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Sunday, January 27, 2013

[INFO] 130126 Changmin mentions Jonghyun in TVXQ's interview with 10asia

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If ‘Catch Me’ is a performance with a perfect concept, ‘Humanoids’ feels like it’s less intense and more relaxed within a generalized style of choreography.
Max Changmin: Tony Testa had to express the rage against a lover who is trying to leave with his ‘Catch Me’ choreography so I thought, ‘Ah. We must be the only people this guy is doing this to.’ (laughter) But then I saw Jonghyun’s expression in SHINee’s ‘Sherlock’ and I could see that he had asked Jonghyun to show intense emotions on his face as well. On the other hand, I felt like I could be more relaxed and enjoy dancing to ‘Humanoids’.

Source: 10asia
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

[NEWS] 130126 SHINee’s Onew shows off his new hairstyle on ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio’

Posted Image On the January 25th broadcast of KBS Cool FM‘s ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio’ (‘Sukira’),SHINee‘s Onew and CSJH‘s Dana featured as guest DJs and brightened up the atmosphere with their lovely voices.
Sukira posted to their official Twitter on the 25th, “Today! OnDa~~~!! DJs Onew+Dana will be responsible for two hours of ‘Kiss the Radio’! Cute and fresh >_< Today is filled with happy energy! Please be with us until the end of the show :D,” along with the photo above.
The photo shows guest DJs Onew and Dana showing off their adorable smiles as they lead the ‘Sukira’ program. Fans also couldn’t take their eyes off of Onew’s new red hairstyle.
cr: allkpop

[NEWS] 130126 SHINee’s Onew trained for musicals with heels?

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Director Jang Yoo Jung revealed that she prepared SHINee‘s Onew for musicals with heels.

On the January 25th episode of tvN‘s ‘Kim Mi Kyung Show‘, the musical director and writer shared a behind-the-scenes story from the 2010 musical ‘The Brothers were Brave‘, which was Onew’s musical debut.

Jang Yoo Jung called Clazziquai‘s Alex out to the stage and said, “You have to have a goal to your dreams.” She then asked him to grab MC Kim Mi Kyung‘s high heels, which caused him to come to the stage more quickly than before. The director explained, “When we have a goal, our movements become more clear and defined.”

She then revealed, “I also trained Onew in this way with heels.”

Source: allkpop
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Friday, January 25, 2013

[INFO] 130125 SHINee records for the finale episode of the Patti Kim Show, broadcasting on February 3rd

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SHINee have finished recording for the finale episode of the Patti Kim Show at Hoam Art Hall in central Seoul.

Patti Kim's television series was designed to be both a variety show and a concert-like performance show to commemorate the legendary diva's retirement as a singer. The members previously appeared on the show in December of 2012.

The last episode, featuring appearances by SHINee among other stars, is set to broadcast on February 3rd at 6:35 PM KST.

Source: Mydaily
Written by: joAnnwashere @

[INFO] 130125 SHINee voted to 2nd place in both their nominations for the 22nd High1 Seoul Music Awards

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With the ceremony for the High1 Seoul Music Awards in Korea coming in just one week, fans have been working hard to vote for their favorite artists to win.

The results were tabulated recently and it has been revealed that SHINee, who made an explosive comeback with <Sherlock> last year, ranks in at 2nd place for both the Bonsang Award and the Popularity Award.

The boys have secured 17.9% of the votes for the Bonsang Award and 25.3% for the Popularity Award. Respectively, this places them directly ahead of Super Junior and new singer John Park.

Voting ends on January 30th, so let's cheer on our fellow Korean Shawols as they continue to vote for SHINee!

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Source: Seoul Music Awards
Written by: debcrazy @

[INFO] 130125 SHINee to participate in MBC's Idol Star Athletic Championships of 2013

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SHINee will be participating in MBC's special yearly Chuseok event, the Idol Star Athletic Championships of 2013. Idols who attend will compete in Olympic-like games with approximately 150 other idol guests. The show will be recorded on January 28th and broadcast on February 11th.

