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Monday, December 31, 2012

[INFO] 121230 SHINee will have a special stage with labelmate f(x) on MBC Gayo Daejejun

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SHINee will have a special stage with labelmate f(x) during this year's 2012 MBC Gayo Daejun.

The 2012 MBC Music Awards will take place on December 31, and the broadcast will run from 8:50 PM - 1:20 AM KST. A total of 45 teams and 165 artists will appear.

Source: MBC Official Website, Valskcom
Written by: ScratchMyTofu @

Sunday, December 30, 2012

[TRANS] 121230 Tweets Mentioned SHINee

SM Choreographer Facebook update mentioning SM 7 (Includes Taemin & Minho) 121230 
Yesterday cool poppers unfold hottest SM7
Even though it is a pity that Yunho isn’t here
Everyone has worked really hard and gotten ready
Love you guys!
Luv ya
Credit: Shim jaewon
Translation credit: Forever_SHINee [1]  
SM Choreographer Facebook update mentioning SM 7 (Includes Taemin & Minho) 121230 
Yesterday cool poppers unfold hottest SM7
Even though it is a pity that Yunho isn’t here
Everyone has worked really hard and gotten ready
Love you guys!
Luv ya

Credit: Shim jaewon
Translation credit: Forever_SHINee [1]
@: Because of his busy schedule, we took this photo without Yunho hyung but SM 7 & Beatburger Shim Jae Won, Hwang Sang Hoon!!! Everyone worked hard despite being busy~ It's been a while since got to enjoy dancing!! Someone edit in Yunho hyung please kkk
Key was mentioned in Hyosup’s Twitter 121230
오오 우리 기범이 잘나옴 에뛰드 왁스 모멘트:나쁜남자 컨셉 
Ohoh~ Our Kibummie next Etude Wax Moment: Bad Guy Concept
Credit: spiffyhyosup
Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee
Key was mentioned in Hyosup’s Twitter 121230
오오 우리 기범이 잘나옴 에뛰드 왁스 모멘트:나쁜남자 컨셉
Ohoh~ Our Kibummie next Etude Wax Moment: Bad Guy Concept

Credit: spiffyhyosup
Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee

@/kimkasu: Write it as the dignity of idols and read it as Taemin! I send huge applause to his humane character and musical talents! I cherish you a lot! Artist Taemin! After everyone fell asleep in 2012.

@/kimkasu: 2012 SBS Gayo Daejun rehearsal ...

trans cr: shiningtweets 
SHINee was praised by KBS Gayo Screenwriter
Most Liked Show ‘SHINee’ Stage. The perfect idol to follow have been possible… Reassuring still shining, even more^^
Credit: fingeren
 Rough Translation: Forever_SHINee

Saturday, December 29, 2012

[INFO] Winners from the ’2012 SBS MTV Best of the Best’ Awards

The Winners from the ‘SBS MTV Best of the Best‘ Awards have been announced.
A special online voting system allowed fans to log into the SBS MTV Korea / Daum websites and pick the ‘best’ entertainers of the year in various categories. Winners included Super Junior, SHINee, B.A.P, f(x), Wooyoung, and BoA.
Fan votes from the SBS MTV Korea and Daum websites counted for 40% each, for 80% of the total. Judges determined the rest of the 20%, and the voting ran for 14 days from December 3rd to December 16th.

Artist of the Year

Super Junior

Male Group of the Year


Female Group of the Year


Male Soloist of the Year


Female Soloist of the Year


Rookie of the Year

Congratulations to the winners!
Source: SBS MTV Staff Twitter
cr: allkpop

[NEWS] 121228 SHINee’s Taemin suffers a wardrobe malfunction on ‘KBS Gayo Daejun’

SHINee‘s Taemin suffered a wardrobe malfunction on ‘KBS Gayo Daejun‘.
During their stage of ”Sherlock” with a mix of “Clue” and “Note“, SHINee showed off their usual incredible live performance. The boys kept up their perfect vocals even with their intense, complicated choreography without a hitch except for one.

The actual problem came with a wardrobe issue that had some fans smiling. Initially, SHINee’s multi-colored, tie-dye suits had some fans wincing, but the mood soon changed when maknae Taemin’s seams burst open during one of the dance moves. However, Taemin handled the situation professionally, continuing with the performance like nothing happened.

Check out their incredible performance below! The malfunction occurs at around the 4:38 mark.
cr:  allkpop

Friday, December 28, 2012

[NEWS] 121228 Onew wins first place in the Candypang Battle contest, claiming a prize of 10 million won

Posted Image

Onew has been righteously crowned the victor of WeMade Entertainment's Candypang Battle contest! As many have noticed, Onew has been religiously devoted to the battle, tweeting screenshots of his scores every so often throughout the past month.

The contest was open to all celebrities and a variety of stars participated in the contest which took place from December 5th to December 27th. It not only attracted celebrity participants but also involved fans who could support the ideals by leaving comments through SNS. The official winners of this contest have been announced today on the 28th.

Onew's monetary winnings from his triumphant victory amounts to 10 million won ($9338~ USD), accompanied by the special prize of a 10,000 Candypang hearts coupon! Second place went to 1kyne of Electro Boyz, and third place went to gagman Moon Kyubak.

A huge congratulations to our devoted gamer! His score screenshots can be found below.

Source: Candypang Battle Official Site
Translated by: kimchi hana @

[INFO] 121228 SHINee to appear on the January 20th episode of NHK Music Japan

Posted Image 
SHINee will be appearing on Japanese music show "NHK Music Japan" on January 20th, 2013 (Sunday).
The broadcast will air from 6:10 to 6:40 PM JST.

Source: shinetter
Written by: joAnnwashere @

[NEWS] 121228 Was ZE:A’s “Phoenix” originally meant for SHINee?

Posted Image

The composer for ZE:A‘s “Phoenix“, Albi Albertsson, released his demo version for the song.

The vocal guide for the demo version is in English instead of ZE:A’s Korean, and the title ‘V2 Original Demo’ seems to hint that this was the song while in its beginning stages. One of the most noticeable parts of the song is that near the beginning, around the 0:13 mark, the vocal guide seems to say, ‘SHINee. We’re back‘, hinting that the song might have been originally meant for SHINee. In ZE:A’s song, at the same point they instead say, “ZE:A. We’re back“.

Listen to the demo version here. What do you think the song would have sounded like it was sung by SHINee instead?

Source: allkpop
Shared by: joAnnwashere @

[NEWS] 121228 SHINee &others win awards for Tower Records Japan’s ‘K-POP LOVERS! AWARDS 2012′

The list of nominees and winners for Tower Records Japan‘s ‘K-POP LOVERS! AWARDS 2012‘ has been revealed!
The winners are based on total sales from all Tower Records stores as well as polls conducted through Facebook and mixi.
Check out the list below!


