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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

[FA] 121224 Fanaccounts from the SHINee World J Fan Club Event in Chiba

Onew suddenly took out his lip balm to apply it on his lips XDDD
src : kaoru31

Onew's wallet is LV brand.
src : Kaoru31

When Taemin wanted to open Onew's wallet, Onew kept saying "Andwae!! Andwae (NO!! NO!!)"
Src : Kaoru31

What is your own Charming point?
Onew : Voice!
Everyone then asked him to sing opera but it failed in the end.
Src : Kaoru31 

Whenever Onew put on his sunglasses, members will say that his sunglasses are too small, just like Michael Jackson
(s/n : I, myself don't understand this analogy XD)
Src : Kaoru31

Onew's favourite strange action is... crossing his legs and then gazing up.. and his gaze must have a feeling that it is full of emotions/meaning behind it
src : kaoru31

Onew's good point.
Onew commented about himself first : "I am very cute!"
The rest of the 4 memebers side-eyed him : so are you having your own conversation? It was so funny!
Src : whoischrsma

Onew good points.
Minho: "Ah, our Onew hyung, his airport fashion is 'old grandpa' style, he even borrowed his father's clothes to wear!"
Upon hearing this, Jongkey burst out laughing.
src: whoischrisma

Key's Impression of Onew :
Key: Old-fashioned airport style like a dad and is a very competent gamer!
Onew :"I really wore my dad's clothese before!"
Key "He is really not kidding!"
Src : 2350566065

Onew's good points.
(1) Airport fashion is very 'local' (s/n : meaning very old fashioned), like a dad.
(2) He is extremely good at playing games.
(3) Once he even wore his dad's clothes. Key: "he is not kidding!"
(4) Suddenly Taemin blurted out: "I really like Onew Hyung!"
src: Src : Cbaby__Br| Jp-chi : kaoru31

Onew draw lots from a box and picked one (mission) that requires him to make eye contact with a person without blinking. (Onew picked Taemin).
When Onew called out Taemin at the start, Taemin had already burst out laughing and said : "wait, wait a moment ^^ please re-start".
But in the end, Taemin immediately burst out laughing again. Taemin said that Onew's expression looks really interesting/funny from the front view.
Onew then did the same to the camera - that is, the cute action where both of Onew's eyebrows moved.
cr : _StarTaeMin 

(Regarding Jonghyun)
Q : Please talk about what you like about the other members? 
Key: Erm...nothing much in particular...ah! (when) he buys me presents!
Jonghyun: That is not something you like about me, it's the present that you like
Key: No no, those who buy me presents are good people
src: _crazyswj71| Jp-Chi : K-aten

When it was Jjong's turn to be commented on,
Minho: hmm~~ hmm~~ this~~
Jonghyun flared up: YAH! Can't you think of any (good points about me)?!!
src: whoischrisma

5 members comment about Jonghyun's good points?
Onew: He has good arteries/veins, blood is able to flow smoothly~"
Taemin: He has big feet
Minho: Big head, big face
Key: A good guy who gives me presents
src:  whoischrisma

Q : What do you like about Jonghyun?
Key : (I) like it when he buys me presents
 src : K-aten

Key: "2-3 years after our debut, I'm starting to be unsure of Jonghyun-hyung's good points (`ヮ´ )"
Src : Cbaby__Br| Jp-chi : kaoru31

Please talk about your own charisma - Jjong was troubled as he did not know what to say.
Minho interrupted him and said : "I KNOW! Jonghyun-goon's charisma is is hips~~"
Cr : whoischrisma 

Jonghyun's bag : Perfume; he has been using the same one for 2 years straight, medicine, lip balm, beef rice (yesterday's) - then Taemin used the chopsticks found in Key's bag to eat it up XD
Src : Kaoru31 

Jonghyun's perfume that he has been using for 2 years straight (J-shawols found it) :
via kaoru31

Jonghyun had an acting "explosion" an acted 'girlfriend' - he crossed his arms in front of his chest and pretended to be angry and walked towards the camera
Jp-chi : k-aten

