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Monday, September 30, 2013

[NEWS] SHINee Key & Dana talks about their Kiss scene in ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ Musical on MBC Radio Star

Key and Dana were guest stars on the September 18 installment of MBC's 'Radio Star.’  On this day, the two talked about their kiss scene in the musical ‘Bonnie & Clyde.’

It was revealed that Dana felt awkward about the kiss because the two of them were very close.  Key then said something shocking: “We made a rule that we would not use our tongues.”

Kyuhyun asked who made up that rule.  Key pointed to Dana and Dana yelled, “You did!" She quickly became a victim of Key’s teasing as she tried to convince everyone that Key was the one who made up the rule.  Kim Gu Ra sided with her, half-jokingly saying that Key was a scary person for bending the truth. 
Key also said that during their practice that day, Dana started using her lips more, which Dana denied.  She protested, “Key wanted me to,” and related a time Key asked her, “Why do you dislike kissing me so much?”

To support their personal claims in this amusing argument, the two even resorted to mimicking their kissing with their hands.  Watch the full clip above to see for yourself.

Source: Allkpop

[NEWS] SHINee’s Minho Doesn’t Care about Key’s Diss on His Acting

Like the good friends they are, SHINee Minho didn’t think much about Key’s recent diss about his acting.

On September 24, Minho joined the cast of MBC’s Medical Top Team at its press conference held at the Severance Hospital in Shinchon.

There, a reporter asked Minho on what he thought about Key’s diss about his acting.

On September 18’s broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star, Key, who appeared as a guest, mentioned that Minho’s acting was mediocre.

On Key’s diss, Minho replied, “I don’t think much about it. We’re close friends, so I think it’s completely fine to say something like that in a joking manner.”

He added that when he acted in To the Beautiful You, he was still a rookie and had a lot of difficulties in acting as a cold character.

“My acting then was one out 10 points,” said Minho, adding that with Medical Top Team,he received a lot of help from the cast, which includes Kwon Sang Jung Ryeo Won, Ju Ji Hoon, and more. Minho hoped to leave a good impression by the end of the series.

Medical Top Team will begin broadcasting on October 9.
Photo Credit: Hea Jung Min, MBC
Source: OfficialMWave

[INFO] SHINee's first comeback stage with new title track "Everybody" scheduled for October 10th


Earlier today, SHINee was revealed to be coming out with a fifth mini album, titled "Everybody".

Fans can look forward to seeing SHINee's first music show performance with their new title track on the stage of M! Countdown! The quintet will perform "Everybody" on October 10th, broadcasting at 6:00 PM KST.

This thread will be updated with further information on the rest of the music shows when available.

Source: Official Board
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[NEWS] 130930 SHINee to come back with seventh release of the year titled "Everybody"


Look forward to next month, Shawols! SHINee has just been announced to release a new mini album titled "Everybody". The album will be released on October 14th to round up what has been a very wonderful and SHINee-packed year.

"Everybody" follows the release of Dream Girl in February and Why So Serious in April, culminating into a triple hit. After Dream Girl, Why So Serious, Fire, Misconceptions of Us, the Boys Meet U album, and the Boys Meet U single, this will be SHINee's seventh release of the year.

SHINee's past albums have been widely recognized for exhibiting a contemporary flair with high-quality music and performances, and "Everybody" will surely bring SHINee's unique appeal to the table as well.

Taemin's was the first teaser picture revealed through the SM Entertainment official Twitter, Facebook, and Weibo on September 30th. Leading up to the album's release date, more teaser images will be revealed to show off the other members' transformations.

Meanwhile, SHINee is continuing through their second Japanese tour, "JAPAN ARENA TOUR SHINee WORLD 2013~Boys Meet U~", while partaking in individual activities as well. Let's give the boys all our support for their upcoming comeback!

Source: Sports Chosun
Written by: joAnnwashere @

[NEWS] Key's fans donate to World Vision Cambodia in honor of his birthday


Both Korean and international fans of Key have worked together to prepare a special gift in celebration of his 23rd birthday!

One of Key’s fanclubs, ‘Hellokey’ held a fundraising event to raise money for the less fortunate. The fanclub successfully raised 2 130 000 won and have donated the earnings to World Vision-Cambodia for the welfare of the country's children, all in honor of Key’s birthday.

