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Friday, February 25, 2011

110225 Taemin’s stories and accounts (pre-debut and early debut period)

1) One day, after the CF shooting, it was a dinner time. The chosen menu was various types of “katsu.” Jinki was having his makeup done while Taemin’s makeup was already finished. So, Jinki requested chicken katsu and other members also told Taemin their orders so he can tell the Manager hyung what they want. 

However, when the food came, there was no chicken katsu! Turns out that Taemin ordered Cheese katsu instead of Chicken katsu… Taemin promptly apologized to Jinki and Jinki being a good hyung told him that it’s okay, he will just eat the cheese katsu. Taemin then went away and came back holding a take-out order menu with a picture of chicken and gave it to Jinki. Jinki asked, “what is this?Taemin replied, “you can watch this chicken while eating.” :) Jinki exploded in laughter and other members and staff also broke down. All were laughing so hard, they had hard time eating. Kind-hearted leader kept the chicken picture next to him and looked at it while eating. Oh, cutie Taemin :)

2) After the Dream Team recording, Taemin told Minho, “hyung you are really athletic, you were born with it.Minho then told Taemin, once you are as tall as me, you will be great too. Taemin replied that it’s apparent that I’m going to be taller than you anyway. :) Another time, Minho asked Taemin to go work-out with him. Taemin then told him, “I’m working out already by dancing.

3) Several months before Shinee’s debut, Taemin and Jonghyun came out of the SM building late at night. Jonghyun made sure Taemin got in the taxi and then took a picture of the cab’s license plate numbers. Then, he stayed and watched until the taxi disappeared.

4) Apparently, during the trainee period, Minho used to show a picture of Taemin to his friends and asked them, “isn’t he cute?” :)

5) One day, a nuna fan was waiting outside the dorm building and Taemin came out. As a joke, she said, “Taeminah, nuna is thirsty. Can you bring me some water?” Taemin then went back in and came out with a water!

6) At the fan signing event:
Male fan: Taeminah, can I see your clothes’ label?
TM: Nae? Why?
Male fan: Ah, I thought our
Taemin is an angel brand… ha, ha.
TM and other members: ??? !!!

7) When Taemin was an elementary school student, he walked around wearing earphones to look kind of cool although he did not have the MP3 player. But since he did not hide the cords well, it was obvious that he was only wearing earphones. :)

8) Fan: Taeminah, nuna is taking the university entrance exam in 44 days. Please root for me!!!
TM: You have so many days left… I have an exam next week. Root for me!!!

9) While Taemin was playing a video game with Minho, he was really into it and was yelling, “that one, there, there… Are you a babo? Why can’t you do that?” maknae on-top? :)

10) During the period of rumor about Taemin being bullied, Taemin’s class was heavily criticized. Therefore, one day, his classmates put bread and milk on Taemin’s desk as a good gesture. Taemin came in and deliciously ate them.
Since then, if other students from different classes came by to see Taemin, his classmates shouted, “he’s our Taemin,” and covered classroom windows with sketchbooks and kicked them out.

11) One day, Taemin was looking for his milk after returning to the dorm, but couldn’t find it no matter how much he searched. Turns out that Jonghyun drank it. Taemin complained for awhile and then the Manager hyung showed up with a new milk. Apparently, Jonghyun previously asked him to bring some when he came by.

12) Taemin cannot sew. One day, he got hurt and yelled,” the needle(ee) stabbed me!”

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