A representative stated, “There are many idol stars who have really focused on practicing. Because the viewer ratings are good, and a lot of spotlight is given, they all have competitive spirits. In the case of top idols, they try to be more careful of their bodies to prevent injuries. But rookie groups are participating with a lot more zeal in order to gain attention. The idols have already started their battle of dignity.” - allkpop

Source: Sports Seoul, real9048, allkpop
Written by: joAnnwashere @

[INFO] 130125 SHINee to participate in a NYLON TV photoshoot on January 28th at 9:00 AM

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SHINee will participate in a NYLON TV photoshoot on January 28th at 9:00 AM KST.

Source: nylon_mag
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[INFO] 130125 MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok 2013

MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok 2013: World’s Greatest and Largest Korean Music Wave Concert

Date: 16 March 2013 (Sat) 17:00
Venue: Rajamangala National Stadium, Huamark, Bangkapi
Subject: World’s Greatest and Largest Korean Music Wave Concert
Main MC: Nichkhun(2PM), Suzy(Miss A)
Sub MC: Yonghwa(CN Blue), Jiyeon(T-ara)
Boy groups: Shinee , EXO , Beast , B.A.P , MBlaq , 2AM , Infinite , Teen Top , FTIsland, BTOB , NU’EST , Airplane, B1A4 (13 Teams)
Girl groups: 2NE1 , KARA , SISTAR , T-ara , SCERET , 4Minute , Miss A , A-Pink (8 Teams)
In MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok 2013, it will be even greater and more explosive events than 2011&2012! We will provide you with incomparably fantastic show and events than any other concerts. We hope you to participate in our events in MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok 2013! You can expect from our show as much as you want!

Get your tickets at:

Source: Koreanmusicwave on Facebook + Creamaya @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
cr: dkpopnews

[NEWS] 130125 BoA to release MV for “Disturbance” starring SHINee’s Taemin

After the release of the album cover of the upcoming single “Disturbance“, it has been revealed that BoA‘s brother Kwon Soon Wook has once again featured as the director of the MV, showing support for his sister.
BoA will perform and unveil the music video for the new single for the first time during her solo concert, ‘BoA Special Live 2013 ~Here I Am~‘, on the 26th and 27th.

To make the music video even more special, SHINee‘s Taemin, who was seen posing as a couple with BoA on the album cover, will also be starring in the music video along with BoA! The two have already shown their chemistry during their performances of the soloist’s latest single “Only One“, and have fans hyped up to see them coupling up again.

BoA’s first solo concert will be held at the Seoul Olympic Hall on the 26th and 27th. For those who can’t attend the concert, “Disturbance” will be released on music sites on the 28th.

cr: allkpop

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

[TRANS] OnHyun Tweets

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@Wangbae : A picture with SHINee's Jonghyun~~ What in the world did you eat to grow~ Look at the size of your face~ Mine isn't even big.. Should you or shouldn't you be allowed to have a selfishly small faceㅠㅠ A dongsaeng who is respectful, energetic, and sings well~!! I like everything about you but I like you even more because you sing well keke. Even acknowledged amongst idols~ Hope your album is a hit~^^
(T/N: Wangbae is a singer.)

Translated by: @shiningtweets  

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Onew : I just realized.. Merry and Lunar New Year.. I think Merry is a puppy Mr.Christmas is raising
(Onew tweeted this on 17th January)
Kyujin : @skehehdanfdldi This is complicated.... It's hard....
Onew : @masterkjhan Isn’t it like a flashing coincidence?
(T/N: What Onew tweeted is “Chami jjeonbeo kireoneun youyeon atgeunjegyo” but he really meant “Machi beonjjeok georineun ooyeon gateungeojyo.” What he did was switch the consonants around for every other word. So ma-chi became cha-mi and so on and so forth. He made 2 spelling mistakes though with the ki which should be gi and you which should be oo.)