A representative of World Vision stated: “Recently, most of our potable water sources have been polluted, so the country is depending on neighboring countries for clean water. Medical assistance is also greatly needed. So we would like to thank Key (Kim Kibum) of SHINee and his fans for helping out the children of Cambodia.”

Fans who participated in the event said that: “Key has been donating to charity since 2009 through World Vision, so us fans wanted to follow his example and help the less fortunate too.”

Source: News1
Written by: ibreatheparadox @

[NEWS] SHINee are the cover models for Arena Homme+'s October issue


SHINee makes the October issue of Arena Homme+ more desirable as they grace the cover of the fashion magazine.

Released on 21st of September, the magazine revealed five unique covers of each member with interesting artistic styles, emitting a ‘manly’ vibe from SHINee. Arena Homme+ is a world-renowned men’s fashion magazine, which had big stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake, and Lee Byung Hyun as the previous cover models for the magazine. The fact that the boys of SHINee were chosen to be the next cover models proves that the boys are indeed, one of the most successful idols of their generation.

The photo shoot was held in mid-September at Gangnam, South Korea. The theme ‘Youth’ was used to represent the charismatic and masculinity of each member. SHINee also talks about various stories throughout the insightful interview.

Meanwhile, the boys are currently busy with their ‘Japan Arena Tour- SHINee World 2013~Boys Meet U' in Japan.

Source: ENews
Written by: ibreatheparadox @

[NEWS] Jonghyun to be featured in IU's upcoming album


Jonghyun's dreams of becoming a singer-songwriter are gradually coming true, as one of his works will no longer be limited to a SHINee album, but as a track in another singer's album.

The track list from IU's latest album, 'Modern Times', was recently released through various online portals. It was revealed that Jonghyun's self-written song, 'Gloomy Clock', will be one of the tracks in the highly anticipated album. Fans are anticipating the album's impending release as the voice of SHINee's main vocalist will also be featured on the side track.

'Modern Times' is set to be released on October 7th.

Source: ENews
Written by: ibreatheparadox & debsayys @

[NEWS] Minho added as a new character for the newest Kakao Game


SHINee’s resident rapper, Minho, will be featured as a game character on a new smart phone application, along with label-mate, TVXQ’s Changmin. The newest application by Phoenix Games is a sports game developed for Kakao and in celebration of the Korean Thanksgiving Holiday (Chuseok Festival).

It has been revealed that as you advance to a new level, your avatars will get to unlock 63 new characters, including 27 special ones with new equipment for the games. Minho and Changmin's characters will be added to the 2nd season of the game with an 'SS' rank, the highest status in the game.

A representative of Phoenix Games stated, “The application will mostly contain games about sport, such as football, soccer, and hurdle-jumping; that will surely challenge the player of the game. We hope this Chuseok Festival gift will be enjoyed by avid gamers.”

Further details on the new application can be found via its official website.

Source: Donga
Written by: ibreatheparadox @

[NEWS] SHINee performs at the 'K-POP Republic Concert'


On the 7th of September, SHINee absolutely made the crowd go wild at the ‘K-POP Republic Concert’. The event was held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Manila, Philippines. The concert, which was made possible by All Access Productions, was greatly anticipated by thousands of K-Pop fans in the Philippines. The artist line-up included, EXO-K and many other artistes, including the biggest stars of the evening, SHINee. Roughly 5,000 fans gathered together to watch the event.


A press conference was held briefly at Cinema 5 in Gateway Mall before the concert. Despite feeling tired from their hectic schedule, SHINee kindly answered each question asked by Park Jinri, the interviewer and translator of the event.


Q: How does it feel to be finally back in the Philippines after four years?
Key: We are super excited to finally meet and perform for the Filipino fans once again.

Q: Is there a specific place you are longing to visit or a Filipino dish that you want to try?
Jonghyun: I haven’t tried the Filipino dish called ‘sinigang’ but if I ever get a chance I would definitely try it out. As for places, I want to go to Cebu or Boracay.

Q: If you had to describe your Filipino fans on one word, what would it be
Taemin: If I had to describe them in one word, it would be 'tree' because Filipino fans have been patiently waiting for us for so long.

Q: If you were to meet your old selves back in 2008, what would you say to them?
Onew: I think I would say to old self is to just stay healthy and eat a lot of delicious foods.

Q: (To Key) Your fashion sense has drastically evolved through the years and people have been commenting a lot about it, how would you describe your old fashion sense and style?
Key: Myself? I think I’m trying to show my identity through my fashion (sense) lately.

