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Sunday, July 24, 2011

110724 Minho's,Key's and Onew's UFO Replies(15,20,21,22 and 23/7)

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[Fan to Key] Your Japanese skill is improving!! Really good~~ㅎㅎ
[Minho] I think he’s really good too ㅎ KongKim ^^
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[Fan] Taeminah~ We need a serious talk. Meet me
[Key] No way

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[Fan] Hundred times a day~ I dream about it!
[Minho] Waiting for you to come! ㅎ

[T/N: I think they’re singing f(x)’s Chu~ ]

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[Fan] I miss you (feel like dying)~ But I hope you will comeback only after the test. I’m sincerely asking… ㅠ
[Minho] The test is nearly coming…. Be strong! About the comeback, it would be before or after…

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[Fan] Babies ah~ Is the weather in Japan ok? The typhoon just came, right? I’m worried ㅠ
[Minho] Don’t be worried ^^ We’re fine~~~
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[Fan] If you meet Buddha at the market, what will you say?
[Minho] Wa… so… my sense is not good as yours… I don’t know ㅠ
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[Fan] Today, all of sudden, I cut my hair from the waist to the shoulderㅠㅠ now regret ㅠㅠ*huk*
[Minho] Um… I think long hair is nice...


[Fan] It’s so hard for me to like sports ㅠ Help me!!
[Minho] But I found it interesting right from the start… How can I help you?

[Fan] Really want to see SHINee on Korea stage as five, quickly!
[Minho] Ah… We will comeback soon, as five ㅎ

[Fan] It has been a year since Lucifer comeback ㅠ So fast
[Minho] It has been a year already?

[Fan] Curious about the members’ current weight. Why there’s no information about it? ㅠ
[Minho] Cus it’s a secret ^^

[Fan] I’m on a diet but now still eating small snacks ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠQuickly scold me so that I don’t eat again ㅠㅠ
[Minho] Occasionally (eat) is ok

Translated and Posted by NhiAngela/[N]hi_[R]ie @ SHINee Thread on Soompi

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source: shakizi
eng trans and posted by: vivz @ SHINee Thread on Soompi

Saturday, July 23, 2011

110723 Key Me2Day

[Key] 일본입니다!!! 캬캬 생존신고를 드디어 하게되네요~’-‘
[Key]在日本!!!咔咔 终于来汇报生存报告咯~’-‘

[Key] In Japan!!! Finally we are posting something~’-’
(P.S Key’s meaning is to tell everyone that they are safe and sound. And so everyone, do not worry^^)

Korean to Chinese Translation Credit: 【闪耀星球翻译】
Chinese to English Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee

More Taemin Birthday Gift

from Intaemin
from Rachel
from DC SHINee Gallery
from Withtaemin
wa taemin! can share? X_X

110723 Minho and Yunho stages a perfect performance together for Kiss and Cry

TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho becomes a topic for his puppet performance in the third round of “Kiss & Cry”.

Wearing a white mask, Uknow and his partner Claudia staged a performance which was somewhat similar to a puppet performance. The atmosphere hit the climax when Uknow took off his mask and ripped off his coat. Together with Claudia, they displayed their ability of skating through techniques such as steady lifting.

After the performance, Uknow expressed, “I have to fall earlier than my partner in order to protect her when she falls, so I learnt the way to fall”, turning the atmosphere of the filming site to be one filled with warmth. Judge Kim Jang Hoon remarked, “Even though I’m a guy, but after watching Uknow’s performance, I thought it was really handsome.”

Shinee’s Minho made a special appearance as the role who controls the puppet. Judges asked Minho, “you’re also one of the popular idols that is known for being a great athlete, after watching Uknow’s performance, do you have the interest in try ice skating?” Minho replied, “I thought Yunho was really amazing when I saw his performance live, if I were to practise ice skating…”; he deliberately did not finish his words, causing the studio to be filled with laughter.

In addition, a second elimination would be held in this week’s “Kiss & Cry”.

Source: [
Translation credits: smallricee@tohosomnia.netShared by: tohosomnia.netvia: dkpopnews

110722 JongHo UFO Replies

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fan : oppa please stay healthy i love you Minho : i love you  ^^ stay healthy

Fan : in Korea or Japan , In the universes  or in my heart
Jonghyun : don’t try to restraint me

Fan : What do you think of the Member mental age!! haha
Minho : Same as their heart..i guess it’s 7 years old heh heh

Korean to Chinese Translation Credit: for_shinee_world
Chinese to English Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee

[FAN ACCOUNT] 110722- SHINee Japan Debut Premium Reception in Fukuoka

Fans were counting down “5,4,3,2,1” as it was shown on the screen!! When it reached 0, the boys came out!! Suddenly, they started singing Replay~

Each one of them stood in front to sing during their solo part. As I stood in the 2nd row, in the middle, it seems as if I was just an arm length away from them!!! Minho oppa did a wink and everyone started becoming more lively.