Translated by: @shiningtweets

[TRANS] Onew and Minho for SHINee's "TALK 2 YOU Vol.3" Interview in JILLE Magazine, February 2013

LEATHER - Leather jackets create a sense of playfulness through the effect of their colors
Onew and Minho made appearances for the third volume. These two are the dependable members who lead SHINee together. What is the heartwarming episode that they share?

Even in leather, girls who give out a tender feeling are lovely.
Onew: We wore leather at today's photoshoot. Usually, I don't wear leather often so I don't own any, but I'm thinking about trying it out from now on.
Minho: I wear it often once winter comes. So I don't feel like it's tight or anything. When I wear leather, I pay attention to the shoes or pants since I don't want to be too flashy. Wearing gaudy shoes and pants together with leather makes me end up feeling like I look standoffish.
Onew: Since you usually dress like this, you're particular about it. I wear it for photoshoots and on stage, but I think I'm a bit reluctant to make it part of my casual wear. Even so, I'm leaning towards leather lately.
Minho: Which style would you like to try?
Onew: I prefer simple styles. Also warm and flexible clothes. The number one requirement when I pick out clothes myself is whether the clothes are flexible. That's why I want clothes that are comfortable.
Minho: Since leather is a tough material, girls look really strong wearing it, dont they? So I think girls who can coordinate leather into their outfit to make it look tender are lovely.
Onew: Definitely. I think it'd be cute if they wear feminine dresses and hang the tough leather over their shoulders.[/size][/size]

We are similar in hating to lose.
Minho: It's only natural. We're like real brothers, aren't we?
Onew: That being said, I'm the older one and yet I feel like there are a lot of times where you're the one who looks after me... (laughs)
Minho: Nah, you make up for my shortcomings all the time. You've always been doing that for me, you know? We were in charge of being MCs for a music show in Korea, right? Didn't we help each other out a lot that time?
Onew: That's right. We talked about a lot of things and made the program lively. The two of us really tried hard. We are similar in hating to lose, right? There will rarely be times when my competitive side emerges, but you are always concerned with competing and don't compromise. I think that's what makes you manly and cool. But there are times when I also think, "Isn't he being too passionate?" (laughs). I want to go along with that side of yours. In the end, we're probably just the same.
Minho: Maybe. I think the part that I'm still lacking in is your funny side.
Onew: I'm a comedian after all (laughs).
Minho: Hahaha (laughs). There is a wild side to you, but then you'd suddenly become serious. I guess it is your earthly charm to have different sides like that.
Onew: You're making me embarrassed here... If you're talking about that, then I must say I'm still far from being as considerate as you are. Thank you for covering me with the blanket the other day. You thought that I was sleeping back when you did that, didn't you?
Minho: Yeah. So you weren't sleeping then?
Onew: Actually, I wasn't. I pretended to be asleep so that when you got closer, I'd open my eyes and surprise you, but then you covered me with the blanket. I was so touched by your kindness that I couldn't even trick you (laughs). I thought that you are a really kind person.
Minho: It's not like I intentionally went to you just to put the blanket on. I got back late that day and was thinking to myself, "I wonder what Onew is doing right now?" so I went to see what you were doing. I saw you sleeping with thin clothes on and I thought that if I let you sleep like that then you might catch a cold. It was very chilly that day after all.
Onew: You are always concerned about other members like that, huh?
Minho: Yup. Somehow, I'm just concerned about everyone. But all of them don't like it (laughs).
Onew: Not me though.
Minho: Maybe not you, but everyone else seems like they don't like it...
Onew: I don't think that's true... Fine then. The next time we have free time in Japan, let's go for ramen, just the two of us!

SHINee's 1 question and 1 answer!!
What are your favorite drinks and snacks?
Onew: Water and potato chips.
Jonghyun: Milk tea and all kinds of nuts.
Key: Beer, tea, coffee and sweet things.
Minho: Sports drinks, no snacks in particular.
Taemin: Jelly and juice.

