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Monday, February 28, 2011


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110228 ShiNee 1st Concert aired on FUJI TV (VIDEO IN HD) -FULL-

UPDATE :- part 4-7
SHINee 1st in JAPAN 7/12
UPDATE :- part 8-11(final)

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110228 SHINee Onew's Me2Day Update

[온유] 안녕하세요~온유입니다! 오랜만에 오늘은 다름이아니구요~^^ 절~너~무 좋아하시는 한 커플이~?^^ 으하하~ 2세를 가지게 되셨다고해요~ 여러분도 누구나 항상 사랑하는 것 잊지마시구요~! 축복합시다~! 우오오오오오오오오오!!!!!!!! 우오오오오오오오오오!!


[OnewHello~ This is Onew! It’s been a long time but today~^^ A couple said they like me so much~?^^ Woohaha~ she just notice she was 2 months pregnant~ Don’t forget to always loving everyone~! Let’s bless them~! Wooohohohohohohohohoho!!!

Source: Onew's Me2Day
Translation by: iamapril (April.A)
re. credit :- Facebook
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110228 SHINee's Minho thanks fans and gives advice on Star Call

Posted Image

SHINee's charismatic Minho recently made a new Star Call video. He talked about his triple crown win in the Idol Olympics, placing first in swimming, high jump, and the hurdle race. Minho began, "Idol Track Competition was held on New Year's Day. I did my best and won 3 gold medals." Onew can be heard commenting in the background, "He was the best."

Modestly, Minho replied, "Ah, I surprised myself. There were some events I didn't feel so self-confident in. I was very happy to win the first prize. Many people congratulated me, and fans liked it so much that I was happy too."

The rapper thanked his fans for their support, "I think it was thanks to your cheers that I won 3 gold medals. Thank you so much. I've liked sports from when I was little and have worked out regularly so I think that helped me to win."

He concluded his call by advising fans to take care of their health. "I hope you make it a rule to work out every day. Health is the most important, so take care and eat well without skipping a meal. Take care not to catch a cold. See you again, bye!"

What do you think of Minho's Star Call?

Source/Posted by: Koreaboo
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110228 SHINee 1st Concert aired on FUJI TV (VIDEO) ~5SONG~

only found 5song!!this not fancam..  i'll find more later.. this link was from start!
1. shinee world
2. senorita
3. amigo
4. julitte
5. stand by me

To Be Continued… Please wait patiently........

110227 SHINee LUCIFER ( remix ) JP CONCERT FJ TV

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

110227 KBS2 Oh! My School - Onew (FULL EPISODE-W/OUT SUB) 26.2.11

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110227 Minho Starcall ( ENG SUBBED)

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110227 Are music programs from the 'Big Three' biased?

Posted Image

With the same faces being seen over and over again on music programs from SBS, MBC, and KBS, it's not surprising to hear rumors of favoritism and bias against the three public broadcasting networks.

Chosun collaborated with music critic Kim (of the Chugye University for the Arts) to research the number of broadcast appearances celebrities made from January through November of last year. Their results were alarming, in that they proved the domination of the 'Big Three' SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment.

SM Entertainment came out on top as the entertainment agency with the most amount of broadcast appearances. SNSD, SHINee, f(x), Super Junior, and many others appeared a total of 187 times on the three networks, basically boiling down to over four appearances a week.

SM artists performed in 60 episodes of KBS 'Music Bank', 67 episodes of MBC Show! Music Core, and 60 episodes of SBS's Inkigayo.

Following SM Entertainment was Cube Entertainment, who currently houses artists such as B2ST, 4minute, and G.NA. Cube Entertainment artists appeared a total of 114 times in all three networks, while JYP Entertainment followed with 107 times, then Core Contents Media, and finally YG Entertainment.

Posted Image

When looking at the artists alone, B2ST came out on top with a total of 49 appearances on all three channels. CNBLUE followed up with 44 appearances, and SNSD and SHINee tied in third with 41 appearances.

