Whatever it is, I love it!!

What type of child were you?
I wanted to fly

I liked running around outside playing.
My dream was to be a pilot. I liked airplanes, I’d run around making pyu [1] sounds. I wanted to fly as well.
If I looked nearby, there were no thrills (laugh) [2]
Well, I get on a alot (of planes), now I don’t like planes as much (laugh)

[1] The sounds airplanes make
[2] He’s explaining why he wanted to fly.

Credit for scan: tonghyun. 
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[I/VIEW] 111029 SHINee Magazine Excerpt: Junon - Key

What fashion item have you bought recently?
A gorgeous coat. [1]

It’s gradually getting colder so I bought a lovely coat.
I shop in Korea a lot, but, if I have time abroad I’ll do it
Recently, I’ve been to vintage shops in Paris and Spain. I checked out Army hats, etc.
Vintage shops abroad have lots of rare stuff so it’s the first place, I go!
In Japan, unfortunately I haven’t checked.

Right now, what do you think “If there’s this, I’ll be happy”.
Everything thing I have right now.

Everything I have. I must not lose anything I already have. 

What do you buy a lot at Japanese convenience stores?

The moist type, I’ve discovered really good disposable ones! 
I use them a lot when getting on a plane, each time I come, I buy a box.I spend a lot of time on airplances, 12 -13 hours so in order to (prevent) from my throat drying out I treasure them.
You can only get them in Japan so I take them back for my Korean friends as souvenirs, but now they hand over money and request, “Please, buy some for me”. (laugh)

What sort of child were you in your younger days?
Even now, I (still) like drawing.

In my younger days, I was cheerful, energetic kid. I wanted to be an artist and a singer.
Art was something I liked more than my talent, even now I still drawn.
On my mother’s side, there’s a lot of people like my uncle who’s an architect and in to Arts and such.

For this fall and winter clothes, what outfit [2] do you want to challenge?
Hats and Socks.

Winter has stylish hats and socks!
Recently there’s been lots of colourful items so I want to enjoy matching them with clothes and shoes. Before I didn’t take care (with combining them) but, recently I’ve been matching my socks to my pants, so I’ll do that too.
What’s your fashion hangup / obsession?
Colour Scheme

Depending on my theme for the day, I enjoy a variety of styles from a black theme to colourful.
For clothes, I’m the type that picks out my outfit the night before, standing in front of the mirror picking out clothes saying “What should I wear tomorrow?”.

When I’m going abroad for activities I take a lot of things, the managers and staff are always telling me “Key-kun, you have too much luggage!”. (laugh)
Recently, I’ve been trying punk and rockstar styles, the other day, I special ordered soles, super thick soled (aka platform) shoes.

Editors’ Note: He muttered “I’m getting on” in Japanese before putting them on (laugh) )

What if you had three wishes?
A notebook that would grant wishes.. that’s it.
If the first one is “Please for a notebook that grants the wishes you write (in it)” then I don’t need the 2nd and 3rd.
What’s the first thing I would write in it?… Probably to try and stop time, I guess.
I think it would be fun to stop time.

Behind the scenes shot.
Key confirming enthusiastically the images on the monitor and saving his favourites to his phone.
[1] This word also means “showy” or “gay”
[2] Literally co-ordination, as in what items does he want to match up.
[3] Like getting on a train or plane, because they were so high. LMAO, why must you be so funny?

Credit for scan: tonghyun. 

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[I/VIEW] 111029 SHINee Magazine Excerpt: Junon - Onew

What if you could have three wishes?
1. To be able to talk to lots of people.
2. To go on a trip.
3. To become a walking encyclopedia

First, I’d want to (be able) talk to lots of people right now. Like today, (I’m at) a new magazine, enjoying meeting new people. Before I had a shy character, but, that’s no longer the case.

Secondly, to go on as many trips as I like. Although it would be hard to breathe [1], trips with the person you like are the best. The third is, to acquire a lot of knowledge. I yearn to become a well-informed person so I can teach people.

What do you think if you had this right now, you’d be happy.
A car.

I like travelling, even more, I’m the type that likes to just decide to go out and then do it so I car is important for getting around. On a regular day too, if there’s time, once in a while I’d go for drives too. Drive along the Han River (which runs  through Seoul) and enjoy the night time scenery.

And when there’s a little time I’d go to the mountains with my friends at dawn.
In the northeast, I’ve been to Sorak Mountain  [2] and I’d like to go to Japan’s Mount Fuji if the chance arises.