Source: Jille Magazine
Translated by: supreme1 and red @

[TRANS] 130119 Taemin Japan Site Site Update

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This is the first update of 2013!
I'm praying that this will become another year where we can all live happily together.
I think good things will happen soon!
What is it exactly!?^^
Please give SHINee lots of support this year too!

Source/Credit: love__taetae, GPS的白菜, 09307189111209
Translated by: debcrazy @

[NEWS] 130122 SHINee's Minho displays his athletic skills during the latest episode of SBS Running Man

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On the broadcast of "Running Man" aired on January 20th, the day started off with an ice sledding competition.

At the beginning of the competition, the Running Man Team started off strong with the cast members giving it their all to beat the young idols. When it boiled down to the fight between Minho and Kim Jongkook, the distance between the teams was shortened by the overwhelming speed of our Flaming Charisma.

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Towards the end, Kim Jongkook made an error in the turning which caused him to pause for a moment, resulting in a quick change of lead. Eventually, the competition ended with the Idol Team emerging victorious, and the team of idol singers all celebrated in cheers and whoops.

Posted Image

The next competition was a "lobby version" of ice hockey, with all the members clad in heavy gear for protection. Throughout the game, Minho never failed to show care and concern for his fellow labelmate and co-star in "For You in Full Blossom", Sulli, by cheering her on and helping her to lay down for a rest during half-time.

Posted Image

The final competition involved a diving challenge to see which team could jump the farthest from the diving board. Our ace Minho, who excels in nearly all sports, was the last member of the Idol Team to take up the challenge. With a look of determination upon his face, the MC Yoo Jaesuk could not help but tease him by asking, "Minho-ah, is this Dream Team??"

Sadly, Minho was unable to assist the Idol Team in claiming another victory. With a mere difference of 20cm, the Running Man Team took the crown and a huge wave of disappointment graced Minho's handsome features as he learned of the outcome.

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Despite Minho's athletic skills and immense strength, he was unable to overcome the infamous Commander Jongkook as his nametag was ripped off during the hide-and-seek challenge. Although he was eliminated, the 91-liner thoroughly enjoyed his time with his fellow idol teammates and Running Man cast members.

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Do keep a look out for SHINee Subs' release of this episode!

Source: SBS Running Man
Written by: debcrazy @

[NEWS] 130122 SHINee's first music show performance of "For 1000 Years, Always Be By Your Side..." airs on NHK Music Japan

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SHINee wowed fans once again by performing on the recent episode of NHK Music Japan.

The episode was broadcast on January 20th, where the boys appeared, performing their latest Japanese single "For 1000 Years, Always Be By Your Side..." Standing in a row, impeccably dressed in gentle gold and grey tones, they performed a shortened version of the track. Though the full song was not sung, their charisma and heartfelt voices more than made up for it.

This was the first broadcasted music-show performance of the ballad and the boys pulled it off with aplomb. The pre-recording for this episode took place on December 3rd, 2012.

Check out the video below! What do you think?