As fans were too loud, their voices couldn’t really be heard and the show started without any introduction session. Taemin passed his microphone smoothly~ After that, Hello started suddenly! Really thought that a human being couldn’t have such nice skin as Taemin’s!

When they sang Replay, I didn’t really observe them as I was too nervous but I tried calming down a bit during HELLO. Indeed, it was SHINee! Super great! They were too good looking, I started to doubt whether I was a woman or not.

After HELLO finished, a female MC came on stage to replace SHINee. Then staffs prepared seats for them so they sat down and started their self introductions~ During that time, I was nervous so I couldn’t really remember except Taemin being quite cute and interesting.

Also, because Onew didn’t speak much and finally wanted to speak, Key interrupted so they both immediately let each other speak first and cracked up. Fans also told Onew to “keep trying!” and he started laughing again.

After that was a talking session and we watched SHINee’s debut video that was recorded in London. As SHINee was looking at the monitor, fans could only see their backs. Indeed, Key sweated the most. Only Key had his shirt opened so that his sweat could dry up as he watched the debut video, cute!

A short talking session followed and it was already the last song!!! It was the last song they sang in London, that Replay version!! It was really good! Everyone had a mic-stand and started singing. Everyone sang with their eyes closed with lots of feelings. If you listen to it for the first time, you’ll definitely cry!!!! Even if it wasn’t my first listen, I cried too!!! Really want a CD version~~~~

When the song finished, the 5 of them stood at the front. From the start till end, Onew was still waving to fans. Indeed, SHINee is the best~~~

source: shineebloom

SWC Singapore Ticketing INFO

Ticket Sales open on 30th July 2011, at 10am across all Sistic Outlets, Hotline and Online **

Official Ticket Sale Launch Event on 30th July, and it starts from 9am to 5pm at *SCAPE **
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Shawols heading down to *SCAPE on 30th July will find:

  • 5 Sistic Counters dedicated for Shinee World Concert Singapore purchase only
  • First 500 tickets purchased at the Sistic Counters at *SCAPE will be given a 10% discount. (Not applicable to Restricted View seats)
  • More than 1000 Mosh Pit tickets will be allocated for sale only at the Sistic Counters at *SCAPE.
  • FNN will help keep fans in the queue refreshed!
  • Flash your Shinee World Ticket at the information counter at *SCAPE to receive a mystery voucher!
  • Fans are encouraged to only start queuing from 23:59pm onwards on 29th July when barricades and security measures are in place. Sale of tickets will begin at 9am.

**Limited to 4 tickets per transaction.
Cre: Running Into The Sun FB

[2008] OnTae's cute messages on SHINee's Official Fanboard

Even though this is random, but I thought it was so cute how Ontae were trolling on their own official fanboard 3 years ago LOL Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

cr; apriltokki 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Taemin’s Birthday Gifts from Fans

From MY FAIRY fansite

From SWEET THING fansite

Source: as tagged
Reup by ooSHINeSTARoo@Soompi

Translation excerpts from SHINee’s appearance on Fukuoka Love FM Radio Program

The radio broadcast mentioned about Taemin’s birthday party which was held a few days ago, Taemin: Spent my birthday with fans, also received presents from members at the dormitory. Received presents like cologne, shoes etc, Onew and Key didn’t give me presents = =|| Onew said: Taemin wait a little while more. Key said: Didn’t I give you a T-shirt last year..

Key: Taiwan’s bubble tea are really very delicious! There’s even pearls in the bubble tea! And there are lots and lots of pearls, really a lot a lot of pearls! And, it’s very cheap!

Back to the topic of birthday presents, Key said: Everytime I ask Taemin what he wants, but this time he didn’t reply = =. (Actually he’s trying to find an excuse) When Taemin was asked what present he would like to receive, Taemin said jeans. Asked about Taemin’s favourite food, Taemin said it’s a spicy crepe he ate at Singapore, a little spicy a little sweet crepe.