<Artist Nominees>
Girls’ Generation

<New Artist Nominees>

<Album Nominees>
“Midnight Sun” – BEAST
“Mama” – EXO-K
“Electric Shock” – f(x)
“20 twenty” – FTISLAND
“Sherlock” – SHINee
“Sexy, Free & Single” – SUPER JUNIOR
“Jewelry box” – T-ARA
“GIRLS’ GENERATION II ~Girls&Peace~” – Girls’ Generation

<Single Nominees>
“Masquerade” – 2PM
“Oyasumi good night -Japanese ver.-” – B1A4
“Be My Shine ~Kimi wo Hanasanai” – BOYFRIEND
“Where you are” – CNBLUE
“Be Mine” – INFINITE
“Speed Up / Girls Power” – KARA
“Heat” – Kim Hyun Joong
“Dazzling Girl” – SHINee
“Sexy, Free & Single” – SUPER JUNIOR
“PAPARAZZI” – Girls’ Generation


<Artist Winners>
Grand Prize: 2PM
Second Place: SUPER JUNIOR
Third Place: B1A4
Third Place: SHINee

<New Artist Winners>
Grand Prize: EXO
Second Place: NU’EST
Third Place: B.A.P
<Album Winners>
Grand Prize: “Sexy, Free & Single” – SUPER JUNIOR
Second Place: “Sherlock” – SHINee
Third Place: “ALIVE” – BIGBANG

<Single Winners>
Grand Prize: “HEAT” – Kim Hyun Joong
Second Place: “Masquerade” – 2PM
Third Place: “Sexy, Free & Single” – SUPER JUNIOR

Source & Image: Tower Records
cr: allkpop

[NEWS[ 121228 SHINee’s Taemin and Kim Won Jun to collaborate for the ’2012 SBS Gayo Daejun’

SHINee‘s Taemin and Kim Won Jun will be holding a collaboration stage for the ‘2012 SBS Gayo Daejun‘.

The theme of the ‘SBS Gayo Daejun’ this year is ‘The Color of K-Pop’, and the producers of the show have worked hard to incorporate the various colors of each idol group into collaboration stages. KARA‘s Hara will be performing with Kim Wan Sun, and 2NE1‘s CL will be performing with Sung Si Kyung.
Kim Won Jun also revealed that he would be working with Taemin through his Twitter account. He shared the above photo and also wrote,

Source: Kim Won Jun’s Twitter
cr: allkpop

[TRANS] 121227 Minho Japan Mobile Site Update

Hello everyone on fansite.
This is Minho.
I was really happy to be able to meet everyone a few days ago.
To see the SHINee’s penlight colours, it has given (us) lots of courage and passion.
Thank you so much, always.
Year 2012 is also nearing the end right!
It really feels like it ended too soon, I guess I really want to cherish the time we spent together with everyone.
So, even in year 2013, let’s creates lots of memories!
Everyone, please be careful not to catch a cold and celebrate a warm year-end!
Well then, Have a Happy New Year ~ 
Source: SM Ent. Japan Inc
Credits Minoutshine
Japanese-English Translations: Forever_SHINee [4]

[INFO] 121227 Minho to attend the SBS-TV 2012 SBS Drama Awards on December 31st

Posted Image

After much dedication spent filming the SBS drama "For You In Full Blossom", our shining actor Minho is confirmed to be attending the SBS-TV 2012 SBS Drama Awards.

The awards will take place at 8:50 PM KST on December 31st, held at the SBS Prism Tower in Mapo-gu, Sangam-dong, Seoul.

Source: SHINee's Schedule
Shared by: joAnnwashere @

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

[INFO] 121226 Jonghyun and Taemin to perform in the KBS Gayo Daejun special stage, “Idol Super Band”, airing December 28th

Posted Image

Jonghyun and Taemin will be taking part in KBS Gayo Daejun’s special rock band stage titled “Idol Super Band”. B2ST’s Yoseob, Infinite’s L, 2AM’s Changmin and Jinwoon, CN Blue’s Minhyuk, and B1A4’s Jinyoung will also be taking part.

Idols involved in Idol Super Band will be singing a medley of songs by their sunbaes from the 90’s.

KBS Gayo Daejun will air on December 28th at 8:50 PM KST.

Source: _1oO4, Yongjunim
Shared by: joAnnwashere @

[TRANS] 121225 Taemin Japan mobile site update

“1000 Years, Always Be By My Side” Special: MV Shooting Episode

Right next to the MV filming location is a sea. Even though it was quite a steep path towards the beach, Taemin still wanted to watch the sea from up-close so he went out for the adventure!
Taemin who determined to take the picture of the high wave gathered his courage and got into the sea. After that his pants were completely wet (laugh)

Source/Credit: minoutshine
Translated by: red @

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

[TRANS] 121225 SHINee's interview in MAQUIA Magazine, February 2013

The true selves of the 5 men that we want to know more about.
The men who are too beautiful, SHINee!
These guys, who charmed their fans with overwhelming singing skills and performances as they crossed over boundaries and generations, are actually in their 20's. They shared a lot of things with us, from their thoughts on love and lifestyles to the episodes in their latest MV.

The comforting leader who shields the members with his gentle and calm heart.
Born on December 14, 1989. The kind-hearted leader of SHINee. His charm lies in his mellow, soothing singing voice which is also filled with warmth. The place he wants to go in Japan is Fuji-Q Highland!

The big brother who is delicate and a romanticist with a strong character.
Born on April 8, 1990. His powerful and strong high-tone voice is his charm. He is recently into the mobile game where you guess the drawing.

Going to the max in his world! The beautiful fashionista.
Born in September 23, 1991. The stylish leader who turns any fashion to be his own. He is so good at taking care of others that the members regard him as "being like a mother".

Even active as an actor. A miraculous well-proportioned body that houses a passionate heart.
Born in December 9, 1991. A pleasant reverberating low voice is his charm. With style like a model's and a sweet mask, he was even involved in television dramas. There's a fuming side of him that hates losing as well.

He is currently rapidly evolving into a man. The lovable maknae you can't keep your eyes off.
Born in July 18, 1993. The one with various styles of rare dance skills. Being doted on in the group as he is the maknae. The dream he wants to fulfill in Japan is "to swim along with dolphins in Okinawa".

Approaching these 5's sparkling secrets!!
The 5 members who keep on evolving and displaying their charms.
A direct interview to explore on the 'origin' that creates such sparkles!

"Ponytail with one piece is the best!"
SHINee's leader, Onew. "Although I am the leader, I don't think I am the one who leads them forward. It's because the members are doing well on their own already (laugh). My role is more like watching over them from the side." His peaceful and gentle smile during the talk corners during concerts captivated so many people, making them say, "Watching him is enough to comfort me," and "Even my expression softens naturally!"

What is his secret in keeping such a smile even in his busy days? "(Laugh) I think as long as you always keep your mind at peace and take it easy, then you will just smile when you're relaxed. I work hard to be that way. Even so, if I can't be relaxed... I'll sleep (laugh). Then everything is reset!"

What kind of girls' fashion does he think is cute? "I like girls who suit one piece dresses. Also, I like ponytails! I suppose I like those with an innocent look."

He reads a lot of books without sticking to any specific genre. So what kind of book has he read recently? "I wanted to learn anatomy, so I bought a book on it. The reason? I was somehow interested in it (laugh)."

"I won't lose to anyone when it comes to pranks (laugh)."
Jonghyun is a charmer with his powerful and strong high-tone voice. Along with a singing voice that resounds in the heart, he also gains attention with his beautifully built muscles. What kind of training does he usually do? "The one that I usually do everyday is cardio exercise. I run on the running machine. I don't run that much though, around 20~40 minutes."

He likes pranks so he is feared(!?) by the members. What kind of joke did he pull recently? "I prank called Taemin (laugh). I called him when we were separated only by a small distance but I pretended like I was somewhere far away. I asked him, 'You're doing this right now, right?' Taemin was so shocked, he asked, 'Hyung, what are you doing!' It's like he thought I was stalking him (laugh). Taemin is my easiest target. He gets fooled easily (laugh)."

What is the thing that one has to take care of regarding looks or health? "Sleep. I think it's important for our body to have a good sleep. I had difficulty sleeping before. I tried various ways to warm up my body before going to sleep like drinking hot milk or taking a bath. I found myself relaxed and I slept well."

"I'll think of the concept first when choosing my clothes."
Key's Japanese skills are really impressive and he barely relied on the translator. Even his stage name means "almighty key" as he is perfectly creditable in singing, dancing and rapping.