Q: (To Onew) You're appearing at a popular sitcom these days, how do you feel about it?
Onew: Acting in a sitcom is a first for me so I’m trying hard to improve so I can be at the same level as other famous actors.

Q: (To Jonghyun) You’ve written the lyrics for the songs on SHINee’s third repackaged album, can you explain a little bit about the story behind it?
Jonghyun: I’ve written two songs in the album, one is about a one-sided love and the other is about deeply missing someone.

Q: (To Taemin) What are your plans for the show tonight?
Taemin: We prepared a little gift for the fans so I hope you enjoy it a lot. Although Minho isn’t here tonight, I hope you understand that he is busy with another schedule. Thank you.


After the press conference, the grand concert finally took place in the evening and hit its climax when SHINee took the stage towards the end. The screams of the fans definitely reached its loudest pitch as the boys started their performance singing ‘Dream Girl’, followed by ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Stranger’. And as promised by Taemin, they prepared a special gift for the fans while they sang ‘Beautiful'. Stuffed toys were thrown into the crowd and fans definitely did not miss the chance to grab unto them.

The evening was wrapped up with a high adrenaline performance of 'Why So Serious', making the rare concert an unforgettable experience for many.

Photo Source: KPOP Republic Facebook
Written by: ibreatheparadox @

[TRANS] SHINee's Interview in CanCam Magazine, October 2013

SHINee has just released a new song "Boys Meet U". We "caught" them at the supermarket as they were shopping in preparation to meet "U".

In association with the title of the new song "Boys Meet U", let's talk about love ♡
EDITORIAL: It's the second Japan arena tour for SHINee. Is there any difference compared to the one last year?
KEY: Last year we paid attention to the stage presentation like wire actions and such, but this year it's more about a stage that focuses more on dance expressions by the five of us and exhibits a lot of our individualities. Compared to last year, this time we are already adapted to the system in Japan and Japanese staff!

EDITORIAL: How was it, performing the new song "Boys Meet U" at the concerts?
TAEMIN: It was hot!
JONGHYUN: Isn't that just your personal thought? (Laugh)
MINHO: Usually we would feel a bit sad when it comes towards the end of the concert, but this time as the title for the tour itself is "Boys Meet U", when we sang this song during the encore we came to feel like we would be able to see everyone again, so it was fun.

EDITORIAL: The cheerful new song "Boys Meet U" expresses the fluttering heart of a boy being in love. So what kind of girl would captivate you?
ONEW: The one with cute gestures! I wish for her to show it to me in secret.
JONGHYUN: A kind girl! It would be great if she is someone who understands about me.
MINHO: I prefer someone who is good in taking care of me.
JONGHYUN: Wouldn't that be someone who is like, a mother (laugh)?!
MINHO: Not a mother (laugh)! Someone who would notice and tell me on things that I overlook or I'm not aware of.

Taemin prefers little devils!? No, the story of Taemin as a bad boy emerges!!
TAEMIN: As for me, a little devil! Someone who would make you think, "Ah, what a bad girl" just by looking at her (laughing hard). No, I lied! If she is someone who isn't good at cleaning up, I would fix her until she can be good at it. And then, while we are at it, I would make her clean up my room as well~ ♪
OTHER 4: (Laughing hard)!!
JONGHYUN:'s interview isn't about a bad boy!
KEY: I prefer someone who suits me! Someone that would make others comment that both of us really suit each other when she is with me. It could be because of her aura and such.

EDITORIAL: If you have a girlfriend, which do you prefer between talking on the telephone or e-mailing?
MINHO: If it's going to be long, I think I rather call her than sending mails to her.
JONGHYUN: If it's a girl that I like, I will go to meet her!
KEY: Let me think. Phone call is around 20 and mails is around 80, I guess?
JONGHYUN: Huh!? 20 hours a day?
KEY: No~! The percentage (laugh).
JONGHYUN: I wonder if people don't really talk that much on the telephone.
ONEW: When it's too troublesome to type the mails, I will call instead!
KEY: Troublesome, you say... (laugh)!

