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Friday, February 25, 2011

110225 Onew Star Call

description. :-
 He's talking about how minho and he got attention on many articles n the internet
after having mike accident at Music Core 2 weeks ago.
He was thankful that fans praised them a lot, but it was too exaggerated on the internet.
So, he was kind of shy n embarrassed to hear all the praises. ^^

Oh, and at the end, He says "사랑해요(I love you)~".
Too lovely as always~!!!!!

source- 징쁘

cr :- YouTube  

real translation :- 
Hello everyone this is SHINee’s leader Onew , During music core Minho’s mic went off and there’s no voice, so I pass my mic to him, everyone has been abit exaggerating , we are just normally hosting the show . When the mic is working normally we just continue if not the person at the side can share,... but still thanks everyone for praising me ! It’s the change of season now, please take care don’t catch a cold, and also keep supporting us (SHINee), I love you all!
Chinese Translation: For_SHINee_World sina

admin ~nuha <3 bb~

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