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Monday, February 21, 2011


- For the ONHO back-hug moment, there were 4 fans standing behind shinee n were about to hug while shinee members closing their eyes but then minho pretended he was a fan and hugged onew really tight. then, onew got too surprised as you can see in this photo. MC Kim-sin-young asked onew to look back who the person was, but he had to take some time to do that b/c he was too shy. haha. When onew finally realized it was minho, they just laughed too much. how cute n adorable they are!!!

- There were 4 fans who were on the stage with shinee who had to buy lots n lots of santafe can coffee. The #1 fan didn’t show up(idkw..), so the #2 fan had a very first chance to hug one of shinee members. so guess what who’s fan she was. Of course she was an onsooni. haha.

- When onew kinda put his hand on his fan’s shoulder for photo shooting, lots of other fans shouted n cried out “no!!!” “don’t do that!” “no!!!!!!!!!!!!!” so, onew spoke out loud “I didn’t touch her” “no, no I didn’t touch her!” “i didn’t touch her at all!” hahahahahaha!!!!!

- Onew was too funny today as always. So, MC shin-young said to him “you’re definitely entertain-dol.” then, he said “no, i am just dol.”. ㅋㅋ (T/N: dol means stone in korean. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

- When there was pick-a-question-paper-and-answer time, minho said to fans “don’t write ‘marry (결혼해요.)’. it isn’t a question. it’s a request.” Then, onew said, “no. marry?(결혼해요?) could be a question.” ㅋㅋ On korean grammar, it isn’t necessary to say subject. So, speaking only verb can make 2 different meanings. (T/N: I don’t know if i got you understand it. ^^;;;; Anyway, onew is so funny and a fast thinker)

- MC Shin-Young said, "You all know why Jjong didn't appear today. His leg is 'a-po-yo'." Then, Onew said, "We are 'a-po' (meaning his legs were sore) so, let's have a sit on the seats that are prepared for us behind." (ㅋㅋㅋ a-po is cute ver of a-pa-yo which means sick. he's too adorable n good at word-ga. ^^)

- MC asked shinee say ‘goodbye’ to fans before singing last 2 songs. Then, onew brightly said “Hello~!” with innocent smile.ㅋㅋ

Onkey Moments
- A question was picked and it was requested that Onew sing “I’m Yours”. Onew couldn’t really remember the lyrics so he ran over to ask Key who whispered it into his ear. Onew sang a couple of lines but couldn’t remember anymore so Key helped him.

- When someone asked Key who he likes the most or what he liked the best?, Key said “SHINee World” and at this moment, Onew hit his chest pitifully (thought that Key would say him)!!!!!!

credit: me/ april/ ****yeahonkey@tumblr :- Shinee Shawol SG
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