Source: NHK Music Japan
Written by: Midnight_Madness @

[INFO] 130122 Gaon's National Digital Sales and Physical Album Rankings of 2012

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Gaon has gone through the data and released their Yearly Chart Ranking for 2012. SHINee's places on the chart have been highlighted below.
The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking 2012 (Top 100)
  1. Psy – “Gangnam Style” – 422,421,666 Points
  2. Busker Busker – “Cherry Blossom Ending” – 345,286,318 Points
  3. SISTAR – “Alone” – 328,241,151 Points
  4. SISTAR – “Loving U” – 319,781,095 Points
  5. Big Bang – “Fantastic Baby” – 289,919,209 Points
  6. 2NE1 – “I Love You” – 286,364,520 Points
  7. T-ara – “Lovey Dovey” – 273,723,497 Points
  8. Seo In Guk, A Pink’s Eunji – “All For You” – 269,049,917 Points
  9. Ailee – “Heaven” – 265,436,439 Points
  10. Big Bang – “Blue” – 262,850,290 Points
  11. TaeTiSeo – “Twinkle”
  12. Busker Busker – “If You Really Love Me”
  13. IU – “Every End of the Day”
  14. Big Bang – “Monster”
  15. CNBLUE’s Jonghyun – “My Love”
  16. Naul – “Wind Memory”
  17. Busker Busker – “Yeosu Night Sea”
  18. Wonder Girls – “Like This”
  19. T-ara – “Day by Day”
  20. Lyn – “Back in Time”
  21. Busker Busker – “First Love”
  22. Huh Gak, Zia – “I Need You”
  23. Lee Hi – “1, 2, 3, 4″
  24. K.Will – “Please Don’t…”
  25. Psy feat. Sung Si Kyung – “Hot Goodbye”
  26. Baek Ji Young feat. Leessang’s Gary – “Voice”
  27. Juniel – “Illa Illa”
  28. 10cm – “Sorrow”
  29. f(x) – “Electric Shock”
  30. 8eight’s Lee Hyun – “The Way My Heart Hurts”
  31. Psy feat. Lena Park – “How Would It Have Been”
  32. Ailee – “I’ll Show You”
  33. BoA – “Only One”
  34. Huh Gak – “The One Who Loved Me”
  35. miss A – “Touch”
  36. Roy Kim, Jung Joon Young – “Turn To Dust”
  37. Lee Seung Gi – “Looking Back”
  38. Dynamic Duo – “Without You”
  39. B2ST – “Beautiful Night”
  40. 2AM – “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me”
  41. Verbal Jint – “Pretty Enough”
  42. Ga In – “Bloom”
  43. G-Dragon feat. Jaurim’s Kim Yuna – “Missing You”
  44. G-Dragon – “Crayon”
  45. G-Dragon – “That XX”
  46. 4minute – “Volume Up”
  47. Epik High feat. Lee Hi – “It’s Cold”
  48. Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa – “Payphone”
  49. Ulala Session – “Beautiful Night”
  50. Orange Caramel – “Lipstick”
  51. Busker Busker – “Hard To See You”
  52. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon – “Crazily Missing You”
  53. Busker Busker – “Flower Bud”
  54. Troublemaker – “Troublemaker”
  55. Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera – “Moves Like Jagger”
  56. Geeks, Soyu – “Officially Missing You, Too”
  57. IU – “You and I”
  58. Verbal Jint ft. 10cm’s Kwon Jung Yeol – “Good Morning”
  59. Big Bang – “Bad Boy”
  60. T-ara – “Sexy Love”
  61. Huh Gak – “One Person”
  62. Da Vichi – “I’ll Remember”
  63. Se7en – “Even If I Can’t Sing”
  64. miss A – “I Don’t Need A Man”
  65. F.T. Island – “Severely”
  66. B2ST – “Midnight”
  67. Busker Busker – “Ideal Type”
  68. K.Will – “I Need You”
  69. G.Na – “2Hot”
  70. Baek Ji Young ft. B2ST’s Junhyung – “Good Boy”
  71. INFINITE – “The Chaser”
  72. Sunny Hill – “The Grasshopper Song”
  73. B2ST’s Yoseob, A Pink’s Eunji – “Love Day”
  74. John Park – “Falling”
  75. KARA – “Pandora”
  76. J.Y. Park – “You’re The One”
  77. December – “She’s Gone”
  78. Da Vichi – “Do Men Cry”
  79. SISTAR’s Hyorin – “I’ll Love You”
  80. Da Vichi, T-ara – “We Were In Love”
  81. SHINee – “Sherlock (Clue + Note)”
  82. Hyung Dong and Dae Joon – “A Song That’s Worse When You Listen At A Bad Time”
  83. Brave Brother feat. PD Seo Soo Min – “I Don’t Care”
  84. Lyn feat. Hae Geum – “Teddy Bear”
  85. Noel – “Words I Couldn’t Say”
  86. Adele – “Rolling In The Deep”
  87. Busker Busker – “Loneliness Amplification Machine (One rest for Brad’s Drums)”
  88. B2ST – “I Knew This Would Happen”
  89. Mighty Mouth feat. Soya – “Bad Guy”
  90. Teen Top – “Crazy”
  91. Lee Seung Chul – “Did You Forget”
  92. Byul – “Cute”
  93. Primary feat. Dynamic Duo’s Choiza, Zion. T – “?”
  94. Seo In Guk, A Pink’s Eunji – “Our Love Just Like This”
  95. SECRET – “Poison”
  96. Maroon 5 – “One More Night”
  97. Block B – “Nanrina”
  98. Big Bang – “Still Alive”
  99. Kim Soo Hyun – “Only You”
  100. 4minute’s HyunA – “Ice Cream”

Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking 2012 (Top 30)
  1. Super Junior – ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ – 356,431 albums
  2. Big Bang – ‘Alive’ – 266,848 albums
  3. TVXQ – ‘Catch Me’ – 256,447 albums
  4. G-Dragon – ‘One Of A Kind’ – 204,326 albums
  5. SHINee – ‘Sherlock’ – 181,415 albums
  6. Big Bang – ‘Special Edition Still ALIVE’ – 148,030 albums
  7. EXO-K – ‘MAMA The 1st Mini Album’ – 145,925 albums
  8. TaeTiSeo – ‘Twinkle’ – 144,222 albums
  9. B2ST – ‘Midnight Sun’ – 144,175 albums
  10. INFINITE – ‘Infinitize’ – 140,277 albums
  11. Busker Busker – ‘Busker Busker’ – 136,234 albums
  12. XIA Junsu – ‘Uncommitted’ – 127,620 albums
  13. Super Junior – ‘SPY Repackage’ – 124,191 albums
  14. CNBLUE – ‘Ear Fun’ – 122,515 albums
  15. Psy – ‘Psy 6th album Part 1′ – 106,594 albums
  16. EXO-M – ‘MAMA The 1st Mini Album’ – 87,553 albums
  17. Shinhwa – ‘The Return’ – 83,058 albums
  18. TVXQ – ‘Humanoids Repackage’ – 80,386 albums
  19. Jay Park – ‘New Breed’ – 76,829 albums
  20. T-ara – ‘Funky Town’ – 76,749 albums
  21. f(x) – ‘Electric Shock’ – 74,694 albums
  22. Kim Sunggyu – ‘Another Me’ – 70,552 albums
  23. KARA – ‘Pandora’ – 70,425 albums
  24. Jang Wooyoung – ’23, Male, Single’ – 68,462 albums
  25. Teen Top – ‘It’s’ – 65,269 albums
  26. B1A4 – ‘In The Wind – 63,664 albums
  27. F.T. Island – ‘Grown-Up’ – 60,891 albums
  28. XIA Junsu – ‘Tarantallegra’ – 60,000 albums
  29. MBLAQ – ‘MBLAQ 100%Ver.’ – 58,175 albums
  30. 4minute – ‘Volume Up’ – 56,174 albums
Source: allkpop
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[Me2Day] 130122 Key2Day Update!

[Key] 공연끝난 프랭key 의 반항아 타임 
                                                  [Key] Frankey's rebellious time after the performance

Posted Image

Translated by: kimchi hana @

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

130119 SHINee song overheard from outside the SME building

10:31 PM KST: SHINee is the only group that is in the SME building now, the music coming from the building most probably is their new song, it sounds not bad..

11:46 PM KST: SHINee is still practicing in SME now, they are repeating the same song, it should be their new song.