His unique hairstyles and fashions are usually attention grabbing. Is there any inspiration for his image? "I combine fashion that's in style and from old movies that I like, trying to turn them into a new style. Mixing vintage items and old clothes with the latest trend. I think there'll be a lot of that kind of style in winter this year. As for my own clothes, I think about the concept everyday and it's different everyday. Today's is HIP-HOP! (laugh). Since my hair is blonde now, I tried an old school look with sweatpants, big t-shirt, and rugged necklace!"

What kind of fashion would he advise to girls? "It may be harsh as it's cold (laugh), but I'm not really fond of girls wearing long pants so I suggest shorts with knee high socks. Then slip on something like her boyfriend's loose poncho. It will suit my fashion too (laugh)."

"I'm drawn to girls who are considerate about others' feelings"
Minho, who was active as an actor, was the main character for the Korean version of the drama "For You in Full Blossom" which was also popular in Japan. "Since it was my first time being the main character, every single day of filming was an important experience for me and it became a great memory. I went to various places like a mountain and sea for shooting. It felt like we were filming while enjoying a trip. The members are always around me but I was suddenly by myself, so sometimes I felt lonely. Still, when I feel the pressure that "I must accomplish this even on my own", I tend to put more effort towards it."

The filming for the drama consumed a lot of time and was quite harsh. In that situation, what was the key for him to keep his skin and body to be in the best condition? "Sleep properly. At least for 5~6 hours. The more, the better (laugh). I turn off the lights in my room to ensure a good sleep."

What kind of girl may charm him? "Someone who would wait, who takes good care of her boyfriend. By 'wait', I mean that rather than expressing her feelings, she'll try to understand her partner's feelings. I think it is important to be able to be considerate."

"Being 20, I guess there's a sense of responsibility as an adult?"
Taemin charms through his sincere yet cool look as he dances and his cute smiling face that he showed during the talk segments for live stages. "Rather than being told that I'm cute or cool, I'm happier to be told that my dancing or my singing is good, that I managed to deliver something in a musical aspect."

What is the secret for such fascinating and beautiful skin? "I pay attention to what I eat. I tend to avoid oily food and drink a lot of water. When I'm training, I drink around 3 liter. I have sensitive skin, so I choose skincare products that will keep my skin moist and smooth."

Well then, what kind of hairstyle and makeup does he prefer on girls? "It changes every time (laugh). I think I basically prefer light makeup. Still, it's best when the girl has a hairstyle and makeup that suits her."

If we calculate his age, he became 20 in Korea last July, so is there anything that has changed? "There's nothing that changed drastically, but I feel like my state of mind has changed. I came to think that I have to compose myself and be responsible. When I have to do something, I have to do it properly!"

Their activities in Japan this year are moving at full speed.
We just can't take our eyes away from the 'light' that is so dazzling.

The trick to improve your Japanese language skill is by having Japanese friends!
After finishing their solo interviews, everyone started to gather for the group interview. Taemin, who was the last to come among them, was about to sit. At that moment, the chair was pulled behind and he fell on his rear! The staffs were surprised but the members were having a good laugh. Among them, Minho had the expression of a mischievous kid... (laugh). In such a relaxing atmosphere(!?), the interview began.

- This year, you had vigorous Japanese activities along with your first Japan arena tour.
You also released 3 singles. "For 1000 Years, Always be by My Side..." is your first ballad single, isn't it?
J: I'm glad because I like ballad songs. Please be more attentive during my solo part (laugh).
T: We were filming near Mount Fuji for the MV.
O: It was refreshing to film outdoors. Even the air was nice ♪.
K: With Mount Fuji in the back, filming under the morning sun felt good even though the light was blinding. The snowy view of Mount Fuji was beautiful too~

- Mount Fuji is a place with mystical energy.
O: I guess it's like Gyeryongsan in Korea. You can get a good "aura" here as well.
M: Since I like mountain climbing, I'll definitely climb it someday.

- Everyone's Japanese skills seem to be improving. What is your secret?
J: I got myself a Japanese friend.
T: (Immediately cuts in) Is that friend a guy or a girl?
J: That's a secret! (Everyone had a good laugh)
K: (In Japanese) We came to Japan often, so conversing with Japanese staff was the best way to study. After all, there's a limit to "self-study". (The staff laughed hard upon hearing "self-study"). The determination to study from the basics is also needed.
(T/N: Key used the word "自主勉" which is not a formal word but still being used by the young people. The staff were amused by this.)

We will spend Christmas with Japanese fans this year as well ♡

- Seems like you're going to be in Japan for Christmas this year as well. So speaking of Christmas...?
M: We have work that day every year so I have the image of spending Christmas with the members and fans.
T: When I was a trainee, my parents gave me a puppy. I loved it from the first sight at the store and named it "Eve-chan".
K: Christmas is a big event in my family. My mother especially gets very excited. The tree is kept decorated until the weather becomes warm (laugh).

- If you were to exchange presents among members?
K: Socks to put in the presents!
O: I'll give Santa's large sack to Minho to have him put presents for me inside of it (laugh).

- Lastly, please tell us about your future ambitions.
J: We want to appeal with our very own songs, dances, and fashion.
T: Be bright and youthful!
M: Be cool and dashing.
O: Our charm lies in our ability to adapt into any situation. We wish to keep presenting pieces that display our individuality.

Want to know more about SHINee❤
We asked SHINee things about themselves that we're curious about!

Q: Which Japanese song would you like to sing next?
A: Oda Kazumasa's "Kotoba Ni Dekinai (Can't Express In Words)". When I first listened to it during high school, I was touched and thought, "He can sing with such voice!" Since then, I've always wanted to sing it.

Q: Which traveling destinations would you recommend to the members?
A: Key and Minho seem to be interested in going to Europe. Taemin likes leisure sports like me, so I guess Hawaii? Jonghyun loves Korea so he probably won't go on any vacations (laugh).

Q: What is your ideal Christmas date?
A: Holding hands, walking through a place where there is a lot of people, I guess. I admire such things because I can't experience it now. I'd like to go around eating delicious food (laugh).

Q: If you were to cook a dish for the members, what would it be?
A: Omelette for Onew for his breakfast. Since Minho eats a lot, fried rice for him. Key is pretty picky with food so luxurious cereal for him. Taemin..... I guess instant ramen is good enough (laugh).

Q: If SHINee were a band, what kind of instrument would each member play?
A: I think the instruments will only be types of guitars and drums. Key and Taemin seem like the kind who will play guitar in a flashy style. I'd like to assign drums that need to be played steadily to Onew and Minho (laugh). I will play the bass guitar which I played in junior high school.

Q: What is your ideal Christmas date?
A: I want to go somewhere with a lot of people. Like in Roppongi or Shibuya (laugh). It's because I don't go to such place often. I want to go around shopping and eating. I think nobody would notice me (laugh).

to KEY
Q: Have you ever gone shopping with the members?
A: I do shop with them! I'll go shopping around Apgujeong in Seoul with any member that is available at that time. We'd go to places like high-end shops that sell vintage items as well. I think I go out with Jonghyun a lot.

Q: Which fashion item would you recommend to the members?
A: Since I like it and I think it suits others as well, I recommend vintage T-shirts to everyone. I want to give it as presents, but I don't have time for that now. It's hard to even shop for myself (laugh).

Q: What is your ideal Christmas date?
A: Rather than going to a restaurant, I want to make a lot of food together that we usually see in American series like turkey and other difficult dishes (laugh). Then I'd like to go watch the fireworks together.

Q: We heard that you like games. What is the one that you're into right now?
A: Rather than me liking games, it's more like playing the same game all the time (laugh). That game is "Winning Eleven" for Play Station. It's a soccer game. That's the only game I really play all the time (laugh).

