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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[TRANS/PIC] 120131 Dosasns mentioned SHINee Minho in Latest Tweet

@dosasns : [지금은촬영중] 모두들 좋은 꿈꾸며 꿀잠 자고 있나요? 음산한 분위기의 이 창고에서는 민혁과 조커,L이 촬영중입니다. 피워놓은 불 때문에 눈이 매워도 멋진 영상을 위해선 이정도쯤이야.!
 [In the midst of recording] Everyone had sweet dreams right? In the dark garage, Minhyuk (Minho) and Joker,L are filming. Our eyes cannot even be opened due to the flames, but it is all worth it for such a shot.

Credit : dosasns (twitter) via Shakizi (샤링샤링), 希瑶希瑶希(chi trans) // Image upload + Eng Translation : soundtracklove @ soompi 
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Monday, January 30, 2012

[TRANS/PIC] 120130 SHINee’s dancer Mentioned Taemin in his tweet Update

조금씩 적응해나가는 막둥이~오늘도 역시 궁디 퐝퐝!~ㅋ. 자…그럼 결과는?… 
roughly translated : Today Taemin did well too  퐝퐝!~ㅋ
Credit: 이경석 
re-cr: forevershiningshinee
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

[TRANS] 120129 Key’s diary from Son of The Sun

Somehow, I don’t like new things.
Compared to something slick and warm that’s newly produced from the factory, I like the old one better. Old things are different and special, they also have story that have been stored for a long time.

The story behind them and their special value attract me.
Lifeless things are empty, that’s why people’s existence really has a charm.

They have their own way to express something by themselves; everybody must be holding their own color/style. But, among those all I particularly captivated with my perspective.

There is a relevance between how I express myself and how I make ‘me’ becomes ‘key’ that you see right now.
When I was young, being an artist is the thing I certainly wanted in the first place.

If being a singer was the dream I wanted to make in my life, in my inner side, then it’s like a thing I want to express (t/n: being a singer) by my heart, like breathing, which is like a natural thing in life that I have to think in the first place. No, in fact, apparently there’s no need to think about it, that’s the thing I have already lived.

Even now, I spend my spare time doodling on the paper.
That’s why, I stared at graffiti vacantly whenever I go overseas.
People who did that didn’t put their work to the frame, that’s how they express their confidence in different way, because it’s how they show their unique identity by that way.
But after all, they’re still people like us, right? Internally, they did the graffiti with no end, which depicts that they want to express their work with strong desires.

Somehow, I think that background is kind of a freedom which is permeated everywhere in this city.

People in Barcelona aren’t stingy when it comes to expose and express their self-confidence.

Skateboarders in front of art gallery, people sunbathing on the beach, the scene of people following the music rhythm by dancing along to it like it’s their playground (t/n: more like a place they enjoy to have fun)

Among that, the things that particularly attract my attention were the uniquely designed items, which couldn’t be found anywhere, but a small shop. That place is not a common franchise good shop you currently step your feet on, and the things there can’t be predicted, as you happened to open the door. Only that place in which the building have its clear own personality that seems like it’s showing off itself to my own world. Then strangely, those kinds of shops and the owners have the resemblance. The owners and that place, have a distinct characteristic in their world, that’s why people are matched well with the place.

These collections are handmade, and can only be seen on that place. They (t/n: the owner) expose their own color by their collections.

From accessories like glasses frame, mask, until handmade bags from coffee bean… they’re worth for 1 Euro.
I keep on stopping by instead of walking for just few steps; things that attract my eyes are too many!

Picasso, Dali, and Miro. By hearing those names, the things people ought to know about them were that they and those artists were born in Barcelona, did their routine activities in Barcelona, spent most of their life in Barcelona. Another common thing is that both of the artists who were living in early 20thcentury and the recent artists group is that they both are people who are holding an innovative & uniquely pretty style.

If you try to wander, Barcelona seems to be a very good city for artists. Mild climate and atmosphere of freedom, until cheap price from Europe. The whole Barcelona is the place where we can find the trace of artists’s brushes for this city. Gaudi’s structure, which has something picturesque rolling among the buildings, still becomes a place where people are living.

Even today, streetlights, which have been made by young men for years ago, still shines the city. Though it wasn’t a piece of art by artists that have passed away, an art soul that’s alive everyday is the thing that makes it becomes a nice city.

Will graffiti that also covers the whole city become like that someday? On the other hand, it’s a pity that famous graffiti art like London’s Bansky isn’t there.

For them, they have their common point, which is parents’s influence.

Picasso’s dad was an art teacher, when Picasso was 13 years old, he saw his son’s painting and felt that the confidence of his painting skill already exceeded, he then stopped painting. Since then, his dad sent Picasso to Barcelona, which is far from his hometown, Andalusia, southern part of Spain.

Another thing, Miro, who was born in Barcelona had a dad who’s a manufacturer of Jewelry and clock, he also had a grandfather who was a furniture dealer, this explained that his dexterity and his distinctive idea didn’t get the influence from Miro’s dad & grandfather.

The last one, Dali who was born in southern area of Cataluna’s small village Figueres, had a dad who had a profound knowledge about art, so he learnt art very often since young, and started painting since he was ten.

Although I wondered how thankful those artists who were well known by just recognizing their names in modern art felt for their parents, I always feel thankful for my parents who raised me up until making me become who I am right now. It’s because of my parents; I’ve been able to experience a lot of things since young.

I can’t remember if I had ever been staying still at home on weekends when I was young. Sometimes that was annoying enough for our family to leave for traveling anywhere every weekend. To the mountain & beach, town & village, hot weather & cold weather places, rainy & snowy places, and sunny places.

I always thought of different things when I saw different world.

I always remembered the childhood time when I was having an English conversation class.

A lot of friends gathered to study together, but it still took about an hour for me to get to the class, yet fortunately, that class could still be continued. I wholly didn’t feel annoyed with that, thanks to my mom who brought me over.

I said that I ought to be annoyed. Come to think of it, I’ve seen variety of worlds since young, but I’m not sure how much they affect me right now, and it seems that I also can’t figure out how much they will affect the more grown-up me in the future.

It’s also not about how well-off my family’s wealth is, but
Thank you so much for my mom who has given different kinds of experiences to me!

And, another shocking truth is, my grandmother gave a private English lesson for my mom when she was young.