The results show that idol groups were obviously the most-loved, but it was the expense of other artists, who were unfortunately ignored. Male group Norazo appeared on KBS and MBC 15 and 13 times respectively, but only once on SBS. Meanwhile, December appeared on KBS and SBS 14 and 12 times, but only once on MBC.

But just because you're an idol group doesn't mean that you're secured a position in the limelight as well. DNT and Tae Sa Bi Ae (´ùËÀ±¯Û) both released new tracks last year, but only appeared one time on all three channels the entire year. They¡¯re not alone, as results further showed that there were 50 to 60 other teams who were barely given an opportunity; at their expense, hotter stars were given more room and more airtime.

CEO Kim Woong of Drug Record, who manages Crying Nut, commented,
"Ever since six to seven years ago, we've given up even anticipating making music program appearances. The problem is the imbalance of the music that TV programs air."

Posted Image

Much of the 'favoritism' comes from the need for the networks to keep their other programs alive. In order to secure a steady flow of cast members and guests for their variety programs, they inevitably try to stay in the good graces of the big power companies. Since they've lost viewer ratings value, music programs have become just another venue for networks to appease entertainment agencies with.

All three of the major music programs have dropped to 5-6% in viewer ratings, so it goes to show that under all that glitz and glamor, music programs are basically nothing more than another business deal.

One CEO of an entertainment agency revealed, "In order to get celebrity B to appear on their variety program, they'll let celebrity A, who's under the same agency, onto their music program. This 'give and take' deal has grounded itself in the industry, and it makes it harder for anyone else to appear on shows anymore."

Critic Kim concluded, "As long as this 'cartel relationship' exists between the big agencies and the broadcast networks, the public cannot expect to be able to hear a variety of music. TV viewers always complain that there's no longer music 'worth listening to,' but they have to realize that the music they hear from the TV is very limited and biased."
Check out the full results below:

Posted Image

'Top 10 entertainment agencies that appeared on the most music programs in all three public networks in 2010':

1. SM Entertainment ¨C 187
2. Cube Entertainment ¨C 114
3. JYP Entertainment -107
4. Core Contents Media - 97
5. YG Entertainment - 95
6. Pledis Entertainment - 82
7. Star Empire - 76
8. FnC Music - 70
9. DSP Media - 63
10. Starship Entertainment - 57

'Top 10 artists who appeared on the most music programs in all three public networks in 2010':

1. B2ST - 49
2. CNBLUE - 44
3. SNSD/SHINee - 41
5. SISTAR - 40
6. SECRET - 38
7. Rainbow - 37
8. 2AM/2PM/After School - 35

Source: Chosun via Naver
Image: Sports Korea
Posted by: Allkpop
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110227 SHINee's 1st Concert to be broadcast in Japanese Channel

SHINee's 1st Concert to be broadcast in Japanese Channel Fuji TV today.

Date: February 27th 2011 
Time: 7:00PM to 9:00PM JST (Japan time)

You just need to download KeyHole TV from here:

After the installation just paste ƒtƒWƒeƒŒƒr into search bar and turn on the channel.

Credits: replayteam from tumblr.
Source/Shared by: forevershiningshinee

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110227 Park Myung Soo feels threatened by SHINee’s Onew’s comedic skills

Entertainment giant, Park Myung Soo, was recently pushed out of the limelight by SHINee’s Onew’s hilarious comedic skills.

Breaking walnuts with his fingers wasn’t the only thing Onew was doing on the February 26th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “100 Points out of 100.” During a segment in the episode, Park Myung Soo stated, “He stole many of my moments during ‘Happy Together.’ I was hoping to never see him again.”

To this, Onew replied, Ah, yes, I seeand went on to display colorful reactions and a quick wit for ad-libs, once again showing off his emceeing skills during the episode.