Source: luhandamutong
Translated by: pplr @

Update #1:

"It's true that I could listen to the song from the door, and I am not the only one who heard it. Although it was not clear, the song is not an old song. It was really quiet yesterday night, and it's the security guard at the door who told us that SHINee (4th floor) was the only one who was practicing in the whole building."

Source: luhandamutong
Translated by: pplr @

[INFO] 130120 Onew and CSJH the Grace's Dana to host KBS Kiss The Radio from January 24th to 27th

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Super Junior's Ryeowook and Sungmin will be temporarily absent from KBS's Kiss The Radio (Sukira) from January 24th to 27th. Onew and CSJH The Grace's Dana will once again be filling in as special DJs.
Kiss The Radio broadcasts from 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM KST. Stream:
Source: Kiss The Radio Written by: joAnnwashere @

Friday, January 18, 2013

[INFO] 130118 SHINee World J magazine soon to release, titled "SeeK"

Posted Image

An exclusive SHINee World J magazine will soon release to fanclub members. The magazine is titled "SeeK" and promises to have pages packed full of SHINee's fresh charms. It will be shipped out very soon.

To receive the members-only magazine, fans must sign up for membership of SHINee World J and provide a correct address by January 31, 2013 at 23:59 JST.

Visit the SHINee World J website for added details on how to claim your copy.

Source: SHINee World J
Written by: joAnnwashere @

[TRANS] Minho's Interview for High Cut January 2013 Issue

Posted Image

Inside the studio flowing with chilly winter air, it seemed like a protective shield of spring was made around just these three people. Could biological siblings even be this friendly? The stars of the 94th issue are SHINee's Minho and f(x)'s Sulli and Krystal who were chosen as the "flower beauty" of idols. The question of “Will they actually be friendly in real life?" was answered as soon as Minho arrived at the shooting site. "Is it there?" He asked where the girls' make-up room was. He strode there and opened the door without hesitation. When Minho greeted hi, friendly 5-octave voices replied. While the shooting was held, they talked whenever they could and burst into laughter even when they just met eyes. The photographer said, "It'll be good if you look even closer" during the shoot so they immediately put their heads together and linked arms. As soon as Minho and Sulli's hands were laid on top of each other, Sulli playfully said, "Ah, our hands touched!" The 20 year olds Sulli and Krystal are known to be best friends and it seems like a happy virus surged out just because they're with each other. Even the people around who were watching them followed suit and became happier. The fresh youth and the refreshing time we spent with them.

Through the drama <For You In Full Blossom>, Minho received the New Star Award. You've only been at Gayo Daejejuns for the past few years so how did it feel to be at a drama award show?
It was my first time at a drama award show so the atmosphere was very different. I went as a newcoming actor so I was extremely nervous. I couldn't make my acceptance speech long so I actually didn't get a chance to mention my members or my family. I'm disappointed that I didn't thank my fans either. My new goal in the future is win a bigger award and thank all the people I wasn't able to (laugh).

Minho made a love line with Sulli in <For You In Full Blossom>. It seems like it'd be awkward to film close scenes with a dongsaeng you've known for a long time.
I thought it would be awkward at first but we just went and filmed it and there wasn't anything too awkward. Since we are already close, there were moments when we were comfortable acting but then there were some awkward moments when we just tried it (laugh). I've grown a lot closer to Sulli while working on this project and she has become a dongsaeng who I truly cherish.

How do you feel after properly experiencing the intensity of a drama site?
It was hard not sleeping and not eating at the right time. It was a lot harder on us when we filmed during the hotter weather. I'm a guy and it was hard on me so it must have been worse for the actresses. I've realized that there is a definite reason why actresses are cared for. And as I saw many people working hard, I could feel that they all put in an incredible amount of effort and time.

How did you spend the end/beginning of your years?
I went on a personal vacation at the end of the year. I went to the United Kingdom alone, watched the match between Park Jisung's team QPR(Queens Park Rangers) and Man U(Manchester United), recharged myself, and came back. After that, we met at the practice room to prepare for each of the award ceremonies. We stayed up nights to practice but I felt that I still lacked something so I feel disappointed.

