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Friday, December 14, 2012

[TRANS] 121214 Tweets Wishing Onew Happy Birthday!

@larryjunlive : 샤이니 팬들은 죄다 오늘 무릎팍 봐주시겠지?ㅋ @larryjunlive 오빠~.낼 온유군생일이잖아요^^제가 케이크 만들었는데 이것두 전해주세요^^오빠도 샤월이랑 같이 축하해주실거죠?ㅎㅎㅎ
 (Hyeon Mu) Today, SHINee fans will always keep their eyes on The Knee-Drop Guru, right? ke. (fan) Oppa~. please show Onew’s birthday present^^ I’ve made this cake, please let him know^^ And oppa too, will you celebrate it with Shawols? hahaha

@larryjunlive : 오늘 무릎팍 끝날 때쯤이 온유 생일이겠네요♥ @larryjunlive 히든싱어 녹화때 찍었어요!대포가 아니라서 고화질은 아니지만..^^ 히든싱어 재밌었습니다! 오늘 무릎팍도 꼭 볼께요!!
(Hyeon Mu) Today, there will be a birthday boy Onew at the end of The Knee-Drop Guru time show♥  (fan) Please take a picture during the hidden singer recording time! But it must be either daepo or high definition..^^ Hidden singer is fun! Today, I’ll make sure to watch The Knee-Drop Guru!!
Translator: Fana @

After School Jung Ah’s Wish Onew Happy Bday

@AS_JungAh@skehehdanfdldi 징기징기징기진기생일축하해~~^^
Jingki Jingki Jingki Jinki Happy Birthday~~^^
**Jung Ah says “Jingki” for being cute maybe  

Gil Sung Hoon Wish Onew Happy Bday

Has a  really good voice, it’s Onew-gun’s birthday~~Sincerely happy birthday, please always show us a good look*^___^*
**Picture : To The Beautiful You OST, Onew’s song – In Your Eyes
**Gil Sung Hoon is Minho's cousin

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