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Saturday, February 12, 2011

110212 SHINee shocks the fashion world at the “Late Autumn” Premiere!

SME‘s CEO Lee Soo-man,SHINee’s Taemin, Minho and Key, “Athena” actor Kim Min-jong, and many other notable celebrities were in attendance at the VIP “Late Autumn” movie premiere CGV Yongsan IMAX on February 11th.

SHINee members’ Taemin, Key and Minho stole the red carpet show with their heart-stopping style. The 1980s and ’90s made a comeback through Minho’s MC Hammer pants and Key’s ’90s boy band look. The baby member seemed to channel the same time zone with Key…..with a futuristic flair. I think his space ship awaited him! VIPs had a direct knee-eyed view of the teen dancer.
What do you think of their VIP premiere styles? Are they fashion forward or backward?

“Late Autumn” will be released in theaters on February 17th.

Source: Osen,TV Daily,Newsen and Nate
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