Key was super excited when he was able to meet Lady Gaga at MTV VMAJ. Key: I was the most nervous. Saw her! Saw her! During the radio broadcast Key called himself ‘watashi’ which is commonly used by a lady calling herself, most guys used ‘boku’.

On the topic of VMAJ in Tokyo, Onew: Really happy to see a lot of fans and wasn’t very nervous to perform on such a huge stage. Taemin: Would still feel a little nervous even when performing on a stage in Japan now.

When introducing their Japan debut CD, Key said: Hello is very suitable for SHINee’s image, a very pure feeling. Replay also fits SHINee’s image which will let one’s heart beat faster…

Key used a mixture of Korean and Japanese, his Japanese is really very good. The other 4 members said yoroshiku onegai shi masu etc. Then Key said in Japanese: Then we see you tomorrow!

Source: lovtacchon
English translation: eimanjjong

PICTURE JongKeyTae at Abbey Road Studio, London @ Japan TV

Credit: as tagged

110720 Minho UFO Reply

Fan : Someone please come out, Jonghyun oppa are you sleeping Jonghyun oppa come out Oppa
Minho : Jonghyun Hyung , is not sleeping , can i come out instead??

Fan : Missing & counting a hundred times a day
Minho : Looking forward.

korean-chinese translation credit : for_shinee_world
chinese-english translation credit: Forever_SHINee

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

110720 [Trans] SHINee's Taemin and child actor look a like

A child actor named JeongYeonSeok have proven himself to look so similar like Taemin of SHINee.

An online community board recently posted a picture of Taemin and the said child actor along
with the title of: "JongYeonSeok child actor as
Taemin's dopplanger".
They said
SHINee member and the child actor seems to have the same lips and perfectly white skin,
not to mention their eyelids shows a big resemblance too when
Taemin was still a young kid and it
captivates the eyes of the public when they saw the post.

Some netizens commented, "They sure have a lot of resemblance", "I was thinking something looked
familiar when I've seen this child before", "JeongYeonSeok is so cute", "This kid have a bright
future ahead of him", "JeongYeonSeok reminds me of Taemin when he was still a kid, I miss those days"
and "JeongYeonSeok is cute and Taemin is cute too"

Taemin along with SHINee is preparing their 'SHINee JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM RECEPTION TOUR' and is expected to be another great tour!

Meanwhile JeongYeonSeok who debut back in September last year with MBC's Jumong also guessed in "Three Brothers",
"Four Gods" and many other works, he's even awarded in SBS Drama Awards last 2009.
Translation Credit: snsdxlover@SFI
Credit: SHINee Forums International
Source Finder:

Minho's UFO replies

[Fan] SHINeeWorld belongs to whom?!?!?!
[Minho] Mine ^^

[Fan] Please let me go to Taemin's birthday party ㅜㅜ I fail every time, so sad ㅜㅜ [Minho] It's such a pity ㅠ You can definitely meet (him)

[Fan] It is also my birthday today! Please wish me a happy birthday ㅜ.ㅜ

[Minho] Wa! The same birthday as our magnae! Happy birthday ^^

[Fan] Have u had lunch? ⊙ ▽ ⊙ A hot weather like today is a great time to eat noodles [Minho] Want to eat noodles ㅎㅎㅎ It must be delicious
[Fan] Minho oppa~ Have you seen Vega Racer Mobile CF - Minho version?

[Minho] There is??? No, haven't seen ㅎ ㅎ So curious


[Fan] Busy lately? Have you watched Harry Potter?

[Minho] Not yet... Want to watch ㅎ
[Fan] Oppa, your UFO replies are like my source of strength. I'm now broken ㅠ__ㅠ [Minho] Here come the UFO replies to fill your strength ^^ Overcome it~~
[Minho] So that's for today. Dream of happiness ^^ Goodnight ㅎ

translated by
vivz + [N]hi_[R]ie @ SHINee sp thread
Take out with credit

Fan : The  weather today is warm, after going to Japan do come back early, we will  be waiting for you all and we won’t climb over the wall
Minho : Thank you , don’t climb over the wall alright !

