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Friday, September 30, 2011

[NEWS] 110930 SHINee did a photoshoot for JUNON

SHINee did a photoshoot for JUNON on 28 Sept. There will be a feature on SHINee & the Dec issue will be on the shelves on22 Oct.
Photoshoot location :


[TRANS] 110929 Key's Japan Mobile Fansite Update

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Everyone, Thank you so much for the wishes that you have given me. – KEY ♡

Source: asdayooooo
Translated by: NINGZzhi

Thursday, September 29, 2011

[VID] 110929 Jjong Starcall

SHINee's Jong Hyun revealed his Star Call recently.

It has been a while since i last heard of the SHINee boys,can't wait for their comeback already,anyone with me?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[INFO] 110929 Recochoku’s weekly download charts for 09/21~09/27

< Chaku-Uta (Ringtone) Weekly Ranking >

01/(00) “Step” – KARA

02/(02) “Ai wo Tomenaide” – Koda Kumi
03/(00) “LUCIFER (Japanese Ver.)” – SHINee
  04/(06) “CRAZY FOR YOU” – Kylee 
05/(05) “Zutto Kimi to…” – INFINITY 16 welcomez TEE & hiroko from mihimaru GT
06/(03) “Rising Sun” – EXILE
07/(00) “Darlin’” – BENI
08/(00) “i hate you” – ISSA × SoulJa + ROLA
09/(00) “Magic Power” – Hey! Say! JUMP 10/(11) “Flying Get” – AKB48

** “Chaku-Uta” are short versions (30~40 seconds long) of songs that can easily be used as ringtones (truetone). They are usually encoded in MP3, AAC, and other similar formats.

credit :tokyohive allkkpop

[NEWS] 110928 SHINee releases second teaser for Japanese ‘Lucifer’!

Via tokyohive:

After giving us a first look last week, SHINee has unveiled a second MV teaser for their upcoming Japanese remake of “Lucifer“!

Closely following its original, the teaser features the five young men in front of a dark backdrop with a variety of coordinated outfits, from a red and black set to silver and white. Complete with CG effects, we’re sure that this music video will be absolutely sizzling.

The full release is scheduled for October 12. Until then, check out this teaser!

credit : allkpop

[NEWS] 110928 SHINee will perform at KBS Free Concert!

As the leading authority of the hallyu wave around the world, allkpop is proud to be the premier source for the hottest and freshest Korean entertainment gossip and news to the online global audience. On October 8th and 9th, we’re stepping out of the online realm and into Ridgefield, New Jersey for the “29th North Eastern Korean Festival & 15th Agro Exhibition.”

We’re excited for another opportunity to meet all of our readers & fellow K-pop fans in person! The same morning & afternoon of the concert, allkpop will be participating in the official pre-concert festivities at Overpeck Park in New Jersey.

Remember that epic allkpop booth we had for Korean Music Festival? Well, we’ve teamed up with SK Planet and Starcall to bring you an even bigger, better, and more entertaining booth event. We’ve literally doubled the size and doubled our freebies, for even more fun this time around! Come show us your love/pride for allkpop by wearing our colors! You never know, you may be picked randomly to win a special gift! Also, Starcall has a very special item that will be in extremely high demand by all of our K-pop fans, so make sure to drop by to find out how to get it!

With our resident  DJ REX (@rex_music) performing his freshest K-pop mixes LIVE at our booth, the allkpop staff will be giving away merchandise, and other concert goodies for FREE. **We have also confirmed some very special guests to visit our booth, so keep your eyes peeled for surprise appearances throughout the day!**

KBS‘s 2011 star-studded concert will showcase TVXQ, 2PM, B2ST, SHINee, 4minute, SISTAR, Kim Tae Woo and the beautiful Lee Hyori will serve as MC. This will be a concert of epic proportions and over 10,000 people are estimated to attend. What better way to get pumped, than with us!?

credit :allkpop

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[NEWS] 110927 SHINee’s Taemin to showoff a manly image on ‘K-STAR news’

On an upcoming episode of SBS E!TV‘s ‘K-STAR news‘ hosted by Son Ho YoungSHINee‘sTaemin will reveal a whole new transformed look.

Well known for appealing to the older generation of women with his cute and fresh image, Taemin will reveal a more grown-up, sexy and manly look on ‘K-STAR news’. SHINee’s average age was 17 when they first debuted and Taemin held the most innocent and cute look because he was the youngest out of the group. Taemin attracted the ‘noonas’ with his slim, and young figure along with his adorable antics so noonas should be interested with his image change on this upcoming program.

