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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[INFO] 120731 SHINee’s Minho becomes a gold medalist in ‘To the Beautiful You’

SHINee‘s Minho has transformed into a handsome gold-medalist for his upcoming drama!

In the upcoming SBS drama ‘To the Beautiful You‘, character Kang Taejun, played by Minho, was captured in a photograph with a gold-medal around his neck.

With the ‘2012 London Olympics‘ in progress, Minho’s golden smile drew extra attention from netizens for Minho’s transformation into a gold medalist portrays the dreams of the South Korean Olympic athletes and the hopes of the citizens of the nation.

The filming of the medal ceremony scene took place on July 28th at the Jamsil stadium, directly after Minho’s high jump scene. It has been said that Minho lifted the spirits on the set with his enthusiasm.

Even after two hours of continuously shooting the high jump scene in Korea’s extreme summer heat, Minho showed no signs of exhaustion and executed his character flawlessly.

A representative from the drama’s production company stated, “Please keep your eyes out for Minho, who is working extremely hard to portray his high jump athlete character perfectly.

Source + Image: Star News via Daum
cr: allkpop

[INFO] 120730 SHINee gives greeting for Korean Cultural Service New York’s ’2012 New York K-Pop Festival’

Following the success of 2011’s ‘SMTown Live’ in NYC and the ‘New York Korea Festival’, the Korean Cultural Service New York will be holding ‘2012 New York K-Pop Festival’, an event that all K-pop fans in New York and the surrounding area can participate in with their covers of one of three artists.
From July 23rd 9AM through August 10th 5PM is the entry submission period for the online preliminary to choose teams that will advance into the finals.

The categories for the contestants will be singing, dancing, or both singing and dancing. The teams will be covering a song from either SHINee, Big Bang, or Wonder Girls, the three representative artists from the three major Korean Entertainment Agencies SM, YG, and JYP.  The entries will be judged by the Korean Cultural Service New York and the finalists will be notified individually.

The finals will then take place at 6PM on August 31st at NYU’s Skirball Center for Performing Arts and the winner of this contest will be given the chance to enter the ‘2012 World K-Pop Festival’ in Korea.
More information about the ‘2012 New York K-Pop Festival’ can be found through the Korean Cultural Service New York’s home page and Facebook page.

You can check out SHINee‘s own personal greeting for contestants below!

cr: allkpop

Sunday, July 29, 2012

[TRANS] 120728 Onew+Jjong Tweets!

Onew twitter update 

Credit: skehehdanfdldi

Did you know?? Shiver. Kiwis were Kiwi birds shiver. I was wondering why there were no trees.. shiver

Cleaning process shiver

Friday, July 27, 2012

[Me2Day] 120727 SHINee Me2Day Update!

SHINee me2day Update 120727

[SHINee] 8월 10일부터 시작될 S.M.ART EXHIBITION을 여러분께 소개 드립니다~ 저희가 알려드리는 S.M. ART EXHIBITION만의 특별한 비밀은 바로 라이브홀로그램! 그리고? S.M. ART EXHIBITION
[SHINee] Beginning from 10th August we will introduce everyone S.M.ART EXHIBITION~ We will tell you S.M.ART EXHIBITION Special Secret Live Programe! And? S.M. ART EXHIBITION
Credit: SHINee’s me2day

Key me2day Update 120727

[Key] 마카오에서… 관광하다가 민호 사진을 발견 !! 김키 -달려들어!!!!!
[Key] At Macau… While touring, we found Minho’s Photo!! KimKey -Attack!!!!!

[Key] 이것두 마카오에서!
[Key] This too, at Macau!
Credit: SHINee’s me2day

Korean to Chinese Translation: 小玖
Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee
shared by: nuha^^

[NEWS] 120727 TEEN TOP’s Niel breaks SHINee Minho’s record in high jump on ‘Idol Star Olympics’

Niel has secured the gold medal in high jump on MBC‘s ‘Idol Star Olympics‘, which aired on the 26th.
The highest record of 173 cm in high jump was set by SHINee‘s Minho previously, and the the competing athletes this time around were not only trying for a gold medal but also were trying their hands at setting a new record.

