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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

[INFO] 130430 Seven concerts of SHINee's Japan Arena Tour postponed to the later half of the year

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Seven concerts of SHINee's Japanese arena tour have been rescheduled for the later half of the year to account for Jonghyun's current condition. The decision has been made to present the best possible stages from SHINee after Jonghyun has recovered fully.

To any fans who have purchased tickets, the staff apologizes for the inconvenience this change may cause. The tickets that have been won so far will carry over to the new concert dates. Refunds will be offered to any fans who have purchased tickets and are unable to go on the new dates. Refunds must be requested within the period of April 30th at 15:00 JST to May 20th at 12:00 JST.

The postponed concert dates are as follows.

05/29 - Nagoya - Nippon Gaishi Hall
→ 12/10 - Nagoya - Nippon Gaishi Hall
05/30 - Nagoya - Nippon Gaishi Hall
→ 12/11 - Nagoya - Nippon Gaishi Hall
06/01 - Kobe - World Memorial Hall
→ 08/17 - Kobe - World Memorial Hall
06/02 - Kobe - World Memorial Hall
→ 08/18 - Kobe - World Memorial Hall
06/08 - Sapporo - Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center (Kitayell)
→ 08/03 - Sapporo - Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena
06/18 - Fukuoka - Fukuoka Convention Center (Marine Messe)
→ 11/25 - Fukuoka - Fukuoka Convention Center (Marine Messe)
06/22 - Hiroshima - Hiroshima Green Arena
→ 09/11 - Hiroshima - Hiroshima Green Arena

Full Tour Schedule
06/28 - Saitama - Saitama Super Arena
06/29 - Saitama - Saitama Super Arena
06/30 - Saitama - Saitama Super Arena
07/06 - Osaka - Osaka-jo Hall
07/07 - Osaka - Osaka-jo Hall
07/13 - Niigata - Toki Messe
08/03 - Sapporo - Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena
08/17 - Kobe - World Memorial Hall
08/18 - Kobe - World Memorial Hall
09/11 - Hiroshima - Hiroshima Green Arena
11/25 - Fukuoka - Fukuoka Convention Center (Marine Messe)
12/10 - Nagoya - Nippon Gaishi Hall
12/11 - Nagoya - Nippon Gaishi Hall

Source: SHINee World J
Written by: joAnnwashere @

[Me2Day] 130428 Key2Day Update!

[Key] 인기가요에서…“Why So Serious?”
[Key] On Inkigayo...“Why So Serious?”
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[NEWS] 130430 Onew to make a cameo on sitcom "A Bit of Love"

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SHINee‘s Onew will make a cameo appearance on KBS‘s sitcom, ‘A Bit of Love‘!

The director of the sitcom, Kwon Jae Young, tweeted the above picture of Onew with actor Lee Won Geun and wrote, “Onew will be appearing on ‘A Bit of Love’.

A surprise appearance as Lee Won Geun’s cousin! The two really look alike.”

Onew apparently completed filming for his portion on the 29th, and the episode with his appearance will be broadcast on May 10th.

Source: allkpop

[NEWS] 130429 SHINee’s Taemin and A Pink’s Son Na Eun spotted on a Myungdong date

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Trying to kill more fans with jealousy, SHINee’s Taemin and A Pink’s Son Na Eun decided to show their adorable selves on a date in the middle of Myungdong.

Recently on many online communities, picture of the two idol stars spotted in Myungdong, one of Seoul’s largest shopping districts, have been uploaded, making many fans jealous.

In the photos, Taemin and Son Na Eun were spotted by fans while filming for MBC’s We Got Married. In the photos, Taemin and Son Na Eun were both dressed up in their school uniforms, having graduated from the same junior high school.

They walked the already busy streets of Myungdong, buying street food, and even buying couple hats.

Upon seeing some photos of the newlywed couples, netizens commented, “Their school uniform date is awesome. A visual couple,” “They’re the cutest couple on ‘We Got Married,” and “Taemin, are you having fun? Nuna’s going to get a drink now.”

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Source: enewsWorld

[NEWS] 130429 SHINee tops iTunes Charts in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong with "Why So Serious?"

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SHINee proves once again how much their popularity has been spreading all across Asia. Their latest release, “Chapter 2 – The Misconceptions of Me” showed fighting form in the charts not only domestically but abroad. According to reports in local news agencies, the title track “Why So Serious?” from “The Misconceptions of Me” made it to the top spot of the iTunes charts in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong upon its worldwide release on April 26.

The track also reached second place in Singapore, fifth in Indonesia, and seventh in Malaysia. It hit the 65th spot in the United States and ranked 53rd in Canada.

Source: Soompi

[TRANS] 130429 Key DJ-ing SUKIRA

They were guessing who's the one who forgets choreo/lyrics in each others groups. Dana guessed Minho but Key said no.Then she said Jonghyun and Key pondered awhile and explained that jonghyun-hyung remembers as much as he practices.Key said that Taemin dances well but he forgets moves well too.

Kibum said he went out today and had brunch. Dana asked if he was alone, and he said no, he was with friends. and Dana asked who his friends are. He said "I went to brunch with Younghyun" and Dana asked who Yonghyun is. Key just replied "hahahahhaha if i tell you you wouldnt know either would you???"

He says "people with good bodies since middle school just need to work out a bit and it will get better".

"Jonghyun-sshi... our team's Jonghyun-sshi looks really good onscreen... but in real life.................hmmm.... so-so. Because i see him until before i sleep" (as in see him everyday, all day, 24/7).

Translation: ​faithstar @

Key said that his hairstyle today was hair-dried by himself, and his hair became softer(after hairdrying) so it was easier to manage it.

Key said that everytime he laughs hysterically, he will hit someone's arm without noticing. There was once when he went to watch Harry Potter, and in the movie, appeared a very comical conductor ahjussi. He thought that it was really very funny, so he hit the stranger sitting beside him as he was laughing. And another time was when he was watching a movie with a SHINee member. At that time, he received quite an urgent text message from his manager hyung, so he immediately passed his phone to the person on his right and said, "Yah! Take a look at it", when actually, the person sitting on his right was a complete stranger, and the person on the left was the SHINee member.

