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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

[TRANS] 140101 Onew Twitter Update

Onew : Happy New Year
(T/N: Onew wrote "sunhyeolsaewayigwi" which is bunch of characters with alternate meanings that spell out "Happy New Year".

썬 sun = 해 hae
혈 hyeol = 피 pi (blood)
새 sae = 뉴 new
와이 wayi = y
귀 gwi = ear)

Translated by: @shiningtweets

[NEWS] 131231 Onew takes part in the OST for MBC's Miss Korea


On the December 26th broadcast of MBC's new drama, Miss Korea, a preview of Onew's song for the show's soundtrack was revealed.

Towards the end credits of the drama's fourth episode, fans could make out the distinct vocal tone of SHINee's leader, and immediately began to spread the exciting news through various social media platforms. The short preview showcased the song's light piano accompaniment, along with R&B like beats in the background, supporting Onew's sweet voice.

MBC has yet to reveal the title of the song, but fans can continue to keep a look out for any sign of Onew's voice through the show's future episodes!

Written by: debsayys @

[NEWS] 131231 'Everybody' tops Click Music Star's chart for 18 consecutive weeks

It seems like everybody is liking 'Everybody', as the latest title song from contemporary boyband, SHINee, has been taking the number one spot for 18 consecutive weeks on music site, Click Music Star! The music site takes votes (50%), digital downloads from Bugs (20%), and number of support comments (20%), into account. 
Upon its release,'Everybody' made highlights with its unique complextro genre and reviewers praised SHINee for their outstanding vocal performances in the song. Its complex and demanding choreography has also helped the boyband establish themselves yet again, as one of Korea's best performing groups.
'Everybody' now holds the record for the Longest Consecutive No. 1 Song on the site. Congratulations to SHINee for making yet another hit!
Source: Naver
Translated by: kimchi hana @
Written by: debsayys @

[TRANS] Taemin's Resolution and Song Recommendation for 2014


Taemin's New Year's Resolution
In order to continue working on good music, I want to have a good mindset, perspective, and a distinct voice.

Taemin's Song Recommendation
Groove Armanda's "At The River"
from the "About Time" OST.

New Year's Resolution That Taemin Drew

Source: Naver Music
Translated by: kimchi hana @

[TRANS] 131225-30 Twitter Update

Jonghyun: Merry Christmas~~^^!!

Kyeongjae : Teaching fire magic to SHINee's Jonghyun... It's dangerous for newbies, but I thought fire would go well with his hair. So we chose that and went with it


Kyeongjae : Candle magic directing for SHINee's Minho.... Minho worked extremely hard. His fighting spirit was overflowing, so he's a member I won't be able to forget. One more time, one more time. 

Jonghyun : I'm gonna spoil the SBS Gayo Daejun!!!!!!

Jonghyun : SBS Gayo Daejeon spoiler!! Guooo, it's moving!!
Something is moving!! SHINee is going to the audience!!
Kim Yongkwon PD has prepared something awesome shiver shiver shiver. Please look forward to it~~^^ 

Seungchul :  A commemoration pic right before going on stage^* Don't know what we just did since it's so chaotic and we split^^

Translated by: @shiningtweets

Monday, December 30, 2013

[NEWS] 131200 SHINee’s Taemin and A Pink’s Son Na Eun to Leave “We Got Married”

SHINee’s Taemin and A Pink’s Son Na Eun to Leave “We Got Married”

Bittersweet news for all Taemin and Son Na Eun fans.

On December 30, a representative from MBC’s variety program “We Got Married” shared that the two idols are leaving the program.

While talking to Sports Korea, the representative explained, “We’re currently working on the details on their leave. However, nothing has changed for Jung Yoo MiJung Joon Young and Lee So YeonYoon Han couples.”

SHINee’s Taemin and A Pink’s Son Na Eun filmed their first scene for the program in Jeju Island earlier this year in April. They broke many hearts and healed many others through their eight months of cute and adorable relationship.

“We Got Married” airs every Saturday at 5:05pm (KST). Remember to catch our recaps each weekend!