EDITORIAL: How are you going to plan your first date so that you can make her "fall for you and be your captive"?
(T/N: A reverse version from the lyrics of Boys Meet U)

MINHO: Go for a massage with her.
KEY: Huh?! Isn't it the best to do what people usually do, like watching a movie together?
ONEW: I guess I would watch a performance with her.
MINHO: What kind of performance will you watch? Something like, a musical?
TAEMIN: Gag Concert (※A popular Korean variety show) would be nice! It's funny!
JONGHYUN: Anyhow, Minho must be thinking of soccer, right?!

What do you mean, Taemin's cooking skill is dreaded by the members...!?
TAEMIN: If it's my first date, then I want to drink together.
KEY: Since it's the first date, I prefer casual places rather than somewhere that's too fancy.
JONGHYUN: And as for me, I want to cook for her!

EDITORIAL: Our photoshoot concept this time is shopping in the supermarket for ingredients to cook for your girlfriend. What would you cook for her?
ONEW: Dukbokki~ (Korean spicy rice cake)!!
JONGHYUN: Crab pasta!
TAEMIN: I would~ What do I do~ Sunny-side up egg?
JONGHYUN: That's too easy! I would want to make something that's more difficult! For example, spending 8 hours making a pizza, starting from kneading the dough. I would do that for her ❤. What about you, Key?
KEY: Chicken cream stew!
(T/N: Cream stew is a popular Japanized Western food in Japan)
ONEW: Oh! Thank you, that's my favorite ❤. Since I like it, cook it for me!
KEY: Okay, I will!

EDITORIAL: Who is the best cook among the members? On the other hand, who is bad enough to make you plead, "I'm begging you, please don't do anything"?
KEY: (Laughing hard)!!
ONEW: Jonghyun and Key are the good ones.
JONGHYUN: The bad one is Taemin! And I really beg you, please don't say anything (laugh).
ONEW: Please don't do anything (laugh).
TAEMIN: But why (laugh)?!
MINHO: Taemin's cooking... I don't even want to think about it... (sweat).
JONGHYUN: He doesn't consider anything about the taste at all and only bothers to add in everything that's good for your health. Adding something like honey and milk in ramen... He really adds anything!

Jonghyun's special dish is the lasagna he cooks in 3 minutes.
TAEMIN: But I can cook sunny-side up egg well! This is my only specialty!
ONEW: His sunny-side up egg is bad too, right...
JONGHYUN, KEY & MINHO: (Sharply agree)!
TAEMIN: Minho, didn't you eat my sunny-side up egg before~?!
MINHO: Ah! Somehow it tasted of fresh vegetables (laugh). It wasn't cooked on fire too.
TAEMIN: ... I'm specialized in eating!
JONGHYUN: My pasta and lasagna are loved by the members! I can cook the lasagna within 3 minutes.
ONEW: How do you do it?
JONGHYUN: I put ingredients and the sauce on the mandoo (Korean dumpling) skin. Next, I put another skin on top of that. Then, just repeat the process. Easy, isn't it?
TAEMIN: That lasagna is good!
ONEW: Then make one for me later~❤ Key is really good in making chicken stew!
KEY: I can make carbonara and ramen too~. And also, dakdoritang (spicy chicken stew).
TAEMIN: I'm good in cooking ramen too!
KEY: No! No! Stop it (laugh)!

EDITORIAL: Is there anything at the supermarket that you would somehow end up buying it?
ONEW: Milk! Milk!
MINHO: Ice cream♪
JONGHYUN: It's like a habit for me to buy razors (laugh). It happens without me realizing it.
KEY: I guess, it's snacks? Because I love them.
TAEMIN: Nothing. I don't go to supermarket often and be it milk, ice cream or razors, other members would buy my portion as well (laugh).
OTHER 4: (Laughing hard)!!
MINHO: The supermarket is an enjoyable place when you're there ♪.


I want to walk around and eat nice food along the streets of Japan!

Q. Are you the one who would confess your love or wait to be confessed to?
A. I'll confess and wait. Half and half, I guess. Like chickens. (※ Apparently in Korea, you can choose half and half whether to apply the sauce or not)

Q. Tell us your charm in simple words!
A. Nice voice!

Q. What is the unspoken rule among SHINee?
A. Talk about everything with the members.


I aim to perform an independent concert on Japan's big stage.

Q. Are you the one who would confess your love or wait to be confessed to?
A. I must wait, right (laugh)? Why not just follow the flow of nature? (Taemin answered, "I will do it!") Well then, I'll do it too!