(Regarding Minho)
When it was Minho's turn to be commented on about his good points.
 Members noted that he appeared in dramas; he is tall.
Jonghyun who was standing beside him mumbled: "So envious~~~"
src: whoischrisma

Minho's good points .
Key: "A good person! Yes! Next!"
Jonghyun had an earnest expression when he said :"I envy his height",
upon hearing what Jonghyun said, Taemin giggled.
Src : 071018x110627 | Jp-chi : k-aten 

"Evil Minho Report" :
The person who drank the sour drink has to be punished. Minho knew it beforehand which cup cointains the sour drink and even led/tricked Taemin to pick it. Upon seeing Taemin drinking from the sour cup, he laughed out loudly - so Taemin had to do the love confession to the camera"
Src : 2350566065 

Minho's bag contains :
Onew and Taemin's SWJ photobooth sticker/neoprints, Manga, some vocal/pronounciation helper, soccer game, sunblock, used drama script.
As Kibum flipped through the items, Key used a judging attitude and said : "Yah, you see, this is dirty = ="
Cr : whoischrisma 

Minho's bag - ① JAT photobooth sticker/neoprint ② Book (Key said that the book has been in his bag for about 2 years already!) ③ A cork in a paper cup (?); It is used to practice his voice/pronounciation - Key says that it is very dirty ④ Drama script ⑤ A sheet of very crumpled tissue paper.
src : kaoru31 

(Regarding Key)
Q : Please talk about what you like about the other members?
Jonghyun walked towards Key and placed his arms around his (Key's) neck and said : "What a nice colour".....
(s/n : outfit?skin? so vague) 
src: _crazyswj71| Jp-Chi : K-aten

Key's good point.
Suddenly Jonghyun snuggled his way beside Key and said : "His face looks good!"
and Key immediately praised Jonghyun! 
Src : whoischrsma

Your own charming point - Key : "For lips~ I am not too sure myself but my lips are frequently red!" But after he said it, everyone start commenting how white his lips are
Src : Kaoru31

Key mentioned that his favourite Japanese snack is Calbee Vegetable Fries (じゃがりこ) :
Src : Ring花椰菜

Key draw lots/ picked out a piece of paper with mission written on it. He was supposed to complete the task but he did not want to do it. He even threw the plastic ball that contained the mission towards the audience
src: mjy_mis| Jp-Chi : K-aten

Key lay out a new rule for (their) Japan (activities) today - "Whatever thing/event, Minho shall be the one to start off anything and everything"
Cr : whoischrisma 

Key's bag - There were all sorts of things like oil-absorption paper. Minho pulled out a sheet and wiped Key's nose. The both of them seemed to have kissed today. Many J-shawols present wrote that : Key said that his lips are the most charimatic and then he did "bobo" (kiss) to the camera. Minho then immediately rushed forward to kiss Key or something like that = = Will elaborate more if I find more details"
Cr : whoischrisma

Key's bag contains an Ipad, Chopsticks, Mirror, Chewing gum, perfume, oil-blotter paper - the chewing gum was given by Jonghyun-hyung
src : Kaoru31 

The action done by girls that Key likes is : When eating hamburgers, because of her hair is too long, she will tuck her hair behind her ears.
Src : Kaoru31

The food you would like to receive from Santa claus. Key "I want Macha! I love Macha the best! i want to drink it with Santa Claus!"
Src : Kaoru31 

There was a fanboy who shouted "Kiboma!" when the MC was speaking.
Kibum said that he feels shy/bad for being called out so suddenly, but is very thankful to him...
After the fan meeting has ended, they greeted everyone.
Key added: "With everyone, we will seek all of our dreams, and fulfill our dreams together". This has touched many fans that were present.
Jp-chi : k-aten

Taemin's good points.
Minho: (Taemin is) easily fooled. Just take a look at Taemin's face..even when you have no initial intentions to lie to him, (by just seeing him) you really want to lie to/tease him"
Key's conclusion: "That is because you are a bad guy" 
src: whoischrisma