A music player is also something that makes me happy.

What were you like as a young child?
I liked making things.

When I was young, I would run around on the playground. I was an energetic child.

I liked making things from my imagination, I was into Legos, my dream was to be a designer or a architect.

What are you tackling zealously?
 Listening to different types of music.

I’m searching for my own music style, how should I put it? For research, I’m in the midst of listening to a lot of different music.

On the internet, you (can) discover music and listen to it right away, for me it’s the feeling you get when it hits your ears. I’m the type, when I listen to music, it’s not about the details, it’s more the overall feel of it. I do listen to songs by Japanese artists, but I don’t remember the name. Sorry~ (in Japanese).

What Japanese Oyagi gag [3] have you learned recently?
Kono ikura, ikura? (How much is this salmon roe?)

In addition to  Kaeru ga kaeru (the frog is returning), futon ga futtonda (The futon flew), I recently learned “How much is this salmon roe?”. The staff tells me them, but I thought of this one myself! Oyagi gags are a fun way to learn Japanese, a good way to study. A (Japanese) word I’ve learned recently is Isogashii (Busy). I use it a lot on location. I’ve also learned “Giroppon” (laugh) [4]

What’s your fashion obsession?
I like rough (style of) clothing.

I like styles you can relax comfortably in. I don’t like narrow clothes! If I go out and see something I like, I just buy it instantly. I probably like buying food more than clothes (laugh) I love chicken more than clothes! The other day I devoured 36 chicken wings by myself. (laugh) Afterwards, the bones were all piled up in a heap~

What are you doing to maintain your health?
A good night’s rest.

I’ve always been the type to (fall) sleep easily and sleep soundly. If I have no plans for a day, I could sleep for 4 - 15 hours. I’m good if I get to sleep for two hours. If I can’t sleep for just three hours, 2 hours is good, I think. Secondly, I drink a lot of water. Each time I drink, I drink up 500 ml of water. Today’s breakfast was yukhoejang. (In Japanese:) It’s a Korean dish. I can’t do anything unless I eat!

[1] Not literally. I think this means as in relax.
[3] Literally “old man jokes”, mainly puns in this case,

But if you’ve ever said anything like SHINee is so shiny, you should forgive Onew.

[4] It’s a way of saying Roppongi, they do it for “fun”. Instead of Ginza they say “Zangi” and instead of oppai (breasts) they say “paiotsu”. It might be lots of fun, but not for me.
Onew’s behind the scene photo.
“Firing oyagi gag answers rapidly!
With a carefree smile the atmosphere on location (becomes) warm and bright.”
Also I forgot Taemin’s off shot (BTS shot) in the last post.
“He did his solo shot perfectly, but for the group shot, he was teasing Jonghyun and Minho, who were on either side of him by tightly grasping their hands.”

cr : tumblr crissan
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[PIC] 111028 SHINee for Etude Promotional Banner

Source : weibo | reupload : nikitz @ soompi
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[NEWS] 111028 SHINee is Invited to the Opening Ceremony of The London Korean Film Festival as the Leader of KPOP-Fever in Europe!

SHINee is Invited to the Opening Ceremony of The London Korean Film Festival as the Leader of KPOP-Fever in Europe!
To Present Opening Gala Concert ‘SHINee in London’!
SHINee is the First Korean Idol Group to Hold Solo Concert in Britain!

SHINee will visit London after they are invited to The London Korean Film Festival.

SHINee is scheduled to present opening gala concert ‘SHINee in London’ at ‘The 6th London Korean Film Festival 2011’ which will be held in four British cities including London, Cambridge, Sheffield and Newcastle for three weeks starting from November 3rd.

Especially, in June, SHINee performed at the Abbey Road Studio (well known as Beatles’ Studio) in London as the first Asian artist and received an explosive response from local fans in London. Since the high popularity was also proven by performing at SMTOWN LIVE in Paris, it is expected to receive an enthusiastic response once again in London.

Moreover, it is unprecedented for a Korean artist to hold a solo concert in London and SHINee is the first Korean idol group to hold a solo concert, therefore it is predicted to strengthen the position of SHINee in Europe as a front-runner in spreading KPOP-fever.

The Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCC) said, “Since SHINee has been gaining high popularity from local fans in London, The London Korean Film Festival will be a chance to improve the awareness of Korean pop culture among British people in wider range of age groups.