Meanwhile, Onew surprised everyone on the show with his ‘ddak-bam’ (flicking one’s forehead by pulling back your middle finger and snapping it) skills – even cracking a walnut which you can see here.

Source: Newsen via Nate :- allkpop
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110227 [eng subs] 2MIN @ Sukira VIDEO CUT (21.2.11)

110226 SHINee’s Onew shows off a special talent on ‘100 Points Out of 100′

SHINee’s Onew recently showed off a special talent with his fingers.

Onew was a special guest MC on the February 26th broadcast of KBS2TV’s ‘100 Points Out of 100.’ During one of the segments, comedian Park Myung Soo made a comment in regards to Onew stating, “I was shocked when I recently felt Onew’s finger flicking power.” Simon D also chimed in stating, “I’ve also experienced it and it’s awesome,” complimenting Onew on his finger flicking skills.
Onew was then issued a challenge to crack a walnut with his finger flicking and he successfully shattered the walnut into two pieces.
After this exhibition of finger flicking power, Park Myung Soo started acting nervously. The other guests on the show also tried their hand at cracking the walnut via finger-flicking but failed to do so.
Check out the segment below:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

110226 SHINee MC Minho & Onew MuCore Cut (VIDEO)

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110226 KBS2 Oh! My School - Onew Cut VIDEO (NOT FULL YET)

110226 Why does Park Myungsoo want to avoid Onew?

Onew was a guest on a recent filming of “100 Points.” He surprised all the staff and the guests on the show by showing off his talents at variety shows.

The MC Park Myungsoo said, “I’ve met
Onew before at a Happy Together shooting. Back then, Onew stole all the things I was going to say. I was hoping we’d never meet again.” He expressed his “annoyance” at how Onew kept taking the spotlight away from him with his exaggerated reactions to everything and his jokes.

Are you curious to see just what
Onew did?
Source: Sports Seoul
Posted by: Koreaboo

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credit :- YouTube
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110225 Preview SHINee Onew @ Oh My School~ (VIDEO CUT)



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Friday, February 25, 2011

110225 Onew’s predebut and early day’s of debut stories and fan accounts

1) At the fan signing event:
- Fan: Oppa. I made and brought a lunch box (obviously for him).
Nae, Please eat it well.

- Suddenly, Onew was not signing .
Fan: Oppa, why aren’t you signing? Aren’t you feeling well?
ON: Suddenly, I cannot remember my signature!

- Fan: Hello!
ON: Nae, hello… it’s been awhile.
Fan: What? what?
ON: It’s been awhile nuna!!!
Fan: Ah, I am not a nuna… today is my first time coming to the fan signing event… You called me nuna… nuna…
ON: Ah, umm, well, ah…

2) At the Chungwoon university interview:
Interviewer: Are you that Shinee?
Jinki: ??? Nae, I am that Shinee.

3) One day, Onew ran into someone who ran away from home. When he told Onew that he is hungry, Onew gave him a Choco pie.

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110225 Taemin’s stories and accounts (pre-debut and early debut period)

1) One day, after the CF shooting, it was a dinner time. The chosen menu was various types of “katsu.” Jinki was having his makeup done while Taemin’s makeup was already finished. So, Jinki requested chicken katsu and other members also told Taemin their orders so he can tell the Manager hyung what they want. 

However, when the food came, there was no chicken katsu! Turns out that Taemin ordered Cheese katsu instead of Chicken katsu… Taemin promptly apologized to Jinki and Jinki being a good hyung told him that it’s okay, he will just eat the cheese katsu. Taemin then went away and came back holding a take-out order menu with a picture of chicken and gave it to Jinki. Jinki asked, “what is this?Taemin replied, “you can watch this chicken while eating.” :) Jinki exploded in laughter and other members and staff also broke down. All were laughing so hard, they had hard time eating. Kind-hearted leader kept the chicken picture next to him and looked at it while eating. Oh, cutie Taemin :)

2) After the Dream Team recording, Taemin told Minho, “hyung you are really athletic, you were born with it.Minho then told Taemin, once you are as tall as me, you will be great too. Taemin replied that it’s apparent that I’m going to be taller than you anyway. :) Another time, Minho asked Taemin to go work-out with him. Taemin then told him, “I’m working out already by dancing.