Key said that today, in the early morning, he was woken up by the sounds from the rain, so he looked at it through the window and went back to sleep. After that, when he woke up, it was sunny and bright outside, so he woke up to have a stroll and ate brunch.

Key says that he admires people who are born with good figures. He himself has a body type that gains weight easily, but everytime he sees delicious food, he will suffer a lot during comeback periods and not eat much at night.

Key said, "My mother said that an obedient kid will live a long life, so she used to ask me to chew things slowly, to sleep early, and many other relevant things."

Key said, "I have oIly skin, so I am usually troubled over skin related problems. However, I don't use expensive cosmetic items, and I just use the brand that we are endorsing now."

Key said, "For males, having leg hair is an embarrassing existence. No matter if it is too much, or too little, you will feel weird about it." While saying that, a listener sent a message in that read: 'When you talk about leg hairs, it has to be Key oppa!' Key carried on and said, "That is why I will do honey wax hair removal during summer. There was once when we were shooting a commercial in shorts, and I didn't remove my leg hairs, so when I looked at the picture that was taken, I immediately begged the staff to remove it (through graphic effects)"

Key said that his grandfather is a classic type of Kyungsangdo man. Especially as Key is an only child, so his grandfather will always tell him that 'A man should stay out of house chore matters!" However, Key himself feels different towards the common thought that men should not do house chores. The various noonas said, "But the husband is also tired from driving his car." and Key replied, "How tiring can driving a car be? Just help with the house chores."

Key said that whenever Comme Des(Key's dog) wants to eat something delicious, it will drink a lot of water and pee a lot, so that when Key sees the huge puddle of pee, he would know that Comme Des wants to eat delicious food.

Kor-Chi translation: tsconditional
Chi-Eng translation: sherylmilo @

[TRANS] 130427 Key DJ-ing SUKIRA

During trainee days, people often agitate Key by saying "who are you" but instead of being angry, he thought deeply about it.
The guest is a 91liner, from daegu. Key asked which school was he from and he said xx school and Key said he has a lot of friends there.
Guest said they cross dress as girls in their MV and it was fun. Key asked them to look back 2 years later.. aish!
Key screamed SUKIRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and hold for 25s.
Key said he's afraid of bubble (all-glass) lift. He closed his eyes the first time he was on it.
Key's 25s shout was the longest and he was shocked. He say he did too well and he shouldn't have exposed his talent.
Key (then tried to save himself) said his ideal type changes everyday. (he said he liked BoA and now changed ideals).
Actually Key said there was this period he like sohee a lotttt and it had a mysterious feeling and he started laughing.

Guess the song speed game.
Key : "you don't have to cry"
guest : "ulgi manayo" (cry lots)
key : "aniyooooooooooo". (noooooo)

Translation: keykrisyeol

Key held his breath for 29 seconds to test his lung capacity.
Key says that he hates to wait for tardy people.
Key says that he has the habit of making phone calls at night.
And he has the ability to listen to people's thoughts and give them advice too.
Key said that he does know that bb cream exists, but only came to realise on how to use it only recently.
He said Dana must have used a lot of BB cream, since she was in junior high second grade when Key was 10 years old.

Kor-Chi Translation: tsconditional
Chi-Eng Translation: ​sherylmilo @

Key said when he was still in training, he heard a lot of hurtful things like "What are you ?" ...then he said he should be angry but he suddenly thought "Who am I exactly ? (What am I worth)" ..
The guest group had a kiss scene, Dana asked Key if he had kiss scenes back when he wore girl costumes, key said its all girl costumes, kissing with who?
Key said that in 2007 he felt sad, before being a celebrity, his members weren't fixed, so he had to work hard. That time he heard a song called "snail" (probably jay chou's) and felt really secure.
Receiving the song listeners requested for in 2007, Key eventually said 2007 was pretty important but 2008 was really a year where there was war in the music world. Dana laughed at him saying that he was trying to hint it was the year he became a celebrity. Key in panic laughed and said that wasn't his intention, at that time lee hyori, rain and (not stated) had a come back, it was like a war ! Dana pointed out that they were the only boy idol group back then. Key said there was big bang, where did they stand ?
Key said in 2007 during coffee prince, he really liked Yoon Eun Hye's role, dana pointed out thats the type of girl he likes and key agreed ! Key said he used to like Sohee during Tell Me period and Dana said Key likes innocent girls.
When they talked about waiting, Key said as a man, its weak to be saying things like this, he won't wait under the rain for someone.
Key said he has experienced love at first sight before, used to talk on the phone till late at night, key said he could talk for a long time with anyone, leading them to talk more, Dana said he talks a lot, Key even missed a family gathering because of a girl he liked...he continued saying that at that time, his lover was first in his heart, and he wanted to meet her.

Kor-Chi Translation: human-lock
Chi-Eng Translation: shuwen94

Monday, April 29, 2013

[TRANS] 130428 Key on KBS Kiss The Radio

The DJs were chatting about "Food that must be eaten at a specific place". Dana said that she wants to eat fried chicken at a baseball match stadium, while Key said that he is the opposite of Dana, as he prefers to eat fried chicken at the fried chicken restaurant, and eat pizza at a pizza restaurant. Dana then teased him and said, "Isn't that an ahjussi's taste preference?" and Key immediately disagreed. Dana then said again, "I heard that SHINee eats fried chicken when their schedule ends late. Key replied, "Yes"

Key said that when he was a student, he will definitely dance BoA and TVXQ's new dances when he is on a school holiday vacation. He then added that he always thought that he cared a lot about the things he wear during vacation, but now when he sees those past photos, he feels very shameful. He felt that he could have just worn what he usually wears to school, but yet he wore weird clothing with weird hairstyles too.

Dana asked Key if he has any memorable radio stations that he remembers of. Key thought of it and said, "I don't remember the name of the station, but I do remember that I heard it in my mother's car. I think its M radio station."

Key said, "I was very nervous on my first radio schedule after our debut, that I thought all the radio scripts had to be memorised by heart." Dana then teased Key, and Key replied, "Won't you guys ever have such thoughts in the past too?" Dana said that she doesn't.