B1A4‘s Sandeul, INFINITE‘s Sungyeol, TEEN TOP‘s Ricky, and 2AM‘s Jinwoon all made valiant attempts, but unfortunately got caught on the bar at 170 cm. However, TEEN TOP’s Niel easily jumped over the bar and clinched the gold medal.

However, Niel didn’t stop there as he challenged himself to break Minho’s record and proved to be successful as he raised the bar, setting a new record of 174 cm for these ‘Idol Star Athletic Championship’ events.

After confirming the new record, the broadcasters jumped up cheering, and fellow TEEN TOP members ran to Niel to share his happiness.

Niel jokingly provoked Minho’s competitive nature by commenting, “I want to meet with SHINee’s Minho sunbae.” “Please give me a cell phone right now,” he pleaded to his agency’s boss, Shinhwa‘s Andy.

Source+Picture: Financial News via Naver
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[INFO 120727 Minho sends a flower arrangement to Jung Hyung Don

Posted Image

(News) Minho sent a flower arrangement to Jung Hyung Don. Jung Hyungdon's new shop Doni Burger opening ceremony~ Minho's flower bouquet says "if the foods are not yummy please call/text to here^^ 010-4556-XXXX (Hyungdon's phone number)

Source: Thaluuu
Translation: onyuxccy♡
cr: dkpopnews
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[NEWS] 120727 Minho pays tribute to the members of SHINee after being crowned champion on 'Idol Star Olympics'

Posted Image

SHINee’s Minho was recently crowned champion in men’s 100m hurdles.

On the second episode of MBC’s “Idol Star Olympics,” which aired on July 26, a competition of 110 meters hurdles for men were held.

Top eight players with good records made it to the final. Among the contenders in the final, Dalmatian’s Simon, ZE:A’s Min Woo and Dong Jun, 2AM’s Seul Ong, SHINee’s Minho, Infinite’s Woo Hyun, Teen Top’s Niel, Boyfriend’s Dong Hyun.

Appearing only in the hurdle games with the aim of winning the gold medal, SHINee’s Minho looked determined to win.

The SHINee member was in the lead from the beginning. ZE:A’s Dong Jun, regarded as Minho’s rival, tripped up and fell over while Dalmatian’s Simon was relentlessly catching up with MinHo.

Minho, however, finished the race with flying colors. On his shining achievement, he gave a short speech. “I’d like to pay tribute to the members of SHINee.”

Source/Credit: Star News,
Shared by: joAnnwashere @
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[NEWS] 120727 SHINee, B2ST, T-ara, f(x), Ailee, and more to perform at Korea’s demilitarized zone

MBC announced at a press conference on July 26th that they will be holding a ‘Peace Concert’ this August at Korea’s demilitarized zone (DMZ), the buffer area between North and South Korea.
The concert will be held specifically on August 14th-15th in the outdoor theatre at Paju’s Imjingak Park. It will be celebrating the 59 years of ceasefire between North and South Korea, and convey a message of peace through music.
For this concert, MBC’s main points of focus was to appeal to a mass audience. The head of MBC’s Special Event Planning Team told the press, “In order to better approach a wide range of people in a more familiar manner, we have prepared this concert while keeping mainstream appeal in mind.
The first day of the concert will consist of performances by top K-Pop stars, while the second day is scheduled to showcase familiar classical performances. The first day of the concert will be subtitled, ‘We are a peaceful generation’, and will open with the stars Han Young Ae, Bobby Kim, SHINee, T-ara, B2ST, f(x), SISTAR, A Pink, and Ailee. This line-up of singers will have a collaboration stage and perform under the theme of peace.