‘SHINee in London’ will be held on November 3rd at the Odeon West End Theater of the Leicester Square, in which The London Korean Film Festival’s opening movie will be shown, and SHINee will perform hit songs and have an interview session.

Also, since Odeon West End Theater of Leicester Square is the place where holds the biggest British movie event ‘BFI London Film Festival’ every year, it is expected to attract the attention of London citizen.

With ‘The 6th London Korean Film Festival’s decision to have  opening gala concert with SHINee, it is predicted to generate synergistic effects to advertise both Korean movies and pop music at the same time.
Meanwhile, SHINee ended their solo concert in Nagoya, Japan on the 27th with great success after they performed at SMTOWN LIVE in New York on the 23rd.

Credit: SMTOWN
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[NEWS] 111028 Minho shoots passionate CF with Goo Eun Ae

SHinee Minho and actor Ha Jung Woo’s girlfriend Goo Eun Ae shoot a CF together.

On 27th, still shots from the CF were uploaded online for a shopping mall TV commercial. In the photos, Minho and model Eun Ae look like couple and looking passionately together with their bodies close to each other.

Minho looks so charismatic and manly in the commercial wearing smokey make up. Model Eun Ae on the other hand looks sexy despite of her wearing loose sleeves.

Netizens commented, “Jung Woo will be jealous.”, “Minho looks great!”, “She’s so sexy!” and so on.

The said TV commercial will be released on November.

Source: TVReport
Written by

via: dkpopnews
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

[TRANS] 111027 SHINee Japan mobile site update SWC Nagoya Japan

To Everyone who came down to Nagoya today: Really thankful to everyone who came to watch our show, really thankful, SHINee world see you the next time at OSAKA! Nagoya highest 

Credit:SMENT, Source: Minoutshine
Chinese translation : Mr Minho
English translation : Forever_SHINee
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[PIC] 111027 SHINee SWC Staff update @ SWC Nagoya Japan

장하다 빛돌이들!!~thank u shinee world

Credit : lee kyung suk
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[FA] 111023 Jonghyun @ SMTown NYC

[Fan Account] Jonghyun @ SMTown NYC 111023 

CREDIT: mocochinchi:

Fan account: SMTown NYC
While f(x) was singing Nu ABO, Jonghyun came out to sit by the stairs near the stage. At first he ignored the screams; he glanced occasionally to the sides but never really gave the fans any attention. Miraculously he noticed me waving my instant camera like a maniac! He walked over, all excited, and knelt down to take a selca >.<  He didn’t know how to turn it on, so he tried to press and adjust random buttons (lol). The security guy then bent over and helped him turn it on (jonghyun laughed at himself lol) He took one selca for himself and proceeded to take a selca for me. He handed the camera and the polaroid selca to me and ran off to sing lucifer!! (he stuffed it in his back pocket) >.<
I realize I am so fortunate to have had this experience!! If i werent standing by the stairs, if that girl hadnt yelled “Jonghyun!” and if I hadnt flailed like a freak, none of this would have happened! He is so sweet and I just wanted to share this experience so fans can come to better appreciate his kindness :)
P.S. In my opinion, SHINee was the kindest to their fans (in NYC at least). When they were on the tour bus, Minho, Onew, and Key waved, sang along with us, and even listened to our crazy fangirl screams XD They even continued to wave and smile after we chased them 4 times around time square and then to their hotel LOL
While f(x) was singing Nu ABO, Jonghyun came out to sit by the stairs near the stage. At first he ignored the screams; he glanced occasionally to the sides but never really gave the fans any attention. Miraculously he noticed me waving my instant camera like a maniac! He walked over, all excited, and knelt down to take a selca >.<  He didn’t know how to turn it on, so he tried to press and adjust random buttons (lol). The security guy then bent over and helped him turn it on (jonghyun laughed at himself lol) He took one selca for himself and proceeded to take a selca for me. He handed the camera and the polaroid selca to me and ran off to sing lucifer!! (he stuffed it in his back pocket) >.<

I realize I am so fortunate to have had this experience!! If i werent standing by the stairs, if that girl hadnt yelled “Jonghyun!” and if I hadnt flailed like a freak, none of this would have happened! He is so sweet and I just wanted to share this experience so fans can come to better appreciate his kindness :)

P.S. In my opinion, SHINee was the kindest to their fans (in NYC at least). When they were on the tour bus, Minho, Onew, and Key waved, sang along with us, and even listened to our crazy fangirl screams XD They even continued to wave and smile after we chased them 4 times around time.

