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Friday, January 20, 2012

[VID] 120119 W Magazine Release SM fashionistas BTS footage

SHINee cuts
cr: wkorea YT
shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki


Man : You are photographed with Kai this time?
Taemin : Yes
M : How do you feel?
Taemin : Oh, It reminds me of old memories. He’s my friend I’ve met in the practice room and now I’m having photoshoots with him… How do you feel?(informally) HOW DO YOU FEEL, Kai-ssi?(formally)
Kai : I don’t know..(laugh)
M : You two really look alike.
T : Oh, really? ai.. It is..
Taemin : Our lips are look alike
Kai : Your lips look like Usher’s.. I’ve told you since early times
Taemin : You, me, #$%^&
W : You’ve been on magazine shoots a lot.
Taemin : Yes? Ah, Yes yes..
W : You must have know-how to pass on to him.
Kai : Pass on to me.
Taemin : How to be attractive on photographs is that your eyes should have had lost their focus. Don’t hold your eyes.. like this..(all laughs) You know what it is..
Kai : That’s my specialty.
Taemin : like this! Ah, I’m so tired.. this face..
W : That’s how you do..
Taemin : When I look tired.. usually, when I look tired, people say I look so tired, when my eyes lose focus. But on photoshoots, people say, Oh you got the feelings!
Kai : hahaha
W : It’s time to go to the set?
Taemin : Yes, Should I be photographed with this(mike)?
(laughs) W : You’re witty.

shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

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