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Monday, September 30, 2013

[NEWS] SHINee’s Minho Doesn’t Care about Key’s Diss on His Acting

Like the good friends they are, SHINee Minho didn’t think much about Key’s recent diss about his acting.

On September 24, Minho joined the cast of MBC’s Medical Top Team at its press conference held at the Severance Hospital in Shinchon.

There, a reporter asked Minho on what he thought about Key’s diss about his acting.

On September 18’s broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star, Key, who appeared as a guest, mentioned that Minho’s acting was mediocre.

On Key’s diss, Minho replied, “I don’t think much about it. We’re close friends, so I think it’s completely fine to say something like that in a joking manner.”

He added that when he acted in To the Beautiful You, he was still a rookie and had a lot of difficulties in acting as a cold character.

“My acting then was one out 10 points,” said Minho, adding that with Medical Top Team,he received a lot of help from the cast, which includes Kwon Sang Jung Ryeo Won, Ju Ji Hoon, and more. Minho hoped to leave a good impression by the end of the series.

Medical Top Team will begin broadcasting on October 9.
Photo Credit: Hea Jung Min, MBC
Source: OfficialMWave

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