The second day of the concert will feature violinist Richard Youngjae O’Neill, and be followed by performances from artists such as Sung Si Kyung and Kai, cellist Song Young Hoon, and pianist Kim Jung Won, all who will also collaborate with the TIMF Orchestra. Popular classics such as the “Shostakovich Waltz”, “Libertango”, “Imagine” by John Lennon, and traditional Korean folk song “Arirang” will also be performed.

The concert will be free of charge, and will not have a limited audience number, as it will take place in the wide outdoors. The concert will be filmed so that the performances can be viewed via TV as well. The head of MBC Hong Suk Ho commented, “Although we haven’t decided on the exact time frame, we will broadcast the concert on television a few hours after the performance comes to an end.

Source: Oh My News via Naver
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[INFO] SHINee promote ‘S.M.Art Exhibition’

Promotional messages from SHINee and EXO for SM Entertainment‘s upcoming IT exhibition, ‘S.M.Art Exhibition‘, have been released!

The event is scheduled for August 10-19, 2012 at COEX in Seoul’s Samseong-dong. SM Entertainment has joined hands with global businesses to present the world’s first interactive entertainment exhibition.
Check out SHINee as well as EXO-K and EXO-M’s promotional clips below.

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[TRANS] SHINee Tweets & Tweets Mentioned SHINee

Onew twitter update @ 4.18pmkst 120726 -

 I was holding my phone lying down and dropped the corner on my face haha I’m having a mental breakdown

credit; skehehdanfdldi
translation credit :shiningtweets
Onew twitter update @ 4.18pmkst 120726 -
I was holding my phone lying down and dropped the corner on my face haha I’m having a mental breakdown
credit; skehehdanfdldi

Jonghyun twitter update @2.14amkst 120727 -

기범이가 보내줌 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ으ㅏ어엌ㅋㅋㅋ웃다죽겟엌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

Kibum sent this to me kekekeke ahhh kekekeke I’m gonna die laughing kekekekekekekekekekekeke 

translation credit :shiningtweets
Jonghyun twitter update @2.14amkst 120727 -
기범이가 보내줌 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ으ㅏ어엌ㅋㅋㅋ웃다죽겟엌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Kibum sent this to me kekekeke ahhh kekekeke I’m gonna die laughing kekekekekekekekekekekeke

Keybum was mention in Ryeowook hyung’s tweet 120726

Dana noona and Kibummie are helping us in doing Sukira special DJ ^^ Soon they will be doing a phone call with us kya kya
Credit: ryeong9

Translation Credit: G
translation credit :shiningtweets
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[INFO] 120727 Third preview for SBS’s ‘To the Beautiful You’ revealed

The third preview for SBS‘ new upcoming drama ‘To the Beautiful You‘ was released earlier today.
The preview reveals additional brief clips from the upcoming drama and concludes with f(x)‘s Sulli confronting SHINee‘s Minho.

‘To the Beautiful You’ tells the story of Goo Jaehee (played by Sulli) who poses as a boy to enroll at an all-boys high school and meets her idol and high jump gold-medalist Kang Taejoon (played by Minho).
The drama will air its pilot episode on August 15th.

Tip: Lili

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[NEWS] 120727 SHINee & Various artist to perform @ Etude Pink Play Concert; Stream it live on Youtube!

TIP on watching Pink Play:
Don’t be sad if you can’t watch the Pink Play concert live~ We have a surprise present for you!
The 2012 Etude Pink Play Concert will be able to be live-streamed from Youtube~!
8 August 7PM! Catch it live~!
Time and date:
August 8, 2012 7PM
Artists performing:
Pink Heart: Toxic, Teen Top
Pink Dream: Ulala Session, Ailee
Pink World: SHINee , 2NE1
Olympic Hall at the Olympic Park
Source & Credit:

Translated by:
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[INFO] 120727 SHINee official site schedule update!

Taemin to be ft in BoA Noona’s comeback special stage on SBS Inkigayo ! :D on the 29th July 2012 , 3.40pmkst

Credit: SHINee SMTOWN Page 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

[TRANS] SHINee Tweets &Tweets Mentioned SHINee

 Onew Twitter update on 120725

Bingsuuu (T/N: Bingsu is a shaved ice dessert.)

