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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[TRANS/PIC] 120131 Dosasns mentioned SHINee Minho in Latest Tweet

@dosasns : [지금은촬영중] 모두들 좋은 꿈꾸며 꿀잠 자고 있나요? 음산한 분위기의 이 창고에서는 민혁과 조커,L이 촬영중입니다. 피워놓은 불 때문에 눈이 매워도 멋진 영상을 위해선 이정도쯤이야.!
 [In the midst of recording] Everyone had sweet dreams right? In the dark garage, Minhyuk (Minho) and Joker,L are filming. Our eyes cannot even be opened due to the flames, but it is all worth it for such a shot.

Credit : dosasns (twitter) via Shakizi (샤링샤링), 希瑶希瑶希(chi trans) // Image upload + Eng Translation : soundtracklove @ soompi 
shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

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