Hahaha, my grandmother was such a modern woman! As expected, blood is thicker than water.

kr - eng translation: minhogoon @ lj
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[NEWS] 120129 SHINee's Live Concert Album Tracklist Released, To Go On Sale February !st!

Note: Although their description says February 1st, their "Product Release Date" says February 2nd. 

Product Description

"SHINee's live album, "THE 1st CONCERT ALBUM: 'SHINee World'" will be released on February 1st.

The album consists of live recordings from SHINee's two Seoul concert dates that took place at Seoul's Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on January 1st and 2nd. By listening to the album, fans will be able to experience the emotions of a real SHINee World Concert.

The album consists of two CDs carrying a total of 34 tracks. The discs will include the concert versions of "Juliette", "Ring Ding Dong" and "Lucifer", as well as each members' solo stages. Their hit title songs "Replay", "Love Like Oxygen", and "Hello" are also in the tracklist. SHINee's passionate and explosive performances are showcased vividly in this concert album, that is sure to incite a positive reaction from fans.

The studio versions of "The SHINee World (Doo-Bop)", "A.Mi.Go" and "Lucifer" will also be included." -- Leesmusic

The album is currently going at a retail price of 16,900 Korean won on Leesmusic.

Tracklists are as follows:
1. Into The SHINee World [Opening]
2. The SHINee World (Doo-Bop)
3. Señorita (세뇨리따)
4. Get Down
5. A.Mi.Go. (아.미.고)
6. Juliette (줄리엣)
7. Hello
8. Your Name
9. Stand By Me
10. Love Still Goes On (사.계.후)
11. Girls [Jonghyun's Solo]
12. OMG [Minho's Solo]
13. Romeo+Juliette (소년 소녀를 만나다) [Taemin's Solo]
14. My First Kiss [Key's Solo]
15. A-Yo
16. Romantic (너아니면 안되는걸)
17. Obsession (욕)
18. Graze (화장을 하고)

1. Replay (누난 너무 예뻐)
2. Love Like Oxygen (산소같은 너)
3. Quasimodo (화살)
4. Life
5. Nessun Dorma [Onew's Solo]
6. Island Baby (섬집아기)
7. Ring Ding Dong
8. Up & Down
9. Ready or Not
10. Lucifer
11. Jojo
12. Bodyguard (보디가드)
13. One (하나)
14. The SHINee World (Doo-Bop) [Studio Version]
15. A.Mi.Go (아.미.고.) [Studio Version]
16. Lucifer [Studio Version]

Details may be viewed in full here:

Credit: Leesmusic 
re-cr: dkpopnews
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[INFO] 120128 'Catch Me If U Can' Details

“Catch Me If You Can” was turned into a successful Broadway musical and is now hitting the stage in Korea. Among the other actors that will be in the musical are CSJH The Grace’s Dana, who will share the role of Brenda with Sunny and Choi Woori, and SHINee’s Key and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, who will play the role of Frank.

The "Catch Me If You Can" musical will start on March 28 and will run until June 10, 2012.

First Class 120,000 Won
Business Class 100,000Won
Economy Class 60,000Won

First Class 130,000 Won
Business Class 110,000 Won
Economy Class 70,000Won

Running Time: 140 minutes
*Children 8yrs old and above are allowed to watch

K-POP Stars participants: Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Key (SHINee), Dana (CSJH), Sunny (SNSD)

Musical Details:

Credit: SHINee World Philippines + Soshified
re-cr: dkpopnews
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[INFO] 120129 "Salamander Guru" review and Taemin and Taeyeon to cameo?

`도롱뇽 도사`, 오달수·임원희 코믹연기에 호평

[이데일리 스타in 김영환 기자] SBS 새 시트콤 `도롱뇽 도사와 그림자 조작단`이 출연배우들의 호연과 탄탄한 이야기 전개로 시청자들로부터 호평을 이끌어냈다.

27일 첫 방송된 `도롱뇽 도사와 그림자 조작단`은 SBS가 지난 2007년 `달려라 고등어` 이후 5년 만에 선보이는 시트콤. 2인조 좀도둑 `마포루팡`이 도롱뇽 도사가 운영하는 점집을 도둑질하러 들어왔다가 도사를 사칭하면서 벌어지는 에피소드를 담았다.

가장 눈에 띄는 것은 2인조 좀도둑 `마포루팡`을 연기한 오달수(선달 역)과 임원희(원삼 역)의 코믹 연기. 오달수는 타고난 말빨과 잔머리를 지닌 선달을 연기했고 임원희는 힘이 좋지만 어딘지 허술한 건달 원삼으로 분했다.

두 사람은 천연덕스러운 코믹 연기로 시트콤 데뷔전을 무난하게 치렀다. 두 사람 모두 영화에서 잔뼈가 굵었지만 TV 시트콤은 이번이 처음. 그러나 코믹 연기의 달인들답게 `도롱뇽 도사와 그림자 조작단`의 무게 중심을 잡았다.

두 사람의 호연 속에 샤이니 민호(민혁 역)와 류현경(경자 역)도 힘을 보탰다. 민호는 천재 해커 민혁 역을 맡아 우연히 두 좀도둑을 돕는 연기를 수행했다. 진짜 도롱뇽 도사의 흔적을 찾기 위해 가짜 도롱뇽 도사를 돕기로 나선 것.

강력계 형사 경자 역의 류현경은 거듭된 실수로 좌천되지만 두 사람을 잡기 위해 부단히 노력하는 캐릭터. 여성청소년계로 팀을 옮겼지만 마포루팡을 잡아 다시 강력계로 돌아가기 위해 고군분투 하는 역할이다.

이날 방송분에서 선달과 원삼은 용하기로 소문난 도롱뇽 도사 범규(이병준 분)의 점집을 털러 들어왔다가 얼결에 도사 역할을 수행하고 손님들의 복비에 계속 도롱뇽 도사를 사칭하기로 한다.

`도롱뇽 도사와 그림자 조작단`은 점을 보러 오는 손님들에 화려한 카메오를 출연시킬 예정이다. 첫 방송에서는 손호영과 한민관, 노사연-이무송 부부 등이 카메오로 나섰다. 소녀시대 태연과 샤이니 태민도 카메오로 나설 예정이어서 관심을 모으고 있다.

방송 직후 시청자들은 "기대보다도 훨씬 재미 있었다" "명품 배우들은 어딜가도 명품 연기를 선보이는구나" "민호는 뭘 해도 멋지구나" "참신한 스토리 배우들의 호연" 등 `도롱뇽 도사와 그림자 조작단`에 대해 호평했다.