Oh wow the orders are flooding in

Key was mentioned in MAGNMAG Shop Twitter 120725

SHINee’s “Key” made a surprise entrance to the MAGNMAG shop in Garosugil !
As expected of a fashionista, he shopped and only picked out unique items. Just looking at him makes me content. :-) 

Key was mentioned in MAGNMAG Shop Twitter 120726

Throwing in a picture of SHINee’s “Key” that I couldn’t upload yesterday! ;-)
It looked like he was buying a birthday present for Taemin. He didn’t just look at clothes but he also looked closely at lifestyle items!

Minho was mentioned in SM Choreographer’s Tweet 120724

 I received a love confession yesterday but I politely ignored it.
Picture Translation
Minho: Let’s do well at the next concert too !! My personal choreographer kekeke
Jaewon: Get lost, I’m not doing yours.
Minho: I love you~
Minho: Do you know my feelings?
Jaewon: I don’t know
Minho; I know very well kekeke
Jaewon: I don’t know
Minho: I love you ^^
Credit: famous_jae

Onew Updates his Twitter  120724

Heyeyeyeyeyey~ Everyone, thank you mackerel pelvis physique grid cheapskate dagger Wednesday daily life lettuce loach soup
 (T/N: Onew used words that starts with the syllable of the previous word and connected them all together. It clearly doesn’t make sense at all when translated. Gomapsamchigolgyukjaringobisuyoilsangchueotang = Gomapsam samchi chigol golgyuk gyukja jaringobi bisu suyoil ilsang sangchu chueotang)
Credit: skehehdanfdldi

Translation Credit: Shiningtweets
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

[Me2Day] 120725 Minho Me2Day Update

Minho me2day Update 120725

[민호] 아름다운그대에게 강태준!!!… 여러분이 조금만 기다려 주시면~ 멋진 모습으로 달려갈게요^^ 이 사진은 지난번 보그걸 화보 촬영때 미공개컷ㅋ
[Minho] To The Beautiful You Kang Tae Jun!!!… Everyone wait a little while more~ Will meet everyone with a handsome look ^^ This photo was previously shoot by Vogue Girl for poster which wasn’t revealed yet 

Credit: SHINee’s me2day
Korean to Chinese Translation: 韩国me2day
Chinese to English Translation: Forever_SHINee
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

[INFO] 120724 Minho and Z:EA’s Dongjun to finally go head-to-head in the ‘Idol Star Olympics’!

The well-known all-around ‘athlete-idols’, SHINee‘s Minho and Z:EA‘s Dongjun, will finally be going head to head in the MBC‘s ‘Idol Star Olympics‘!

The ‘Idol Star Olympics’ being held in commemoration of the 2012 London Olympics (normally called ‘Idol Star Athletic Championship’), will finally decide for once and for all the champion of the 110 meter hurdle event

Minho took the gold medal in the first and second ‘Idol Star Athletic Championship’ games, rising up as the powerhouse athlete to beat. However, he was unable to take the gold for the 3rd consecutive year unable to surpass rising star Dongjun’s stellar performance. With Minho’s absence in the next competition as well, Dongjun has currently risen to the top.

After taking the gold during the most recent ‘New Year special‘ of ‘Idol Star Athletic Championship’s hurdle event, Dongjun expressed, “I’m disappointed that SHINee’s Minho couldn’t be here. I think next time he and I are going to have to finish this once and for all. Minho! Let’s duke it out!”

No different than previous years’, the two idol stars brought their competitive spirits and fought for the first place spot in this year’s competition.

Catch the ‘Idol Star Olympics’ airing this week to cheer on your favorite idols and to find out who takes the gold!

Source: DailyEconomics via Naver
via: allkpop

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[INFO] 120724 Sulli and Minho’s First Meeting on ‘To the Beautiful You’

New preview still cuts released by SBS are showing the first meeting between Sulli and Minho’s characters in their upcoming drama.

