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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

110216 Simon D gets a taste of Onew's "ttak-bam"

SHINee's Onew is known for his special skill which is his powerful "ttak-bam"
(Ttak-bam means by pulling back the middle finger and snapping it back against one's forehead).
Onew even managed to crack walnuts with his powerful ttak-bam.

Many stars for example Yoo Jaesuk, Gil and Shin Dongyup had already been victims of
Onew's ttak-bam and it seems like Supreme Team's Simon D is another victim. On Night Star Variety Show (YaHaengSung), Simon D got a taste of Onew's ttak-bam.

Check out this scene here!

Video: byakuya1991 via Youtube

credit :- dkpopnews.
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