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Sunday, September 1, 2013

[TRANS] SHINee and Sweet Summer in TV Pia Magazine, August 28th Issue

SHINee×Sweet Summer

Summer is here! SHINee released their second album "Boys Meet U" in June and are currently in the middle of their arena tour. With the release of their eighth single "Boys Meet U" on August 21st (Wednesday), what kind of encounter will Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin go through this summer?

A song that is really like summer is completed. Pay attention to our smile!

You have just released an album in June, and yet you're releasing another new song.
TAEMIN: We used our free time for the preparation little by little, recording when we were back in Korea. We have been quite busy.
JONGHYUN: We are always busy but I think I don't need holidays.
KEY: Excuse me, seriously?
JONGHYUN: Be it works or concerts or recording, they are all fun so I don't mind!

What kind of song is the new song "Boys Meet U" all about?
: A cute song!
JONGHYUN: A song that suits summer. No matter what it is, the main point of this song is the smile. Pay attention to our smile!
KEY: Rather than performing, expressing an enjoyable feeling is more important.
ONEW: We wish you would enjoy it just like the way you see and hear it.

You filmed both the jacket photo and music video at the beach, right? So refreshing!
: It was in Okinawa. Even though we went all the way to the beach, all that we did was filming~. We entered the sea only for about 10 minutes. Taemin could only enter for 5 minutes because there were jellyfish. Wasn't it vexing?
TAEMIN: Yeah. We were already at the beach!

It was your first time in Okinawa, right?
: It was! We ate taco rice. It was my dream, you know. All of my friends who are also Korean idols have been to Okinawa, so when I asked, "What is popular in Okinawa?" they answered, "I recommend taco rice." That's why I told the staff, "I definitely want to eat it!"
(T/N:  Taco rice - Okinawan cuisine, consists of taco-flavored ground beef served on a bed of rice)
JONGHYUN: I ate it with full anticipation, wondering how taco rice would taste like. It turns out it's rice that tastes like tacos. It's quite different from what I imagine it to be (laugh).

Following "Sherlock", "Dream Girl" was made into a Japanese version as well and was choreographed by Tony Testa, who used to choreograph for Michael Jackson. What advise of his left a strong impression on you?
: The basics are important. The dance is special because we are using mic stands, so we practiced a lot each and every day, doing the basics of using the mic stands only. When we came close to the release day, we adapted to the moves naturally... I've been dancing for quite sometime already, but it made me realized that basics are really important.

Onew, what is the trick to spinning the mic stand skillfully?
: As for me, I've always been good in spinning various things ever since I was a kid, so I had grasped the trick to it all the way from the past (laugh). It turns out that I can spin anything.
KEY: It has nothing to do with Tony Testa at all! (Laugh).

I see (laugh). "Sunny Day Hero" is a new song too, right?
: Just like the phrase "Sunny Day", it's a bright song. Words like summer and sea are mentioned in the lyrics, it's so much like summer~! When I heard the song for the first time, I thought that it's a song that would cool you.

So then, what kind of "Hero = reliable person" does everyone have in mind?
: Isn't it someone who is responsible? Someone who would do something that can't be seen somewhere.
ONEW: It's Minho, then!
MINHO: Wow, I'm shocked to be described like that out of the blue (laugh). Am I a reliable guy?
OTHER 4: Yup! You are reliable!

In the tour "SHINee WORLD 2013 ~Boys Meet U~" that is currently on-going, you performed all three of the new songs before they were released. I was shocked by that.
: Is it so? We had been practicing the songs all the time, so we don't really feel like they are new songs (laugh).
JONGHYUN: I could see the fans' shocked reaction from the stage.

This tour will continue until December, so is there any point that you would like to emphasize?
: The stage this time can be seen not only from the front, but also from both of the sides and from the back as well. Therefore, I hope everyone can see every side of us.
TAEMIN: Please accept what we wish to deliver to everyone as the way it is and enjoy it together with us.
KEY: Please note that it's a bit different from our previous live stage. It's the first time for us to make the preparation with Japanese staff and it's a live stage that can perfectly bring out each of our individualities.
MINHO: Rather than the splendid setup, I wish that everyone can set their eyes on the five of us instead.
JONGHYUN: It's been two years since our Japan debut and it's none other than the live stage that helps us notice the acceptance of the fans. It's the place where I feel like fans and SHINee are making progress together!

Which suits your taste?
Short pants or one piece
Q2 Long hair or short hair
Q3 Sexy girl or Pretty girl or Cutie girl
Q4 What would you do if you meet your destined "U"?
Q5 What is your memory related to summer?

A1 Of course it's one piece!
A2 Short hair.
A3 It doesn't matter.
A4 Probably, I would be very hesitant about it. I think I can't even talk to her.
A5 When I was a child, there was a time I went to the beach and went astray from my parents. So I made a vow, "I won't be lost anymore!"

One piece.
A2 I like both!
A3 All! (Laugh)
A4 I won't hesitate and will confess to her right away.
A5 Speaking of summer, cold food would come to mind. For example, shaved ice and cold noodles. Even when it was raining and we waited for the weather during filming in Okinawa, we had shaved ice then.

Short pants.
A2 Long hair.
A3 If she is cute then I don't mind which type she is.
A4 I would create a chance so that we could meet again "by chance" and start my approach by talking to her.
A5 When summer came, my grandma would make kongguksu (cold noodle in soy milk) for me. I want to eat it!

One piece.
A2 Long hair.
A3 Pretty girl.
A4 I wouldn't be able to say anything. (JONGHYUN: Your destiny would go away then.) Well then, I'll gather my courage and confess to her.
A5 What can't be missed in summer is none other than horror movies! I would go and watch popular ones from that year.

As long as she is cute, either one is OK.
A2 Same as my answer in A1.
A3 Sexy girl! (Answered straight away)
A4 Tell me your mobile phone number! (Laugh) (answered straight away)
A5 Concert with everyone! Also, my birthday! This year, it was celebrated during the Niigata live stage. I was so happy!

Source: TV Pia Magazine
Translated by: red

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