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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

[TRANS] 130427 Key DJ-ing SUKIRA

During trainee days, people often agitate Key by saying "who are you" but instead of being angry, he thought deeply about it.
The guest is a 91liner, from daegu. Key asked which school was he from and he said xx school and Key said he has a lot of friends there.
Guest said they cross dress as girls in their MV and it was fun. Key asked them to look back 2 years later.. aish!
Key screamed SUKIRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and hold for 25s.
Key said he's afraid of bubble (all-glass) lift. He closed his eyes the first time he was on it.
Key's 25s shout was the longest and he was shocked. He say he did too well and he shouldn't have exposed his talent.
Key (then tried to save himself) said his ideal type changes everyday. (he said he liked BoA and now changed ideals).
Actually Key said there was this period he like sohee a lotttt and it had a mysterious feeling and he started laughing.

Guess the song speed game.
Key : "you don't have to cry"
guest : "ulgi manayo" (cry lots)
key : "aniyooooooooooo". (noooooo)

Translation: keykrisyeol

Key held his breath for 29 seconds to test his lung capacity.
Key says that he hates to wait for tardy people.
Key says that he has the habit of making phone calls at night.
And he has the ability to listen to people's thoughts and give them advice too.
Key said that he does know that bb cream exists, but only came to realise on how to use it only recently.
He said Dana must have used a lot of BB cream, since she was in junior high second grade when Key was 10 years old.

Kor-Chi Translation: tsconditional
Chi-Eng Translation: ​sherylmilo @

Key said when he was still in training, he heard a lot of hurtful things like "What are you ?" ...then he said he should be angry but he suddenly thought "Who am I exactly ? (What am I worth)" ..
The guest group had a kiss scene, Dana asked Key if he had kiss scenes back when he wore girl costumes, key said its all girl costumes, kissing with who?
Key said that in 2007 he felt sad, before being a celebrity, his members weren't fixed, so he had to work hard. That time he heard a song called "snail" (probably jay chou's) and felt really secure.
Receiving the song listeners requested for in 2007, Key eventually said 2007 was pretty important but 2008 was really a year where there was war in the music world. Dana laughed at him saying that he was trying to hint it was the year he became a celebrity. Key in panic laughed and said that wasn't his intention, at that time lee hyori, rain and (not stated) had a come back, it was like a war ! Dana pointed out that they were the only boy idol group back then. Key said there was big bang, where did they stand ?
Key said in 2007 during coffee prince, he really liked Yoon Eun Hye's role, dana pointed out thats the type of girl he likes and key agreed ! Key said he used to like Sohee during Tell Me period and Dana said Key likes innocent girls.
When they talked about waiting, Key said as a man, its weak to be saying things like this, he won't wait under the rain for someone.
Key said he has experienced love at first sight before, used to talk on the phone till late at night, key said he could talk for a long time with anyone, leading them to talk more, Dana said he talks a lot, Key even missed a family gathering because of a girl he liked...he continued saying that at that time, his lover was first in his heart, and he wanted to meet her.

Kor-Chi Translation: human-lock
Chi-Eng Translation: shuwen94

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