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Sunday, January 29, 2012

[TRANS] 120129 Key’s diary from Son of The Sun

Somehow, I don’t like new things.
Compared to something slick and warm that’s newly produced from the factory, I like the old one better. Old things are different and special, they also have story that have been stored for a long time.

The story behind them and their special value attract me.
Lifeless things are empty, that’s why people’s existence really has a charm.

They have their own way to express something by themselves; everybody must be holding their own color/style. But, among those all I particularly captivated with my perspective.

There is a relevance between how I express myself and how I make ‘me’ becomes ‘key’ that you see right now.
When I was young, being an artist is the thing I certainly wanted in the first place.

If being a singer was the dream I wanted to make in my life, in my inner side, then it’s like a thing I want to express (t/n: being a singer) by my heart, like breathing, which is like a natural thing in life that I have to think in the first place. No, in fact, apparently there’s no need to think about it, that’s the thing I have already lived.

Even now, I spend my spare time doodling on the paper.
That’s why, I stared at graffiti vacantly whenever I go overseas.
People who did that didn’t put their work to the frame, that’s how they express their confidence in different way, because it’s how they show their unique identity by that way.
But after all, they’re still people like us, right? Internally, they did the graffiti with no end, which depicts that they want to express their work with strong desires.

Somehow, I think that background is kind of a freedom which is permeated everywhere in this city.

People in Barcelona aren’t stingy when it comes to expose and express their self-confidence.

Skateboarders in front of art gallery, people sunbathing on the beach, the scene of people following the music rhythm by dancing along to it like it’s their playground (t/n: more like a place they enjoy to have fun)

Among that, the things that particularly attract my attention were the uniquely designed items, which couldn’t be found anywhere, but a small shop. That place is not a common franchise good shop you currently step your feet on, and the things there can’t be predicted, as you happened to open the door. Only that place in which the building have its clear own personality that seems like it’s showing off itself to my own world. Then strangely, those kinds of shops and the owners have the resemblance. The owners and that place, have a distinct characteristic in their world, that’s why people are matched well with the place.

These collections are handmade, and can only be seen on that place. They (t/n: the owner) expose their own color by their collections.

From accessories like glasses frame, mask, until handmade bags from coffee bean… they’re worth for 1 Euro.
I keep on stopping by instead of walking for just few steps; things that attract my eyes are too many!

Picasso, Dali, and Miro. By hearing those names, the things people ought to know about them were that they and those artists were born in Barcelona, did their routine activities in Barcelona, spent most of their life in Barcelona. Another common thing is that both of the artists who were living in early 20thcentury and the recent artists group is that they both are people who are holding an innovative & uniquely pretty style.

If you try to wander, Barcelona seems to be a very good city for artists. Mild climate and atmosphere of freedom, until cheap price from Europe. The whole Barcelona is the place where we can find the trace of artists’s brushes for this city. Gaudi’s structure, which has something picturesque rolling among the buildings, still becomes a place where people are living.

Even today, streetlights, which have been made by young men for years ago, still shines the city. Though it wasn’t a piece of art by artists that have passed away, an art soul that’s alive everyday is the thing that makes it becomes a nice city.

Will graffiti that also covers the whole city become like that someday? On the other hand, it’s a pity that famous graffiti art like London’s Bansky isn’t there.

For them, they have their common point, which is parents’s influence.

Picasso’s dad was an art teacher, when Picasso was 13 years old, he saw his son’s painting and felt that the confidence of his painting skill already exceeded, he then stopped painting. Since then, his dad sent Picasso to Barcelona, which is far from his hometown, Andalusia, southern part of Spain.

Another thing, Miro, who was born in Barcelona had a dad who’s a manufacturer of Jewelry and clock, he also had a grandfather who was a furniture dealer, this explained that his dexterity and his distinctive idea didn’t get the influence from Miro’s dad & grandfather.

The last one, Dali who was born in southern area of Cataluna’s small village Figueres, had a dad who had a profound knowledge about art, so he learnt art very often since young, and started painting since he was ten.

Although I wondered how thankful those artists who were well known by just recognizing their names in modern art felt for their parents, I always feel thankful for my parents who raised me up until making me become who I am right now. It’s because of my parents; I’ve been able to experience a lot of things since young.

I can’t remember if I had ever been staying still at home on weekends when I was young. Sometimes that was annoying enough for our family to leave for traveling anywhere every weekend. To the mountain & beach, town & village, hot weather & cold weather places, rainy & snowy places, and sunny places.

I always thought of different things when I saw different world.

I always remembered the childhood time when I was having an English conversation class.

A lot of friends gathered to study together, but it still took about an hour for me to get to the class, yet fortunately, that class could still be continued. I wholly didn’t feel annoyed with that, thanks to my mom who brought me over.

I said that I ought to be annoyed. Come to think of it, I’ve seen variety of worlds since young, but I’m not sure how much they affect me right now, and it seems that I also can’t figure out how much they will affect the more grown-up me in the future.

It’s also not about how well-off my family’s wealth is, but
Thank you so much for my mom who has given different kinds of experiences to me!

And, another shocking truth is, my grandmother gave a private English lesson for my mom when she was young.

Hahaha, my grandmother was such a modern woman! As expected, blood is thicker than water.

kr - eng translation: minhogoon @ lj
shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

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