Additionally, the show will discuss the frenzy of girl group comebacks for the second half of 2011 andMBLAQ‘s Lee Joon will also be featured on the show.

SBS E!TV’s ‘K-STAR news‘ airs every Friday at 10PM.

Source & Photo: SBS via Naver / allkpop

Monday, September 26, 2011

[[FA] 110926 An old man (aujussi) buying Onew’s Autographed Shoes for Charity Auction

Went out with my mom as we were busy with something. We were walking to the childrens park that was near our home whilst holding onto the kimbap we just bought as well as looking at the animals that were on the way too.

We felt tired and was about to head home on the train when we saw a crowd of people surrounding a charity auction event or maybe a charity auction selling celebrity worn goods… so we decided to take a look.

Suddenly, mom grabbed my hand and said there was Onew’s shoes ㅋㅋㅋㅋ eh? Took a look and saw really, Jinki’s signed shoes were there!! Then I turned my head and was about to say “mom, me too…” but from mom’s expression I could see the “if-I-participate-in-the-auction-I-will-die” atmosphere so I could only shut-up and look.

At the end, Jinki’s shoes was auctioned off to an ahjussi (old man). Shoes, bye-bye!

Anyways, I always feel so happy to bump into anything related to the kids on a random basis.

Source: cherryzzi
English Translation by: vivz @ soompi

Sunday, September 25, 2011

[AUDIO] 110925 Key's Surprise Birthday Party

[VID] 110923 SHINee Key Star Call

[INFO] 110925 Latest Ranked of Korea MV on youtube.


The latest ranked of Korea MV on youtube.
SHINee is no. 8 (RingDingDong), 10 (Lucifer), and 23 (Hello)
via pure idiot136 / shineeworldindonesia

The latest ranked of Korea MV on youtube.
SHINee is no. 8 (RingDingDong), 10 (Lucifer), and 23 (Hello)
via pure idiot136 / shineeworldindonesia

[TRANS] 110925 [TRANS] SHINee interview on Japanese Monthly TV Guide Magazine

Q: One good memory you have with the members? Onew: Traveling the world and getting to try a lot of different food dishes.
Taemin: When I find out about their secrets.
Key: Getting to travel to different countries!
Jonghyun: Performing infront of alot of people with them!
Minho: When I’m spending time with them~

Q: If the world is ending, what’s the last food you’d like to eat?
Onew: Fried chicken! I want both Japan’s and Korea’s!
Taemin: if there’s time to eat, I’d rather spend that time with my friends!
Key: A hamburger meal! I want to not think about anything and just eat.
Jonghyun: An apple.Minho: Mom’s cooking.

Q: Any mischievious incidents recently?
Onew: I used to take care of chicks. I would pretend to feed them but not let them eat the feed.
Taemin: I’m really forgetful. Once, hyungs hid my cellphone! I spent such a long time trying to find it.
Key: On my birthday, the members pretended to quarrel. I was really upset and cried!
Jonghyun: Key brought some ramen from Korea when we went to Japan. I ate it when he went shopping. Sorry~
Minho: Once, I stuck my foot at the back of the seat in the car. It was really satisfying hearing Key shout “I can’t push it down!”

Q: Something you’ve heard that has made a big impression?
Onew: I’m photogenic.
Taemin: When I’m onstage, ah~ The fans’ cheers.
Key: That I’m a very optimistic person.
Jonghyun: Thank you.
Minho: Good-looking.

Q: Something small that has made you feel happy recently?
Onew: Getting to eat yummy food!
Taemin: A good dream! The details are secret.
Key: Good food.
Jonghyun: Watching alot of good TV shows.
Minho: Sleeping in until the skies are dark.

Q: What is one thing that you’d like to do forever?
Onew: Lead a happy life with my family.
Taemin: Diving? I really like dolphins, so I’d like to be in the water.
Key: Work. I’m a workaholic (laughs).
Jonghyun: SHINee of course!
Minho: Try new and different food dishes.