Q: Who would suit which soccer position?
A: I'd be a forward while Taemin would be a winger. Jonghyun a defensive midfielder, I guess? I feel like Key isn't supposed to play soccer (laugh). Maybe I'd let him do public relations stuff (laugh).

Q: What is your ideal Christmas date?
A: Haha (laugh). I had never thought about it but since it's Christmas, I'd want to do something to let it be an unforgettable memory. I'd like to blow out candles of a Christmas cake together.

Q: Which member is most likely to be a good father?
A: Key, I guess. I feel like he would confront the child in an attentive way while looking after him.

Q: If you were to watch Studio Ghibli films with each member, which ones would it be?
A: Rather than watching what with who, I want to watch together with all the members (laugh). It'd be more fun that way. I especially like "Howl's Moving Castle", "Spirited Away", and "Princess Mononoke".

Q: What is your ideal Christmas date?
A: We'd meet in the afternoon, have a light snack, and then walk around in the streets. As the night comes, I'd give her a present and have a romantic time. I want to move her by giving her a song that I composed myself.

Source: MAQUIA Magazine
Translated by: red @

[NEWS] 121225 SHINee's "shining" performance excited 12,000 people at "Music For All, All For One"

Posted ImagePosted Image

5 member K-Pop boy group SHINee made their appearance in the music event, "MUSIC FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE", that was held in Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo on the 23rd.

Composed of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin, SHINee debuted in 2008 in Korea. In June of last year, they accomplished to debut in Japan. They were one of the key performers for this event and performed the pop dance track "Dazzling Girl" as their first song, gaining the biggest applause from the audience that day.

Through the echoes calling out for SHINee, they continued by singing their debut song, "Replay - You're My Everything-". During the talk segment, Taemin commented, "I'm really happy to meet everyone by being on such a big stage." With an innocent smile, Key added in fluent Japanese, "I'm really glad that we're standing on the same stage as other great artists. Hot, isn't it? Everyone in Yoyogi is the best! This is off topic, but the temperature in Seoul is as low as -10℃. When we arrived in Tokyo, only the 5 of us looked like Eskimos. It was embarrassing. I'm sorry, this is just a trivial topic."

"I'm grateful that through music, I get to go to various countries and meet everyone like this," Jonghyun commented. Onew shared, "We've been doing our activities from June last year and throughout this one and a half years, I've had a lot of wonderful memories. Yoyogi is a place that I won't forget." Minho said, "Because of everyone, I got to make another precious memory."

Following their synced performance of "Sherlock" was their new song, "1000 Years, Always be by My Side...", which was released on December 12th. As the high notes reverberated, the gymnasium transformed completely into SHINee's color as green lightsticks lit up, drawing in the fantastic mood.

SHINee reappeared on the stage again as the call for encore wouldn't stop and they showed an all out performance of "Lucifer". They closed their stage by greeting, "Merry Christmas! See you again!" in the end.

"MUSIC FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE" is a live event that involves various impressive artists brought together by the sponsor, the big digital distribution site, "Recochoku" who also gains cooperation from all recording companies and music media. Last year, with the concept of "The unforgettable Christmas for the year that shouldn't be forgotten", artists that made their appearance delivered strong messages through "music", transferring the power to have the event continue on the following year.

■ SHINee's Set List
1.Dazzling Girl
2.Replay -You're My Everything-
3.Keeping Love Again
6.Love Like Oxygen
8.1000 Years, Always be by My Side...
Encore: Lucifer

Source: Modelpress
Translated by: red @

[FA] 121224 Fanaccounts from the SHINee World J Fan Club Event in Chiba

Onew suddenly took out his lip balm to apply it on his lips XDDD
src : kaoru31

Onew's wallet is LV brand.
src : Kaoru31

When Taemin wanted to open Onew's wallet, Onew kept saying "Andwae!! Andwae (NO!! NO!!)"
Src : Kaoru31

What is your own Charming point?
Onew : Voice!
Everyone then asked him to sing opera but it failed in the end.
Src : Kaoru31 

Whenever Onew put on his sunglasses, members will say that his sunglasses are too small, just like Michael Jackson
(s/n : I, myself don't understand this analogy XD)
Src : Kaoru31

Onew's favourite strange action is... crossing his legs and then gazing up.. and his gaze must have a feeling that it is full of emotions/meaning behind it
src : kaoru31

Onew's good point.
Onew commented about himself first : "I am very cute!"
The rest of the 4 memebers side-eyed him : so are you having your own conversation? It was so funny!
Src : whoischrsma

Onew good points.
Minho: "Ah, our Onew hyung, his airport fashion is 'old grandpa' style, he even borrowed his father's clothes to wear!"
Upon hearing this, Jongkey burst out laughing.
src: whoischrisma

Key's Impression of Onew :
Key: Old-fashioned airport style like a dad and is a very competent gamer!
Onew :"I really wore my dad's clothese before!"
Key "He is really not kidding!"
Src : 2350566065

Onew's good points.
(1) Airport fashion is very 'local' (s/n : meaning very old fashioned), like a dad.
(2) He is extremely good at playing games.
(3) Once he even wore his dad's clothes. Key: "he is not kidding!"
(4) Suddenly Taemin blurted out: "I really like Onew Hyung!"
src: Src : Cbaby__Br| Jp-chi : kaoru31

Onew draw lots from a box and picked one (mission) that requires him to make eye contact with a person without blinking. (Onew picked Taemin).
When Onew called out Taemin at the start, Taemin had already burst out laughing and said : "wait, wait a moment ^^ please re-start".
But in the end, Taemin immediately burst out laughing again. Taemin said that Onew's expression looks really interesting/funny from the front view.
Onew then did the same to the camera - that is, the cute action where both of Onew's eyebrows moved.
cr : _StarTaeMin 

(Regarding Jonghyun)
Q : Please talk about what you like about the other members? 
Key: Erm...nothing much in particular...ah! (when) he buys me presents!
Jonghyun: That is not something you like about me, it's the present that you like
Key: No no, those who buy me presents are good people
src: _crazyswj71| Jp-Chi : K-aten

When it was Jjong's turn to be commented on,
Minho: hmm~~ hmm~~ this~~
Jonghyun flared up: YAH! Can't you think of any (good points about me)?!!
src: whoischrisma

5 members comment about Jonghyun's good points?
Onew: He has good arteries/veins, blood is able to flow smoothly~"
Taemin: He has big feet
Minho: Big head, big face
Key: A good guy who gives me presents
src:  whoischrisma

Q : What do you like about Jonghyun?
Key : (I) like it when he buys me presents
 src : K-aten

Key: "2-3 years after our debut, I'm starting to be unsure of Jonghyun-hyung's good points (`ヮ´ )"
Src : Cbaby__Br| Jp-chi : kaoru31

Please talk about your own charisma - Jjong was troubled as he did not know what to say.
Minho interrupted him and said : "I KNOW! Jonghyun-goon's charisma is is hips~~"
Cr : whoischrisma 

Jonghyun's bag : Perfume; he has been using the same one for 2 years straight, medicine, lip balm, beef rice (yesterday's) - then Taemin used the chopsticks found in Key's bag to eat it up XD
Src : Kaoru31 

Jonghyun's perfume that he has been using for 2 years straight (J-shawols found it) :
via kaoru31

Jonghyun had an acting "explosion" an acted 'girlfriend' - he crossed his arms in front of his chest and pretended to be angry and walked towards the camera
Jp-chi : k-aten

(Regarding Minho)
When it was Minho's turn to be commented on about his good points.
 Members noted that he appeared in dramas; he is tall.
Jonghyun who was standing beside him mumbled: "So envious~~~"
src: whoischrisma