<저작권자ⓒ함께 만들고, 함께 즐기는 엔터테인먼트 포털 이데일리 스타in>

Article by Joins MSN. Read full article here (http://live.joinsmsn...=1502&tm=n_ent)

Highlighted in blue, it's translated as " Girls' Generation Taeyeon and SHINee Taemin will embark in a cameo then has attracted the attention." (Google Translate)

cr: soundtracklove@soompi 
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[INFO] 120129 Jung Yeon-joo "I Like SHINee" on WGM

정연주 “샤이니 좋아” 솔직함에 규현 씁쓸 팔짱

규현이 정연주의 솔직함에 씁쓸해했다.

1월 28일 방송된 MBC '우리 결혼했어요'(우결)에서는 슈퍼주니어 성민 은혁 동해 규현과 손은서 이세나 신소율 정연주의 미팅 모습이 공개됐다.

이날 방송에서 규현은 정연주와 짝을 이뤄 차를 타고 이동했다. 정연주는 "동생이 슈퍼주니어 팬이다"고 밝혔다. 그러자 규현은 "연주 씨는 별 생각 없으시고요?"라고 말해 정연주를 당황케 했다.

이어 규현은 정연주에게 좋아하는 가수를 물었다. 정연주는 솔직하게 "샤이니"라고 답했다. 규현은 "민호 좋아하시겠구나 그럼"이라고 말하며 씁쓸한 표정을 지었다.

정연주가 아니라고 말하자 규현은 샤이니 중 좋아하는 멤버를 물었다. 정연주가 "종현"이라고 밝히자 규현은 "종현이가.. 애가 섹시해요"라고 말하며 씁쓸하게 팔짱을 꼈다. (사진=MBC 캡처)

[뉴스엔 허설희 기자]

Credit : 책읽는오뉴 and Nate - Full article here :
Image reupload : soundtracklove@soompi

Credit : 1qdisk_com (tudou)

Around 14:20

Kyuhun (SJ) : So the singer you like is..?
Girl : SHINee..
Kyuhun (SJ) : Ah..
Girl : Ah.. no no, it's really Super Junior
Kyuhun (SJ) : You look like you like Minho
Girl : It's not like that..
Kyuhun (SJ) : So who is it (that you like)?
Girl : Jonghyun..
Kyuhun (SJ) : Ahhh~ Jonghyun ah.. Jonghyun is very sexy
Girl : Yup
Kyuhun (SJ) : Yes?

Shared by : 泰蛙转fb // Translation by soundtracklove@soompi
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

[NEWS] 120128 Key Casted for Musical “Catch Me If You Can”

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery]

*It has been rumored that Key might do the musical. On today’s newspaper, Key is featured in the musical poster. He is known for his stamina, so I think he can handle hectic schedules.

credit: jujugal @ wordpress
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Key Casted for Musical “Catch Me If You Can” 

credit: 유링 @ shakizi thread
via: shawolindo
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Cast & Character
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Promotional video of 'Catch Me If You Can'
cr: YT
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Friday, January 27, 2012

[NEWS] 120127 SHINee’s Taemin receives praises for his first ‘Immortal Song 2′ stage

SHINee‘s maknae Taemin held his first ever stage for the upcoming episode of ‘Immortal Song 2‘!
This episode will see 14 singers cover songs from legendary artist, Son Chang Sik.

Taemin will be performing “At Least Once“, and his stage is highly-anticipated because the general public aren’t as familiar with Taemin’s singing talent.

The maknae has made headlines in the past with his cute looks and dance skills, but viewers are looking forward to seeing how he’ll bring power and emotion to his ‘Immortal Song 2′ cover.

Before going on stage, Taemin expressed that he felt nervous. Yet like the professional he is, he kept that quelled deep inside and only showed the audience a calm and steady performance.

Afterwards, Taemin said, “I was able to sing well because I saw Son Chang Sik teacher’s smile the entire time.” Son Chang Sik reportedly praised Taemin’s cover of his song.

Stay tuned to allkpop for the upcoming episode!

Source + Image: Nate
cr: allkpop
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[TRANS] 120127 Haemin Sunim mentions SHINee in his Tweet. Update


“My Caucasian friend’s daughter said this to me. She says she really likes SHINee oppas and Super Junior oppas. Then she showed me the Kpop Billboard Chart. Her screensaver is set as Korean singers. Hallyu landing in the US, success!” -Haemin Sunim (@haeminsunim)

Haemin Sunim, or Monk Haemin, is the first Korean monk to become a university professor in the US. He started teaching at Hampshire College in 2007 and works as a researcher at Seoul National University. He is one of the most influential Twitter users of Korea.

Cr. kimchi hana @
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[TRANS/PIC] 120127 SHINee Jonghyun Japanese Mobile Site Update

Hello everyone , i am Jonghyun, today I want’s to send my smile to everyone. This is a photo taken after schedule ended and I lay on the bed.  A little shy (laugh) but I hope that my smile can let everyone feel the happiness this year and create more meaningful smile and memories~

Credit: EMI SMent Japan
chinese translation / source: taeminee/yby1208
english translation :Forever_SHINee
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[Me2Day] 120127 SHINee Minho Me2day Update

[민호] 달수형님과 한 컷! 닮았나요??^^ 오늘 드디어 첫 방…뭔가 성적표 받는 기분이네요~ 많이 시청해주세요!!!
 One take with Dalsoo Hyung-nim! didn’t we look alike??^^ Today’s finally the first day of broadcast.. It feels like getting report card~ Please watch it alot!!! 
 cr: me2day and fuckyeahminhochoi
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[INFO] 120127 SHINee Key feat in EXO song 'Two Moon'

SM Entertainment has just unveiled their 12th teaser for new boy group, EXO.

This time, they feature members Kai and Lay, who bring us a solid demonstration of their dance skills and teamwork. They move together flawlessly, yet are able to showcase their individual style.

According to the video, the boys are dancing to “Two Moons“, which apparently features SHINee‘s Key.

Check out the teaser below!

cr: allkpop
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[NEWS] 120127 Minho, IU, Lee Joon will be appearing for SBS "100 Million Quiz Show"

SHINee's Minho will be appearing on SBS's "100 Million Quiz Show" alongside MBLAQ's Lee Joon and "Korea's little sister" IU.