Key was reading a listener's letter, and the contents are about 'all love has its reasons'. Dana said, "Why must there be a reason to like someone?" Key replied, "Of course there will be a reason, if there isn't, then you can date with anyone."

Talking about stray cats, Key said that he has heard someone saying that 'you should not feed stray cats with any kind of food, since there will be certain types of food that are not suitable for them to eat, such as fish and shell types'. And after that, Key used a weird tone and said, "Aren't cats supposed to eat fish and shell type food?"

Key said that he is a person who can spot his weight gain immediately, so he feels stressed. Among the members, he and Onew are the ones who will slim down after gaining weight, but the other 3 members(Jonghyun, Taemin and Minho) have body types that allows them to look the same even if they have eaten more. So, Key will set 'Eat-what-you-want time period' and 'control-diet time period'. For 'Eat-what-you-want time period', he will eat whatever he wants, no matter the time, whereas for 'control-diet time period', he eats nothing but the main meals.

Key said that there was once when he was on a flight to USA, that he was sitting beside what seems like a honeymoon couple. And throughout the 10 hours of flight, he seems to have experienced a movie-like feeling, as he watches the couple quarrel and patched up again, and feeding each other, and they quarrel again. The very first quarrel was actually about the lady asking his boyfriend about why he did not kiss her, so Key felt really speechless at then.

Key said, "Majority of the kids will follow the path that their parents tell them to, and as a result they lose their dreams in real life, but actually, there are times when parents don't really understand us, just like how I wanted to be a singer from the start, but my father told me, "A quiet kid like you is not suitable to become a singer". But in actual fact, I was not a quiet child that he thinks I am. "

There was a listener who wrote a message, saying that her boyfriend's female friend always love to keep in close contact with him no matter the reasons, so now she is at a loss of what to do. Key said, "You should pressure your boyfriend, and tell him to clear things up with that female friend, since it must be her boyfriend that has done something wrong which has caused the female to stick to him."

Kor-Chi Translation: tsconditional
Chi-Eng Translation: sherylmilo @

Key said that among SHINee, Minho-goon is the only one who watches baseball matches. When they are rushing for schedules, Minho will use his handphone to watch it in their van. Everytime Minho talks about baseball, Key will always feel that he has nothing to talk about with him, since he only knows one baseball player (Lee Seung Yeop) , and the only soccer players that he knows of are Park Ji Sung and David Beckham.

Kor-Chi Translation: keybomi
Chi-Eng Translation: sherylmilo @

Dana said that when watching a musical, she does not like people who eat things while making a lot of noise, and also people who are talking or taking pictures. Key said that he sees all of these situations before, and it is even more obvious when you are seeing it on stage. Key said, "They think that we cannot see it, but actually, when I was doing musical, I looked at all of them them one by one, its just that they did not realise it."

Kor-Chi Translation: human-lock
Chi-Eng Translation: sherylmilo @

[NEWS] SHINee’s Taemin and A Pink’s Na Eun meet for the first time as a couple on ‘We Got Married’

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The newest idol couple to join ‘We Got Married 4‘ met for the first time on the April 27th episode.

SHINee‘s Taemin and A Pink‘s Na Eun definitely seemed shy and nervous to see their unknown partner, but they managed to spill their honest feelings during their first meeting.

During his solo interview, Taemin stated, “When A Pink first debuted, I pointed out Na Eun as the prettiest member. I saw her for the first time on Jeju Island, and it was like a painting,” while Na Eun revealed, “I think the first impression and meeting will be very memorable. He was so cute.”

Despite his young age and being the youngest member of SHINee, Taemin took the lead and tried to make Na Eun comfortable, surprising the studio with his forwardness. He frankly stated, “[You're] one of the ideal types I told the producers about,” which made the A Pink member a little flustered.

Source: allkpop

Saturday, April 27, 2013

[TRANS] 130427 SHINee WORLD J + PLUS Update; Onew

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Uwaah! Only 4 days left of April!! Too soon... Lately, I feel like time flies really fast!!

Whether I'm in Korea or Japan, it's thanks to the support from every one of you that I can move on happily!

We are working hard in preparing to present a new SHINee, so everyone, please look forward to it ♪

Source: shinette0718
Translated by: red @

[INFO] 130426 Support & Download SHINee’s ‘Why So Serious?: The Misconception Of Me’ album through Online Music Sites



Global http://kpop.soribada…D=AK019782&TID=  Korea http://www.soribada….album/KA0050771

Let’s go, SHINee World!
Compiled & Reshared by Forever_SHINee[4]

[NEWS] 1130426 SHINee’s Taemin & APink’s Na Eun attempted to find things in common with each other on their first meeting

First time dating and first time getting ‘married,’ SHINee’s Taemin and A Pink’s Son Na Eun attempted to find things in common with each other on their first meeting. 

In a recent recording of MBC’s We Got Married, Taemin and Son Na Eun met each other for the first time at the beautiful beachside café from the movie Architecture 101

As they have both never dated in their lives, Taemin and Son Na Eun appeared very nervous about the whole ‘marriage.’ Although they once appeared in a sitcom together as siblings, they attempted to get rid of the awkwardness by finding things in common between each other. 

It turned out the two went to the same junior high school, have the same religion, and have the same appetite. 

Also, Taemin has the habit of losing things while Son Na Eun has the habit of finding things, making it seem like their meeting was fate. 

The stars in the studio commented that watching the two idol stars was reminding them of their first loves and thought the new couple was cute and innocent. 

The first episode of Taemin and Son Na Eun marriage will broadcast on April 27. 

