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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

110208 Onew @ DBSK's Yunho's Birthday Party

-When Changmin came out, there was a moment where Onew was asking a question. I’m not sure it was directed at Changmin, but Changmin was for sure about to speak. Until Yunho started answering, instead, and Changmin just kinda looked to the guy next to him like “lol”.

-Changmin helped the fans bully Yunho into singing a bit of “Honey Funny Bunny.” After Yunho did, he helped the fans pester Changmin into singing “Confession.” And together they got Onew to sing “Your Name.”

-When Onew talked about how he came to be the MC for the event, Yunho told him he was “cool” and Onew started singing, “I’m a cool cat, meow.

-Yunho was really overall very supportive of Onew, who was very nervous to be up there.

-Onew/Minho’s video also didn’t work – the audio was dead. So Onew paraphrased what he and Minho were saying.

-Onew picked an eyelash off of Changmin’s cheek at one point – cute all fans melting.

-Onew messed up during the silhouette true/false segment, thought there was one more question than there actually was. Yunho and Changmin were really nice to him about it, I think Changmin even said “Onew good job!”

-There was one question, Idk what it was, that made Yunho laugh really loud and fall out of his chair as soon as he’d finished reading it on the teleprompter, before Onew read it out loud. Onew said it was a really fun question.

-After some videos, Onew said that Cass was really pretty. Then he said SHINee World was pretty, too. Yunho mighta said something like Cass is prettier, but I’m not sure.

-Yunho was really rushed to finish going through all their letters, at a certain point, probably because Changmin and Onew kept teasing him.

credit | shared: Hoyah@lj |
source: soompi

Onew's confessions :

- Dubu said he had to just have a new-year party with simon d and didn't go to his parents home though. Then he pretended he was crying in front of yh and his fans at the party. keke

Dubu said he peeled 100 tangerines, and then, he had 80 and gave his friends the other 20 at simon d's new-year party. Too cute. ><

Dubu said other members were at their parents' homes. ^^ but he said he was still busy on working.

- YH said sth about how he eats or sth, then,
Dubu just talked about
himself. Ppl laughed a lot then. He said that when he doesn't have any energy, he eats a bite of food with his hand shaking. Then, he gets little power to have one more bite. Then, he gets little more power to have one more bite. Then, he gets more power to have one more bite. That's why Dubu eats a lot kekeke

- At the bday party,
Dubu did like a veteran mc. Lots of ppl there got impressed. I'm so proud of him..... ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

credit: onewstyle @ twitter
trans | source: april (iamaprila) | soompi :- MSW
We previously reported that Yunho would celebrate his 25th birthday with his fans. The lucky 1,340 fans who got selected to attend the event seem to have had a great time. These fans were kind, and continuously gave live updates on Weibo about what was happening, which gave the remaining fans insight into the event.

The MC for the event was SHINee's Onew. Yunho was first asked by Onew if he would still like to get married at 29, his reply was, "I plan to get married at 32 because I still don't have a girlfriend." Fans reconfirmed by yelling, "Really?", to which Yunho replied he honestly did not have a girlfriend. He was then asked if he liked to show aegyo to which Changmin chimed in, "Yes he does, for example, he says, 'I'm hungry, feed me!'".

This was followed by the question of who sent his first birthday greeting to which fans screamed, "Shim Changmin". Yunho then said, "Changmin? He sent one but it was short, it just said 'Happy Birthday'". To Yunho's comment, Changmin replied saying, "Your reply was equally short, all you said was 'Thank you'". Yunho then revealed that the first birthday greeting he got was from his sister and that Changmin's birthday text was the 14th in his inbox. Yunho then sang a few lines of "Honey Funny Bunny" and when fans asked for more he said he would not have anything left to sing for his solo at their concert. Yunho then complimented Changmin saying he was a good kid and that whenever they were being chased by stalker fans, Changmin would tell him to go ahead and that he will take care of it.

Fans then asked Yunho if he is able to tell apart fans of different age groups. To this Yunho replied, "Noona fans tend to smile while gazing at me. Younger fans say things like 'AIGOO, YUNHO OPPA I LOVE YOU!'. Fans of the same age are usually more composed. They'll look at me, stop and calmly say something like 'Please take care of yourself'".

Onew then wanted to confirm if Yunho often loses his possessions. Changmin answered on his behalf saying, "Yunho sshi, next time you lose your phone, please don't go through other people's pockets." Yunho replied, "Be careful on the 18th, Changmin (his birthday)."

When asked if he had any embarrassing moments, again Changmin answered saying Yunho has had tons and when it happens, he pretends like he doesn't know Yunho. When
Onew asked about his hobbies, the fans affirmatively answered, "bowling". Changmin said that apparently Yunho has been found out by his fans to which Yunho said that he also likes karaoke.

At the event, a fan made video was played and screams erupted as a scene of Yunho shirtless came up on the screen. Yunho embarrassingly said, "Yah… Why do you girls get so excited when you see sexual images?"

About halfway through the show, Yunho had to excuse himself from the stage due to an "urgent situation". According to Yunho himself, he had apparently drank too much water and had to go relieve himself. He told the audience that he would get through it at top speed and return as soon as possible. He then waddled off stage like a duck with hands by his side, spread open. This caused much laughter from the audience. Changmin then turned to Onew and asked, "What should we talk about to stall for time? He must be doing it at the speed of lightning right now, he's desperate."

When the cake was brought up, fans were encouraging Changmin to smear the icing on Yunho's face to which Changmin refused and earnestly explained that he got scolded by his manager once for getting cake on the other members' faces. Therefore, he's now too afraid to do it again. Fans didn't give up and continued to encourage Changmin saying, "Doesn't matter, doesn't matter". Hearing this, Yunho interrupted by saying, "Yah! What do you mean it doesn't matter! It doesn't matter to you guys but it does to me!"

Wish you could have attended Yunho's birthday celebration?

Source: DBSKnights
Posted by: Koreaboo :- SWM
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