Minho's good points .
Key: "A good person! Yes! Next!"
Jonghyun had an earnest expression when he said :"I envy his height",
upon hearing what Jonghyun said, Taemin giggled.
Src : 071018x110627 | Jp-chi : k-aten 

"Evil Minho Report" :
The person who drank the sour drink has to be punished. Minho knew it beforehand which cup cointains the sour drink and even led/tricked Taemin to pick it. Upon seeing Taemin drinking from the sour cup, he laughed out loudly - so Taemin had to do the love confession to the camera"
Src : 2350566065 

Minho's bag contains :
Onew and Taemin's SWJ photobooth sticker/neoprints, Manga, some vocal/pronounciation helper, soccer game, sunblock, used drama script.
As Kibum flipped through the items, Key used a judging attitude and said : "Yah, you see, this is dirty = ="
Cr : whoischrisma 

Minho's bag - ① JAT photobooth sticker/neoprint ② Book (Key said that the book has been in his bag for about 2 years already!) ③ A cork in a paper cup (?); It is used to practice his voice/pronounciation - Key says that it is very dirty ④ Drama script ⑤ A sheet of very crumpled tissue paper.
src : kaoru31 

(Regarding Key)
Q : Please talk about what you like about the other members?
Jonghyun walked towards Key and placed his arms around his (Key's) neck and said : "What a nice colour".....
(s/n : outfit?skin? so vague) 
src: _crazyswj71| Jp-Chi : K-aten

Key's good point.
Suddenly Jonghyun snuggled his way beside Key and said : "His face looks good!"
and Key immediately praised Jonghyun! 
Src : whoischrsma

Your own charming point - Key : "For lips~ I am not too sure myself but my lips are frequently red!" But after he said it, everyone start commenting how white his lips are
Src : Kaoru31

Key mentioned that his favourite Japanese snack is Calbee Vegetable Fries (じゃがりこ) :
Src : Ring花椰菜

Key draw lots/ picked out a piece of paper with mission written on it. He was supposed to complete the task but he did not want to do it. He even threw the plastic ball that contained the mission towards the audience
src: mjy_mis| Jp-Chi : K-aten

Key lay out a new rule for (their) Japan (activities) today - "Whatever thing/event, Minho shall be the one to start off anything and everything"
Cr : whoischrisma 

Key's bag - There were all sorts of things like oil-absorption paper. Minho pulled out a sheet and wiped Key's nose. The both of them seemed to have kissed today. Many J-shawols present wrote that : Key said that his lips are the most charimatic and then he did "bobo" (kiss) to the camera. Minho then immediately rushed forward to kiss Key or something like that = = Will elaborate more if I find more details"
Cr : whoischrisma

Key's bag contains an Ipad, Chopsticks, Mirror, Chewing gum, perfume, oil-blotter paper - the chewing gum was given by Jonghyun-hyung
src : Kaoru31 

The action done by girls that Key likes is : When eating hamburgers, because of her hair is too long, she will tuck her hair behind her ears.
Src : Kaoru31

The food you would like to receive from Santa claus. Key "I want Macha! I love Macha the best! i want to drink it with Santa Claus!"
Src : Kaoru31 

There was a fanboy who shouted "Kiboma!" when the MC was speaking.
Kibum said that he feels shy/bad for being called out so suddenly, but is very thankful to him...
After the fan meeting has ended, they greeted everyone.
Key added: "With everyone, we will seek all of our dreams, and fulfill our dreams together". This has touched many fans that were present.
Jp-chi : k-aten

Taemin's good points.
Minho: (Taemin is) easily fooled. Just take a look at Taemin's face..even when you have no initial intentions to lie to him, (by just seeing him) you really want to lie to/tease him"
Key's conclusion: "That is because you are a bad guy" 
src: whoischrisma

Taemin's good points.
Minho immediately answered : "Taemin is easily fooled!"
Jonghyun angrily replied : "When asked about my good points, you took so long to even spill out a word; When it was Taemin's you answered so quickly!"
Src : whoischrsma

Everyone feels that Taemin's good points are:
 "(1) He is easily fooled/ easy to lie to",
"(2) He has a good body-line, he suits everything he wears"
Onew: "He looks like a chopstick~^▽^"
Src : Cbaby__Br | Jp-chi : kaoru31

The russian roulette for the night fanmeeting was tomato juice tobasco sauce (a sauce that is sour and spicy) - Taemin got the punishment again..
src : Kaoru31

Today's Russian Roulette is alcoholic champagne. One of the glass is especially sour.
When they played 'Rock, Paper, Scissors', the last 2 remaining players were Taemin and Minho.
Taemin actually picked the one that is sour, without carbonic acid.
Everyone said to Taemin: "Are you baka? (stupid)"
Taemin very manly drank it in one shot!
Src : sistar_natsu| Jp-chi : kaoru31

Taemin's Punishment was to make a confession to the camera!!
 Members decided that Taemin (should act out how he is like) after he has been drunk.
Only Onew fixed a date : 5am.
Taemin stumbled towards the camera and said one sentence: "PLEASE DATE ME!!"
Src : Cbaby__Br| Jp-chi : _StarTaeMin

Taemin's confession was : "Please date me?"
 (s/n : It was his punishment to make a confession to the camera for losing a game)
The entire venue momentarily died. Then all the members tried to persuade Minho to do a confession to the camera too. Minho thought for a very long time...
the audience kept chanting : "Minho, minho..."
So Minho finally said : "I like you.".
Everyone died again.
Src : 2350566065

Taemin caught a flu today T^T He kept having runny nose T^T
Src : 2350566065

Q : What is your favourite local food?
Jjong: "Regardless in Osaka or Tokyo, Minho only likes Eel Rice!"

MC: "What about Hokkaido?"
Jonghyun: "Hokkaido?"
Minho: "Eel rice!"
Taemin: "I like Kobe Beef!"
(s/n : Taemin is not answering to the question properly XD he talked about Kobe when he was supposed to comment on Hokkaido's food)
src: whoischrisma

Q: What did you eat at Hokkaido?
Taemin: Kobe beef
Key: He is such a KY, KY
(s/n : KY means someone who is unaware of his own surroundings and present situation, blurting out irrelevant or inappropriate comments)
src: nanakumaaaaaa| Jp-Chi : K-aten

There was a segment today where the members have to draw one another.
Taemin drew Minho : But since Minho had a slightly swollen eye on one side,
Taemin: "Minho-hyung is currently in a slightly tired condition/state. What I am drawing now is how Minho-hyung (look like) early in the morning!"
src: whoischrisma

Taemin's sufferings for today :
(1) Onew called him a chopstick
(2) Minho caused him to drink sour things
(3) Jonghyun said that Taemin looks like a fool when he laughs TT^TT 
Src : 2350566065

Taemin's bag revealed! : Paper with lyrics, vitamins, hand cream, BB cream and rubbish
src : mywing718 | Jp-chi : natsuyuzora

Taemin's lip balm is not in the form of a stick, but a small box (like those cream containers)
src : Kaoru31

Taemin has a secret journal/diary in his bag!
Jp-chi : _StarTaeMin 

Someone took out a coffee-brown envelope out from Taemin's bag; Taemin immediately snatched it and ran away XDDD it seems like he has written some song lyrics in it
src : Kaoru31 

What is your own Charming point? Taemin "For me, it should be dancing still" Then his hyungs helped him provide background music, he randomly moved his body and concluded his performance with Sherlock's pose.
Src : Kaoru31 

J-shawols all noted that Taemin used the chopsticks which has been used by Jonghyun and Key to eat his Beef Rice. I personally feel that it is rather normal since SHINee is a family~"
cr : _StarTaeMin

