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Monday, September 30, 2013

[TRANS] SHINee's Interview in CanCam Magazine, October 2013

SHINee has just released a new song "Boys Meet U". We "caught" them at the supermarket as they were shopping in preparation to meet "U".

In association with the title of the new song "Boys Meet U", let's talk about love ♡
EDITORIAL: It's the second Japan arena tour for SHINee. Is there any difference compared to the one last year?
KEY: Last year we paid attention to the stage presentation like wire actions and such, but this year it's more about a stage that focuses more on dance expressions by the five of us and exhibits a lot of our individualities. Compared to last year, this time we are already adapted to the system in Japan and Japanese staff!

EDITORIAL: How was it, performing the new song "Boys Meet U" at the concerts?
TAEMIN: It was hot!
JONGHYUN: Isn't that just your personal thought? (Laugh)
MINHO: Usually we would feel a bit sad when it comes towards the end of the concert, but this time as the title for the tour itself is "Boys Meet U", when we sang this song during the encore we came to feel like we would be able to see everyone again, so it was fun.

EDITORIAL: The cheerful new song "Boys Meet U" expresses the fluttering heart of a boy being in love. So what kind of girl would captivate you?
ONEW: The one with cute gestures! I wish for her to show it to me in secret.
JONGHYUN: A kind girl! It would be great if she is someone who understands about me.
MINHO: I prefer someone who is good in taking care of me.
JONGHYUN: Wouldn't that be someone who is like, a mother (laugh)?!
MINHO: Not a mother (laugh)! Someone who would notice and tell me on things that I overlook or I'm not aware of.

Taemin prefers little devils!? No, the story of Taemin as a bad boy emerges!!
TAEMIN: As for me, a little devil! Someone who would make you think, "Ah, what a bad girl" just by looking at her (laughing hard). No, I lied! If she is someone who isn't good at cleaning up, I would fix her until she can be good at it. And then, while we are at it, I would make her clean up my room as well~ ♪
OTHER 4: (Laughing hard)!!
JONGHYUN:'s interview isn't about a bad boy!
KEY: I prefer someone who suits me! Someone that would make others comment that both of us really suit each other when she is with me. It could be because of her aura and such.

EDITORIAL: If you have a girlfriend, which do you prefer between talking on the telephone or e-mailing?
MINHO: If it's going to be long, I think I rather call her than sending mails to her.
JONGHYUN: If it's a girl that I like, I will go to meet her!
KEY: Let me think. Phone call is around 20 and mails is around 80, I guess?
JONGHYUN: Huh!? 20 hours a day?
KEY: No~! The percentage (laugh).
JONGHYUN: I wonder if people don't really talk that much on the telephone.
ONEW: When it's too troublesome to type the mails, I will call instead!
KEY: Troublesome, you say... (laugh)!

EDITORIAL: How are you going to plan your first date so that you can make her "fall for you and be your captive"?
(T/N: A reverse version from the lyrics of Boys Meet U)

MINHO: Go for a massage with her.
KEY: Huh?! Isn't it the best to do what people usually do, like watching a movie together?
ONEW: I guess I would watch a performance with her.
MINHO: What kind of performance will you watch? Something like, a musical?
TAEMIN: Gag Concert (※A popular Korean variety show) would be nice! It's funny!
JONGHYUN: Anyhow, Minho must be thinking of soccer, right?!

What do you mean, Taemin's cooking skill is dreaded by the members...!?
TAEMIN: If it's my first date, then I want to drink together.
KEY: Since it's the first date, I prefer casual places rather than somewhere that's too fancy.
JONGHYUN: And as for me, I want to cook for her!

EDITORIAL: Our photoshoot concept this time is shopping in the supermarket for ingredients to cook for your girlfriend. What would you cook for her?
ONEW: Dukbokki~ (Korean spicy rice cake)!!
JONGHYUN: Crab pasta!
TAEMIN: I would~ What do I do~ Sunny-side up egg?
JONGHYUN: That's too easy! I would want to make something that's more difficult! For example, spending 8 hours making a pizza, starting from kneading the dough. I would do that for her ❤. What about you, Key?
KEY: Chicken cream stew!
(T/N: Cream stew is a popular Japanized Western food in Japan)
ONEW: Oh! Thank you, that's my favorite ❤. Since I like it, cook it for me!
KEY: Okay, I will!

EDITORIAL: Who is the best cook among the members? On the other hand, who is bad enough to make you plead, "I'm begging you, please don't do anything"?
KEY: (Laughing hard)!!
ONEW: Jonghyun and Key are the good ones.
JONGHYUN: The bad one is Taemin! And I really beg you, please don't say anything (laugh).
ONEW: Please don't do anything (laugh).
TAEMIN: But why (laugh)?!
MINHO: Taemin's cooking... I don't even want to think about it... (sweat).
JONGHYUN: He doesn't consider anything about the taste at all and only bothers to add in everything that's good for your health. Adding something like honey and milk in ramen... He really adds anything!