Source: Japanese Monthly TV Guide Magazine
Translation by: ohatoms

[TRANS] 110924 Japanese Magazine “RAY” OCTOBER 2011 ISSUE- ONEW INTERVIEW

Credit: as tagged

[TRANS] 110924 SHINee - Lucifer Japan Version Lyrics

ねえ どうしたら良い?
ただひとつ愿うよ まだ爱してくれるのなら
もう终わりにして Her whisper is the Lucifer
だけど无理して どうにかつないで
一人で 対応してこれたら

ただその瞳は like 一切実际いちころ
すべてを受け止めたい 虏

直视さえもできない たたたた たじろいで
君が仆を{ }
だけど无理して どうにかつないで
一人で 対応してこれたら
Loverhollic Robotronic Loverhollic Robotronic
交わした约束 まだずっと仆を狂わす
诘まってしまう言叶 NoNoNoNo no want me
もうおかしくなる きききき 君が中心
もう目の前の君しか见えなくなって yeah
だけど无理して どうにかつないで
一人で 対応してこれたら
{  }
もどかしくても 相当じれったいよ

心も体も夺った その 待った
近づく{ }かける暇さえなかったんだ
目を背ける言叶を惑わしてそう あるいは
络まったこの手の{ }意味はtell me why
だけど无理して どうにかつないで
一人で 対応してこれたら

now Let’s goすべてをいっそ
{ }Let’s go自由にしてよ
now Let’s go { }
{ }Let’s go { }しないよ
だけど无理して どうにかつないで
Loverhollic Robotronic Loverhollic Robotronic

 Source : Baidu and
I cant even hide
No matter where I go

So what should I do?

I only have one wish. If you do not love me
Stop it.. Her Whisper is the lucifer

This love is meaningless
But we still force it to work out, in the end pain is all we left with
Being alone compared to now
I will still only love you

Cannot escape from the Lucifer
Your forces are as powerful as the Lucifer
Once fallen in love with you, reality is crushed
I want to stop all this

First time having met you
Is only a brief encounter but it felt like our relationship will last forever

I cannot look into your eyes because retreat(?)
You will make me

Have decisions set, you kept making me go crazy
What you hope for is not perfection
Unable to speak out NONONONO no want me
It is getting weirder YOU YOU YOU YOU you are the focal point

Must have chosen the wrong path and yet have forgotten
Now I can only see you, what’s in front of me .. yeah
Miss you more and more

This love is meaningless
But we still force it to work out, in the end pain is all we left with
Being alone compared to now
I will still only love you

More and more annoyed more and more worried
Just because I cannot answer you

Other than worry
I am unable to carry out other tasks


Having my body and soul taken away, I can only wait
Near.. there’s no way to escape
Avoiding the stares Seemingly mystified by these words
Binding both hands Means tell me why

This love is meaningless
But we still force it to work out, in the end, pain is all we are left with
Being alone compared to now
I will still only love you

Just like a clown locked up in a glass castle
Now Let’s Go, let’s leave everything behind
~Let’s go, reach for freedom

Unable to draw the lines, everything ends up in pain only
Now Let’s Go~
~Let’s go, I dont want to do this anymore

This love is meaningless
But we still force it to work out, in the end pain is all we left with

Loverholic Robotronic
Loverholic Robotronic

Once our gaze have met, it is unable to escape from the clutches of Lucifer

Chinese English Translation by Soundtracklove@Soompi

[INFO] 110924 SHINee on Japan “MJ Present’s KPOP Special Edition” on 25th Sept

土曜深夜24时から「MJ presents K-POPスペシャル」を放送します。



Translation :
Saturday 0000h “MJ Present’s KPOP Special Edition” will be broadcasted.

There will be singing, dancing, talking, fun and laughter!

It include 43 min worth of the latest kpop news like 2NE1, Kara’s little sister - Rainbow, and the famous “Cat Dance” by Tiara.

Kara and 2pm videos will also be broadcasted. In addition, SNSD, SHINee, BOA, Beast latest concert videos and afterschool etc videos will be shared.

Source :…log/2011/09/22/
Origin : Weibo
Chinese-eng translation : soundtracklove@soompi

[PIC] 110923 Key birthday gifts from Various Fansites

110923 Key birthday gifts from “SweetKey”

Credit: Key_Flower50
Via: shineetown

110923 Key birthday gifts from “Keysyou”

Credit: sharron
via: shineetown

110923 Key birthday gifts from “Keyandu”

Source: keyandu | Reup: ooSHINeSTARoo@Soompi

110923 Key birthday gifts from “sweet spring”

From: sweet spring weibo
via: baidu

110923 Key birthday gifts from “keyboard”
click image for larger view

Credit: keyboard