Source: enewsworld

[TRANS] 130427 OnKey2Min @SUKIRA

Taemin messed up his lines and his hyungs are snickering in the bg. I think it's cos lines were from a song and Taemin read it, not sang.
Key: Minho's representative visual, Minho! / Onew: He's the representative?
Lady Jane: What's it like promoting without Jonghyun? / Minho: It's great!
Key: There's more space in the waiting room. / Minho: The staffs have to work less so they said they're happy.
DJs: He'll be sad if he listens to this. / Minho: We're saying it so that he can hear.
Key: Jonghyun, if you're listening, send us a text.
Dana wanted someone to talk about Jonghyun's lyrics and the boys were like "lol well he's not here so pass" & talked about changmin instead
Fan: Why isn't the Bread Song on the album? / Onew: I know, right?!
Key was like Chapter 2 is a dark theme so imagine if track 6 was "Bread Song"
Minho said they went to Music Bank, then took a nap, and came to Sukira.
Taemin lost the relay quiz so he's gonna get the punishment~
Onew chose Minho as the member most likely to give his card to his gf buy Minho was like, "Isn't that normal though?" and Onew agreed.
SHINee said Taemin is most likely to marry forst and it became true. They think after the pretend marriage is over, he'll still marry first.
DJ: Who do you think will marry first? / Taemin: The oldest member Onew.... I hope he gets married first.
Onew chosen as member who will wear whatever his girlfriend tells him to wear.
Onew: I wasn't very good at coordinating my outfits. / DJ: Really? / Onew: Wait... I'm still not good.
Onew said he's been asking Key a lot about clothes and asking if he can borrow clothes. Key said Onew has gotten the "feel" for it lately.
Taem: Since it's a pretend marriage, I want to make it fun. But I wanna try not to talk about it since there are many people sad about it...
All the members chose Taemin as the member who talks about girls the most.
Taemin chose Key as the member who talks a lot to girls, asking things like how they are and etc small talk.
Onew chose Minho as the member who he would not date. Minho was upset because Onew answered before the question was finished.
The boys were laughing and the DJs asked what was so funny. I think they didn't wanna share cause it's only relevant/funny to them?
The story they read was about a girl who got a text from a guy asking for advice about a girl he likes & she's wondering if he likes her.
At 1st, all the members were like "Pffft why is this even a story here, it's so obvious that he likes her!! Are you here to brag LOL"
But they talked more about it then all the members made a 180 change and are like "He might be playing with you so be careful"
Jonghyun is listening to Sukira~

Taemin and Key playing the new employees of the company and Onew is the super sunbae hahaha
Minho sunbae likes Jane so he told Taemin and Key to not think about getting with her.
Key laughed at Minho cause it's one sided. Minho told Taekey to find out everything about Jane and he'll buy them food.
Dana yelling at Minho because Minho keeps messing up and stuttering on broadcast
Key used to be a player in high school HAHAHAH
Jane confessed to Onew but Onew sunbae rejected her. ):
Taekey told Minho that Jane got rejected by Onew sunbae. Minho is confronting Onew. Dana overheard.
Dana is drunk and told Jane that Minho likes Jane. Dana tells Jane that she likes Minho. Jane says she's not interested in him.
Jane is upset but says she'll wait for Onew sunbae. Tells Dana to keep liking Minho cause she's not interested.
Minho came to Jane's house. Confesses to her. Minho gets friendzoned. Tells him Dana likes him.
Minho confronts Dana and asks why she likes him. Yells at her saying he's not for her and takes his anger out on her.

Translation: kimchi hana

Key says the first time he went overseas in 2000 was a turning point in his life. He realized he can have a different lifestyle after seeing how is it overseas.
Taemin says he will be natural on WGM and won't purposely plan any thing for atmosphere.
Q: "Which member will you definitely not date if they reborn as a girl in their next life?". Onew said "Minho" immediately.
Minho: "You're too mean! You should at least think about it how can you say it's me so fast!" Onew: "Because I can only see you, I love you".
When they asked SHINee how is it like without Jonghyun, minho said "It's pretty good" Key: "I think the waiting room is so much bigger"
And then minho said "Our coordi also thinks that having one member less to take care of is better" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Key complained about Minho not treating him and said he only treated him to BBQ once and Minho said "Don't i always pay when we drink"
Q: "To be with someone who loves you or someone you love" Onew, Taemin & Minho picked the first one, Key: "As long as we like each other"
"Onew said he’s been asking Key a lot about clothes and asking if he can borrow clothes. Key said Onew has gotten the “feel” for it lately."

Translation: qyblingtastic

Just when Key mentioned about the missing members, SHINee arrived. While they were having their photos taken, Minho was drinking water, Onew was holding a guitar, lowering his head, wiping his mouth, looking at the screen. And Taemin misread 2 words which caused Minho to laugh out loudly..!
Noona asked how does it feel without Jonghyun. Minho immediately answered "Feels quite good". Key "Feels that the waiting room is much more spacious now". Minho "Even our coordinators and costume staff said that it is slightly better (less busy) to have one person less (to take care of)."
Dana asked Taemin to say something to Jonghyun, Taemin "Hyung, please get well quickly and return to the group~". Key added "(Jonghyun), if you are listening, please send us a message/sms".
With regards to Onew's crying scene in the mini drama segment the previous time he came to the radio show, Key says "Not just our dear 'senior citizen', I find it very funny whichever member who cries. I remember we had a gathering previously, Jonghyun cried and I find it very very funny."
Introducing the album, Onew says that they are the slightly comical zombies. Key said that there were other groups who had a zombie concept as well but they had a serious zombie concept while SHINee's zombies are interesting.
Upon mentioning Taemin's We Got Married, hyungs immediately burst out laughing. Noona asked Taemin why did his hyungs laugh, Taemin says because he is the maknae yet he has gotten 'married' the earliest. For this program he will try his best to perform naturally, and will not try hard to create any specific atmosphere.
After Taemin read out his part for the first sms/message, Minho opened his mouth widely and laughed. He must have realised that he had opened his mouth too widely so he covered his face with the script.
Moving onto mini drama segment. Lady Jane noona said that PD-nim emphasized "Minho is not allowed to laugh".
Noonas asked Onew if he would like to be with someone that loves him or be together with someone that he loves.
Onew picked 'Someone that loves him'. He says that if he is with someone who loves him, he will be touched by her deep love (for him); this kind of love will last longer.
Key and Minho have also picked "someone who loves me".
Key added "Taemin often says 'It would be great if it the love shared was mutual'".
Q: "The member who received the most number of requests from female celebrities to give her his phone number?" | Answer : Onew (answered by Key)
Q: "Member who will get married the soonest" | Answer : Taemin (answered by Taemin himself XD)
Q: "The member who is fickleminded - saying that he likes one girl today, and another the next day" | Answer : Taemin (answered by Minho)
Q: "Despite girlfriend's annoying nagging to wear this and that, this member will listen and do according to what she says" | Answer : Onew (answered by Minho)
Q: "In a guy's point of view, this member will treat a girl very well." | Answer : Minho (answered by Key after slight consideration)