Dressed in their characters′ school uniforms of full suits and ties, Minho’s Kang Tae Joon is seen playing with the dog Sangchu as the short-haired Koo Jae Hee (Sulli) emerges from within Sangchu’s doghouse. Koo Jae Hee is seen latching onto Kang Tae Joon’s arm before Kang Tae Joon coldly pulls his arm away and inspects Koo Jae Hee’s nametag.

The scenes for the upcoming SBS drama To the Beautiful You were shot on July 12 on a university campus in Gyeonggi-do’s Icheon.

The two displayed remarkable differences between when the cameras were rolling and when they weren’t as the two would focus entirely on portraying their awkward and chilly relationship when the cameras were on but immediately become relaxed and playful when the cameras stopped filming.

In between takes, the two were also seen frequently discussing their scenes, in order to perfect their acting and scenes together.

A source close to the production shared, “Sulli and Minho are endlessly discussing their characters and matching each other to do their best to ensure a more natural acting. Please continue to monitor Sulli and Minho who will soon stand before viewers with an entirely new appearance.”

To the Beautiful You will premiere on SBS on August 15.

Photo credit: SBS
cr: enews
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Monday, July 23, 2012

[NEWS] 120722 An internet cafe caught red-handed for selling idol stars’ personal info

A cafe within an internet portal site has come under fire for buying and selling the cell phone numbers, social security numbers, and Kakao Talk IDs of idols such as TVXQ, JYJ, and SHINee. In addition, buyers were even able to attain the phone numbers of the artists’ managers or close acquaintances through the website.
Exact prices were not specified, but it is said that the price of each piece of information differed greatly depending on the idol group.

As controversy over the site began to grow, access to the cafe was finally blocked.

Netizens who came across the shocking news stated, “It’s a pity their personal information is leaked just because they are celebrities. Although they are public figures, I think we should protect their privacy”, “Buying another copy of their album would be much more helpful to the artist than buying their social security number”, and “That’s crossing the line of fandom and approaching criminal offense. I hope they realize that sometimes less is more and that their actions can actually be a disservice to the idols they admire”.

Source: KBS News
cr: allkpop
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[NEWS] 120722 SHINee at SWC II Press Conference

SHINee talks about sharing concert dates with MBLAQ

At the July 22nd press conference for their concert, ‘SHINee WORLD II‘, SHINee explained that they had wanted to attend fellow boy group MBLAQ‘s concert.

During the press conference, a reporter asked, “MBLAQ is currently holding a concert at the same time as you are. Do you feel like they are your rivals in any way?” to which SHINee responded, “We’re very close to the MBLAQ members. We have actually been talking a lot about their concert.

They continued, “We invited MBLAQ to our concert, and in return, they invited us to their own. But we discovered that it was being held at the same time as ours, so we were really disappointed.

Member Jonghyun added, “That’s why we joked amongst ourselves that we should end our concert quickly and go see the MBLAQ concert,” showing just how close the two groups are.

SHINee, currently wrapping up their Seoul concert, will head to Taipei, Singapore, and major cities in Asia to continue their tour.

Source + Image: X Sports News via Nate
cr: allkpop

SHINee's Taemin bares his abs in his unconventional fashion style

On the 21st of July, the members of SHINee attended the press conference prior to their SHINee World Concert II and on the red carpet, one particular member received much attention for his wardrobe and that is Taemin. With SHINee's contemporary style as a group, they have shown various out of the ordinary get ups, but perhaps Taemin's outfit was one of the most odd.

Taemin showed up wearing an unconventional top and jeans, his top was a long sleeve with half of his abs showing and his black jeans with a folded polo sewn to it. The maknae looked hot and masculine but you can't help but raise eyebrows with this odd ensemble. What do you think?

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @

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[Concert Review] Welcome to SHINee World

It was a concert that showed why SHINee describes itself as a ‘contemporary group.’