 Fan :  While  washing my face, I close my eyes and then I took up the facial wash and  squeeze a little and put in on my face , suddenly my face feel so hot  like there’s fire !!!! and later I found out !!!!!!!!  TOOTHPASTE ㅠㅠㅠ how? Till now it still feel like it’s buring
Minho : THIS !!!!! Next time please reassure …

Credit : For_SHINee_World (Chinese translation )
           Forever_SHINee (English translation ) 

Key made them say “I love you” at Taemin’s party haha ^^

1,796 plays

Key made them say “I love you” at Taemin’s party haha ^^
(Source: ohatoms, via blingkeys-)

Taemin and Key quarreled recently

Taemin and Key quarreled recently

They were recording for their japanese album and taemin had a hospital appointment whereas key needed to be somewhere else so the both of them wanted to finish recording their parts first. after the first person finished recording, the staff asked “who’s next?” and then the both of them jumped up from their seats and started to argue. “me!” “i’m next!” “i said i’m next!” “no me!!!” the end they settled it via a game of rock paper scissors

(Source: ohatoms)

110718 [FanAccounts] Onew Center @ Taemin's b-day party

  - SHINee boys still wear 5 pairs of pajamas, fans gave them not many months after their debut. So comfortable. They all share them: milk-cow patterned, kiss-lips patterned etc and said milk-cow is the most comfortable one. Dubu said, "Milk-cow is beside my bed" then Key said to him, "You said we all share them and now what? Aww, that's actually mine." ㅋㅋㅋ

- A fan requested Taemin to do 9 kinds of 'aegyo',but he said he's never done it more than 3 kinds at one go. Dubu then said, "You can do 3 kinds of aegyo 3 times." XD This was funny.

- There were some '5-letter question' papers that Taemin had to ask hyungs what's written on there. When he saw a question, 'Wild Dance', he said he was going to request Onew to do it. Other members said to him to request now, but he hid the paper under his butt saying, "I'll get Onew at the last."

Taemin asked Dubu to do a 'Wild Dance' and other members also kept saying to Dubu, "Dance sexy and wild!" While he was doing an unidentified dance, said to fans, "I think I might take off........" because the boys kept saying, "Do wild and sexy!" I shouted so much he said that. OMG, then, he did really take off his...............left shoe. He wore neat grey socks. ^^

- When Dubu danced, he shook his waist like a rustling wind. Members said his body works faster than brain when he makes a joke. He played with balloon strings knotting and tearing, kept moistening his lips and having his famous facial expression, ^~^. He lied down on the floor opening up his hands, 'I want gifts~', when members and he did a rock-paper-scissors game. He tried to inhale helium from a helium balloon and talk, but he failed because he missed it after inhaling it just little bit. He was too cute his voice hasn't changed at all.

It was good that I saw his bare legs, he didn't have hair on his legs!!!!! He didn't speak a lot but gave good reactions to members. Sooooooo cute. T.T I think I was just happy looking at him. T.T

- A fans asked Taemin, "Can you hear my mind?" Taemin was suddenly in a rage, showing the question paper and saying, "What is this? Who's this? How can I hear?" (cute XD). Then, Dubu said to the fan, "Set up a speaker on your mind.". ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ♥

- There was a time that all members wore candle shaped glasses and signed on a huge balloon. Dubu was the last person to sign. He got shy that fans only focused on him at that time, saying he was afraid. He covered his face with his hands after finishing it. ㅋㅋㅋ He was so cute. He signed as he embraced the balloon like an aegi (baby). T.T He was in a grey tee with pink line drawing, loose(little bit) denim shorts covering his knees, high-top converse shoes and fedora. His bare legs were just asdfghjkl T.T So cute T.T

He said he gave Taemin a good gift ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He didn't say what it was ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was curious. It was funny, other members also giggled with him and didn't say what it was. He had to cover his face a lot because of the strong lighting. T.T But I was able to see him well because of it. T.T He made his facial expression like this, '~', a lot.

- Taemin got surprised fans knew he had 2 dogs, Adam and Eve, asking them, "How do you know!"(ㅋㅋㅋ). They told him he had mentioned it before. Then, Dubu said "I think he got surprised because he had said about Adam and Eve but '2 dogs'." XD Don't you think it's funny?

- Key talked about the "melon" again saying he took a selca with it because he thought it was going to be funny, junior high school students are like that. Fans said it was 'junior-high-2nd-grade-disease'. Key agreed that Jonghyun and him were high-class at 'junior-high-2nd-grade-disease' and Dubu was with 'choding(gradeschool students)-disease', after talking about Dubu's gif-picture where he was about to eat his cell-phone.

- You never get bored when you keep looking at Dubu. He always does something. Today, he kept playing with balloons, tearing strings attached to them.

