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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Here are the main segments of the radio talk 



J : Everyone uses “knife” as a metaphor to describe the sharp and biting cold for these 2 days. In days like these, we need one another’s warm greetings. So Key-ssi, let love be warmer in this winter, express it in a warm way. Allow me to sleep when I want to sleep, and wake up when I want to - to ignore our schedeules.

K : We shall love each other beautifully (S/N : It means “May our love be as beautiful..”) as the snowflakes

J : Us??? *laughs* wait, are you talking about us? Ah this is funny.. You and Me? (In English) You and me? (In Korean)

K : Hopefully our Jonghyun hyung will not be so careless in the future - to not fall down (from the bed) when he sleeps.

J : I fell badly but I will be careful



K : I saw the reactions from yesterday night

J : You saw? How was it?

K : They said it was interesting - after not appearing for so long, we kept talking none stop (S/N : it also means that they hosted the show well). These are the comments. We will also make today’s SSTP show fun.

J : Many of friends watched it too… i mean.. heard it.. My friend said that “I didn’t know you could talk so little in the program”

K : Jonghyun talks more when he appears as a guest

J : Ah yes, I will be helping to make jokes

K : I also think so. On the other hand, I believe that I perform well when I am the main host.. because I am not nervous at that time.


PART 3 : DIET ADVICE (Approx 10:54)

*Radio listener was worried over her sweet potato snacking at night”

J : You can just exercise tomorrow

K : At this hour, you will want to snack. Eating at this hour or eating earlier is the same. I am like that. Eat some sweet potato after a while

J : Just eat a bit. Because you want to eat, so just eat a bit.

K : But it’s amazing that after waiting, my stomach is full. I’ve asked people who have been on a diet - just eat a bit. There’s no difference from not eating at all.

J : That’s right. Instead of endangering your health, eat when you are hungry and then exercise the next day to burn off your calories



Reading out one of the listener’s problem : ” I have been working out during the holidays. I thought my girlfriend would be happy but she felt that the blocks of muscles are very revolting. So what is the definition of “good-looking” muscles? Even though I (my body shape) cannot be compared to Kim Jong Kook but my friend say’s that Kim Jong Kook’s figure… (muscles) are too big. Please tell me the definition of “good-looking” muscles… amongst all the male idols, whose (body) is the best”

(few words on asking viewers to send in their opinions and how to send in their message to the radio station)

K : The topic of muscles have been brought up. Recently we have been exercising diligently. But the reasons for exercising is different (from that listener) - we are not trying to achieve Kim Jong Kook’s body shape. We exercise for weight management and work out for certain body parts. Jonghyun hyung does a little bit more.

J : This is because I love exercising so I have been persistently exercising. However my thoughts are that even if you start exercising from day till night, it is still unable to reach that standard… 

K : to become like that (body shape).. so girlfrend..

J : (she) is worried that it would turn out like that. I feel that modern day people worry excessively

K : It’s not like that… I feel that different girlfriends will set different standards (for their boyfriends) right? If your girlfriend is unhappy about it, then you don’t have to train your muscles..

J : So that’s why he asked.. “What is the perfect muscles?”. Actually, man and woman have different expectations.. so it is not easy to determine it.

(Then they picked up a caller’s phone call and they asked her who does she think has the “perfect muscles”?.. She then replied “SHINee?” however Jongkey asked her to choose another one so she said that she mentioned SHINee as a courteous answer but eventually picked Lee Minho)

J : When I heard “Minho”, I thought it was our SHINee’s Minho

K : It isn’t SHINee’s Choi Minho. It’s Lee Minho

(The radio played SHINee’s Stand By Me OST from Boys over Flowers)


PART 5 : STAND BY ME  (25:47)

K : You just heard “Stand By Me” from SHINee. It’s a classic. When I was recording the song, my throat was not in a condition. It’s the first song that I’ve not heard the recorded version..

J : Is it because it is too embarrassing?
K : Yes, because I thought of the bad memories during that recording. All my parts in the song have a high pitch.



Jongkey continued reading audience’s messages on their opinions who have the perfect body and one of them mentioned SHINee’s Minho

Caller : “SHINee’s Minho Oppa’s Muscles are good too right?” 

J : His body is not bad.. Seems like (she) has seen it

K : We see it everyday. We can see it frequently. 

J : Minho seems to be in a free, relaxed state in the dorm everytime. How to put it.. He seems like a wolf child..

K : Why doesn’t he wear clothes? I cannot understand!

J : He is the same when he exercises

K : (to minho) I want to plead you for one thing, Minho-ssi. Please wear clothes when you eat breakfast… When I saw it that morning, I felt really pressurised. The way I acted wasn’t nice.. think about that.. why wasn’t I nice.. Why do I have to see so many extra things that I can only see on TV dramas.

J : Are you shy?

K : It’s so embarrasing! *in an angry tone*.. Because fans below our building cannot see it..

J : So now tell Minho about your inner feelings

K : (A sad melody started playing) When having breakfast in the morning, please wear your clothes! Please keep your promise!

(A/N : It’s funnier if you watch the video and see Key nag - his expression is priceless!)


PART 7 : JONGKEY BICKERING (approx 47:10)

(They were explaining to the guest about a game they played during yesterday’s radio show that caused Jonghyun to run down 7 storeys to solve a math problem)

J : I spent 1min 30sec to solve the maths problem

K : We used “Hot Summer” to time how long he took

J : Why do you want to listen to “Hot Summer”? because it’s math problem f(x)?? That’s why I could solve the problem so quickly

K : Thank you for mentioning a pointless comment

J : I’m sorry *laughs*

Guest (San-E) : Do you both hate one another so much?

J : Ah.. no.. it’s how we express love. An expression of love, of concern. Let’s start the game now!



(Ring Ding Dong was requested by guest, Chocolat’s Tia)

J : To us, this song is full of memories. That time I fell sick, and came down with a bad flu

K : What a memory.. A painful moment became a memory.. Other than this song’s promotional activities, I was sick for the rest. 

Kor-Chi Translation : iJonghyun, Valentine Key
Chi-Eng Translation : soundtracklove@soompi

shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

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