There was a take-away beef rice in Jjong's bag; Key had chopsticks in his bag.
so the amazing Mr Lee Taemin used Key's chopsticks to eat Jonghyun's beef rice...
Key-goon then exclaimed : "This (beef rice) was yesterday's!"
Jp-chi : _StarTaeMin 

Taemin couldnt finish his juice (mixed with Tobasco), so the other members played 'Rock Paper Scissors' to decide who to drink it up for Taemin. In the end, Minho (lost) and was chosen - he drank all the juice in one shot! He then ran frantically/crazily around the stage and shouted "WHO MADE THIS!~~~"
Jp-chi : k-aten

It was the Year of Snake (Zodiac) next year so the 5 of them drew snakes.
Taemin's snake look like this :
Jonghyun commented: "Is it (the snake) not in a good mood?"
Taemin: "Yes, (it) is not in a good mood" 
Src : _crazyswj718 | Jp-chi : natsuyuzora

The popular lingo used among SHINee themselves is “빵(bbang)” - which means bread, but in this case it has a much stronger connotation/meaning than "very".
So for example "Very delicious"--> "Bbang delicious!" hence other descriptions include "Bbang hot/warm", "Bbang handsome", "Bbang like"...
Cr : DC | Src : Ring花椰菜

During Sherlock, Taemin's ear mic almost fell off, Key helped him readjust (the ear mic)
Cr : Kaoru31

Minho faced Key and placed his hands on Key's shoulders/ hook around his neck and said to him : "Bbang Like you" (パン愛してる)
(S/N : Bbang is a popular lingo among SHINee members which means a stronger connotation/meaning of "Very")
Src : Ring花椰菜

There was a face-painting/drawing segment where all the members wore some christmas decorations. Key's face was surrounded by a coil of decorations (did not state what item it was) and he looks like a small tiger. This fan even drew a picture of him :
Jp-chi : K-aten 

Key said that his charismatic point was his lips. All the members gathered up to see his lips...
Taemin and Minho stood in front to look at it.
Onew and Jonghyun stood behind and twisted their body to look from the side. But since Jonghyun was not tall enough, he stood up tiptoes and looked as if he put in a lot of effort..
Jp-chi : k-aten 

SHINee Bag:
Key: a makeup kit/bag.
Taemin:  secret note and medicine.
Onew: a very huge adapter.
Minho: WINNING (soccer game)
Jonghyun: a box of beef rice from yesterday and Taemin ate it up.
src : Kaoru31 

What (food) do you want to receive from Santa Claus?
Onew "Tokyo Banana!"
Jonghyun "Apple! Because red suits Christmas~"
Taemin "Steak~because it is red!"
Minho "Spicy mixed noodles; because it is red!"
src : Kaoru31  

Food you would want to receive from Santa Claus :
Key : "For me... i want to drink Macha, because it is green~ but I really like macha. Our hotel always have it."
Jonghyun : "Then you dont have to ask Santa Claus/ wish for it since you can get it (so frequently!)"
Key : "I want to drink with Santa Claus.."
Jonghyun : "Santa Claus is very busy"
Key : "But....."
Jonghyun : "Santa Claus doesnt have the time!"
Jp-chi : k-aten 

When asked how did they spent their last Christmas?
Key: Last year... (I) drank champagne~"
then Onew commented softly: It is not shampoo~"
(s/n : the pronounciation of champage and shampoo is very similar in Japanese)
yuriko0916mu| Jp-Chi : K-aten

Segment "Use Kanji to write down your new year's aspirations!"
Onew "王; he wants a six-pack that looks like "王""(s/n : 王 means king but looks like abs XD)
Taemin "(星)A shining star!"
Minho " 初 (The beginning); not forgeting the humble beginnings"
Key "乐 (Happiness)"
Jonghyun " (身)Body"
Cr : whoischrisma 

Eng Trans by: Thepapergangster

[TRANS] OnHyun Tweets+Tweets Mentioned SHINee Update!

Merry~~ Christmas! Santa Claus!! ㅠㅜ Everyone, be careful of fires!
Credit: skehehdanfdldi

A message received from SHINee

Credit: Shim Jaewon

Members, it’s sort of really depressing with just five men for five straight years, right..? Ke. On top of that, five men in the dorms is just really severely depressing, right..? Ke. Since we see each other every day, let’s meet our friends next year.. keke. Everyone, merry Christmas!

Credit: realjonghyun90

Trans credit: shiningtweets

Monday, December 24, 2012

[TRANS] 121223 SHINee's interview in SWITCH Magazine, January 2013


They wish to lead this generation in music, fashion, and dance. SHINee claims the concept of "contemporary band" to describe those wishes while they continue to overwhelm the Japanese music market.
The latest image of 5 men who try to develop a showmanship that crosses over national boundaries and generations.

The new single that was released recently, "For 1000 Years, Always be By My Side..." which was penned by Junji Ishiwatari and lit up by the harmonization of those 5 men, is their first ballad to be released as a single. The MV has a storyline based on the song, and was created like a short movie with the same view as the lyrics.

It has been over 1 year and a half since their Japanese debut. How do they feel about their activities up until now?

"I experienced many things and got to enjoy my experiences with a lot of people." (Onew)

"I made a lot of friends. I'm also glad to be able to learn various details about Japanese culture." (Jonghyun)

"There's always something to learn whenever I come to Japan. That's why I always look forward to it each time." (Key)

"Through this year and a half we were able to build on a new career venture. I'm happy about it." (Minho)

"It's good that the distance between us and Japanese fans is now shortened." (Taemin)

This interview was done not long after the single "Dazzling Girl" was released. When asked about the song, Jonghyun, representing the 5 of them, answered, "This is a bright and cheerful song, so I wish that this song will be listened to once, every morning." The other 4 also approved.

"Isn't it good if you listen to it while making preparations to go out in the morning? Like, when you're putting on your make-up or choosing your clothes. Since it's a song about a dazzling girl, I think you'd spend the rest of the day with a bright mood." (Jonghyun)

We had them answer 12 questions that we prepared in order to catch a glimpse of their personalities at the time. We hope that everyone can enjoy each of their answers and give attention to this group who refreshed the self-proclaimed 'contemporary band' concept and took on a new pop sound.

The Newest Contemporary Band

01) What would you do if there's a "Dazzling Girl" in front of you?
02) What was the career point that left the strongest impression since the time of your debut up to today?
03) When and where can you feel the most relaxed?
04) Which SHINee song makes you feel the most excited?
05) A few words on your impression of Japanese fans.
06) What are the difficulties you encounter when singing Japanese lyrics?
07) Tell us one of the "things" that you cherish.
08) What is something that you want to try if you were able to have a long vacation?
09) What is the word that comes to your mind upon hearing the word "love"?
10) Is there anything else that you're absorbed in besides SHINee right now?
11) What is a word that represents the kind of person you are?
12) Let's say we look for SHINee in the dictionary. What do you think will be written there?

01) I think I'll pretend to be cool (laugh).
02) Every first stage in each country.
03) When I'm riding a bicycle.
05) Whenever we take any action, they will accept everything of us each time. I feel that way.
06) The pronunciation of "tsu" and "su".
07) I guess it's my eyes. Since "seeing" is my pleasure.
08) I don't have any clear idea where the place would be, but I want to go out somewhere.
09) The heart. There's no particular reason, just my intuition.
10) Bicycle.
11) Leisure.
12) A group of 5 members that is the most popular worldwide!!

01) Firstly, I'll make her laugh.
02) The first arena tour.
03) Sport gym.
04) "Ready or Not".
05) Everyone is reminiscent of a youthful girl.
06) The pronunciation of "tsu" and "su".
07) My blue wallet. There are important things like letters and pictures inside it.
08) Disappear (laugh). Probably turn off my handphone and run away to somewhere (laugh).
09) My mother. Because my mother's love was the first thing I received when I was born.
10) Muscle building.
11) Cheerful.
12) A contemporary band of 5 members.

