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Sunday, September 1, 2013

[TRANS] Girl Meets SHINee in JILLE Magazine, September Issue

Meet their true self

The anticipated new single "Boys Meet U" brought SHINee back to JILLE! To dig up their true colors, they were asked about themselves and their thoughts on girls.

The view from atop the arena tour stage in the largest venue of their independent concert

Right now you're in the middle of Japan arena tour. Can you please share your thought on the live stage in Saitama Super Arena back in June?

KEY: I was shocked because the stage was bigger than how I imagined it to be. The pearl aqua green lightsticks were really pretty too.
JONGHYUN: It was my first time seeing that many SHINee fans at once so I was surprised as well.
TAEMIN: I was really moved at the number of fans who came to the concert. The bigger the stage is, the more I realize how far we have come so I felt a sense of accomplishment.
MINHO: The cheering voices of the fans sounded different in a venue that big. Especially at the beginning, when the stage was still dark and we started to sing, I was so overwhelmed by the cheers. We were able to stand on that stage because of the fans who came for us so, along with the gratitude towards them I also realized that I had to show my better self.
ONEW: Not only that I was glad I could meet our fans in close range, I quite enjoyed it too.

You performed your new song that was released as your 8th single, "Boys Meet U", in the concert too.
: It's a song that really goes well with summer and is refreshing, so I saw that fans really enjoyed it. There were those who sang along to the chorus and followed the choreography too.

What kind of girl would fascinate the crazy foolish boy?
(T/N: One line from Boys Meet U is "Every time I'd drown in fascination, such a crazy foolish boy")
The lyrics include phrases on various kinds of girls including long-haired, pretty girls. What kind of girl suits your taste?
: I prefer girls wearing a one-piece dress. I like girls who are kind and feminine.
TAEMIN: I like a slightly mischievous person.
JONGHYUN: You want to be messed around with by a wicked girl?
TAEMIN: No, I want a wicked girl who would listen to me (laugh). Someone who would only be nice to me, maybe?
ONEW: I prefer someone with short hair.
MINHO: A very short haircut?

Short like Key's?
: (Speaking in Japanese while looking at Key) You, pretty.
KEY: Hey! (Laugh).
ONEW: Ahahahaha. Also, someone who is a bit crazy is nice. It would be fun to be with someone with whom you can't predict her temperament.
KEY: Mine is just like in the lyrics. I like girls in short pants and also girls with blonde hair. I rarely see girls with blonde hair. Regarding hairstyle, I like girls who can bring out their personality through it.
JONGHYUN: I like kind girls. How she looks isn't important.

Well then, if you were to go on a summer date with the kind of girls you mentioned just now, where would it be?
: We would be riding a bicycle. The only thing is, I can't ride a bicycle (laugh). So I would be sitting at the back, she would be pedaling the bicycle, and together we'd go on a trip around the country. It would be tough for her (laugh), but it will be a great memory.
MINHO: I want to go to Namsan in Seoul. There is the Namsan Tower and the walking path to the tower is really nice so I want to walk along that part together. What about you, Taemin?
TAEMIN: Summer is hot, isn't it? As I can't handle hot weather well, I won't meet her in summer. It's just that, I won't go out myself but I don't mind if she wants to come to my house (laugh).
ONEW: I will go walk around, looking for good food.
JONGHYUN: Spaghetti?
KEY: Jojoen?
(T/N: Jojoen is a high class Yakiniku chain in Japan)
ONEW: ... Why are you guys deciding on what I'm going to eat? (Laugh) I will look for what I want to eat myself!
KEY: (Laugh). I always say that I want to go for shopping but lately, it's changed. I want to go for a vacation. I want to go to a country with a hot climate .

Why did it change?
: We filmed "Boys Meet U" music video in Okinawa. Everything was produced by Japanese staff, so even though it still has our color, the atmosphere in it is a bit different. Throughout the filming I was thinking that it would be nice to have a vacation in the summer.

Were you able to spend private time in Okinawa?
: All I did was work...
KEY: The other four of us were able to get a short break.
ONEW: We went into the sea for around 10 minutes only.
TAEMIN: It was really hot, but fun nevertheless.
JONGHYUN: ... All that I ever did was work.

(Laugh) Is there anything you would like to do in the remaining time in summer?
: I want to ride a jet ski.
JONGHYUN: I don't want that. It's scary (laugh). I want a drinking session with the five of us, without any staff around at all (laugh).
KEY: We drank among the five of us during Christmas too, didn't we? For me, I think it would be nice if our song that perfectly fits the summer mood is loved, and we could meet our fans in concerts again.

Preferable girl type?

A. A girl who is good at talking or B. A girl who is good at listening
: A. It's nice if we can talk to each other.
J: A. It's nice if there's a lot to talk about.
K: A. I'm a good listener.
M: B. It's nice if she would listen to me well and could relate to what I'm talking about
T: A. A girl with whom I can relate to through talking.

A. A girl with good attitude or B. A cute girl
: B. I'll fix her attitude (laugh).
J: A. If her attitude is good, she would look cute to me (laugh).
K: A. It would be a headache if both of us keep paying too much attention to our appearance. I alone am enough (laugh).
M: A. Appearance is an important point, but attitude is more important than that.
T: A. If her attitude is good, she would look cute (laugh)

A. A girl in a skirt or B. A girl in pants
: A. I like girls who can pull off a one-piece nicely.
J: A. When it comes to girls then it should be a skirt, don't you think?!
K: B. I like girls with short pants.
M: A. I prefer girls who look good with skirts compared to pants
T: A. Maybe I feel so because I'm still young?

A. A sexy girl or B. A boyish girl
: A. I think I would be more attracted to a sexy girl.
J: A. Being boyish is charming too but it's not my type.
K: I'd choose someone in between.
M: A. I think I would be more attracted to a sexy girl?
T: A. I prefer girls who are feminine.

A. A girl with short hair or B. A girl with long hair
: A. Not everyone can look good with it.
J: I don't mind either.
K: A. No particular reason.
M: B. I like girls with straight, long hair
T: B. If I really have to choose...

A. A girl who likes to be pampered or B. A big-sister type
: A. A girl with cuteness! I wonder if there is any real person with all characteristics I like that I meet?
J: A. Because it's cute.
K: Neither. I prefer wise girls.
M: A. It's nice if we can tease each other and be close.
T: B. I like responsible girls

Tell us about your attitude!

Y0kwgG6.jpg         Hot tempered5hS9ECL.jpgGood temper

Y0kwgG6.jpg                Cry babyxC9UI8R.jpgWon't cry

Y0kwgG6.jpg                 Talkative1pEhzMR.jpgSilent

Y0kwgG6.jpg                  SociableqPXzMq8.jpgTimid

Y0kwgG6.jpg Don't give up easily6Ld8gwI.jpgEasy to give up

Y0kwgG6.jpg             Scaredy catFoc1M2K.jpgCourageous

Source: JILLE Magazine
Translated by: red

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