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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

[TRANS] 140101 Onew Twitter Update

Onew : Happy New Year
(T/N: Onew wrote "sunhyeolsaewayigwi" which is bunch of characters with alternate meanings that spell out "Happy New Year".

썬 sun = 해 hae
혈 hyeol = 피 pi (blood)
새 sae = 뉴 new
와이 wayi = y
귀 gwi = ear)

Translated by: @shiningtweets

[NEWS] 131231 Onew takes part in the OST for MBC's Miss Korea


On the December 26th broadcast of MBC's new drama, Miss Korea, a preview of Onew's song for the show's soundtrack was revealed.

Towards the end credits of the drama's fourth episode, fans could make out the distinct vocal tone of SHINee's leader, and immediately began to spread the exciting news through various social media platforms. The short preview showcased the song's light piano accompaniment, along with R&B like beats in the background, supporting Onew's sweet voice.

MBC has yet to reveal the title of the song, but fans can continue to keep a look out for any sign of Onew's voice through the show's future episodes!

Written by: debsayys @

[NEWS] 131231 'Everybody' tops Click Music Star's chart for 18 consecutive weeks

It seems like everybody is liking 'Everybody', as the latest title song from contemporary boyband, SHINee, has been taking the number one spot for 18 consecutive weeks on music site, Click Music Star! The music site takes votes (50%), digital downloads from Bugs (20%), and number of support comments (20%), into account. 
Upon its release,'Everybody' made highlights with its unique complextro genre and reviewers praised SHINee for their outstanding vocal performances in the song. Its complex and demanding choreography has also helped the boyband establish themselves yet again, as one of Korea's best performing groups.
'Everybody' now holds the record for the Longest Consecutive No. 1 Song on the site. Congratulations to SHINee for making yet another hit!
Source: Naver
Translated by: kimchi hana @
Written by: debsayys @

[TRANS] Taemin's Resolution and Song Recommendation for 2014


Taemin's New Year's Resolution
In order to continue working on good music, I want to have a good mindset, perspective, and a distinct voice.

Taemin's Song Recommendation
Groove Armanda's "At The River"
from the "About Time" OST.

New Year's Resolution That Taemin Drew

Source: Naver Music
Translated by: kimchi hana @

[TRANS] 131225-30 Twitter Update

Jonghyun: Merry Christmas~~^^!!

Kyeongjae : Teaching fire magic to SHINee's Jonghyun... It's dangerous for newbies, but I thought fire would go well with his hair. So we chose that and went with it


Kyeongjae : Candle magic directing for SHINee's Minho.... Minho worked extremely hard. His fighting spirit was overflowing, so he's a member I won't be able to forget. One more time, one more time. 

Jonghyun : I'm gonna spoil the SBS Gayo Daejun!!!!!!

Jonghyun : SBS Gayo Daejeon spoiler!! Guooo, it's moving!!
Something is moving!! SHINee is going to the audience!!
Kim Yongkwon PD has prepared something awesome shiver shiver shiver. Please look forward to it~~^^ 

Seungchul :  A commemoration pic right before going on stage^* Don't know what we just did since it's so chaotic and we split^^

Translated by: @shiningtweets