3) Several months before Shinee’s debut, Taemin and Jonghyun came out of the SM building late at night. Jonghyun made sure Taemin got in the taxi and then took a picture of the cab’s license plate numbers. Then, he stayed and watched until the taxi disappeared.

4) Apparently, during the trainee period, Minho used to show a picture of Taemin to his friends and asked them, “isn’t he cute?” :)

5) One day, a nuna fan was waiting outside the dorm building and Taemin came out. As a joke, she said, “Taeminah, nuna is thirsty. Can you bring me some water?” Taemin then went back in and came out with a water!

6) At the fan signing event:
Male fan: Taeminah, can I see your clothes’ label?
TM: Nae? Why?
Male fan: Ah, I thought our
Taemin is an angel brand… ha, ha.
TM and other members: ??? !!!

7) When Taemin was an elementary school student, he walked around wearing earphones to look kind of cool although he did not have the MP3 player. But since he did not hide the cords well, it was obvious that he was only wearing earphones. :)

8) Fan: Taeminah, nuna is taking the university entrance exam in 44 days. Please root for me!!!
TM: You have so many days left… I have an exam next week. Root for me!!!

9) While Taemin was playing a video game with Minho, he was really into it and was yelling, “that one, there, there… Are you a babo? Why can’t you do that?” maknae on-top? :)

10) During the period of rumor about Taemin being bullied, Taemin’s class was heavily criticized. Therefore, one day, his classmates put bread and milk on Taemin’s desk as a good gesture. Taemin came in and deliciously ate them.
Since then, if other students from different classes came by to see Taemin, his classmates shouted, “he’s our Taemin,” and covered classroom windows with sketchbooks and kicked them out.

11) One day, Taemin was looking for his milk after returning to the dorm, but couldn’t find it no matter how much he searched. Turns out that Jonghyun drank it. Taemin complained for awhile and then the Manager hyung showed up with a new milk. Apparently, Jonghyun previously asked him to bring some when he came by.

12) Taemin cannot sew. One day, he got hurt and yelled,” the needle(ee) stabbed me!”

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110225 FanGift for DJ Taemin on SUKIRA (PICS)

Cr: Taemmunity :- Shinee Shawol SG
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credit :- YouTube 
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credit :- YouTube 
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110225 Pre-debut photos of SHINee’s Minho in a school uniform gains interest

Pre-debut photos of SHINee’s Minho in his school uniform have been catching much attention.
These photos were revealed though various online community and portal sites. In the photos, Minho is seen wearing his neat school uniform with his usual warm appearance. One photo in particular snaps Minho dozing off at his desk during a break.

Fans showered the idol with compliments, as they wrote, “Although it’s a school uniform, it looks like he’s wearing a suit“, “The school uniform suits him well“, and “So handsome“.
Source: Star News via Nate
Photo: Daum :- allkpop
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110225 Jonghyun UFO Reply(23.2.211)

110223 Jonghyun UFO Reply

Fan : Kim Jonghyun commander!! Are you safe!?!?!? Please answer me! I hope for a reply!