Kwanghee has recently bragged about how he's close with you on <We Got Married> which became a hot topic. Who are the celebrities you're usually closest to?
Kwanghee hyung's personality is easy going and very fun. I feel brighter whenever I'm with him so we contact each other often and are friendly. The SHINee members are beyond the friendly scale and they're just family now. Usually, (Choikang) Changmin hyung, Kyuhyun hyung, and I hang out together a lot. All three of us like alcohol so we occasionally have a drink and talk.

What are SHINee's plans for this year?
We're planning around this coming spring so we've been recording lately. There's not much time left (until the comeback). We're coming back after 1 year since our promotions in the beginning last year. I'm extremely looking forward to SHINee's promotions this year. We have shown many sides of ourselves as 5 year old artists, but now our mission is to show a different kind of refreshing image. I believe we'll be able to show off a new image this year as well. For some reason, I have a feeling we'll receive a good outcome.

Will you continue to act this year?
I want to work on a lot of projects this year as well. I really feel that I'm still lacking so I have to build up a lot of experiences and I want to get my face out to the public through various projects.

Source: High Cut
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

[TRANS] CN Blue tweets Video&Picture of SHINee Jonghyun

Jonghyun Updates his Twitter 9:18PMKST 130117  
Thank you CN Blue!!^^^^^^^^^^!!!!!!
Credit: realjonghyun90
Hello. It’s Guitar Jonghyun here. Finally, the revenge what I have been waiting for. Poop. It’s the revenge on the Diablo incident. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Kim Jonghyun I’m sorry ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
*Remember? Our Jonghyun gave a biscuit box and drew DIablo on it as CN Blue Jonghyun’s Birthday Gift.
Credit: CNBLUE_4|forevershinee

[NEWS] 130117 SHINee’s Taemin chosen as the #1 ‘healing idol’ on ‘Weekly Idol’

On the January 16th broadcast of MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘, a poll titled, “You feel happy just by looking at them. Healing idol best 7″, was conducted among idols, and SHINee‘s Taemin came out on top as the #1 ‘healing idol’.
Taemin was chosen as the #1 ‘healing idol’ for his outstanding visuals, which led fans to give him the nickname ‘fairy’, innocent charms, and beautiful smile. Ailee voted for Taemin, stating, “[Taemin is] very very nice~,” and F.T. Island‘s Minhwan commented, “Looking at him makes me smile.” Boyfriend‘sDonghyun also shared, “Although he is a man, he is pretty when he smiles,” revealing his reason for selecting Taemin.
B2ST‘s Kikwang, TEEN TOP‘s Niel, and KARA‘s Jiyoung also made the list.
Check out the English-subbed video below, and let us know which idol makes you happy just by looking at them.
cr: allkpop

[INFO] 130117 SHINee In Wonderland Star Collection Cards additional information and previews released

Posted Image

The new SHINee In Wonderland Star Collection Card packs will hold five random star cards, and each pack will have one of five member designs on the outside (seen below).

Posted Image

There will be 10 packs (of 5 cards each) in every set, a total of 50 cards per set.
The cards in each pack are all random. Every set will also contain a contest flyer.

Posted Image

Five contest winners will receive one of five autographed polaroid pictures and member photoshoot items (Onew/Jonghyun/Key/Taemin's pocketwatch or Minho's mask).

Posted Image

There will be many different categories of cards to collect, as seen in the following list.
Some categories include more cards than others! There are 65 normal cards and 35 rare cards in total.

Posted Image

There are 65 normal SHINee Wonderland cards, all with original designs.
Because the cards are processed with lamination, they will not tear easily.

Posted Image

There are 35 rare card designs, and each will come in a shiny, holographic, 3D style.

Posted Image

Puzzle cards can't be complete without each other! Certain puzzle cards can be placed next to each other to make one large picture.

Posted Image

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