CREDIT: mocochinchi
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[NEWS] 111027 SMTOWN in NEW YORK attracts media from around the world

SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR, which has mesmerised and captured fans from Seoul to LA, Tokyo to Paris, finally touched down in New York on October 23th, setting new records at the same time.

The concert kicked off at 7:30PM (local time) at New York’s Madison Square Garden, and saw Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x) and others take to the stage in an extravagant and diverse show, sending the fifteen thousand fans present wild.

While each team performed their individual hit songs, they also stood together for group performances. Girls’ Generation also revealed the English version of their new song “The Boys” for the first time. All in all the concert lasted three and a half hours, with a total of 51e songs in the set list.

This concert also held significance in the fact that New York’s Madison Square Garden is a sort of mecca for singers worldwide; what’s more, this is the first time a concert by an Asian group has been held at that venue since the renovation, making it a historical moment.

With such huge import, the number of media bodies present comes as no surprise — from New York publications like New York Times, New York Daily, Village Voice, COMCAST, New York 1 and MTV, to foreign news media like Japan’s Sankei Sports and Nikkan Sports, and China’s Ming Pao Daily News and Xingse Media — even the competition between the respective reporters was heated.

Furthermore, statistics showed that approximately 70% of the audience members were non-Asians, proving once again the popularity of SMTOWN. Nationality notwithstanding the audience members were able to sing along with the Korean songs.

Meanwhile, images from the concert can be viewed through various mediums: SMTOWN’s Facebook page, Youtube channel and Kakaotalk.

Source: Newsen via: koreaboo 
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[PICS] 111026 Choreographer Jaewon's Twitter Update about SHINee Taemin

from Jaewon's tweets

"Blond Three Brother..."
Posted Image

"Blond Twins Dancing"
source & credit:  @Famous_Jae on twitter
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[NEWS] SHINee Going to Perform at Billboard Kpop Masters show

The groups that are performing at the Billboard Kpop Masters show in Vegas are: 4Minute, BEAST, G.NA. TVXQ, Brown Eyed Girls MBLAQ, SHINee. via Kpop Masters
Billboard Korea announced it will host the "2011 Billboard K-Pop Masters, presented by MGM Grand" Friday, Nov. 25 inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The groups that are performing at the Billboard Kpop Masters show in Vegas are: 4Minute, BEAST, G.NA. TVXQ, Brown Eyed Girls MBLAQ, SHINee.

via : Kpop Masters
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[NEWS] 111026 SHINee Not Going to Perform at "2011 K-Friends Taiwan Fireworx Concert"

ZE:A, MBLAQ and Sistar to Perform at "2011 K-Friends Taiwan Fireworx Concert"

ZE:A, MBLAQ and Sistar are slated to visit Taiwan in November  to perform for the “2011 K-Friends Taiwan Fireworx Concert.” SHINee, who was supposed to be the finale act, will not be able to join the concert because of a conflict in the schedule.

The show was also postponed from its original intended staging in early October.

The event’s organizers have put out an announcement on their official website regarding this development, explaining the circumstances behind the changes in the concert line-up.

We had originally agreed to have SHINee as the finale number, but we had to follow the schedule set forth on the artist’s side so we apologize that they cannot make it this year,” the announcement said. “We were very much focused on giving the audience a good show, and thus also apologize that the preparations have caused us to postpone the event.”

The organizers have also made known that they are not sure if MBLAQ’s Lee Joon is able to come to Taiwan, but assured the public that they are communicating with a representative to help facilitate Lee Joon’s schedule.

The organizers have likewise reassured full attention to those who have requested for a refund. However, they are currently closing their message boards, since it had become a vehicle for malicious attacks when it was intended to be a forum for fans to discuss and communicate regarding the event.

“2011 K-Friends Taiwan Fireworx Concert” will be held at Ban Qiao Stadium in Taipei on November 20.

cr : soompi
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p/s :  hrmm. its weird. yesterday, MBLAQ management announce that SHINee going to perfor along with MBLAQ, but today, got article mention that SHINee not going to participate.
i'll try to find more info bout this.

[NEWS] 111026 SHINee going to Perform at 2011 London Korean Film Festival Opening Gala Concert:

2011 London Korean Film Festival Opening Gala Concert: SHINee in London.

To open the 2011 London Korean Film Festival, it is our very great pleasure to announce that Korean pop sensation SHINee will be performing the first Kpop concert on the afternoon of 3rd November 2011 at the Odeon West End.

