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Monday, December 17, 2012

[Me2Day] 121217 Key2Day Update!

Frankey(프랭크)가 드디어 돌아왔습니다. 프랭크 역에 늘 애착을 가지고 그안에 스며들기 위해 노력했는데 잘 보셨는지 모르겠네요. 첫공 와주신분들 너무너무 감사드립니다 앞으로도 잘 부탁 드리고 믿고 맡겨주세요 열심히할게요. 승객여러분 안전밸트 맸나요?:-)
Frankey(Frank) has finally returned.
I've always been attached to the role of Frank and I've worked hard to seep in there. I'm not sure if you had a good time watching. Thank you very, very much to those who came to my first performance. I ask that you continue to take care of me. Please believe in me and leave it up to me. I will work hard. Passengers, do you have your seatbelts on?:-)
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Translated by: kimchi hana @

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