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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[TRANS] 120110 Onew's diary from Son of The Sun - Part 2

Barcelona is such an interesting city.
It's dynamic, exciting, and variety. So there has no time to get tired with it.

I think It'll be fun to bring the person that I like or someone I marry to and do honeymoon trip to Barcelona very later. I also think I'd like to bring my family to find this place few years later.
that seems fun,

i keep thinking of seeing people sitting in the small cafe locating next to a gentle church for an hour rather than while visiting small store or places in the alley.

As the time keeps flowing, barcelona pops out in my mind "ah, i spent such happy time listening to the church's bell sound in this city". That's what I will seem to remember.

It makes my heart needlessly flutters when this city hasn't woken up (t/n: when it's really early and people aren't around) and been quiet, the bell sounds seeping along the roadside. It sound can make all the worries and troubles vanished.

In that kind of place, it will be better if we have someone that we can talk to while cooling down coffee that we want to drink, it's really better if the person that we're close to is kind of people that can understand our heart even it's just a bit.

I don't mind if it's not like that though. the angle of sunset that we see from the bottom (t/n we're faraway below the sun), the amount of light, rumbling sounds, a good scent feelings of what foreign atmosphere gives..
I think I can be happy if I'm there with someone at those moments.. or I don't mind if it's just alone.

The first reason why I want to look back to barcelona's dim situation, my only enjoyable leisure place, is the time I have in "Siesta".

It's like the whole city has been borrowed (?), the time when i stepped on the old ground/road slowly, the time when i experienced of taking a sip of coffee while listening to church's bell. The times when i let our mouth/words closes, and let our heart opens.

It's too bad to gradually record that time. It will seem easier to feel acomforting if we put it to words rather than by taking pictures like Key does. Somehow, I'm close to an analog person rather than digital person.
"I wrote that" The expression seems so bombastic to explain a moment and leave it in the memo.
"I recorded that" the expression is moderate.

I carry a little note while going for work, and I always pour my thoughts from my mind to it when I have time. these days, i benefit my phone's memo apps. However, compared to taking photos, I seem to leave many notes on my phone.

Since young until now, I wrote diary, but I don't even want to see the diary I wrote when I was young back then, even though I'm curious, I don't even want to open it because I will get embarrassed.

Would I get embarrassed right now to discover the things (his life) I know by my myself only?
Still, I just want to save it.

Instead, during elementary days, my friends sometimes read my written letter, then most of my friends said "yellow clothes really fit you" while seeing my writing and laughing for awhile. Did i wear yellow clothes often?'

I obscurely like the feeling of walking around old buildings in Barcelona.
When I feel sentimental and walk in this place, I'd think of taller and magnificent buildings would be like this over modern buildings "Man, I was born earlier than your grandfather's grandfather".
That feeling is so fun.

I like talking to my heart, don't I? It feels like I'm walking in the movie, it also feels like I'm walking in the fairytale.

It may be that people who come here and be in this place are having their moments like they're taking time machine and go to different times.
Time flows when i think of ideas, That kind of time is oddly attractive to me.

kr - eng translation: minhogoon@livejournal
please credit if taking out, i'm kinda bitter with people taking out without credits ;o;
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