Date and Time: 4.30pm 3rd November 2011 (Thursday)
Place: Screen 2, Odeon West End, Leicester Square
Tickets: £20, £30

Tickets will go on sale online through the ODEON website.

cr : London Korean Film Festival
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[NEWS] 111025 SHINee going to Perform at "K-Friends Fireworx Concert" in Taipei 2011

This is J.TUNE CAMP.

This is the information about MBLAQ's performance in "K-Friends Fireworx Concert in Taipei 2011."

Show Date and Time: November 20, 2011 7:00pm
Show Name: K-Friends Fireworx Concert in Taipei 2011
Show Location: Ban Qiao Stadium
Performers: MBLAQ, SHINEE, Z:EA, Sistar

We ask for great interest of the fans.
Thank you.
SOURCE: MBLAQ's Official Website

cr : dkpopnews
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[NEWS] 111025 More Article About SHINee Endorse Etude

SHINee +ETUDE, Good Combination

Remember the latest news about the 'another asian endorser' from Etude House? Starting from 2011.10 (Oct 2011) to 2012.10 (Oct 2012) period, in addition to Etude House's spokesperson lovely Dara, they will add another endorser and it's none other than 5 handsome members from SHINee, there will be a lot of gifts for everyone! SHINee also will expected to participate in the brand's upcoming campaigns, including the famous 'Etude Pink Party' and another great events.

And finally, Etude House released a promotional picture of our lovely five shining boys!
Can't wait to see another photos of them with 2NE1 Dara!

cr: chs0313
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SHINee to be the next face of ‘Etude House’

SHINee has been chosen to be the next face of Korean makeup brand, Etude House.

On October 25th, Etude House tweeted, ”Bling bling Etude and shining SHINee have met! Please anticipate Etude, who will now be working with SHINee!

Smiling brightly in pastel-toned clothes, the boys are certainly living up to the brand’s slogan, “Want to be sweet?”.Many are wondering whether SHINee will replace or endorse alongside Etude House’s current model, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park.

Fans commented, “Wow~ SHINee!!! Really bling bling~~~” “SHINee looking good! Is there a chance that they will be shooting a CF with Dara?” and “I’m going to grab their poster at the store +.+

Source: Etude House’s Twitter
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p/s they going to endorse Etude along with Dara!

[TRANS] 111024 Key Japan Mobile Update – New York-

Hello everyone, this is Key.
The week before last week, to record a korean music program, we went to New York!
Because I like all kinds of various items I see, no matter how little time i have got, I will go out.
I found by chance while taking a stroll, I went into a Hobby Shop ~
I am troubled because there are lots of interesting things, and because we do not have much time, we were lucky to be able to find an enjoyable place.
Just a little bit, it will be SHINeeWORLD Nagoya. I am really looking forward to be able to meet everyone!

Source: minoutshine
Translation by NINGZzhi
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[NEWS] 111025 SHINee become Etude House Models

SHINee has become models for a Make Up product yet again. After becoming models to Nanas’B in 2009, the boys will promote along with 2Ne1′s Sandara Park for Etude House. Since last month, there has been much debate about whether Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin will become Etude House’s new models.

Etude House announced this great news on Oct, 24th. “SHINee has received great love not only in Asia but also in Europe. It makes SHINee the leader in the Hallyu Wave. As the idols who have grown into men, they are very appropriae to be appointed as models of Etude House.” says Etude House’s representative.
Seventeen days ago, SHINee recorded Etude House’s new campaign in their studio. The campaign which will be promote on a global scale is called Missing You Bee Happy  (Bee Happy) and is scheduled to be launched on November, 1st.

During the shoot, SHINee dressed as the bees’ character, doing the shoot with various Etude House products. As the SHINee that we know, the commercial shoot became a fun atmosphere and the boys emerged with a warm and soft image. Even though they were doing a shoot in a studio, the scene looked like a real house because of the electromagnetic waves.
With SHINee becoming the models for Etude House, Shawols all over the world will see their faces on walls of Etude House Stores in their own countries.

Information sources : Han Kyung
Translation Korean to English by fana@
Written by: aqwdesi @
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[CHART] 111024 SHINee on Oricon’s single chart ranks in Japan

via shakizi

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[NEWS] 111025 SMTOWN reveals live performance videos for SMTOWN live in NY

SMTOWN just revealed multiple live performance videos of their SMTOWN live in New York concert which was held yesterday. In contrary to what they did during SMTOWN in Paris earlier this year, they uploaded the performances after the event and not during.