Regarding their 'tone'.
Key : Musical tone
Minho : Drama tone
Onew : Mini Drama tone
(fan forgot about Taemin's part)

Kor-Chi Translation: tsconditional
Chi-Eng Translation: thpapergangster

Key say he once got first in class!
Dana said a strong tear-actor will come later,his name is LeeJinki and asked Key if he's nervous.He sighed saying tell him to come now.
Taemin's introduction was "a guy who got married without falling in love" then Taemin asked "what's being in love."
Lady J asked Onew if he feels bored being a guest instead of DJ. he said nope, that'll be my place soon~ (he wants to replace key).
Onew's introduction went "dubu leader Onew" then Onew said "not dubu~ I'm Onew".
talked about Onew tearing at KTR previously. Key said it's funny when the members cry. Everybody laughs when Jjong cries.
DJ asked about taemin's WGM thoughts. All the hyungs started laughing but Taemin kept quiet for a long time.
Key said other groups did vampire concept before but theirs are dark and serious but SHINee vampire is more interesting.
Dana asked the members to introduced the songs that Jjong wrote. Onew said since he's not here there's no point talking about it Minho said isn't it too mean? Let's just skip this part.
Onew sang the first line of Can't Leave with a higher pitch but Taemin can't continue so he looked at Key for help. Key then said you guys only give me the difficult things!!!!
correction: jjong said he's WATCHING.
Key showed his dislike towards Taemin's ignorance about love and he said it in his dialect.
Onew said he may be tired of the person he likes but the person that likes him will last longer.
Key said the person that likes him.. just bc of this fact isn't it a charming point of that person? bc that person likes me I'll constantly think of her and feel that she's not bad.

Speed Quiz:
the member who judges girls based on their appearance first. Minho: Key! (Then Key shake his head and said no!!!)

Translation: keykrisyeol

Friday, April 26, 2013

[NEWS] 130426 SHINee asks “Why So Serious?” through their new MV

SHINee has just revealed the music video to their title track “Why So Serious?“ as well as other songs on their album!

The group’s third album’s second half, which is titled ‘Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me‘, has been released. They’ve had fans holding onto their seats with the release of a video teaser, and now the full release is here!

Check out the MV below!

[NEWS] 130425 TVXQ’s Changmin Penned a Song for SHINee’s New Album

Showing some SMTOWN love, TVXQ’s Changmin participated in the production of SHINee’s upcoming new album by writing the lyrics to a song.

SM Entertainment revealed that Changmin wrote the lyrics for the song, Can’t Leave, which is included in SHINee’s Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me album.

The song is soft pop ballad song about a person who misses a past love and unwilling to let it go.

The second chapter of SHINee’s third album includes a total of nine tracks, including Excuse Me Miss, Dangerous, Like a Fire, Nightmare, Why So Serious, and more.

The anticipated album release will take place on April 26. The album will be available offline on April 29.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

[NEWS] 130424 SHINee’s Onew Joins Tony An as MC for ‘M COUNTDOWN: Nihao-Taiwan

With the press conference completed and the festivities well on its way, Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN – Nihao Taiwan began with a big bang.

On April 24, M COUNTDOWN: Nihao-Taiwan kicked off with Infinite, Teen Top, SHINee, SISTAR, U-Kiss, Tasty, and more talented groups, taking the stage in front of excited fans in Taiwan.

Former H.O.T. member Tony An took the MCing responsibilities for the large-scale global event. Although unannounced previously, SHINee’s Onew also took the stage to help Tony An out as a co-host for the program.

The total of fifteen teams will perform their hit songs as well as other special performances.

Make sure to catch all the excitement on M COUNTDOWN: Nihao-Taiwan of MWave on April 25.

Photo Credit: Chin Eun Joo
cr: enewsorld

[NEWS] 130425 SHINee takes part in idol quiz special of MBC Infinity Challenge

Posted Image

SHINee will be appearing on an upcoming episode of MBC's variety show "Infinity Challenge".

Recording for the show is taking place at the 88 Gymnasium in Hwaguk-dong, Seoul. Fifty idol group members will take part in the filming, making up an episode that holds one of the largest group of guests on the show so far.

This special episode of Infinity Challenge will function as an idol quiz show, featuring idol groups as guests alongside the permanent cast. Fans of varieties may take notice of the resemblance between the special and KBS Challenge! Golden Bell, another popular quiz show.

Recording began on April 25th and will continue on May 2nd of next week. Groups with members participating include SHINee, Teen Top, Infinite, B.A.P, After School, Secret, 4minute, Girl’s Day, and G.NA.

Source: Osen, Soompi
Written by: joAnnwashere @

[INFO] 130425 "SHINee WORLD J + PLUS" to replace "SHINee Mobile Fansite"

Official Fansite "SHINee World J + PLUS"
(read as: SHINee World J Plus)

Posted Image

What is SHINee WORLD J + PLUS?
The service developed for mobile phones, "SHINee Mobile Fansite" went through renewal and became "SHINee WORLD J + PLUS"! Along with the renewal, the official fansite "SHINee WORLD J + PLUS" will also be opened for smartphones! There will be a lot of heart-throbbing content, from blog entries by SHINee members to precious offshots, wallpaper downloads, and more ♪ Moreover, for the smartphone version, there will also be content connected to the official fanclub, "SHINee WORLD J", which is known as "SHINee ROOM". Since this will be where we share the premium content that can't be found anywhere else, please look forward to it!

※ "SHINee WORLD J + PLUS" is scheduled to open on the 1st of May.

