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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

[INFO] 130422 SHINee’s ‘Why So Serious?: The Misconception of Me’ Album TrackList

Chapter 2 of SHINee’s third album will be released on the upcoming date of April 29th.

SHINee released their third album Chapter 1 ‘Dream Girl-The misconceptions of you’ on February 20th and received much love from music fans. As expected, Chapter 2 is filled with music that embodies SHINee’s unique personality and great musical sensation. A fun aspect is that listeners can find keywords from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 that relate to each other and interpret them in several ways. It seems that the curiosity and expectation for the new album will be high.

The title track ‘Why So Serious?’ is a dance track that has a strong pop melody and a funk rock feeling fused with electronica sounds. The lyrics wittily tell a story about a zombie that has lived in the dark for a long time until he met a human girl and fell in love. People will be able to hear SHINee’s diverse musical color through the tracks that fit various genres. A hot response from music fans all over the world is expected.

SHINee plans to actively promote their new song, ‘Why So Serious?’, in the near future.

List Price: 15,500 KRW
Content: CD + Photobook

Source: Synnara Translated by: kimchi hana @ 

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