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Sunday, February 27, 2011

110226 SHINee’s Onew shows off a special talent on ‘100 Points Out of 100′

SHINee’s Onew recently showed off a special talent with his fingers.

Onew was a special guest MC on the February 26th broadcast of KBS2TV’s ‘100 Points Out of 100.’ During one of the segments, comedian Park Myung Soo made a comment in regards to Onew stating, “I was shocked when I recently felt Onew’s finger flicking power.” Simon D also chimed in stating, “I’ve also experienced it and it’s awesome,” complimenting Onew on his finger flicking skills.
Onew was then issued a challenge to crack a walnut with his finger flicking and he successfully shattered the walnut into two pieces.
After this exhibition of finger flicking power, Park Myung Soo started acting nervously. The other guests on the show also tried their hand at cracking the walnut via finger-flicking but failed to do so.
Check out the segment below:

Source: newsen
Tip: Rose :- allkpop..

onew come as MC guest????? i think just a guest coz he sit on student chair..

admin ~nuha <3 bb~

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