01) Since I'm going to like someone who resembles me, I'll emphasize on our similarities.
02) Things that happened yesterday. Shot a PV. Things that happened recently always have the deepest impression.
03) Bathroom.
04) "Sherlock".
05) I think every little act of theirs is very delicate.
06) The pronunciation of "tsu" and "su".
07) Everything that's inside of my bag. Since I always bring a lot of things with me.
08) I want to prepare some time for me to improve myself.
09) It has to be realistic and predictable. But love is unpredictable.
10) Halloween. And it's because this is something that happened recently too (laugh).
11) Free.
12) Contemporary band. And each of the five members' names come after it.

01) I think I will earnestly keep on praising her (laugh).
02) I guess it's when we won the best newcomer in Korea.
03) Inside the car.
04) "Dazzling Girl".
05) They accept us with warm hearts.
06) The pronunciation of "tsu" and "su".
07) Earphones. I like listening to music so this is a must-have item.
08) Trip to Europe. I want to go to both countries I have already gone to and countries I have yet to go to.
09) Eiffel Tower. Because that's where I want to propose (laugh).
10) Soccer.
11) Outgoing. Positive.
12) Has a lot of popular songs (laugh).

01) I'll make the effort to meet her as much as I can. I'm the type who meets up frequently.
02) Our debut stage.
03) When I go to the sea along with my friends.
04) "Keeping Love Again".
05) They express their feelings sincerely.
06) The pronunciation of "tsu" and "su".
07) I guess it's the bracelet and ring that I always wear.
08) I can't think of anything right away, but I want to do something that usually can't be done.
09) Regret. Something that you regard as trivial, but is regretful when you think about it later.
10) Composing songs and writing lyrics. Because I just started to learn them recently.
11) Optimistic.
12) It'd be great if there's a long list of our awards.

Source: SWITCH Magazine
Translated by: red @

[NEWS] 121221 SHINee’s Minho and miss A’s Suzy Reveal Selca from Recent Music Bank Special Stage

Posted Image

On December 21, KBS 2TV‘s “Music Bank” shared on their official twitter page, “On today’s Music Bank end-of-the-year special episode, we have another special stage prepared for you! Wonder what these two have in store for us? Be sure to tune in and catch it!” and uploaded a photo of SHINee‘s Minho and miss A‘s Suzy.

The news of the unexpected collaboration quickly caught the interest of netizens who fawned over the pairing of the adorable idols who have each experienced tremendous support and affection from the public for their respective roles in dramas and in other projects.

As it turns out, the two reenacted a scene from the movie “Architecture 101,” in which Suzy starred in. It was used as the opening to 2AM‘s performance of Kim Dong Ryul‘s “Etude of Memories,” which was from the movie’s OST.

Netizens who saw the tweeted and photo commented, “They’re such a good-looking couple!” “They have such a bright aura around them visually” and “Even if they’re just standing next to each other, they look adorable.”

In related news, SHINee and miss A had passionate performances for Music Bank’s end of the year special on December 21.

Source: Soompi

[FA] 121223 SHINee at Music For All, All For One

#1 During a song interval for Dazzling Girl, Kibum happened to walk to the left side of the stage. His eyeballs moved to look towards the left, then towards the right, then he scanned the 2nd floor of the concert hall ~~ kekeke, he has seen our Pearlescent Sea! This lad was happy and smiled~ really cute~

#2 At the end of the concert, all the J-shawols shouted "SHINee" in unison and transformed the public performance into an encore SHINee concert. (SHINee sang Dazzling Girl, Replay, Strange, Love like Oxygen, Sherlock, 1000 years, Juliette, The World with You, Keeping Love again and Lucifer for encore.

#3 Taemin stood at the wrong position in the beginning for Juliette, and was reminded by his hyung (Key) before he corrected himself. | When they first came out, Jonghyun's ear mic had some problems so he went backstage to settle the problem. He then came out after the members shouted for him.

#4 Before SHINee came out, everyone was seated and there was a quiet atmosphere in the concert hall, as if everyone was quietly watching a musical. The most came only in the form of an applause when (the audience) were excited. When SHINee came out, everyone stood up in a split second and instantaneously there was a concert feel to the event.

#5 There was very little talk session today, and there were no MC (this time round), but we could tell that all five of them were extremely prepared, especially Onew and Minho, who were both prepared to speak in Japanese.

#6 121223 Onew x Minho - After singing Juliette, Onew immediately walked to away to get his towel without doing the ending pose. Minho then smacked Onew's butt and gave a (cute) "What are you doing!" expression, hahaha! so cute!!

#7 As usual, Minho is representative of the "black hole" in Japanese (s/n : meaning the one who is bad at something), he did not speak much. One of the sentence he spoke at the beginning "Everyone at Yoyogi is the best! Thank you for giving us such enthusiastic support". In the middle (of their appearance), he said another sentence "perhaps we will be having another arena tour after today, everyone, please come and play (have fun)!"

#8 121223 Yep that's right, a total of 9 songs! They seem as though they are opening a concert right! The crowd was even more enthusiastic than the fan meeting!

#9Order of their appearance performances : Dazzling Girl→Replay→TALK→Keeping Love Again→Juliette→stranger→LLO→Sherlock→TALK→1000 Years→Encore: Lucifer.

#10 "I personally saw Onew pass a towel to Jonghyun and he (Jjong?) picked it up and wiped his face. And after one of the song, both of them squatted in front of the speaker at the same time to drink water, wipe their perspiration and to take their microphone ahhhhhhhhh

#11 Key noted that it was as cold as -9 degrees celsius today. SHINee felt really shy wearing like eskimos. Onew commented : As of last year's June, SHINee has already debuted for 1.5 years, and since their first solo concert was held here so Yoyogi stadium is an extremely meaningful (venue) to SHINee.

cource: K-aten| whoischrisma| imharuharu
Trans by: thpapergangster

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

[TRANS] 121221 SHINee’s Japan Mobile Site Update; Minho

It’s the day with really clear view of Mount Fuji Minho was using his phone camera to take a shot for memory

Source: SM Ent. Japan Inc
Credits Minoutshine
Japanese-English Translations: Forever_SHINee [4]

Friday, December 21, 2012

[INFO] 121221 Music Bank setlist + Minho and Suzy to feature in 2AM's stage

Posted Image

KBS World posted a setlist for the year-end special of the music program, "Music Bank", that will be aired on the 21st. SHINee will participate in the festivities with a performance of "Sherlock". Minho is set to feature alongside miss A's Suzy for 2AM's "Draft of Memories" performance. At the end of the show, all the artists will take the stage to finish off with Mariah Carey's hit holiday song, "All I Want For Christmas Is You".

SHINee traveled to Japan on the 19th for their first ever SHINee World J fanmeeting at Osaka Castle Hall. They left the Kansai airport just a few hours ago and are scheduled to go to Music Bank once they arrive back in Korea.

Source: KBS World Facebook
Written by: kimchi hana @

[INFO] 121221 CNBLUE's Jonghyun talks about friendship with Jonghyun in Ceci interview

Posted Image

CNBLUE did a shoot with Ceci for the January edition of the magazine. The members had individual interviews and Lee Jonghyun talked about his friendship with SHINee's Kim Jonghyun. The following is an excerpt from the interview.

Q. We heard you’re close with SHINee's Jonghyun who is the same age as you.
A. We’re not close. Where did you here that sort of thing from? (He was serious for a moment.) Haha! The truth is that we are close. Jonghyun is always a bright and cheerful friend. During my newcomer days when everything was difficult, he comfortably approached me first and we became close. When we meet, we usually go out to eat meat. I often hear that I’m a "old child" but I feel like I return to my actual age when I meet up with Jonghyun. It feels nice.