Q. What is the item that you must have when you're travelling for concerts at oversea?
A. Eye mask and ear plugs.

Q. Your favorite girl's hairstyle would be a long hair or short hair?
A. Short hair, I guess. As long as it suits her clothes, I don't mind!


I would confess to the girl I like. What does "waiting" means, anyway? (laugh)

Q. Would you want your girlfriend to wear short pants or one piece?
A. Short pants with long, blonde hair! Because I'm a flashy person.

Q. What is the unspoken rule among SHINee?
When the five of us are eating out together, no one would be selfish to force everyone to follow his will as we decide which place to go. Of course, sometimes we would feel like eating different things, but still, we are a group. Lately, I think our preferences are getting similar (laugh).


I prefer one piece! The one in blue color is cute.

Q. Are you the one who would confess your love or wait to be confessed to?
A. (Answered immediately) I will be the one to confess!

Q. Would you want your girlfriend to wear short pants or one piece?
A. One piece! Blue would be nice.

Q. Tell us about SHINee's charms!
A. There are various charms. Looks, lips, aura. (Jonghyun: Aren't those from the lyrics of your part (laugh)?!)
(T/N: From Minho's rap in Japanese version of Dream Girl)


I want to have an independent concert at the dome.

Q. Are you the one who would confess your love or wait to be confessed to?
A. Hmm~ I've never been in such situation, so I don't know! But, since I am a guy, I guess I should be the one to confess?

Q. What is the item that you must have when you're traveling for concerts held overseas?
A. (Minho who was next to him quickly said, "Taemin would even forget his own bag (laugh).") That's right... Members would bring things like socks for me (laugh).

Please tell us which part in the song to pay attention to and what to look for in the MV!

"It's dazzling and refreshing. The charm lies in the happy and enjoyable feel it gives as you listen to it."

"It's a refreshing song that really fits the summer. The MV was filmed in Okinawa. I ate shaved ice for the first time! Syrups ❤."
(T/N: Japanese shaved ice is heavily flavored with syrups, unlike the Korean type.)

"The feel it gives and the lyrics are cute! We had barbecue and ate the famous taco rice, which were memorable for me."
(T/N: Taco rice - Okinawan cuisine, consists of taco-flavored ground beef served on a bed of rice)

"(Singing) Let's dance together with SHINee~♪. It's a wonderful song that everyone can enjoy in the live stage."

"Please observe the dance as well! I would be happy if fans dance to this song together with us in the live stage."

Source: CanCam Magazine
Translated by: red

[NEWS] Key's rehearsal for upcoming musical 'Bonnie and Clyde'


On the 29th of September, harmonious and remarkable voices were carried throughout the Namsan Creative Center in Jung-gu, Seoul. The star-studded cast of ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ practiced in full motion in preparation for their upcoming live performance.

The rehearsals started exactly at 10 a.m and ended at around 10 p.m. The cast were divided into three teams and one of the protagonists of the much-awaited musical was none other than, SHINee’s Key!

Key had been recognized before for his talents on acting, from his debut as a musical actor last year on ‘Catch Me If You Can.’ He took on a challenging role in the form of Frank Abalagne Jr., a clever young man who bagged millions of dollars for being a con-artist. His new role is not too far from his previous one. Key will be acting as a criminal yet again, taking on the character of Clyde Chestnut Barrow— one of the most infamous outlaws of the 1930s. He will be performing alongside his female counterpart, Dana of CSJH 'The Grace' as Bonnie Elizabeth Parker.

◆ Go KEY - "To Practice Combat."
The actors went up front to rehearse an argument scene between the gang members. The cast seemed to be all fired up to perform as they showcased their flawless acting skills.


“For us, there is no tomorrow! We are Bonnie and Clyde, haha!”

The director seemed impressed with their performance as it was done in one take. Key seemed to outshine the other cast members though, with his attractive and trademark blonde hair.


Before their rehearsal, the cast and staff members all gathered at the center to do a light exercise, mostly inhaling and exhaling before shouting “Bonnie and Clyde!” with glee. After their practice, they all gathered once again for a quick snap shot, donning dark blue shirts with “Bonnie and Clyde” printed on it. They looked like one big and sweet family.

◆ KEY - "My Business as A Man."

The world-renowned musical is not just famous for it's adaption of a true story, but is also popular for its many love scenes, which were vastly toned down for this version. However, fans can expect a new side of Key as a few kiss scenes here and there have been included. The scene took loads of practice but eventually being the professional actor that Key has always been, they made it look natural.