- Members teased Dubu that he's 'young-gam' (old man), as they talked about their ages T.T Afterwards, Dubu lowered his head weakly walking towards the left side.. T.T Fans were worried about him, said he was in a sulk and kept looking at him if he was ok from getting teased. T.T But actually, he just picked up a bottle of water and said, "Why? I just came here to drink water." (onew sangtae?) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was dying he was sooo cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I really thought he turned his back to us because he was in a sulk, but he was just there for water. You really had to see his back at that time. T.T His shoulder and back drooped down. So cute. T.T

- I remember Dubu, all of a sudden, slung a string attached to balloon over his neck and body. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He was just doing something random the whole time.

- Even though he didn't speak a lot, he always said something quietly after other members. ㅋㅋㅋ Like when Minho pretended to cry, Dubu was like "Don't cry...", quietly. He didn't wear any make-up on his face. His skin looked smooth. T.T When Minho stood up, his butt was towards fans, so Dubu covered it with his hand. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- When Dubu said, "We have 5 b-day parties every year~", fans said he didn't have his b-day party every year, then he made a joke, "I'll have my b-day party twice this year." Key added, "Have them on a sailboat." Dubu, "It's in December, so cold." ㅋㅋㅋ When the party ended, all members gave something(gifts?) to fans sitting in front, so fans sitting at the back said they also wanted those, then Dubu gave 2 balloons to fans as he went out. T.T

source: DC SHINee Gallery, dub.dothome,
eng trans + rearranged: aprilontokki + vivz @sp (plz take out with full credits)

Style Highlight: SHINee, Korea’s fashionably fearless pop idols

Idol group SHINee debuted in 2008, and over the years, they’ve showcased not only their talent, but also their unique fashion sense. Their quirky, yet charming style has been a contributing factor for their massive international success. Here, we’ll chronicle a handful of looks that caught our eye over the past three years.
SHINee first debuted with “Nuna You’re So Pretty (Replay)“, a serenade to older girls with a playful aura. Their debut single focused on their youthful style and a certain boyish charm that won the hearts of girls everywhere! Fresh colors and a bright smile were the only accents these boys needed to stand out from the many other boy band debuts during this period.
Having achieved much success with “Replay”, SHINee came back to the music scene with “Juliette”. We can see that this phase was the epitome of the SHINee trend, as evidenced by skinny jeans in every color, high top sneakers, and stand-out accessories. This inspired many fans, both guys and girls, to imitate SHINee’s style.
Ring Ding Dong” was released only five months after “Juliette”, but the boys went through a complete image transformation that elevated their status from sweet ‘flower boys’ to hard-edged, sexy stars. The contrast between the aggressive rocker fashion of “Ring Ding Dong” and the adorable fashion of “Juliette” proved that SHINee could pull off a variety of styles with seamless ease.
Although the boys may have matured, they never fail to be fashion risk-takers. Pictured above at theThailand Entertainment Expo in 2009, SHINee showed us some unconventional pieces that most guys would be too afraid to touch!
Their most recent Korean promotion cycle centered around their single “Lucifer”, where they showed us yet another transformation for their music video. Rather than wearing eclectic, color-spattered outfits, the boys continued the mature styling from “Ring Ding Dong”, only with a bit more flash to suit the futuristic concept. The striking hairstyles in particular make this look stand out as one of SHINee’s most memorable.
While the video for ”Lucifer” showed us the boys’ mature style, their wardrobe for their live performances brought them back to their trademark vibrant fashion. Some of these pieces are from Ha Sang Baek’s collection, the designer and mastermind behind the creation of SHINee’s style. Notice as well in the above photo that the boys have switched out their high tops for Doc Marten boots, which really does highlight how even though SHINee continues to wear colorful outfits, they make subtle changes to show that they’re embracing growth.
As much as the boys like to show off their unusual style, they’re still able to look sharp on the red carpet, as seen here at the 2010 Golden Disk Awards. Their red carpet look is sleek and cohesive without being boring or conventional.

Lastly, who can forget SHINee’s airport fashion? While Onew and Minho are sporting casual campus looks, the other three are seen in some eye-catching pieces. Taemin dons thick frames and a loud graphic shirt, while Jonghyun is wearing a low-cut shirt underneath an unstructured blazer. Key is pictured in an animal print jacket, confirming that he is indeed the most fashionably risky of the group.
What I love most about SHINee’s style is that they’re not afraid to be bold. Although some pieces may raise eyebrows, they are never boring and they ultimately prove that these boys can take on a range of styles. On or off stage, they always keep us guessing and wanting more!

Photos: As marked
Source : allkpop