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Friday, April 26, 2013

[TRANS] 130425 "Why So Serious?: The Misconceptions of Me" song descriptions + lyricist and composer list

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Chapter 2 of SHINee's 3rd album "Why So Serious?: The Misconceptions of Me" is set to be released digitally on the 26th and offline on the 29th. It has been revealed that Jonghyun stepped up and wrote the lyrics to two of the songs from the album. DBSK's Choikang Changmin also participated by writing the lyrics of "떠나지 못해 (Sleepless Night)" which was revealed earlier in February through "SHINee's Music Spoiler".

"Orgel" is a dreamy song with lyrics that were written by none other than SHINee's lead vocalist, Kim Jonghyun. The repetitive melody will evoke a mysterious feeling as if leading the listeners into their dreams. "Dangerous" is a memorable dance track composed of analogues and a strong drum beat, co-written by Jonghyun as well.

Changmin wrote the lyrics of the smooth pop-ballad track "떠나지 못해 (Sleepless Night)". The heartbreaking lyrics express the longing of a love that has left. The beautiful piano and soft string accompaniments plus the amorous and sentimental melody were pulled off well in combination with SHINee's emotional vocals.

A dark sound combined with smooth and sweet lyrics present a unique charm in "Excuse Me Miss". The powerful dance track "SHINe" describes the love of fans as "light". The strong sound of drums in the song balances out nicely with the sophisticated lyrics which will double the joy of listening to it. Full of SHINee's adlibs, "Like a Fire" is a song about loving one person like a raging fire. The electronic pop track "Evil" depicts a clear picture of a nightmare.

Here is the tracklist complete with lyricists and composers.

1. Nightmare
Lyricist: Kim Bumin
Composer: hitchhiker

2. Why So Serious?
Lyricist: Kenzie
Composers: Kenzie, Kim Jungbae, Andrew Choi

3. Shine (Medusa I)
Lyricist: Misfit
Composers: Teddy Riley, Red Rocket, Kim Taesung, Andrew Choi

4. Orgel
Lyricist: Kim Jonghyun
Composers: Iain James Farquharson, Christopher Lee-Joe, Mikko Paavola, Philipe-Marc Anquetil

5. Dangerous (Medusa II)
Lyricists: Cho Yoonkyung, Kim Jonghyun
Composers: Teddy Riley, Red Rocket, Kim Taesung, Andrew Choi

6. Like a Fire
Lyricist: Min Yeonjae
Composers: Thomas Troelsen, Herbert St. Clair, Crichlow

7. Excuse Me Miss
Lyricist: Kim Bumin
Composers: Amanshia Nunco, Dwayne Fyne, Ryan Jhun

8. Evil
Lyricists: Kenzie, Fridolin Nordsoe Schjoldan, Frederik Tao Nordsoe Schjoldan
Composers: Kenzie, Fridolin Nordsoe Schjoldan, Frederik Tao Nordsoe Schjoldan

9. 떠나지 못해 (Sleepless Night)
Lyricist: Shim Changmin
Composers: Im Kwangook, Kim Yoomin, Matthew Tishler

Sources: Sports Chosun, KBS Review System
Written by: kimchi hana @

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