Friday, December 27, 2013

[NEWS] Minho nominated Best Newcomer (Male) by 2013 MBC Drama Awards


After being crowned the Best Newcomer for SBS's Drama Awards in 2012, Minho's ever-maturing acting skills have helped him earned another Best Newcomer (Male)nomination from 2013 MBC Drama Awards, for his role in Medical Top Team.

As reported previously, Minho was praised for his incredible growth in his acting skills. He showed his growth through his portrayal of medical genius, Kim Sung Woo. He certainly has received a number of approving nods from the judging panel for his improvement, as he joins other talented actors contending for the award.

The other nominees are:
Park Seojoon - Pots of Gold
Oh Changsuk - Princess Aurora 
Lee Sangyeop - A Little Love Never Hurts (I Love You, Nam Joona)
Choi Jinhyuk - Gu Family Book
Choi Minho - Medical Top Team
The SHINee members will be attending the awards show with Minho as well. They will be putting on a special performance of 'Green Rain', along with the child actors of The Queen's Classroom.
Congratulations to Minho, and good luck!
Source: Osen
Written by: debsayys @

[INFO] SHINee's end-of-year activities

December 27
20:50 - 2013 KBS Gayo Daechukje

December 29
20:45 - 2013 SBS Gayo Daejun
Taemin & Minho - Opening Special
Taemin - 'Heirs' Parody
Onew - Collaborative stage with Lee Seung Chul, BEAST's Jang Hyun Seung, Infinite's Woo Hyun, and B1A4's Sandeul
SHINee - 'You are a Miracle' (Collaborative Performance)

December 30
20:45 - 2013 MBC Drama Awards
SHINee - Green Rain (Performance)

December 31
20:50 - 2013 MBC Gayo Daejejun

Last updated: December 26th, 22:54 KST
cr: sfi

[NEWS] SHINee Gathers Over 220,000 for Japanese Arena Tour

SHINee successfully completed its second Japanese area tour with the last one taking place in Tokyo.
SHINee’s second Japanese arena tour, titled JAPAN ARENA TOUR SHINee WORLD 2013~Boys Meet U~ started on June 28 in Saitama Super Arena and continued through nine cities around Japan for a total of 15 concerts.

The group reportedly gathered over 220,000 fans during the entire tour, proving its popularity in the country.

SHINee Gathers Over 220,000 for Japanese Arena Tour
The finale performance in Tokyo, which took place between December 24 and 25, gathered over 24,000 audiences in the Yoyogi National Gymnasium, featuring SHINee’s live dance performances on specially decorated stages.
For the concert lasting for about two and a half hours, SHINee performed a total of thirty songs, including tracks from its first and second Japanese albums as well as Japanese singles.

The members performed the Japanese version of Everybody for the first time, and they also got loud cheers by dressing up as santas when they performed Dazzling Girl.

“We’re happy to know that there are so many of you who love our music,” said SHINee. “We were nervous since this is our last concert for the tour, but thank you for cheering enthusiastically throughout the show. We are happy to see your beautiful smiles.”

Meanwhile, SHINee will conclude the rest of the year by attending various music award ceremonies.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment
cr: mwave

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

[TRANS] 131224 SHINee Staff Diary Update

Shawols and SHINee, everyone macarena~ ♪


Hello : )

This is SHINee's representative.

Thank you very much for the support you all sent to
「 SMTOWN WEEK - SHINee “The Wizard" 」which took place on Dec 21st (Sat) at the Ilsan KINTEX Exhibition Hall.

At the first concert held in Korea after 1 year and 5 months, the shining SHINee members' exciting and various peformances along with many fans' passionate cheers made the concert even more enjoyable.











And thank you very much to the SHAKIZI managers and helpers who made suggestions and moved swiftly even in such chaos. They organized a nice event for shining SHINee and the audience with the phrase [You've worked hard today as well♥] following the previous [I love you tomorrow as well♥].

All of you who are always working hard are the driving force for SHINee to be able to shine! Don't forget that and please support shining SHINee a lot in the future~^^ Thank you!