Official Website:
Credit: MyDaily, soundtracklove@soompi
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[NEWS] 120127 SBS TV Sitcom "Salamander Guru & The Shadows"

New sitcom "Salamander Guru & The Shadows" will be broadcasted today.

After 5 years, SBS have decided to produce a new sitcom. The actors and the characters they are playing are introduced through teasers/ previews and have garnered everyone's interest.

2 adorable swindlers, meet a genius hacker and have disguised as gurus, have caused a string of funny events - which have set it apart from previous sitcoms. Hence it's unique appeal have stirred up huge anticipation from everyone.

Experienced movie actors, Oh Dal-Su and Lim Won-Hie will be potraying the 2 fraud thieves, Idol SHINee Minho will be playing as the genius hacker. The real Salamander guru will be played by Lee Byung-Joon and enthusiastic Shamanism follower will be acted out by Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung.

This drama will be broadcasted by SBS on the 27th. 11:05PM (KST).

Source : Citydaily (
Kor-Chi trans : achoi (MR.MINHO) // Image upload + Chi-Eng trans : soundtracklove@soompi
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

[TRANS] Sons of the Sun (Barcelona) - Onew learns how to cook the spanish dish ‘paella’!

Onew: Jordi! Among Spanish foods, which one is the most popular?
Jordi: There are a lots kind of it, every location is different and variety, but among of it, if I have to choose which one is the most well-known food, I don’t think it would be Paella, most of Spanish people spent their weekend with their family having paella for their main menu. It’s easy to make, and can serve for quite lot of portion so it’s good to eat.

Onew: Paella? Right! I really wanted to it that! Where is the place that has the most delicious one?
Jordi: There are a lot of popular Paella restaurants, um, but it’s ridiculously expensive and glossy restaurants are so many here… so I prefer to make it at my house?

Onew: Really? I’m fine with it but, is that okay?
Jordi: Yes! You want to learn making it once? It’s very simple! It’s a lot cheaper to make it at home.

Ex!ci!ted! Fyi, Jordi’s job is a chef at a hotel restaurant. I can learn about spain’s traditional food personally with the chef. Before Jordi’s heart changed we went home from picnic we did earlier. Jordi’s family live in a very common Barcelona apartment in 5th level that has elevator, which its door has to be opened by hands. The building looks ordinary, but their whole house is never ordinary. Jordi and Natallia’s simple room, Compared to a new bought buildings, it’s like a house which can stand out a new reformed sense even with just piece of personal paintings and small furnitures. Jordi and Natallia met each other and fell in love at their friend’s birthday party, they gave birth to Gaelli and living together until now.

In Spain, the marriage is not the same as us which is only about doing marriage and give birth to our children, there are a lot of cases that people form a family and then register a marriage. Marriage is not about the procedure that’s important, the important thing is about how much the couple love each other, that’s how the European youth’s idea can be peeked at as well as form a new impressive culture.

Natallia, who came from Argentina, is a tango dancer and a theater actress. Like I’ve said above, Jordi is a chef with his certain experience and knowledge. Pictures of Natallia acted in theater, their children’s clothes scattered naturally here and there, frying pan that really suits Jordi when he holds it, etc. It seemed that this place was certified as a house of happy family.

Cooking start! Made a salad, and then sprayed the dressing. I don’t do cutting that often, eventhough I can’t hide the lame dust, I don’t get tired of it even just for once because of the amazing materials. Truthfully, I didn’t get much time to cook, but the only cooking that I have confidence at is ‘ddokbokki’.

Making ddokbokki is easier than what I thought before! Really, it’s even more delicious if I also make it with rice cake. The condiment is equally permeated, hahaha.

Finally, cooking Paella start!

By Jordi’s relaxed virtue, we slowly did the cuttings, sharing stories about Korean and Spanish foods and their different ingredients, then I listened to Jordi telling something about Spanish foods. Pouring the own cultivated tomato & made sauce together into the pan, cutting onion, black pepper, paprika, etc into small pieces, frying them with olive oil. Shortly after that, a delicious smell fills the whole house. For seafood paella, you have to put in the prawn and fry it together with the vegetables, add an increasingly delicious sauce for completion. Olive oil and mixed vegetables, different kinds of seafoods were exposed onto the sauce, then soon the appetizing paella is finished. Put the pan filled with seafood on the stove, and once it’s boiled, put the sauce and rice.

Ah! Spain also has rice. The shape is similar to Korean rice; it’s different from the rice we eat when we fly off to South East Asia. Spain is the country which Korean can’t help but like… even the rice is also similar..

Pour the cooked meal broth to the seafood and mussels, wait until the squid-alike seafood to ripen then done!

It looks delicious! Shall we make this again when I go back to Korea?

Somehow it seems that Spanish people really hereditary learnt cooking for a long time. Aside from generation factor, it’s because of a valuable thing that a person told to the other.

Taemin: Whoa, did hyung really make it?

Key: Looks delicious, looks delicious. I want to eat it!
Onew: Euk, did you chew the rice? It’s like raw rice, and it’s not really cooked yet
Taemin: No, hyung! I found out that this kind of rice is good.
Taemin: It seems that the rice from Thailand or Vietnam, the rice is not really cooked! Somehow this kind of rice is delicious, hahaha.
Key: Then it has a strange taste
Key: It’s similar to the food that our country has, what makes it different is that we’re eating it by using spoon. Hahaha.

Source/Translation: minhogoon @ lj
cr: forevershinee
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[NEWS] 120126 [News] SHINee has the most number of Kakaotalk friends among Male Idol Groups

카카오톡 최다 친구 '소녀시대' (Girls Generation has the most number of Kakaotalk friends)


[일간경기]스마트폰이 생기면서 젊은이들의 대화 수단이 되고 있는 카카오톡에서 가장 인기 있는 아이돌은 누구일까

역시 가장 많은 친구를 거느리고 있는 아이돌은 소녀시대였다.

소녀시대는 지난해 12월 19일 카카오톡을 개설한 이후 24일 현재 77만5471명이 친구로 가입했다.

9명의 소녀들이 각기 카카오톡을 개설하고 있다고 가정할 경우 그 수는 기하급수적으로 늘어날 것으로 예상된다.