Services available to members of "SHINee WORLD J + PLUS"
■ Staff blog
■ Wallpaper download
■ Sale of goods limited for members
■ SHINee Room
 ● SHINee Q&A - The members will answer questions that fans send to them
 ● Offshot Album - Precious offshot photos that can only be seen here!
 ● SeeK + PLUS (Available only in smartphone version!) - Limited access to content that will make the "SHINee WORLD J" fanclub magazine "SeeK" more enjoyable!

※ To be able to access the smartphone version of "SHINee ROOM", you have to be a member of both the official fanclub "SHINee WORLD J" and the smartphone version of "SHINee WORLD J + PLUS".
※ The mobile phone version of "SHINee ROOM" will be available exclusively for members for 90 continuous days.

Monthly fee
■ Smartphone version - 350 yen per month (tax included)
■ Mobile phone version - 315 yen per month (tax included)

■ Smartphone version -
■ Mobile phone version -

Source: SHINee WORLD J
Translated by: red @

[TRANS] 130425 "Why So Serious?: The Misconceptions of Me" song descriptions + lyricist and composer list

Posted Image

Chapter 2 of SHINee's 3rd album "Why So Serious?: The Misconceptions of Me" is set to be released digitally on the 26th and offline on the 29th. It has been revealed that Jonghyun stepped up and wrote the lyrics to two of the songs from the album. DBSK's Choikang Changmin also participated by writing the lyrics of "떠나지 못해 (Sleepless Night)" which was revealed earlier in February through "SHINee's Music Spoiler".

"Orgel" is a dreamy song with lyrics that were written by none other than SHINee's lead vocalist, Kim Jonghyun. The repetitive melody will evoke a mysterious feeling as if leading the listeners into their dreams. "Dangerous" is a memorable dance track composed of analogues and a strong drum beat, co-written by Jonghyun as well.

Changmin wrote the lyrics of the smooth pop-ballad track "떠나지 못해 (Sleepless Night)". The heartbreaking lyrics express the longing of a love that has left. The beautiful piano and soft string accompaniments plus the amorous and sentimental melody were pulled off well in combination with SHINee's emotional vocals.

A dark sound combined with smooth and sweet lyrics present a unique charm in "Excuse Me Miss". The powerful dance track "SHINe" describes the love of fans as "light". The strong sound of drums in the song balances out nicely with the sophisticated lyrics which will double the joy of listening to it. Full of SHINee's adlibs, "Like a Fire" is a song about loving one person like a raging fire. The electronic pop track "Evil" depicts a clear picture of a nightmare.

Here is the tracklist complete with lyricists and composers.

1. Nightmare
Lyricist: Kim Bumin
Composer: hitchhiker

2. Why So Serious?
Lyricist: Kenzie
Composers: Kenzie, Kim Jungbae, Andrew Choi

3. Shine (Medusa I)
Lyricist: Misfit
Composers: Teddy Riley, Red Rocket, Kim Taesung, Andrew Choi

4. Orgel
Lyricist: Kim Jonghyun
Composers: Iain James Farquharson, Christopher Lee-Joe, Mikko Paavola, Philipe-Marc Anquetil

5. Dangerous (Medusa II)
Lyricists: Cho Yoonkyung, Kim Jonghyun
Composers: Teddy Riley, Red Rocket, Kim Taesung, Andrew Choi

6. Like a Fire
Lyricist: Min Yeonjae
Composers: Thomas Troelsen, Herbert St. Clair, Crichlow

7. Excuse Me Miss
Lyricist: Kim Bumin
Composers: Amanshia Nunco, Dwayne Fyne, Ryan Jhun

8. Evil
Lyricists: Kenzie, Fridolin Nordsoe Schjoldan, Frederik Tao Nordsoe Schjoldan
Composers: Kenzie, Fridolin Nordsoe Schjoldan, Frederik Tao Nordsoe Schjoldan

9. 떠나지 못해 (Sleepless Night)
Lyricist: Shim Changmin
Composers: Im Kwangook, Kim Yoomin, Matthew Tishler

Sources: Sports Chosun, KBS Review System
Written by: kimchi hana @

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

[INFO] "Why So Serious?" choreographed by Devin Jamieson + album highlight medley to be released on the 24th

Posted Image

On the 22nd, the 'Why So Serious?' music video teaser was released. It's a performance of different colors about zombies that have fallen in love, which received a hot response from music fans all over the world.

The unique choreography of SHINee's Chapter 2 title track 'Why So Serious?' is predicted to attract a lot of attention. Devin Jamieson, the choreographer of Super Junior's 'Sexy, Free, and Single', is behind the 'Why So Serious' dance. Jamieson is a top worldwide choreographer who has worked with Michael Jackson, Usher, Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, and many more global popstars.

The Chapter 2 highlight medley is scheduled to be released on the 24th at 12PM through SMTOWN's Youtube, Facebook, Kakaotalk +Friend, NHN Line, and other official media accounts. The medley will consist of 9 tracks from the 3rd album.

Source: SSTV
Translated by: kimchi hana @

[NEWS] 130424 SHINee gives you a sampler of upcoming album with a highlight medley

SHINee has just revealed a highlight medley clip for their title track “Why So Serious?“ as well as other songs on their album!

The group’s third album’s second half, which is titled ‘Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me‘, will be released online on the 26th, which is right around the corner. They’ve already got fans holding on their seats with the release of a video teaser, and now we’re treated to a sampler of what to expect!

Take a listen below!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

[INFO] 130422 SHINee’s ‘Why So Serious?: The Misconception of Me’ Album TrackList

Chapter 2 of SHINee’s third album will be released on the upcoming date of April 29th.

SHINee released their third album Chapter 1 ‘Dream Girl-The misconceptions of you’ on February 20th and received much love from music fans. As expected, Chapter 2 is filled with music that embodies SHINee’s unique personality and great musical sensation. A fun aspect is that listeners can find keywords from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 that relate to each other and interpret them in several ways. It seems that the curiosity and expectation for the new album will be high.

The title track ‘Why So Serious?’ is a dance track that has a strong pop melody and a funk rock feeling fused with electronica sounds. The lyrics wittily tell a story about a zombie that has lived in the dark for a long time until he met a human girl and fell in love. People will be able to hear SHINee’s diverse musical color through the tracks that fit various genres. A hot response from music fans all over the world is expected.