At a recent press conference, Key said, “This is the first time I'm doing kissing scene on a musical, but fans shouldn’t worry. This is just me taking care of business.”


The next scene focused on Bonnie and Clyde. Key looked very comfortable acting with Dana. The smiles and physical contacts they’ve shared seemed to be genuine. They have definitely expressed the scene of two people falling in love with ease.


The first kiss, wherein Key seemed to be taken by surprise. The scene included Key and Dana singing together with palpable tension before ‘Bonnie’ abruptly pulled ‘Clyde’ in to kiss her.

◆ Hot-KEY

Once again, Key showcased his professional talents as he acted out his scenes with passion.


Key’s vivid facial expressions while he sings will definitely get the crowd going.


One of the most difficult to scenes to do was the argument and the eventual slap. Key and Dana practiced until they got it perfectly without actually hurting the female protagonist in the process.

◆ Check the KEY - "Hard work in each scene."

In between breaks, Key always went up to ask his seniors and colleagues for opinions and general tips on how he could improve his performance for each scene. He constantly memorized his lines, song lyrics and choreographies for the next scenes to follow.


Key continued to ask and discuss with his director if his performance was enough or if he should re-do it. he also voiced out mistakes if he saw it even if they were trivial. A true musical actor and a total perfectionist, Key never failed to show his passion for all the things he does.


KEY as the one and only Clyde Chestnut Barrow. “Bonnie and Clyde, Come see it?"

Source: Dispatch
Written by: ibreatheparadox @

[TRANS] SHINee's Interview in H Magazine, September 2013

Korean boy band SHINee made their first appearance in H magazine! Even though their average age is 21.6 years old, they have been in this industry for 5 years. Their Korean debut was in 2008 and their Japanese debut in 2011. SHINee's distinct characteristic is their outstanding skills as artists. Skills that you cannot miss, like their perfectly synchronized singing and dancing and their performances that showcase each one of their vibrant personalities. These features have led them to be one of the top boy bands in their country. Their convincing features and boldness becomes the highlight of everything. You will feel that no one can match up to them once you watch their performance. They released their second album on June 26. Right after that, they showed their popularity by selling out all the tickets for a huge Saitama Super Arena 3-day tour. They have also released their new single "Boys Meet U" on August 21. While they were working their way through both Japan and Korea, we got the chance to talk to them.

It has been 5 years since you debuted in Korea, how have you changed as an artist? 
JH: There are so many things... but our debut in Japan and concerts. The part where we were able to stand on a huge stage was my favorite change of all times.
MH: In performances, it feels different singing our debut songs.
JH: It's not like we got better at it, but more like the time that we've been building up on it. It's like 5 years of experience that comes to life onstage.

It has been 2 years since your debut in Japan. Looking back, how was it?
KY: Personally, before my Korean debut, I had things I wanted to do. And a Japanese debut was one of them. In 2009, a year after our debut, we went to Japan for the first ever fanmeeting. I remember being so nervous. I've also seen our seniors, TVXQ's activities in Japan. So once I debuted, I was like, "This is it.".
TM: In these 2 years, I feel like we've gotten used to Japan's culture without realizing it. Like when we're communicating. Korea and Japan has different systems, so as I perform activities in Japan, I hope I get to learn more about it.
ON: Everything has to do with experience. The more songs we release, the more experience we get.
MH: I feel like we've became more natural. After two arena tours, I've become more comfortable with Japan activities. I feel like we've grown so much.

The arena tour this time came right after the release of a new album, so the fans weren't able to listen to the album much. Even so, the live performances went pretty well. 
JH: I was so surprised.
ON: The more times we do it, the more fun it gets.
KY: The songs people know will increase too.
JH: The differences between world tours and Japanese performances are 1) the language and 2) the behavior of our audiences. The Japanese fans seem like they watch over us carefully.
KY: They seem to know our intentions. They always match our atmosphere every time we change up the stage too.

Is there anything you want to challenge in the future? 
TM: Until now, we've been releasing songs for people around our age. But from now on, including our expressions and the genre of music, I want to try more mature music. I also want to choose more grown-up lyrics.
MH: We can also try the opposite, to step up from what we already have done.
KY: And when we do that, I would like to do the number one trending type of music. If we don't pay attention to it, it won't go right. Dance and fashion is also important. Putting all of this together, I would like to always show our best side.