Taemin's good points.
Minho immediately answered : "Taemin is easily fooled!"
Jonghyun angrily replied : "When asked about my good points, you took so long to even spill out a word; When it was Taemin's you answered so quickly!"
Src : whoischrsma

Everyone feels that Taemin's good points are:
 "(1) He is easily fooled/ easy to lie to",
"(2) He has a good body-line, he suits everything he wears"
Onew: "He looks like a chopstick~^▽^"
Src : Cbaby__Br | Jp-chi : kaoru31

The russian roulette for the night fanmeeting was tomato juice tobasco sauce (a sauce that is sour and spicy) - Taemin got the punishment again..
src : Kaoru31

Today's Russian Roulette is alcoholic champagne. One of the glass is especially sour.
When they played 'Rock, Paper, Scissors', the last 2 remaining players were Taemin and Minho.
Taemin actually picked the one that is sour, without carbonic acid.
Everyone said to Taemin: "Are you baka? (stupid)"
Taemin very manly drank it in one shot!
Src : sistar_natsu| Jp-chi : kaoru31

Taemin's Punishment was to make a confession to the camera!!
 Members decided that Taemin (should act out how he is like) after he has been drunk.
Only Onew fixed a date : 5am.
Taemin stumbled towards the camera and said one sentence: "PLEASE DATE ME!!"
Src : Cbaby__Br| Jp-chi : _StarTaeMin

Taemin's confession was : "Please date me?"
 (s/n : It was his punishment to make a confession to the camera for losing a game)
The entire venue momentarily died. Then all the members tried to persuade Minho to do a confession to the camera too. Minho thought for a very long time...
the audience kept chanting : "Minho, minho..."
So Minho finally said : "I like you.".
Everyone died again.
Src : 2350566065

Taemin caught a flu today T^T He kept having runny nose T^T
Src : 2350566065

Q : What is your favourite local food?
Jjong: "Regardless in Osaka or Tokyo, Minho only likes Eel Rice!"

MC: "What about Hokkaido?"
Jonghyun: "Hokkaido?"
Minho: "Eel rice!"
Taemin: "I like Kobe Beef!"
(s/n : Taemin is not answering to the question properly XD he talked about Kobe when he was supposed to comment on Hokkaido's food)
src: whoischrisma

Q: What did you eat at Hokkaido?
Taemin: Kobe beef
Key: He is such a KY, KY
(s/n : KY means someone who is unaware of his own surroundings and present situation, blurting out irrelevant or inappropriate comments)
src: nanakumaaaaaa| Jp-Chi : K-aten

There was a segment today where the members have to draw one another.
Taemin drew Minho : But since Minho had a slightly swollen eye on one side,
Taemin: "Minho-hyung is currently in a slightly tired condition/state. What I am drawing now is how Minho-hyung (look like) early in the morning!"
src: whoischrisma

Taemin's sufferings for today :
(1) Onew called him a chopstick
(2) Minho caused him to drink sour things
(3) Jonghyun said that Taemin looks like a fool when he laughs TT^TT 
Src : 2350566065

Taemin's bag revealed! : Paper with lyrics, vitamins, hand cream, BB cream and rubbish
src : mywing718 | Jp-chi : natsuyuzora

Taemin's lip balm is not in the form of a stick, but a small box (like those cream containers)
src : Kaoru31

Taemin has a secret journal/diary in his bag!
Jp-chi : _StarTaeMin 

Someone took out a coffee-brown envelope out from Taemin's bag; Taemin immediately snatched it and ran away XDDD it seems like he has written some song lyrics in it
src : Kaoru31 

What is your own Charming point? Taemin "For me, it should be dancing still" Then his hyungs helped him provide background music, he randomly moved his body and concluded his performance with Sherlock's pose.
Src : Kaoru31 