SHINee plans to actively promote their new song, ‘Why So Serious?’, in the near future.

List Price: 15,500 KRW
Content: CD + Photobook

Source: Synnara Translated by: kimchi hana @ 

[TRANS] 130422 Special DJ Keybum @ Sukira Kiss The Radio

(*note translation may not be 100% accurate)
1)Dana noona asked key it’s been long that he didn’t come as a Special DJ  , Key said yup most of the time I heard  Onew hyung replaced , will listen to those question and reply. 

2) Dana noona said Key wore a set of denim clothes and want’s him to turn a round and let everyone take a took at the part that can see his skin, and key hold on to the part that has hole , key said it’s a old pants. 

3)While both of them are thinking what to call, Key said previously while DJ-ing with Onew hyung they called themselves ‘ JinKiBum’ . Wish to be called ‘ MiKey’ with Dana Noona Dana noona’s real name last letter mi plus his key, feels that MiKey is cuter.

4)Beige noona said when you grow older seeing those high school student, there’s a thinking of wearing the school uniform again, Key said, It didn’t cross my mind before. 

5)Key open the food support, before he eat, he held his hand together and said thank you

6) Key said’ Recently even cell phone has got insurance right? I didn’t know there’s this insurance till few day’s ago my phone was faulty while bringing it to repair the person asked me if I have insurance for that then I realised it .

7)There’s a listener said actually there’s twin son at home, but after that gave birth to another twin son, Dana noona said that she’s envy of people having son, Key carried on saying ‘Me too! Key continue saying , he live with Mum and Granny, Mum will strictly watch , being brought up with like this, it will be good experience when you go into the society. 

8)Key said the previous time when he’s special DJ .. Dongjoon hyung who appeared , there’s once where he choijun hyung was at SHINee’s dorm drinking, Dongjoon hyung isn’t good at drinking, just by consuming a little alcohol he will drunk, Choi jun hyung shook and ask him to wake up… but dong joon hyung scolded people… after he’s awake he tender his resume… dongjoon hyung

9) Key said while shopping he will also try on clothes, but he felt shy if he doesn’t buy it, so he will pull people to go shopping with him

10) Key said after getting married, he want’s to have a room that two person can sleep together, and he want’s to decorate a room that belong to himself. Because having this personal space he won’t have the thinking of leaving home. 

11) Key said , since last time I like BoA noona a lot, and I met her in company previously , was thinking to talk to her, but………….. I didn’t at the end.

12) Key said when he goes to school last time, the moment he recall of this time if my result isn’t good mum will punish me, and then he will have good result, piano & hangul too. 

13) Just now Hyorin’s (I Choose To Love You) was playing. Key said, after marrying will try his best to have kids, it’s like because he’s the only child , he wish to have have lot’s of kids’ like Jesus ‘

Chinese Translation : tsconditional
English Translation & Compile by: Forever_SHINee [2]

Monday, April 22, 2013

[NEWS] 130422 SHINee releases “Why So Serious?” music video teaser!

SHINee has just released the music video teaser for their comeback title track “Why So Serious?“!

The group’s third album’s second half, which is titled ‘Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me‘, will be released online on the 26th, rather than the previously mentioned date of the 29th! The offline release will actually be taking place on the 29th.

But if that still feels too far away for you, you’re in luck as the boys just unveiled their MV teaser for “Why So Serious?” on April 22nd. The song is a dance track that is accompanied by a powerful performance that will show you a bit of a different side to the group than “Dream Girl” stages.

As mentioned before, the boys will promote as four members in the beginning due to Jonghyun’s injury, and it’s said he’ll be joining them after his treatments have been completed.

Stay tuned for more details coming up later!

[TRANS] SHINee's interview with High Cut, Vol.100

Posted Image

On the morning of April 2nd, 4 days before <High Cut> was supposed to have a photoshoot with SHINee for the cover of the 100th issue, there was news of Jonghyun's car accident. It felt like the noona's romance SHINee had come right before our eyes but then had disappeared immediately. We could only be sad for a while, because we were in a risky situation where we had to find the card to take his place on the ambitious cover of the 100th issue. At the end of an anxious tug-of-war, f(x)'s Victoria was chosen as the 5th member. Technically, they had a unique relationship. The 'pretty noona' in SHINee's debut MV of "Replay" was Victoria.

Finally on the day of the shooting, we were able to understand the meaning of turning misfortune into blessings when the five stood in front of the camera. SHINee always shown their innocent, boyish image, but we were able to their charms as men when they stood in front of a woman. No matter what anyone said, the highlight of the shooting was the staff's obsession over SHINee that kept changing. When Minho stared at the camera with melancholy eyes for his solo cut, they were Minho's fans, but when Onew lay down on the bed and smiled, they turned into Onew's fans. The SHINee members' rankings in all of the female staff's, including the reporters', hearts changed all the time because of Key's perfect model aura that confused the staff if he was a model or a singer, and because of Taemin's melting of noona's hearts with his devilish looks. Adding to this, Victoria and Minho had a breathtaking couple cut showing off their chemistry. Although it may be unfamiliar, we put SHINee's masculine sides into the 100th issue of <High Cut>. If you're a woman, no, even if you're a man, your heart will start fluttering.

First off, we’re curious about Jonghyun’s condition after the car accident.
Taemin: He hurt his his nose, so there's no problem with his health. It's nothing to worry about. But anyway, it's hard for the five of us to have a photoshoot together. I'm disappointed that he couldn’t be with us today.
Minho: I talked to him yesterday and he said he’s living a very regular life at the hospital. Thanks to him, we got to do a photoshoot with Victoria noona (laugh). I laughed for a while because Victoria noona told me, "Tell Jonghyun that I said thanks. I got to do a photoshoot thanks to him.”

We actually looked at the combination of the five of you, and it turned out that ‘pretty noona’ in SHINee’s “Replay” music video was Victoria.
: Looking back, we all got so mature. Back then, it was before any of us debuted, and the SHINee members were all like cute little brothers. But they've become men now.
Key, Onew: (Very surprised) Wow, you speak really well.
Minho: We’ve never done an interview together like this after we debuted, so we were really surprised. When we were filming that music video, she only said, “Hello, I am Victoria,” more than ten times. So this is the power of broadcast.
Victoria: That’s right, I worked hard (laugh).