소녀시대는 카카오톡을 통해 화보촬영 현장과 각 멤버들의 일거수 일투족을 공개하고 있다

두번째로는 소녀시대와 같은 SM가족인 f(x)였다. f(x)는 새해를 맞아 크리스탈과 설리의 인사를 내보내는 등 카카오톡에 공을 들이고 있다.

이날 현재까지 f(x)의 친구는 62만6742명이다.

오랜만에 한국팬들에게 인사를 했던 원더걸스도 친구수가 27만6603명에 달하고 있다. 그동안 미국 생활로 한국팬들에게 소원했던 점을 볼 때 되살아나고 있는 그들의 인기를 실감할 수 있다.

원더걸스는 최근 미국 TV에서 방영한 '더 원더걸스(THE WONDER GIRL's)'소식을 전하고 설날을 맞아 새해인사도 해왔다.

보이그룹에서는 샤이니의 친구수가 가장 많았다. 샤이니는 친구수는 43만6140명으로 나타났다. 그동안 영국 공연 등 해외 일정으로 한국팬들에게 소원했던 샤이니는 종현과 태민의 새해 인사로 아쉬움을 달랬다.

이밖에 슈퍼쥬니어가 43만5978명, 동방신기가 38만6305명, 2PM이 19만7589명과 친구를 맺고 있었다.


Translation for SHINee's part only (highlighted in blue) :

Among the male groups, SHINee has the most number of "friends". SHINee has 436,140 friends (from Kakaotalk). Since they have been busily promoting in London and other overseas activities which caused them to have little interaction with Korean fans, SHINee's Jonghyun and Taemin's New Year greetings has been accompanied with a sense of pity

Read the article here :

Source : ilgankg // Kor-Chi Trans : love权侑莉 // Chi-Eng Trans : soundtracklove@soompi

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[INFO] 120126 SHINee Yunhanam will be re-broadcasted over 3 days

Mnet will be broadcasting them on the 26,27,28 January at 3am and 4am KST , 4 episodes each day 

Credit : Shakizi // Image upload : soundtracklove@soompi
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[TRANS] 120125 SHINee Jonghyun UFO Replies

Source : DC, 西瓜头吖 // Kor - Chi Translation : 西瓜头吖 // Chi - Eng Translation : Soundtracklove@soompi
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Posted Image

Birthday gift by “ONAIR” Fansite

Posted Image

Taemin : Etude House Promotional Video ————————— Onew : 111225 Gimpo Airport
*Taemin’s Puma logo is covered by a Pink Heart due to advertisment issues*

Source : 惜imi // Image upload : soundtracklove@soompi
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[Tidbit] SM Trainees Revealed in 2006 Magazi

This is a 2006 article scanned off a Chinese Magazine called “Cool” and it reveals some of the SM Trainees. Alongside with Girl’s Generation members Yoona, Hyoyeon, Jessica etc, SHINee’s Taemin was also featured as an SM trainee. Girl’s Generation and SHINee debuted in year 2007 and 2008 respectively.  Under Taemin’s photo, it was written ” Lee Taemin : Born in 1993. Even though he is the youngest but his cute appeal makes him the most easily doted on and loved amongst all the trainees.”

Scan : // Source : Taemin吧 via Yoona吧 via weibo // 

Translation + image upload : soundtracklove@soompi 
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[TRANS] Taemin had a tour of movie theaters to promote Koala Kid

-At Nowon

Hello, I’m at Koala…Koala Kid
(fans: haha)
Taemin in the role of Johnny
I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the movie
And please spread it not just to two people, but to five people
You must tell five people the movie was good even if you think it was not
(fans: it was good~)
It is! So you must tell five people, thank you.

-At Kundae

Yeh (kk, the line is…) Yeh
As all before me said, and I think it’s more appropriate to tell five or six people rather than two
Did you enjoy the movie?
(fans: Yes! No! *it was before the movie started)
Why did you lie?
Hope you enjoy the movie and make it go viral

-At Youngdeungpo

Hello, I’m Taemin in the role of Johnny at Koala Kid
Yeoreoboon, enjoy the movie and spread it ‘jjoakjjoak’
(fans: Yes!)
Thank you

- At Shilim

Hello, I’m Taemin in the role of Johnny at Koala Kid
We worked hard for the movie, for dubbing
The movie is fun, so I hope you like it
Hope you come back with five or six people you know and enjoy the movie
Thank you

- At Myoungdong

Hello, I’m Taemin in the role of Johnny at Koala Kid
Yeoreoboon, thanks for your hard work (*Taemin sees the same fans have toured the cinemas with him)
(fans: hahaha)
You know what I’m going to say, don’t you?
You MUST tell five people!
(fans: something different~)
No I can’t because I’m an expensive guy
Thank you (fans: No way~)
(*The director tells Taemin to do the movie headline)
Uh hum (clearing his voice) I’ll do it hiding
“A true hero never gives up!”

Trans by jujugal 
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[I/VIEW] Key in Dazed “The Boy and Monster”

Q: I’m curious to know what else than vintage interests you these  days. What is it if there’s anything that shocked you like hammering  your head?
Key: Beyonce’s music video for ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ in which she  has a wedding in lingerie. Why is she so pretty? It made me almost angry  because she is so pretty.

Q: You were angry?
Key: Watching it, I said, “How come? How can she be so in such a  situation?” I get angry when someone else beats me to it when I’m  thinking of doing what I want to try.

Q: You don’t mean trying lingerie?
Key: Ah, no, not that one. With Beyonce, we have this powerful image  of her. It’s amazing to see that people like the calm music video the  singer with such an image made for her quiet song as much as her  energetic performances on stage. It means she gives off the same amount  of energy in performing calm songs. I’d like to be like that. Supposing  people are 100 % satisfied when you dance, I think they are 80%  satisfied with slow songs. I was wondering how to reduce the difference,  but Beyonce did it! If she doesn’t care and doesn’t feel shy in  lingerie, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Who would have imagined her  doing a wedding in lingerie for such a slow song?

Q: What do you think is the most important among virtues idols should have?
Key: To know well about oneself. What I can do well and what I can’t,  and what people think of me. One can grow faster by knowing these. I  try to see myself more objectively.

Q: How can you do it? Everyone tends to think well of oneself.
Key: You can do it by letting other people tell freely about what  they think of you. For instance, people may not tell it concerned if it  might hurt me. I brainwash our staff saying I won’t get hurt and they  should tell me if I went in a wrong direction. I don’t get hurt when I  hear those things.