SHINee invited its audience to a 190-minute-long tour through its SHINee World theme park and had everyone cheering in satisfaction.

In its SHINee World 2 concert held on July 22 in Seoul, SHINee flew through the air, jumped around like beasts with bare chests and handcuffs and spurted blood after a gun and swordfight, putting on a perfect, fantasy theme park show.

The concert processions were so fantastic, even the small mistakes seemed like they were part of the show.

For example, the staff’s hands that were accidentally shown grabbing onto Jonghyun’s ankle when he went backstage, after flying through the air, looked like the devil′s hands pulling an angel into hell.

In the intro, the five SHINee members landed on earth after a meteorite collision and traveled through space, African jungles, medieval times, underwater, a city of the night, high schools and prisons, transcending time and space.

Jonghyun said at the press roundtable held before the concert that the concert was “a show that can be seen at a theme park” and that those who were there for it “will be able to go home with smiles on their faces.”

It didn’t take long to figure out what he meant. The three-level stage mechanism that continued to rise and fall with each performance helped the members fly through the air, disappear under the stage, appear on water and hide behind burning flames.

Other stage settings such as the 17-meter-long LED screen, two live screens, wires, a turntable and lifts, as well as the laser, magic and fountain effects all helped make the SHINee World theme park believable.

The genre of the concert also dived and surged like a roller coaster, going from sci-fi to swordfight action, campus romance, mystery, comedy, adventure and thriller.

The audience not only got wads of SHINee money, they were hit with blasts of water, surprised by the flames and confetti and melted at the members’ cute moves.

The 29 songs SHINee performed on this day, from the second album’s promotional single Lucifer to its last encore piece Life, were bittersweet.

The members led the theme park tour and plunged its pearl aqua green audience into a world of fantasy and light.

The five solo performances and the group′s first performance of the Korean version of Seesaw, a single from its first Japan album, were like bonuses that satisfied the audience.

SHINee had the crowd going wild with a concert full of sights to see, as if it was determined to pour everything it had into that one performance.

After a placard event the fans put on, in which they held up placards reading ‘I’ll love you tomorrow, too,’ Minho said, “We’ll continue to deliver good music, so please continue to love us,” and Jonghyun showed tears while he said, “I’m so thankful for your unwavering love.”

The audience answered their thanks and the great performance with a big “I love you.”

Photo credit: SM Entertainment
cr: enews

SHINee’s Taemin and Minho almost kiss, fans go wild

The talented boys of SHINee continued to deliver a round of powerful performances yesterday for their second concert, dubbed ‘SHINee World Concert II‘.

Following Jonghyun‘s naughty attempt at a passionate kiss with Taemin, which made Shawols‘ go wild, it seems that Taemin is now the one delivering copious amounts of fan service, by practically planting a big, juicy kiss on fellow member Minho.

The two were jokingly messing around on the stage until Taemin decided to surprise the crowd by passing along a paper bill, by mouth, to Minho.
Check out a clip of the ‘interaction’ below starting at 0:36:

2min shippers, are you enjoying SHINee’s recent streak of fan service? 

cr: allkpop
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

[NEWS] 120722 SHINee’s Jonghyun locks lips with fellow member Taemin?

SHINee recently made Shawols go insane with a shocking turn of events, during their concert held on July 21st dubbed ‘SHINee World Concert II‘.

While performing on stage, member Jonghyun made an unexpected move by passionately grabbing maknae Taemin by his hair, and continued to tease fans by almost landing a passionate kiss.

What further drove fans wild was Jonghyun’s half-naked body, full of fake tattoos with the names of his personal fan sites.

Check out the steamy clip below, and let us know what you think about this spontaneous moment in the comments!

cr; allkpop  

[NEWS] 120722 SHINee World II in Seoul 2 Press Conference Interview

A press conference was held prior to SHINee’s concert “SHINee WORLD II in SEOUL” on July 22 at 4PM in the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium. Maybe it’s because they already saw their fans yesterday, but their faces were full of easygoing smiles.