Even <High Cut> thinks your Korean has improved a lot. Before at the <Invincible Youth> (2010) press conference, you only repeated, "I'll work hard".
Victoria: When we promote, I only used Korean. I felt bad that the younger members were speaking for me during interviews even though I was the leader, so I practiced really hard. (She got 'mad' when the SHINee members mentioned her age). Fine! I'm old, too! (laugh)
Taemin: (Soothing Victoria) But I don't have anything to be awed about. I thought you were always good at Korean, noona.

SHINee and f(x) originally had an 'intimate collaboration relationship'.
Minho: In SM, the (Super) Junior hyungs and Girls' Generation are close to each other, and f(x) and SHINee are close to each other. In EXO's case, there are few members who came in after we debuted, so there are some that we honestly don't know well, but we're close with all members of f(x).
Key: The groups that have similar training periods are close to each other. You can say we favor each other.

What kind of solo activities do you want to try?
Key: I’ve done them all. I’ve done a reality program and a musical, so there’s nothing I’m particularly greedy for. Ah, I really liked it when I went to Barcelona, Spain with Onew and Taemin and wrote a book. I want to write another one again in the future.
Onew: That was really nice. When we went on vacation, I would make a memo as soon as I heard a story and worked so hard that I wrote a manuscript. I’ve heard that the book helped out with other people’s vacation, so I was pleased.
Minho: I wish our company would do that for me, too. (laugh) I want to do my best and my current solo activities. Once that ends, I want to be fated with a nice project.

Next month will be SHINee’s 5th anniversary since debut. What do you think has changed the most?
Key: When we first debuted, everything was unfamiliar because I didn’t know anything. It was really uncomfortable to speak or interact with the staff. I was always tense. Now, I’ve relaxed and I’m able to read the atmosphere well. Those skills have improved a lot.
Minho: All five of us have become experienced and are noticeably more comfortable on stage. Looking at videos of us from back then, we were really cute.
Key: I can’t watch those videos. It makes me feel the burden of thinking before stage, "I can't make a mistake. I have to do well no matter what."
Onew: I’ve become sly. If Minho is good at reading the atmosphere on air, then I’m the type to not do it at all. (If my jokes) aren’t good, they get edited out completely. If they are good, I get more screen time. I normally throw them out recklessly but it's actually that I am very careful on shows.
Key: I wish you would think of the people always next to you. You throw them out too recklessly. (explosion of laughter)

Jonghyun is suddenly unable to carry out promotions. What are SHINee’s immediate promotion plans?
Minho: “Dream Girl” is from the “Chapter One” version, so we have to put out the song relevant to “Chapter Two”. We’ll probably promote as four without Jonghyun hyung. The feeling of the song will be an entirely different from “Chapter One”.
Key: We don’t even have time to rest. We had to prepare for promotions again. We hadn’t practiced the choreography for the new track, so it was pretty tiring when we suddenly did it yesterday.
Onew: I woke up today and it felt like I was beaten up. I think the choreography is more intense than the last.

How many push-ups do you have to do to stretch?
(All at the same time) We don't really have to do push-ups anymore. (explosion of laughter)

In 5 years, what will the people sitting here be doing?
Onew: Ah, I’ll be 30 years old in 5 years.
Key: If I had to pick something that I want to do within 5 years, I want to have my own house. (laugh) I don't have a house in Seoul, and my parents live in Daegu. I want to have a house in Seoul.
Onew: Isn’t London your home town? (Everyone laughs)
Taemin: I’ll be 26 in 5 years, which is the age I have to be the most energetic. I think having my own color is important, so I'll have to figure out what I'm the best at.
Minho: Ah.... (thinking really hard). I can't think of anything right now, but I want to be better than I am now. More than anything, I want to be happy.
Onew: I don’t really know, but I will definitely be laughing. For sure.

Source: High Cut
Translated by: jennyjjong. & kimchi hana @

Sunday, April 21, 2013

[TRANS] 130420 OnHyun Tweet Update+Insta Update

Jjong Twitter Update

: Attack on Beagle..!! Wow kekekeke the human pet cafe is strong kekekekeke. 

(T/N: Attack on Beagle is a reference to the Japanese manga/TV series “Attack on Titan” which is about giants. The beagle is on top of a pet café so Jonghyun wrote, “The human pet café is strong,” which is derived from a popular meme in Korea that uses Japanese in a nonsensical way. He wrote the Japanese word for human(ningen no) then added “wa” at the end of “pet café” and “desu ne” at the end of “strong”. “Wa” and “desu ne” are Japanese particles.)
trans: shiningtweets
Onew Twitter Update

: Congratulations~~^^
Credit : skehehdanfdldi
SNSD Taeyeon’s Instagram Update
  [Photo/Trans] SNSD Taeyeon&#8217;s Instagram Update 130420 - with Minho
&#8216;My super cutie pie Minho ;) 항상 누나 대기실 와서 쫑알쫑알하는 귀요미 민호우에요^^ 앞으로 음중을 잘부탁해! 그리고 민호야 역시 수트는 니옷이야&#8217;
[Trans]&#8217;My super cutie pie Minho ;) Cutie Minho who is always coming to nuna&#8217;s waiting room ^^ Take good care of Music Core in the future! And Minho-yah, suit is really your kind of clothes!&#8217;
Credit: taeyeon_ssEnglish Translations: Qyblingtastic

‘My super cutie pie Minho ;) 항상 누나 대기실 와서 쫑알쫑알하는 귀요미 민호우에요^^ 앞으로 음중을 잘부탁해! 그리고 민호야 역시 수트는 니옷이야’
’My super cutie pie Minho ;) Cutie Minho who is always coming to nuna’s waiting room ^^ Take good care of Music Core in the future! And Minho-yah, suit is really your kind of clothes!’
Credit: taeyeon_ssEnglish Translations: Qyblingtastic