J-shawols all noted that Taemin used the chopsticks which has been used by Jonghyun and Key to eat his Beef Rice. I personally feel that it is rather normal since SHINee is a family~"
cr : _StarTaeMin

There was a take-away beef rice in Jjong's bag; Key had chopsticks in his bag.
so the amazing Mr Lee Taemin used Key's chopsticks to eat Jonghyun's beef rice...
Key-goon then exclaimed : "This (beef rice) was yesterday's!"
Jp-chi : _StarTaeMin 

Taemin couldnt finish his juice (mixed with Tobasco), so the other members played 'Rock Paper Scissors' to decide who to drink it up for Taemin. In the end, Minho (lost) and was chosen - he drank all the juice in one shot! He then ran frantically/crazily around the stage and shouted "WHO MADE THIS!~~~"
Jp-chi : k-aten

It was the Year of Snake (Zodiac) next year so the 5 of them drew snakes.
Taemin's snake look like this :
Jonghyun commented: "Is it (the snake) not in a good mood?"
Taemin: "Yes, (it) is not in a good mood" 
Src : _crazyswj718 | Jp-chi : natsuyuzora

The popular lingo used among SHINee themselves is “빵(bbang)” - which means bread, but in this case it has a much stronger connotation/meaning than "very".
So for example "Very delicious"--> "Bbang delicious!" hence other descriptions include "Bbang hot/warm", "Bbang handsome", "Bbang like"...
Cr : DC | Src : Ring花椰菜

During Sherlock, Taemin's ear mic almost fell off, Key helped him readjust (the ear mic)
Cr : Kaoru31

Minho faced Key and placed his hands on Key's shoulders/ hook around his neck and said to him : "Bbang Like you" (パン愛してる)
(S/N : Bbang is a popular lingo among SHINee members which means a stronger connotation/meaning of "Very")
Src : Ring花椰菜

There was a face-painting/drawing segment where all the members wore some christmas decorations. Key's face was surrounded by a coil of decorations (did not state what item it was) and he looks like a small tiger. This fan even drew a picture of him :
Jp-chi : K-aten 

Key said that his charismatic point was his lips. All the members gathered up to see his lips...
Taemin and Minho stood in front to look at it.
Onew and Jonghyun stood behind and twisted their body to look from the side. But since Jonghyun was not tall enough, he stood up tiptoes and looked as if he put in a lot of effort..
Jp-chi : k-aten 

SHINee Bag:
Key: a makeup kit/bag.
Taemin:  secret note and medicine.
Onew: a very huge adapter.
Minho: WINNING (soccer game)
Jonghyun: a box of beef rice from yesterday and Taemin ate it up.
src : Kaoru31 

What (food) do you want to receive from Santa Claus?
Onew "Tokyo Banana!"
Jonghyun "Apple! Because red suits Christmas~"
Taemin "Steak~because it is red!"
Minho "Spicy mixed noodles; because it is red!"
src : Kaoru31  

Food you would want to receive from Santa Claus :
Key : "For me... i want to drink Macha, because it is green~ but I really like macha. Our hotel always have it."
Jonghyun : "Then you dont have to ask Santa Claus/ wish for it since you can get it (so frequently!)"
Key : "I want to drink with Santa Claus.."
Jonghyun : "Santa Claus is very busy"
Key : "But....."
Jonghyun : "Santa Claus doesnt have the time!"
Jp-chi : k-aten 

When asked how did they spent their last Christmas?
Key: Last year... (I) drank champagne~"
then Onew commented softly: It is not shampoo~"
(s/n : the pronounciation of champage and shampoo is very similar in Japanese)
yuriko0916mu| Jp-Chi : K-aten

Segment "Use Kanji to write down your new year's aspirations!"
Onew "王; he wants a six-pack that looks like "王""(s/n : 王 means king but looks like abs XD)
Taemin "(星)A shining star!"
Minho " 初 (The beginning); not forgeting the humble beginnings"
Key "乐 (Happiness)"
Jonghyun " (身)Body"
Cr : whoischrisma 

Eng Trans by: Thepapergangster

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