Translated by: ​Misschatterbox1117 @

[TRANS] 130904- SHINee WORLD J + PLUS; Update

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Single Special Page✦
Drawing Q&A

Q1 What would you want to eat in the summer?
A (Chocolate-mint flavored ice cream)

Q2 You filmed your MV in Okinawa, so what is your strongest impression of Okinawa?
A (Taco rice)
(T/N:  Taco rice - Okinawan cuisine, consists of taco-flavored ground beef served on a bed of rice)

Q3 What is the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of the word "summer"?
A (Parasol)

Question from Key

Q Please draw a picture of my pet dogs Comme des and Garçons

Fans can send their answers through SHINee WORLD J + PLUS site. The answer must be in the form of a drawing.

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Single Special Page✦
★Let's Enjoy the MV Further★
Part 2: Re-encounter

The five of them are tired from hanging around so they decide to take a break.
"Let's go to a cafe!"


While they are happily chatting in the cafe, the girl they saw at the beach walks in!
"Hey, isn't that girl...?"


"Isn't that the girl the one we saw before?!"


They turn to face the girl and give shy nods.
Their interest in the girl deepen with the unexpected re-encounter but there is still another step to take before they can greet her...

To be continued...

Entering September!






Hello to everyone of SHINee WORLD J + PLUS.

Entering September~ The night breeze has become so cold.
Today I will share about the a-nation event that was held in Osaka and Tokyo the other day.

It was their first time participating in a-nation, yet a lot of fans came to the event.
Even though their appearance in Osaka was as a Secret Artist, there were lots of people with SHINee WORLD J towels hanging around their shoulders! The members were shocked as well as happy at such an unexpected reception.

The members were having a good time on the stage as they danced and smiled together with everyone at the venue. They said that they wish to keep on reaching out to share their music with a lot of people.

Please keep on listening to SHINee's music ♪

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Single Special Page✦
Drawing Q&A


Q1 What is the food that you would want to eat in summer?
A (Peach)

Q2 You filmed your MV in Okinawa, so what is the strongest impression of Okinawa?
A (Playing with the dog that appeared in the MV, running along the beach)

Q3 What is the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of the word "summer"?
A (Winning ice sticks) [Pic trans: Will I win again?]

Question from Minho

Q After watching Boys Meet U music video, please draw the scene that left the deepest impression.

Fans can send their answers through SHINee WORLD J + PLUS site. The answer must be in the form of a drawing.

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Tour Special Page✦

We are here in Hiroshima!


Despite being in the middle of September, it is still hot in Hiroshima!
This will be a live stage after such a long time, so how have you been??

There is a lot of people lining up for today as well!

For today, let's liven up SHINee WORLD with fans from Hiroshima ♪

Look forward for today's Staff's EYE (Staff blog) too ♪

 Backstage report 1


There's a blackboard with today's menu written on it at the catering room today, so I took a snap.
Huh? At the right side...
Everyone, did you notice it?

That's right! The chicken toy that would squeak when you squeeze its body was left there.
Members and staff kept squeaking it as they waited in their line!

Until the line is gone you can hear the squeaking sound (laugh).
Today's catering ❤

Today, we ate it up completely as well  ♪

 Boiled eggs

Jonghyun requested for boiled eggs, saying he wanted to eat them.

Since there are quite a lot, the dressing room is lively with the smell of boiled eggs (laugh).

According to Jonghyun, if salt is added while boiling the eggs, then the eggshell can be peeled of neatly.

But, these eggs... (sweat)

They're hot so it's difficult to peel, so they're left to cool!

I learned a new thing from Jonghyun! ^▭^

At such a place!


Another Hiroshima concert after a year has passed!
The atmosphere at the venue today was hot for today too.
When the members returned they went straight away for snacks!
Seems like they used all their energy on the stage ^▭^

We found this when we started to disassemble the props at the backstage!
It's something that is used in the production and it has this beautiful painting at the back.

Even the members were moved, saying what a wonderful board it is!

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Tour Special Page✦


I always wondered if everyone seated in the 2nd floor, 3rd floor, 4th floor, 5th floor, 6th floor... (laugh) could see us properly!
Therefore, as I wanted to know how it is to be there, I went to the second floor around 10 minutes before everyone entered! ^^
Even though you can only see so little of us, you still give us a lot of support. I really thank you for that.

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