Jonghyun's special dish is the lasagna he cooks in 3 minutes.
TAEMIN: But I can cook sunny-side up egg well! This is my only specialty!
ONEW: His sunny-side up egg is bad too, right...
JONGHYUN, KEY & MINHO: (Sharply agree)!
TAEMIN: Minho, didn't you eat my sunny-side up egg before~?!
MINHO: Ah! Somehow it tasted of fresh vegetables (laugh). It wasn't cooked on fire too.
TAEMIN: ... I'm specialized in eating!
JONGHYUN: My pasta and lasagna are loved by the members! I can cook the lasagna within 3 minutes.
ONEW: How do you do it?
JONGHYUN: I put ingredients and the sauce on the mandoo (Korean dumpling) skin. Next, I put another skin on top of that. Then, just repeat the process. Easy, isn't it?
TAEMIN: That lasagna is good!
ONEW: Then make one for me later~❤ Key is really good in making chicken stew!
KEY: I can make carbonara and ramen too~. And also, dakdoritang (spicy chicken stew).
TAEMIN: I'm good in cooking ramen too!
KEY: No! No! Stop it (laugh)!

EDITORIAL: Is there anything at the supermarket that you would somehow end up buying it?
ONEW: Milk! Milk!
MINHO: Ice cream♪
JONGHYUN: It's like a habit for me to buy razors (laugh). It happens without me realizing it.
KEY: I guess, it's snacks? Because I love them.
TAEMIN: Nothing. I don't go to supermarket often and be it milk, ice cream or razors, other members would buy my portion as well (laugh).
OTHER 4: (Laughing hard)!!
MINHO: The supermarket is an enjoyable place when you're there ♪.


I want to walk around and eat nice food along the streets of Japan!

Q. Are you the one who would confess your love or wait to be confessed to?
A. I'll confess and wait. Half and half, I guess. Like chickens. (※ Apparently in Korea, you can choose half and half whether to apply the sauce or not)

Q. Tell us your charm in simple words!
A. Nice voice!

Q. What is the unspoken rule among SHINee?
A. Talk about everything with the members.


I aim to perform an independent concert on Japan's big stage.

Q. Are you the one who would confess your love or wait to be confessed to?
A. I must wait, right (laugh)? Why not just follow the flow of nature? (Taemin answered, "I will do it!") Well then, I'll do it too!

Q. What is the item that you must have when you're travelling for concerts at oversea?
A. Eye mask and ear plugs.

Q. Your favorite girl's hairstyle would be a long hair or short hair?
A. Short hair, I guess. As long as it suits her clothes, I don't mind!


I would confess to the girl I like. What does "waiting" means, anyway? (laugh)

Q. Would you want your girlfriend to wear short pants or one piece?
A. Short pants with long, blonde hair! Because I'm a flashy person.

Q. What is the unspoken rule among SHINee?
When the five of us are eating out together, no one would be selfish to force everyone to follow his will as we decide which place to go. Of course, sometimes we would feel like eating different things, but still, we are a group. Lately, I think our preferences are getting similar (laugh).


I prefer one piece! The one in blue color is cute.

Q. Are you the one who would confess your love or wait to be confessed to?
A. (Answered immediately) I will be the one to confess!

Q. Would you want your girlfriend to wear short pants or one piece?
A. One piece! Blue would be nice.

Q. Tell us about SHINee's charms!
A. There are various charms. Looks, lips, aura. (Jonghyun: Aren't those from the lyrics of your part (laugh)?!)
(T/N: From Minho's rap in Japanese version of Dream Girl)


I want to have an independent concert at the dome.

Q. Are you the one who would confess your love or wait to be confessed to?
A. Hmm~ I've never been in such situation, so I don't know! But, since I am a guy, I guess I should be the one to confess?

Q. What is the item that you must have when you're traveling for concerts held overseas?
A. (Minho who was next to him quickly said, "Taemin would even forget his own bag (laugh).") That's right... Members would bring things like socks for me (laugh).

Please tell us which part in the song to pay attention to and what to look for in the MV!

"It's dazzling and refreshing. The charm lies in the happy and enjoyable feel it gives as you listen to it."

"It's a refreshing song that really fits the summer. The MV was filmed in Okinawa. I ate shaved ice for the first time! Syrups ❤."
(T/N: Japanese shaved ice is heavily flavored with syrups, unlike the Korean type.)

"The feel it gives and the lyrics are cute! We had barbecue and ate the famous taco rice, which were memorable for me."
(T/N: Taco rice - Okinawan cuisine, consists of taco-flavored ground beef served on a bed of rice)

"(Singing) Let's dance together with SHINee~♪. It's a wonderful song that everyone can enjoy in the live stage."

"Please observe the dance as well! I would be happy if fans dance to this song together with us in the live stage."

Source: CanCam Magazine
Translated by: red

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