Q: Because you are cool?
Key: Yes. From my appearance to my stage manners or my visual in  performances and even to my personal relationship, I want them to check  everything. As soon as I get off stage, I always ask, “How was it?”

Q: Do you have someone who you can trust most will tell you frankly without trying to be nice to you?
Key: No one special. I told people around me to tell me so. haha. For  example, your hair and makeup look different on stage and off stage.  They should tell me frankly.

Q: How has it changed you to hear frank comments?
Key: People say I’ve become gentler.

Q: You were not like that before?
Key: When I didn’t like something, I used to tell people, “I don’t  like it,” without any other considerations before. But now I say the  same thing in a way not to embarrass them, like a joke. I used to be the  type of person that couldn’t bear what I don’t like and had to say it  right on the spot, but have tried to change myself after hearing it’s  too severe. These days fans say that I look like I’ve forgotten how to  get angry.

Q: What was it that you couldn’t put up with most?
Key: Being unable to grasp a situation. Then I used to point it out, “You have no wits.”

Q: You stress wits and sense at every interview. Do you think you have them yourself?
Key: haha, I try to. I don’t know well about sense, but I think I’m quick at knowing how winds blow.

Q: You said you try to see yourself objectively. Then what are your strong and weak points as a singer and dancer on stage?
Key: My best and worst point is that what is my own is too clear.  What I can do well and what I can’t are clear. I can do well a certain  kind of music and can sing well a certain kind of songs.  The gap  between what I can do well and what I can’t is not just some but too  big. For example, I’m not good at ballad songs.

Q: Uk, something of it doesn’t match you.
Key: I can’t sing such songs that say ‘I love you.’ But I have to sing them.

Q: You don’t seem to think you want to do everything well.
Key: I don’t mind doing only what I like to, but I belong to a group.  I don’t think I want to do it well, but I think I shouldn’t do harm (to  the group).

Q: ‘Real,’ ‘Up&Down,’ and ‘Electric Heart’ are you favorite  SHINee songs. You seem to have the sense to catch stylish songs. Don’t  you?
Key: Something like this. To take a girl group for example, there is a  member who gets the most attention and is loved by everyone. That  member is pretty, but I like this member more, something like that.  People who speak the same language with me like the same things with me.  We like the same music style and even the same restaurants.

Q: Isn’t it you are only seeing those kinds of friends?
Key: My interest seems to be different from that of boys of my age.

Q: You didn’t know what offside means.
Key: I can’t talk about soccer and don’t know well about sports. And my type of girl is different too.

Q: Who is your type of girl?
Key: Kaya Scodelario!

Q: Trusting your sense, I’ll ask this. What do you think SHINee needs now?
Key: Not to be impatient. I think we should do what we can’t do  later, what fits us the most now, without considering popularity or  money. To do what we can do later and to become more popular, what use  is there? It is the most important now to not look awkward.

Q: Do you mean you should do what you can enjoy at your age?
Key: Yes. For example, if you try to look like a grown-up and manly  when you look young to anyone, people don’t think you are manly but  rather finds you cute. So it’s better to go naturally.
(skipped parts on painting)

Q: When you try something else than music, people may think well  or ill of it as a penalty of your fame. What do you think of such a  prejudicial view?
Key: Once you mind it, it never ends. I paint because I like it, not  for others. If I make a t-shirt, I’ll make what I’d like to wear. I  won’t make it thinking, “Many people will buy this.”

Q: I heard you make a promise with yourself every week, like, to  read books or to eat less fast food. What is your promise for this week?
Key: doing exercise.

Q: What is your promise for next week?
Key: To make myself busy next week. I get anxious if I’m not busy. I feel uncomfortable while I idle away.

Q: Your last interview with Dazed was two years ago. Do you recall it? Do you still think same way? 
Key: Yes, I remember it all. I have very good memory. I still don’t  like releasing a single rather than a regular album, and I have the same  ideas as before.

Q: Then, why did you say during makeup, “I should do plastic  surgery for this”? Didn’t you say you like your face even though it’s  not a handsome one?
Key: I like my facial weaknesses. I have no discontents with what I  can’t change. It was just a whining, a joke. I like myself very much.

Q: We are Dazed & Confused, so I’ll ask this. What is it if there’s anything that confuse you these days?
Key: Whether I am an adult or not.

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery | Trans by jujugal]
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Here are the main segments of the radio talk 



J : Everyone uses “knife” as a metaphor to describe the sharp and biting cold for these 2 days. In days like these, we need one another’s warm greetings. So Key-ssi, let love be warmer in this winter, express it in a warm way. Allow me to sleep when I want to sleep, and wake up when I want to - to ignore our schedeules.

K : We shall love each other beautifully (S/N : It means “May our love be as beautiful..”) as the snowflakes

J : Us??? *laughs* wait, are you talking about us? Ah this is funny.. You and Me? (In English) You and me? (In Korean)

K : Hopefully our Jonghyun hyung will not be so careless in the future - to not fall down (from the bed) when he sleeps.

J : I fell badly but I will be careful



K : I saw the reactions from yesterday night

J : You saw? How was it?

K : They said it was interesting - after not appearing for so long, we kept talking none stop (S/N : it also means that they hosted the show well). These are the comments. We will also make today’s SSTP show fun.

J : Many of friends watched it too… i mean.. heard it.. My friend said that “I didn’t know you could talk so little in the program”

K : Jonghyun talks more when he appears as a guest

J : Ah yes, I will be helping to make jokes

K : I also think so. On the other hand, I believe that I perform well when I am the main host.. because I am not nervous at that time.


PART 3 : DIET ADVICE (Approx 10:54)

*Radio listener was worried over her sweet potato snacking at night”

J : You can just exercise tomorrow

K : At this hour, you will want to snack. Eating at this hour or eating earlier is the same. I am like that. Eat some sweet potato after a while

J : Just eat a bit. Because you want to eat, so just eat a bit.

K : But it’s amazing that after waiting, my stomach is full. I’ve asked people who have been on a diet - just eat a bit. There’s no difference from not eating at all.