- How does it feel to perform?
We’re holding our second concert in Korea. We named it as an extension of our last concert and it means that we’re showing a world that’s just for us. Since we worked hard to prepare, I believe many people will go home smiling. I hope they’ll anticipate it a lot. (Jonghyun)

- Hidden weapon of the concert?
The scale is bigger and there are more events compared to our first concert. If I say it more specifically, it will be a spoiler but there’s a performance that will make you feel like you’re watching a show at an amusement. (Jonghyun)

For our solo stages, we prepared something that each of us are good at and can show properly. Please look forward to our solo stages and of course our group performances as well. (Minho)

The main focus of the stages were the song but there were parts when we did some fun things through performance. (Onew)

I’ve prepared a joint performance with a member. (Jonghyun)

- You did an arena tour.
The synchronization between the members improved and we learned how to sync with the audience. It was a great experience. (Minho)

- You cried hard during the concert on the 21st.
I cried because it was a happy day. I wasn’t thinking “I should cry” but I cried. The fans prepared an event and it was really touching. It wasn’t just me, but everyone cried. I think we cried because we’re thankful to our fans. (Jonghyun)

I think I shed tears because of the fans’ gift. (Taemin)

- Why do you think you’re loved by international fans?
I think it’s because of our overseas activities and performance experience. Since we are a group that introduces K-pop, I think we need to go on stage being careful. Not only did we learn how to synchronize with each other and learn languages, but we also learned how to receive energy. (Jonghyun)

- Will you have chances to meet fans in the future?
We’ll show more performances as much as we are a group that creates and leads trends. We’ll meet many fans through the tour, concert, and such. (Jonghyun)

- Is Minho’s drama filming going well?
I’ll be playing the protagonist of the SBS TV drama “For You In Full Blossom”. I hope you’ll look forward to the high jump scenes while watching the drama. It’s my first time doing something like this so please watch over me a lot. I’m still aiming for the high jump record. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been doing well. My best record so far is 175cm. I jumped about Jonghyun’s height. (Minho)

- Feeling of seeing hoobaes as a senior?
We have male hoobaes now. Because we have new hoobaes, I felt that we had to show an even more passionate performance. (Minho)

Just like how we practiced and learned a lot by watching our sunbaes, I hope our hoobaes can do the same as they watch us. (Jonghyun)

Source: TV Report
Translated by kimchi hana @ 
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

[TRANS] 120719 Taemin Update on SHINee Official Site Board

Posted Image
To all the fans, thank you for wishing me a happy birthday every year like this.
I want to wish everyone a happy birthday too, wah..
I always love you and please spend my birthday beside me for the next hundred years and ten thousand years^^

Translated by kimchi hana @
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120719 Alternative careers best suited for today’s top male idols?

What could today’s top idol leaders be doing if they were not efficiently leading their group members to success in the K-Pop industry?

Korean netizens seemed to have a good idea, as an online post titled ‘Male Idol Group Leaders’ Potential Careers Based On Appearance’ heated up the online community boards. The post listed some alternative occupations they felt would best suit their favorite male idol leaders, based on their individual image.

To start, they suggested Super Junior‘s Leeteuk to become a language instructor at an academy, as he is extremely well-spoken and an expert when it comes to hosting variety programs.

They further suggested that Big Bang‘s multi-talented leader G-Dragon to open up his own dance studio, while stating that the amiable and gentle Onew of SHINee would serve as a good departmental student representative.

The outgoing Jo Kwon of 2AM was thought to be the perfect guy to bring along on overnight college trips, as he easily creates a hilarious and fun atmosphere with his personality. Fans also felt B2ST‘s leader Yoon Doojoon was the perfect person to become a physical education instructor, and that the suave Jung Yonghwa of CNBLUE has the image of ‘that handsome oppa’ at church.

Can you imagine the idols taking on these roles? What else could you envision these leaders doing? Let us know below!

Source & Image : TVDaily via Nate