Q. SHINee's Jonghyun tricked you into thinking he gifted you a <Diablo game CD> but it turned out to be chocolate crackers? Your reaction which he posted on Twitter was fun. That’s why it’s time for revenge. Spill one of his secrets.
A. That bad guy... But I will not do anything cheap. He is also a good guy so I will protect him.

Q. SHINee's Jonghyun, Teen Top's Jonghyun(Changjo), actor and model Jonghyun, and NU'EST Jonghyun. There are several Jonghyuns in the entertainment business. What do you think you are first place in?
1. I play guitar and sing.
2. I am the palest.
3. I am CNBLUE.

Source: Ceci January 2013
Translated by: kimchi hana @

[TRANS] Tweets Mentioned SHINee

Adding another lonely JH&JH:) CN Jonghyun has to be here to be a combo..
(T/N: He’s FTIsland’s Jonghun.)
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[FA] 121220 SHINee World J fanclub event

Select one of the members to be your lover:
Taemin → himself (Thinks that he is good enough when he looked into the mirror),
Minho (telling he likes woman before answering) → Taemin.
Key → Jonghyun
cr:lockxi via:yenn_yy

  • FM Minho: In order to communicate in Japanese more with everyone, I’m trying hard to learn Japanese. 
  • The reason why Key chose Jonghyun was because they can buy things and eat together. And both of them can get along very well.
  • The reason why Minho choosed Taemin as his “lover” is because he thinks that Taemin is very gullible
  • Jonghyun had to select a member and tell everyone what he likes about him. Jonghyun looked around and walked beside Key, after that Jonghyun held Key’s hands and both of them stepped out together. Both of them looked at each other and hugged. While the rest made noise behind. Jonghyun emphasized that it was just friendship, but the rest kept shaking their heads, showing an expression of disbelief.
  • MC asked them to choose someone from the members to be their lover. Onew chose Jonghyun, saying that he could be trusted and all. Taemin chose himself. Jonghyun chose Key because Key can cook. Minho hesitated for a while and someone from the audience shouted “Key”, Minho said it’s not Key and chose Taemin. Lastly it was Key’s turn to choose, he was very shy and buried his face into his arms and said “I choose Jonghyun”. The reason is that when Jonghyun shops and eats with him, his heartbeat increases.
Source : Whoischrisma || K-aten 
Trans : sojonghyun

  •  They sang birthday song for Onew and Minho.
    Onew: I feel that I have just celebrated my birthday once again.
    Minho: Can’t wait to celebrate my next birthday
  • Talked about Christmas presents
    Jjong: himself.
    Taemin: Kiss
    Key: villa
    Minho: Give the person perfume at a place with beautiful night scene.
    Onew: sleep outside using a sleeping bag, wrap himself like a caterpillar…
  •  FM : Talk→ Dazzling Girl → JOJO→ 1000years always by your side → sherlock → Ring Ding Dong
  •  Onew: “There will be more opportunities for us to meet again next year”
Source : Locxi || whoischrisma
Trans : yenn_yy

  • At end of the fan meet, Taemin announced a book limited to SHINee fanclub titled “Seek” will be coming soon. 
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Trans : bravelikelions

[TRANS] 121220 Japan Mobile Site Staff’s Blog Update; Onew

It is Onew’s peace (sign) together with Onew’s handmade decoration ~This korean characters ’ seniru (pronounce as ‘saeng il’) ’ , which is drawn here has the meaning of Birthday!

Source: SM Ent. Japan Inc
Credits Minoutshine
Japanese-English Translations: Forever_SHINee [4]

[NEWS] 121220 SHINee and more in this week's Oricon rankings

Another week, another series of releases which we hit off with the daily single and album charts for this week.

For the daily single ranking, CNBLUE took a second spot after having sold 24,001 copies of their newest single "Robot." For the daily album ranking, boy group Supernova's collection album made it to a third place. It sold 5,115 copies on its release date. Park Jungmin's first full length album "Midnight Theater", which was released under his stage name "Romeo," made it to the 15th place.

SHINee's "1000 nen, zutto soba ni ite" sold 40,017 copies since its release last week, getting them to a third place in the weekly rankings. They're followed closely by U-Kiss, whose newest single "Distance..." grabbed a 5th spot with 29,752 copies sold. Orange Caramel's "Lipstick/Lamu no love song" made it to the 12th place with 10,722 copies.

Selling 71,756 copies since its first day, Kim Hyunjoong's first full length album "Unlimited" sold enough CDs for a spot within the top 3. His album was the only new release in this week's weekly album chart.

What was your favorite release of the week?

The next coming weeks include releases by various other artists including, Allen Kibum (12/26), TVXQ (01/16), 2AM (01/09), Puretty (01/30) and CODE-V (02/06), U-Kiss (02/13) and Daesung (02/27) among others.

Daily Single
02. CNBLUE - Robot (12/19) 24,001 copies
21. SHINee - 1000 nen, zutto soba ni ite (12/12)

Weekly Single
03. SHINee - 1000 nen, zutto soba ni ite (12/12) 40,017 copies
05. U-Kiss - Distance... (12/12) 29,752 copies
12. Orange Caramel - Lipstick/Lamu no love song (12/12) 10,722 copies

Daily Album
03. Supernova - Supernova Collections (12/19) 5,115 copies
15. Romeo/Park Jungmin - Midnight Theater (12/19)
19. Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation 2 ~Girls & Peace~ (11/28)

Weekly Album
03. Kim Hyunjoong - Unlimited (12/12) 71,756 copies
14. Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation 2 ~Girls & Peace~ (11/28) 12,703 copies
31. Big Bang - Big Bang Special Final in Dome Memorial Collection (12/05) 5,364 copies
39. KARA - Girls Forever (11/14) 3,972 copies
43. Rainbow - Over the Rainbow (03/28) 3,584 copies

Source: Single (Daily & Weekly), Album (Daily & Weekly)
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

[TRANS] 121219 Key Japan Mobile Site Update

between little grashopper from big grashopper which one do you pay attention to? While catching grashopper, “this is my Jimmy (T/N: pinocchio) Introduced him to the staff. 
After that time, I keep dreaming about grasshopper for a while (laughing)
pic cr: minoutshine
translated by: shawolindo

[NEWS] 121219 SHINee’s Taemin expresses his thoughts on voting for the first time

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SHINee‘s youngest member Taemin expressed his thoughts on voting for the first time this year.

The idol, who turned 19 years old (Korean age: 20) this past July, shared, “As this time is my first time voting, I feel a sense of responsibility, and I’m also nervous.”

Taemin is reported to have taken time off to vote in person. He will be casting his vote today at 3PM in a school at Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu in Seoul.

South Korea's presidential elections begin today, December 19th.

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[NEWS] 121219 Actor Lee Hyunwoo expresses his close friendship with Minho

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In a recent interview for the 8th edition of Sina's new Hallyu Wave online magazine, Lee Hyunwoo revealed his close friendship with flaming charisma Minho of SHINee.

Sina asked, "During the filming process, who did you develop a deep friendship with?" The charming actor who portrayed the uprising soccer player Cha Eungyeol in the idol drama "For You In Full Blossom" expressed, "I think through the filming of this drama, I was closest to Minho hyung. Yes, I think I'm closest to Minho."

Upon reading the interview, fans commented, "Minho can get friends anywhere" and "Minho, why is it that you not only love to chase after hyungs, but also dongsaengs?"

Source: Sina Hallyu Wave
Article by: debcrazy @