With the setlist including +40 performances, SMTOWN has made a selection out of the performances, and has already uploaded a performance for every single one of their artists, just only missing out on Kangta at the moment.

More performances will be added as they're uploaded by SMTOWN's official channel on YouTube.

Live coverage of the event with pictures and a setlist can be found in yesterday's article over here.

SHINee - Stand By Me

source : SM TOWN
cr : koreaboo
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[NEWS] 111025 SHINee's Japanese label pushes "THE FIRST" back to December 7th

SHINee's Japanese website has just revealed that the group's first Japanese album, "THE FIRST," will be postponed. The original release was set for November 23rd, but due to problems during its production, the album won't be released until December 7th.

"THE FIRST" will include 12 songs from which 5 will be entirely new, and will be released in a regular version, a limited, and a special limited box version.

December 7th, on the other hand, is packed with Korean releases as not only SHINee will be releasing their first full album, but other Korean artists are also set on releasing singles, collaborations, DVDs, or albums. 

Super Junior will be releasing their second single "Mr. Simple" in Japan, while BoA is set to release her first DVD single "Milestone." Code-V just recently revealed their debut Japanese single "Addiction ~I can't live without you~" will be released on the same day and boy group SHU-I will be unveiling their 3rd Japanese single "Never Give Up Yeah!" on December 7th as well. Next to IU's compilation release, MBLAQ's DVD release and 4minute's next single, U-Kiss members Kevin and Eli are also set to reveal their collaboration with Japanese single JAMOSA.

Which artist's music will you be purchasing on December 7th?

Source: SHINee's Official Japanese site
cr : koreaboo
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The New York Times Reviews "SM Town Live in New York"

The New York Times Reviews "SM Town Live in New York"

The buzz generated from “SM Town Live in New York” has not stopped with America’s K-Pop fans, but rippled to garner media attention as well. The New York Times reviewed the “SM Town Live in New York” concert on its Oct. 24 edition, right after the one-night-only performance at the Madison Square Garden.

Jon Caramanica’s article discusses the evening’s events and turns the spotlight on the performances that he thought shone throughout the show. Super Junior KRY’s “Sorry Sorry Answer” is his pick for the best performance of the night. He also noted that SHINee’s vocals are among the strongest as a group and likewise praises f(x) Amber’s rapping.

The writer notes that K-Pop’s current popularity is borne of the artists’ years of painstaking training to deliver crowd-pleasing performances.

This observation reiterates the thoughts in a recent feature in the New York Daily News that described SNSD’s journey toward reaching the worldwide audiences. The New York Daily News also named “SM Town” acts Super Junior and DBSK, along with 2NE1, Big Bang and 2PM as the “5 Must-Hear Groups” in the same article.

The complete review of The New York Times may be accessed online here. The New York Times is a multi-awarded daily broadsheet founded and continuously published since 1851. It is still the largest metropolitan newspaper and the third overall largest newspaper in the United States, with a readership of almost one million.

cr :soompi
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[NEWS/TRANS] 111024 Information about “THE FIRST” Album Release

Sorry for changing the release date of SHINee JAPAN 1ST ALBUM ‘The First’.The day was changed 11.23 to 12.7 by some reason of manufacturing. I’m really sorry for fans who waiting the album. Please, understand us.

and more, the event for buyer of CD [THE FIRST] SHOW CASE LIVE fixed on 12.24(Saturday) in ToKyo international forum hall A. If you nee more detail, See SHINee official website.

source: EMiJapan Twitter
credit for translation: ryan / shineetown
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[NEWS] 111025SMTOWN Live Tour Photobook will be released November 3rd

SM Entertainment has recently revealed that it will reveal a  ‘SMTOWN Live World Tour‘  photobook on November 3rd.

The photobook will include photos from their performances in Seoul, LA, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Fans are already responding hotly to the photobook.

In addition, the 288 page photobook will not only contain photos from the performances of Kangta,BoATVXQSuper JuniorSNSDSHINee, and f(x), but also of their rehearsals, backstage scenes, and the various aspects of their performances. Fans who couldn’t go directly to the concerts will now be able to experience the hot performances of the SM artists through the photobook.

In addition to the performance photos, the artists’ autographs will be included, in addition to an epilogue with a written statement and a profile picture.

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
via: allkpop
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