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Saturday, February 26, 2011

110226 KBS2 Oh! My School - Onew Cut VIDEO (NOT FULL YET)

Cr: UnknownCarrot170, DBSKss501SuJu4ever & iamaprilahn @ YT, dub.dothome, as tagged :- SWM
Onew Singing Wonder Girl's '' So Hot '' in Korean

Onew Singing '' Ring Ding Dong '' in Korean

Onew Singing Boa's '' Hurricane Venus '' in Korean

Onew Singing '' Lucifer & Juliette '' in Korean

Onew Singing DJ Doc's ''Bounce With Me''

Onew's Spicy Fingers Again & Again

Onew Gettin Blown

Onew Singing Erik Benet's "The Last Time"

Sliding Down The Pole

Onew's Talent

Onew Teaching His Students '' The Ring Ding Dong Dance ''

Finally it's aired! I've been waiting for this!
admin ~nuha <3 bb~

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