J : That’s right. Instead of endangering your health, eat when you are hungry and then exercise the next day to burn off your calories



Reading out one of the listener’s problem : ” I have been working out during the holidays. I thought my girlfriend would be happy but she felt that the blocks of muscles are very revolting. So what is the definition of “good-looking” muscles? Even though I (my body shape) cannot be compared to Kim Jong Kook but my friend say’s that Kim Jong Kook’s figure… (muscles) are too big. Please tell me the definition of “good-looking” muscles… amongst all the male idols, whose (body) is the best”

(few words on asking viewers to send in their opinions and how to send in their message to the radio station)

K : The topic of muscles have been brought up. Recently we have been exercising diligently. But the reasons for exercising is different (from that listener) - we are not trying to achieve Kim Jong Kook’s body shape. We exercise for weight management and work out for certain body parts. Jonghyun hyung does a little bit more.

J : This is because I love exercising so I have been persistently exercising. However my thoughts are that even if you start exercising from day till night, it is still unable to reach that standard… 

K : to become like that (body shape).. so girlfrend..

J : (she) is worried that it would turn out like that. I feel that modern day people worry excessively

K : It’s not like that… I feel that different girlfriends will set different standards (for their boyfriends) right? If your girlfriend is unhappy about it, then you don’t have to train your muscles..

J : So that’s why he asked.. “What is the perfect muscles?”. Actually, man and woman have different expectations.. so it is not easy to determine it.

(Then they picked up a caller’s phone call and they asked her who does she think has the “perfect muscles”?.. She then replied “SHINee?” however Jongkey asked her to choose another one so she said that she mentioned SHINee as a courteous answer but eventually picked Lee Minho)

J : When I heard “Minho”, I thought it was our SHINee’s Minho

K : It isn’t SHINee’s Choi Minho. It’s Lee Minho

(The radio played SHINee’s Stand By Me OST from Boys over Flowers)


PART 5 : STAND BY ME  (25:47)

K : You just heard “Stand By Me” from SHINee. It’s a classic. When I was recording the song, my throat was not in a condition. It’s the first song that I’ve not heard the recorded version..

J : Is it because it is too embarrassing?
K : Yes, because I thought of the bad memories during that recording. All my parts in the song have a high pitch.



Jongkey continued reading audience’s messages on their opinions who have the perfect body and one of them mentioned SHINee’s Minho

Caller : “SHINee’s Minho Oppa’s Muscles are good too right?” 

J : His body is not bad.. Seems like (she) has seen it

K : We see it everyday. We can see it frequently. 

J : Minho seems to be in a free, relaxed state in the dorm everytime. How to put it.. He seems like a wolf child..

K : Why doesn’t he wear clothes? I cannot understand!

J : He is the same when he exercises

K : (to minho) I want to plead you for one thing, Minho-ssi. Please wear clothes when you eat breakfast… When I saw it that morning, I felt really pressurised. The way I acted wasn’t nice.. think about that.. why wasn’t I nice.. Why do I have to see so many extra things that I can only see on TV dramas.

J : Are you shy?

K : It’s so embarrasing! *in an angry tone*.. Because fans below our building cannot see it..

J : So now tell Minho about your inner feelings

K : (A sad melody started playing) When having breakfast in the morning, please wear your clothes! Please keep your promise!

(A/N : It’s funnier if you watch the video and see Key nag - his expression is priceless!)


PART 7 : JONGKEY BICKERING (approx 47:10)

(They were explaining to the guest about a game they played during yesterday’s radio show that caused Jonghyun to run down 7 storeys to solve a math problem)

J : I spent 1min 30sec to solve the maths problem

K : We used “Hot Summer” to time how long he took

J : Why do you want to listen to “Hot Summer”? because it’s math problem f(x)?? That’s why I could solve the problem so quickly

K : Thank you for mentioning a pointless comment

J : I’m sorry *laughs*

Guest (San-E) : Do you both hate one another so much?

J : Ah.. no.. it’s how we express love. An expression of love, of concern. Let’s start the game now!



(Ring Ding Dong was requested by guest, Chocolat’s Tia)

J : To us, this song is full of memories. That time I fell sick, and came down with a bad flu

K : What a memory.. A painful moment became a memory.. Other than this song’s promotional activities, I was sick for the rest. 

Kor-Chi Translation : iJonghyun, Valentine Key
Chi-Eng Translation : soundtracklove@soompi

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[NEWS] 120121YesAsia releases their “Best-Selling J-Pop Singles, Albums, Concerts and Artists” on 2011

source: yesasia
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[NEWS] 120119 Behind-the-scenes with SHINee’s Key for ‘Dazed & Confused’

On January 19th, ‘Dazed & Confused‘ magazine shared a behind-the-scenes video featuring SHINee‘s Key!

In the clip, Key confidently displayed a variety of bold looks. From sweaters with flowers to a large caveman-inspired chiffon necklace, Key proved that he could rock any style.

The idol cheerfully commented, “I was chosen this time to be alone for this pictorial. Please look forward to it a lot. Right now, I am working hard at the photoshoot. I’m also really proud and satisfied (with the pictures), so please give it lots of love. Also, please look forward and have an interest in SHINee. Thank  you. Please anticipate it! Bye bye”.

Key’s full spread in ‘Dazed & Confused’ will be released in February. Meanwhile, you can grab a sneak peek of the eye candy below:

cr: allkpop
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[TRANS] 120121 Jonghyun’s UFO Replies

Just in case you can’t read:
[Fan] Because I miss you, so i reviewed the Behind the Scenes footages, Lucifer is really really good…
[Jonghyun] Lushwair lushwair (sound)

[Fan] Did I mention that when I see Oppa W live video, i really really experienced breathing difficulties and almost suffocated?
[Jonghyun] Oh you did?

Source : // Kor-Chi Trans : 海天月夜 // Chi-Eng Trans: Soundtracklove@soompi
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[TRANS] 120116 Salamander Guru & The Shadows Press Con

Watch the video here : Minho Press Conf.

Q : Self Introduction

Hello I am Minho. I am playing the role of a genius hacker in “Salamander Guru & The Shadows”. Please take care of me much (s/n : A courteous way to ask for guidance)

Q : Why did you choose this drama?

Similarly (to the female actress), I picked this drama because of the good story plot and the great director. But most importantly, I chose it because I am able to work alongside with outstanding seniors. Instead of saying that I chose this drama, I actually persisted on requesting to act in this show. In addtion, I received much help during the filming process. Seniors gave me a lot of advice and this really made me happy. This is the beginning and I feel I have done well with my first step. In the future, I will put in my best to bring good works to everybody.

Q : You must have faced some sort of pressure during your venture into acting. Your role in the drama is a genius hacker, so did you find any resemblance to your daily life that helped you in your acting?