Banner: You've worked hard today as well
Onew: Thank you ^^
Jonghyun: I love you!
Key: Shawols have worked hard as well!
Minho: You've all worked the hardest~^^ Thank you!! I love you~~
Taemin: SHAKIZI! You've worked really hard preparing the event on the 21st! Thank you~^^

I hope you give them a lot of support at the end of the year performances. Pleaae be careful of the cold from the chilly weather and I hope you spend the rest of the year happily.

Thank you. (_ _)

Translated by: kimchi hana @

Monday, December 23, 2013

[NEWS] SHINee stupefies the crowd at the SMTOWN Week: The Wizard Concert


On December 21st, SHINee conquered the stage with tons of surprises at the SMTOWN Week: SHINee - The Wizard Concert. The boys were the first SM artists to kick off the special week and also the first to have their concert sold out. The event was held at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX).


The concert started with the SM Rookies as the opening act, performing a few of their seniors’ songs before SHINee’s Key finally took the stage. Fans were definitely delighted to see Key do a magical trick, in which he made the four other members appear on stage. After the mind-blowing introduction, the boys finally began the real show and performed ‘Hitchhiking’ and ‘Nightmare’. The performance was met with high enthusiasm as the tracks were sung live for the first time. It was then followed by their title songs, ‘Dream Girl’ and ‘Sherlock’ before a VCR started playing to give time for an outfit change.


The next performance definitely heated up the show as Jonghyun and Key appeared on stage dressed up as sexy and charismatic versions of Santa Clause. They formed a duo, singing and rapping for their special stage. The maknae of SHINee, Taemin, showcased his self-composed song which brought a smile to the fans faces while, the leader of SHINee took the stage and sung his solo, ‘In Your Eyes’. Lastly, Onew and Minho with special guest, Joon Hyun Moo performed the classic songs like Macarena and Billy Jean, making the crowd go wild with laughter.

The many surprises of SHINee didn’t end there as the boys sung a new version of ‘Sleepless Night’. It was then followed by another track to make its first live performance, ‘Honesty’, a song written by Jonghyun to the fans, and a ballad from their first mini-album, ‘In My Room’. The five shining members also showcased their Japanese songs, ‘Run With Me’ and ‘Dazzling Girl’.


A hilarious VCR then played after the performance in which the members of SHINee parodied the famous fairytale, ‘Wizard of Oz’. Onew acted as the Tin Man, Jonghyun as Dorothy, Key as the Wicked Witch of the West, Minho as the Scarecrow, and Taemin as the Cowardly Lion. SHINee went back onstage to treat the fans with a few more performances, stopping with ‘Everybody’ for a brief speech to thank the fans for supporting the event.


SHINee then performed ‘Green Rain’ and ‘Colorful’, two more tracks they performed live for the first time and ended the amazing concert with one of their hit ballads, ‘Selene 6.23’.

Written by: ibreatheparadox @

[TRANS] 131222-23 Twitter Update

Jonghyun: The star of the lips that covered my entire body

Jonghyun: The 'Red Candle' that I worked on is out~~!!^^ I had a lot of fun writing the song and lyrics imagining that Dambi-noona would sing it...!! Please listen to it at least once ^^

artmagician: SHINee's sm week concert ended awesomely. I think the magic video came out nicely too. Good work, everybody. (T/N: Lee Kyungjae is the magician who taught SHINee magic for "The Wizard" concert.)

Jonghyun : "@NEWDONGJIN: I am actually dating SHINee's Jonghyun. I thought the busy star would be shocked to know that he's dating me, so I'm keeping it a secret from him. (You guys should think about it too. When yoy come to your senses, be dating Shin Dongjin.)" Wait, what is this?

Jonghyun : @NEWDONGJIN I'm gonna sue you for spreading false information kehe

Jonghyun : @NEWDONGJIN Who are you to be doing this!! I'm gonna run away!!

Dongjin: @realjonghyun90 It's not false information. It's just that you haven't known yet no no.

Dongjin: If Kim Jonghyun sues me, I'll be happy with being the defendant.
(T/N: This Twitter user often tweets Jonghyun these types of ridiculous things for fun.)

Translated by: @shiningtweets