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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

[TRANS] 121218 Jjong Twitter Update

#1 8.27pm KST
The sovereignty of Korea is decided by the people and all the power comes from the people. It is the 1st and 2nd constitution of Korea. It’s tomorrow. Till now there are still many young friends who don’t care and doesn’t know what is happening around them….It’s a pity

(Note: I’m not very sure about the 1st and 2nd constitution part but Jonghyun should be referring to the duties of Koreans)

#2 8.32pm KST
As expected I don’t really know much but to make a careful decision I’m working hard. I have studied all night during the exam period in High school. To determine/decide our future, even for a while, please take some time off to study and go to vote tomorrow! The amount of youth votes are too little! It’s not something that is extra/not needed. 

#3 8.33pm KST

It’s our business! Let’s vote! MUST!!

Credit: realjonghyun90
English Translations fully credit: qyblingtastic

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