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Friday, December 21, 2012

[FA] 121220 SHINee World J fanclub event

Select one of the members to be your lover:
Taemin → himself (Thinks that he is good enough when he looked into the mirror),
Minho (telling he likes woman before answering) → Taemin.
Key → Jonghyun
cr:lockxi via:yenn_yy

  • FM Minho: In order to communicate in Japanese more with everyone, I’m trying hard to learn Japanese. 
  • The reason why Key chose Jonghyun was because they can buy things and eat together. And both of them can get along very well.
  • The reason why Minho choosed Taemin as his “lover” is because he thinks that Taemin is very gullible
  • Jonghyun had to select a member and tell everyone what he likes about him. Jonghyun looked around and walked beside Key, after that Jonghyun held Key’s hands and both of them stepped out together. Both of them looked at each other and hugged. While the rest made noise behind. Jonghyun emphasized that it was just friendship, but the rest kept shaking their heads, showing an expression of disbelief.
  • MC asked them to choose someone from the members to be their lover. Onew chose Jonghyun, saying that he could be trusted and all. Taemin chose himself. Jonghyun chose Key because Key can cook. Minho hesitated for a while and someone from the audience shouted “Key”, Minho said it’s not Key and chose Taemin. Lastly it was Key’s turn to choose, he was very shy and buried his face into his arms and said “I choose Jonghyun”. The reason is that when Jonghyun shops and eats with him, his heartbeat increases.
Source : Whoischrisma || K-aten 
Trans : sojonghyun

  •  They sang birthday song for Onew and Minho.
    Onew: I feel that I have just celebrated my birthday once again.
    Minho: Can’t wait to celebrate my next birthday
  • Talked about Christmas presents
    Jjong: himself.
    Taemin: Kiss
    Key: villa
    Minho: Give the person perfume at a place with beautiful night scene.
    Onew: sleep outside using a sleeping bag, wrap himself like a caterpillar…
  •  FM : Talk→ Dazzling Girl → JOJO→ 1000years always by your side → sherlock → Ring Ding Dong
  •  Onew: “There will be more opportunities for us to meet again next year”
Source : Locxi || whoischrisma
Trans : yenn_yy

  • At end of the fan meet, Taemin announced a book limited to SHINee fanclub titled “Seek” will be coming soon. 
Source : taeminnim
Trans : bravelikelions

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