Jonghyun : What is it..?

credit :- facebook
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110225 Onew Star Call

description. :-
 He's talking about how minho and he got attention on many articles n the internet
after having mike accident at Music Core 2 weeks ago.
He was thankful that fans praised them a lot, but it was too exaggerated on the internet.
So, he was kind of shy n embarrassed to hear all the praises. ^^

Oh, and at the end, He says "사랑해요(I love you)~".
Too lovely as always~!!!!!

source- 징쁘

cr :- YouTube  

real translation :- 
Hello everyone this is SHINee’s leader Onew , During music core Minho’s mic went off and there’s no voice, so I pass my mic to him, everyone has been abit exaggerating , we are just normally hosting the show . When the mic is working normally we just continue if not the person at the side can share,... but still thanks everyone for praising me ! It’s the change of season now, please take care don’t catch a cold, and also keep supporting us (SHINee), I love you all!
Chinese Translation: For_SHINee_World sina

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110225 Onew to be on KBS2 Oh! My School

Onew threatened MC Park Myeongsoo with his explosive entertaining sense. He also showed off his powerful “ttakbam” by cracking nuts with his finger. The idol members in the program got scared when it was suggested the defeated team get Onew’s ttakbam as a punishment.

To be aired on 26 Feb. Saturday~

Posted/Shared by: jujugal @ soompi :- SWM
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

110222 Onew Watching Legally Blonde Musical

after he watching Luna musical, he went to visit his umma.. (RUMOR)
credit :- source: eveninglow :- shinee shawol SG & SWM
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

110222 Regarding Onew's Condition at Star King Recording(210211)

There’s been rumours that he ‘fainted’ on Star King but I just want to make it clear that he 
 He was ill (had some difficulty breathing) during Star King and had to get some first-aid treatment! 
He didn’t go to hospital immediately as he wanted to finish the recording. 
He went to the hospital eventually to get examined. 
Nothing has been confirmed but please don’t worry too much as I’m sure he’s resting right now. 
Minho replaced him on SUKIRA today due to this. Please don’t spread false rumours that he fainted! 

source: DC/ april/ weibo :- MSW
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110222 Fans are angry about how SM treats Onew

I’ve read that Fans have been complaining about how SME treated Onew like a robot. Onew is said to be the most overworked member since 2010 up to the present.

On the first half of 2010, Onew appeared in Hello Baby with SHINee and acted the lead role Jubong on Brothers Were Brave Musical. He also had variety show appearances like SK and SGB. Along with this, SHINee also had Overseas promotions around Southeast Asia.

On the later half of 2010, Onew acted as the lead role, Drew, in Rock of Ages Musical. While busy promoting Lucifer and Hello with SHINee in South Korea and Overseas, Onew also participated as an MC of a late-night program YHS, and Music Core along with Minho. He also appeared in some variety Shows and even become a part of the Hosts in one of the year-end award shows.

Dec 2010, SHINee was busy preparing for their concert in Japan and South Korea, and performed in all Gayo Specials.

SHINee even greeted the Christmas and New Year in their Concert venue since they still rehearsing for their performance.

January-Feb 2011, SHINee headed to Taiwan and Australia. Just as SHINee was back in Korea, Onew attended the recording for a New Year Special. 

Then, Onew, along with Minho, went to Thailand for another New Year Special Program. He was sick in Thailand but still recorded the show. 

When they return to Korea Onew needed to record again for 2 other New Year Programs with Key, then idol athletics and Award Shows with SHINee. He got minor “injury” during idol athletics, but still headed to Japan for SM town Tokyo. He was seen limping in Japan Airport. 

After returning to Korea, Onew DJed SUKIRA with Key and recorded Happy Together with DBSK and F(x). Onew is the sole SHINee member who wasn’t able to celebrate Lunar New Year with family (since he still has work), instead he celebrated Lunar New Year with Simon D and friends. It is said that while other members attended Suju Manager’s wedding, Onew have to record for Oh My School.

Then SHINee had a photoshoot and autograph session with fans for Maypole and fan meeting for Sta Fe. They also filmed for Auction. 

And Yesterday, Onew went to record Star King and got sick. He wasn’t able to attend SUKIRA where he is scheduled to DJ.

Fans were so angry about how SM treats Onew. Seems like they are overworking him (TOO MUCH)
Credit: -shixie03-  @ soompi :- shinee Shawol Sg
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