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Monday, April 29, 2013

[TRANS] 130428 Key on KBS Kiss The Radio

The DJs were chatting about "Food that must be eaten at a specific place". Dana said that she wants to eat fried chicken at a baseball match stadium, while Key said that he is the opposite of Dana, as he prefers to eat fried chicken at the fried chicken restaurant, and eat pizza at a pizza restaurant. Dana then teased him and said, "Isn't that an ahjussi's taste preference?" and Key immediately disagreed. Dana then said again, "I heard that SHINee eats fried chicken when their schedule ends late. Key replied, "Yes"

Key said that when he was a student, he will definitely dance BoA and TVXQ's new dances when he is on a school holiday vacation. He then added that he always thought that he cared a lot about the things he wear during vacation, but now when he sees those past photos, he feels very shameful. He felt that he could have just worn what he usually wears to school, but yet he wore weird clothing with weird hairstyles too.

Dana asked Key if he has any memorable radio stations that he remembers of. Key thought of it and said, "I don't remember the name of the station, but I do remember that I heard it in my mother's car. I think its M radio station."

Key said, "I was very nervous on my first radio schedule after our debut, that I thought all the radio scripts had to be memorised by heart." Dana then teased Key, and Key replied, "Won't you guys ever have such thoughts in the past too?" Dana said that she doesn't.

Key was reading a listener's letter, and the contents are about 'all love has its reasons'. Dana said, "Why must there be a reason to like someone?" Key replied, "Of course there will be a reason, if there isn't, then you can date with anyone."

Talking about stray cats, Key said that he has heard someone saying that 'you should not feed stray cats with any kind of food, since there will be certain types of food that are not suitable for them to eat, such as fish and shell types'. And after that, Key used a weird tone and said, "Aren't cats supposed to eat fish and shell type food?"

Key said that he is a person who can spot his weight gain immediately, so he feels stressed. Among the members, he and Onew are the ones who will slim down after gaining weight, but the other 3 members(Jonghyun, Taemin and Minho) have body types that allows them to look the same even if they have eaten more. So, Key will set 'Eat-what-you-want time period' and 'control-diet time period'. For 'Eat-what-you-want time period', he will eat whatever he wants, no matter the time, whereas for 'control-diet time period', he eats nothing but the main meals.

Key said that there was once when he was on a flight to USA, that he was sitting beside what seems like a honeymoon couple. And throughout the 10 hours of flight, he seems to have experienced a movie-like feeling, as he watches the couple quarrel and patched up again, and feeding each other, and they quarrel again. The very first quarrel was actually about the lady asking his boyfriend about why he did not kiss her, so Key felt really speechless at then.

Key said, "Majority of the kids will follow the path that their parents tell them to, and as a result they lose their dreams in real life, but actually, there are times when parents don't really understand us, just like how I wanted to be a singer from the start, but my father told me, "A quiet kid like you is not suitable to become a singer". But in actual fact, I was not a quiet child that he thinks I am. "

There was a listener who wrote a message, saying that her boyfriend's female friend always love to keep in close contact with him no matter the reasons, so now she is at a loss of what to do. Key said, "You should pressure your boyfriend, and tell him to clear things up with that female friend, since it must be her boyfriend that has done something wrong which has caused the female to stick to him."

Kor-Chi Translation: tsconditional
Chi-Eng Translation: sherylmilo @

Key said that among SHINee, Minho-goon is the only one who watches baseball matches. When they are rushing for schedules, Minho will use his handphone to watch it in their van. Everytime Minho talks about baseball, Key will always feel that he has nothing to talk about with him, since he only knows one baseball player (Lee Seung Yeop) , and the only soccer players that he knows of are Park Ji Sung and David Beckham.

Kor-Chi Translation: keybomi
Chi-Eng Translation: sherylmilo @

Dana said that when watching a musical, she does not like people who eat things while making a lot of noise, and also people who are talking or taking pictures. Key said that he sees all of these situations before, and it is even more obvious when you are seeing it on stage. Key said, "They think that we cannot see it, but actually, when I was doing musical, I looked at all of them them one by one, its just that they did not realise it."

Kor-Chi Translation: human-lock
Chi-Eng Translation: sherylmilo @

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