This is my first time trying out to act a sitcom since I debute as a singer hence I am really glad to land upon such great role. Rather than saying I felt pressure, I feel that I should do away with it to perform better. In addition, I am really happy that I can be of help to our four members (S/N : I am not sure if he is referring to the cast or SHINee). I also wish that I would be able to present different sides of me through more works.

In addition, since I am potraying the role as a genius hacker, one that is very skilled with computers - but luckily since young, I will use the computer to play games and surf the web hence I did not meet any great difficulties, there was nothing specific that I had to train myself to do. Furthermore, Smartphones have been really popular right? There are many scenes that deals with smartphones - there hasnt been much difficulties faced. My usual self should have helped me a lot during the filming process

Q : Did your members give you any advice or opinions?

When I am filming, other members have other activities. The other case is when I am the only one with activities, they would ask me “Are you tired?”. I would reply that “It is quite cold actually, really tiring”. When I am exhausted and have returned back to our dorm, they will tell me “It is indeed tiring!” (S/N : in other words : “You have worked hard!”) and they frequently cheer on for me. They would also joke around and say “Do you want me/us to buy anything you like to eat?” and also help me. Members to me, are a source of energy. 

To add on, because we live together, we always hang out together - this is a source of energy (support). I am sure that I will have more energy (to perform better) when I have activities with my members. Also, I am really curious what opinions other members would give after the sitcom has ended

Q : SHINee’s Minho must be really busy with all the schedules. So how do you keep up your stamina and energy?

Because I really like to exercise, I will exercise whenever I have free time. Sleep wise, I believe having long sleep time can help people replenish energy

Q : Yes, so we have another question for Minho

Along with Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung beside you, and other actors, how do you feel about seniors acting?

No matter what, as a man, young teenager, female’s stamina are typically not as good as a male. However, when senior (Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung) was acting, she is full of vitality. Upon seeing that, I feel that I should work even harder. Another thing that touched me was that, even though I had not much experienece in acting, I will watch the other seniors act and “ahh~ so this is how acting is done” and because of that, I have learnt much. Another surprising this is that everyone is immersed in their own role. So I learnt “You should act in this way when you are playing this character” - so in the end I thought of how I want to potray my role. I learnt so much

Q : Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung, what do you think about Minho’s opinion (S/N : cannot be heard clearly)

Minho-ah, he’s really a fine (gentleman). He’s really well-mannered, he is really respectful in front of senior. Really good. What surprised me the most is that he is really friendly. I never thought he can be like that at this age… and his passion for acting.. really excellent.

Q : Please look at the camera (Request to) Let SHINee cameo/ visit the set (S/N : not sure)

(Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung) : Are you referring to Minho? *laughs* SHINee members, please come and play, visit us to make our set more heartwarming. Fighting!

Q : Any interesting events that happened during filming?

I heard that Minho really likes (respect) Oh Dal-Su.. so I thought he likes.. but turns out that he really really really likes him. He would mimic senior’s way of talking, actions and even expressions. And he would even perform it in front of him. He is a true fan of Oh Dal-Su. It is really interesting - this brought a lot of energy (motivation/joy) to our set.

Q : This is really interesting.. able to motivate the scene.. giving lots of energy for other casts. Please show it to us too to give us energy!

*Laughs* It has not been completed yet. Oh Dal-Su will check everyday and comment that it is still far from it. I don’t think it would differ much after the show has been aired. No matter what, I will show it everyone eventually.

Q : So we will anticipate your imitation. Now we will hear Oh Dal-Su’s voice. (asking Minho to perform)

*laughs* It’s still far from it (the actual voice). Once I am able to get more than 50% accuracy then I will show it to everyone

Q : Ah yes, what a pity. We hope the audience can wait a while more to anticipate the full-form of Oh Dal-Su Senior imitation. Please continue working hard! We will now continue the interview. Even though he is not here,  Lee Byung-Joon works really hard in his outfit. Just by looking at the teaser, we find it really interesting

It is a pity that Lee Byung-Joon is not here. To think of it, Lee Byung-Joon should be  the most serious (when it comes to acting). He gave a good performance in acting as a mentally-retarded guru. When we are sitting at the corner, we can really feel that senior has really gone mad.. really enthusiastic. And also, when we are tired, he will crack up some jokes to make us laugh. To add on, his retarded character brought a lot of joy to us.. his walking posture is really believeable


Kor-Chi Translation : MINHOney
Chi-Eng Translation + Transcript : soundtracklove@soompi
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[NEWS] 120121 YesAsia 2011 Bestsellers - Korean Music


No surprise, Girls’ Generation was the top-selling artist of 2011. Their new releases sold. Their old releases sold. Basically, everything the nine girls touched turned golden in 2011. 2NE1 was the only other female artist to crack the top ten in overall artist sales; they would be ranked #7 after SHINee (who didn’t release any new K-pop in 2011 but sold plenty of their older albums). Super Junior came out on top among the male artists, and Big Bang spread out their sales with group, unit, and solo releases (Seung Ri’s V.V.I.P. was actually the best-selling solo artist album of 2011).


1. Super Junior
2. Big Bang
3. JYJ
4. Dong Bang Shin Ki
5. SHINee
7. Infinite
9. 2PM
10. GD & TOP

S/N : YesAsia is one of the largest and leading online music store for Asian music and products.

S/N : This ranking is based on Korean Music. Judging from last year their sales are actually really good as 
SHINee did not release any Korean materials - yet they hold the #5 placing. So proud of them and fans!

S/N : I only posted the section relevant to SHINee. To read the full Article go here :

Source : YESASIA via Omonatheydidnt
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Friday, January 20, 2012

[INFO] 120120 Plans for SHINee to visit Taiwan Etude House

Transation : 1/20-1/31 New Year promotions - from hair to facial, leg and nail products~~ full body beauty kit. Even makeup products are included. Fans come down to Etude House to welcome (Chinese) New Year! We wish all fans a happy Chinese New Year!!! At the same time, we want to congratulate in advance Etude House being able to invite SHINee babies to come to Taiwan in May to organise a Pink Party - hopefully it would successfully happen and everything will proceed on smoothly ! (ahhh! I, editor, accidentally slipped this information off my tongue!! shh…)

Source : Taiwan Etude House FB via Baidu // Screencap + Translations by Soundtracklove @ soompi

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