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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[FA] 120116 SHINee Taemin at Immortal Song Recording 2

[fanaccount #1]
-the order: Taemin-Lin-No Brain-Ali-Sonia-Lim Taekyung (yes, Taemin was the first!)

-Taemin prepared strings, brass, and harp for his stage. On the right side of the stage were a bench and a streetlight.

-Taemin said, “Hello, I’m SHINee’s makdoong-i Taemin. Ah, I feel nervous~”

-He performed seated on a chair at the center of the stage. During his performance, a woman and a man showed up by turns at the set with the bench and streetlight.

-Taemin made a slight scratching sound twice near the end. He might have felt sorry about it.

-Taemin sang with passion at the end. A feel completely different from his performance of “I’ll Do Well.”

<To be continued with the part on results>
[Source: DC Shinee Gallery]

[fanaccount #2]
-Taemin looked not completely satisfied because of the slightly unstable part, but the fan liked his performance and was moved by it.

-People around her mostly said Taemin’s voice is very pretty and he sang well; some felt sorry about the last part, but most of people said he did well.

-Taemin looked nervous listening to the judges’ comments.

-The legend singer Song Changsik said he liked the arrangement and want to perform with Taemin. Taemin thanked him and said he was able to perform comfortably because he kept watching him.

*Taemin sang Song Changsik’s “For Once”

*I think Taemin has nothing to lose by appearing on Immortal Song 2. He is known as lead dancer of SHINee. This will be a good opportunity to show his potential as a vocalist to the public. It will also be a plus for SHINee as a group: when the public sees even the lead dancer make a decent performance on Immortal Song 2, it will promote SHINee’s image as a group with all members strong in live performance.

*The program’s MC Shin Dongyeop said Taemin suffered from intestinal inflammation. Some fans say Taemin ate the lunch fans prepared. It is likely that he had intestinal inflammation while he was practicing, not today??

*In his first-time performance on IMS2, Taemin was selected to perform first in the first round. Now he went through the worst, there’s nothing worse to come!

trans by jujugal
shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

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