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Monday, September 30, 2013

[NEWS] Key's rehearsal for upcoming musical 'Bonnie and Clyde'


On the 29th of September, harmonious and remarkable voices were carried throughout the Namsan Creative Center in Jung-gu, Seoul. The star-studded cast of ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ practiced in full motion in preparation for their upcoming live performance.

The rehearsals started exactly at 10 a.m and ended at around 10 p.m. The cast were divided into three teams and one of the protagonists of the much-awaited musical was none other than, SHINee’s Key!

Key had been recognized before for his talents on acting, from his debut as a musical actor last year on ‘Catch Me If You Can.’ He took on a challenging role in the form of Frank Abalagne Jr., a clever young man who bagged millions of dollars for being a con-artist. His new role is not too far from his previous one. Key will be acting as a criminal yet again, taking on the character of Clyde Chestnut Barrow— one of the most infamous outlaws of the 1930s. He will be performing alongside his female counterpart, Dana of CSJH 'The Grace' as Bonnie Elizabeth Parker.

◆ Go KEY - "To Practice Combat."
The actors went up front to rehearse an argument scene between the gang members. The cast seemed to be all fired up to perform as they showcased their flawless acting skills.


“For us, there is no tomorrow! We are Bonnie and Clyde, haha!”

The director seemed impressed with their performance as it was done in one take. Key seemed to outshine the other cast members though, with his attractive and trademark blonde hair.


Before their rehearsal, the cast and staff members all gathered at the center to do a light exercise, mostly inhaling and exhaling before shouting “Bonnie and Clyde!” with glee. After their practice, they all gathered once again for a quick snap shot, donning dark blue shirts with “Bonnie and Clyde” printed on it. They looked like one big and sweet family.

◆ KEY - "My Business as A Man."

The world-renowned musical is not just famous for it's adaption of a true story, but is also popular for its many love scenes, which were vastly toned down for this version. However, fans can expect a new side of Key as a few kiss scenes here and there have been included. The scene took loads of practice but eventually being the professional actor that Key has always been, they made it look natural.

At a recent press conference, Key said, “This is the first time I'm doing kissing scene on a musical, but fans shouldn’t worry. This is just me taking care of business.”


The next scene focused on Bonnie and Clyde. Key looked very comfortable acting with Dana. The smiles and physical contacts they’ve shared seemed to be genuine. They have definitely expressed the scene of two people falling in love with ease.


The first kiss, wherein Key seemed to be taken by surprise. The scene included Key and Dana singing together with palpable tension before ‘Bonnie’ abruptly pulled ‘Clyde’ in to kiss her.

◆ Hot-KEY

Once again, Key showcased his professional talents as he acted out his scenes with passion.


Key’s vivid facial expressions while he sings will definitely get the crowd going.


One of the most difficult to scenes to do was the argument and the eventual slap. Key and Dana practiced until they got it perfectly without actually hurting the female protagonist in the process.

◆ Check the KEY - "Hard work in each scene."

In between breaks, Key always went up to ask his seniors and colleagues for opinions and general tips on how he could improve his performance for each scene. He constantly memorized his lines, song lyrics and choreographies for the next scenes to follow.


Key continued to ask and discuss with his director if his performance was enough or if he should re-do it. he also voiced out mistakes if he saw it even if they were trivial. A true musical actor and a total perfectionist, Key never failed to show his passion for all the things he does.


KEY as the one and only Clyde Chestnut Barrow. “Bonnie and Clyde, Come see it?"

Source: Dispatch
Written by: ibreatheparadox @

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