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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

[NEWS] SHINee’s Minho Strikes an Acrobatic Pose for W Korea

SHINee’s Minho Strikes an Acrobatic Pose for W Korea
SHINee‘s Minho recently had a fashion spread and cover shoot for W Korea‘s December issue.

Dressed up warm in winter garb, he casts a captivating look of mystery and allure with his moussed and tousled hair, as well as his preppy, retro look that gives him years over his actual age. He also took quite the visually striking photo by flaunting his flexible limbs that would make any acrobrat green with envy. Dressed in what appears to be britches, a white button down long-sleeved shirt and corduroy jacket – Minho wears the serene expression of a dancer, elevating the entire feel of the photo to a different realm. Minho does not fail to impress with his growth as a versatile figure of the entertainment world. His handsome boyish face and masculine build are enough to make any girl’s heart go a-flutter.

The magazine also features an interview with Minho as he shares his dual actor and musical artist life as the leading male character of “The Beautiful You.”

Check out the photos and behind-the-scenes Youtube clip from the photo shoot below!

cr: soompi

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[NEWS] 121127 121127 SHINee thinks Key is the sexiest member

Posted Image
Popular South Korean group SHINee will be holding a concert on December 8th at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Having just performed for SMTown, SHINee has promised that they will be bringing different performances for the local fans at their own concert.

The fans all agree that the sexiest member among SHINee is the muscular man, Jonghyun.

However, SHINee themselves do not agree. Jonghyun joked, “Actually, the sexiest one is Key. He is always hiding that sexy side of him, which is why nobody gets to see it.”

The five boys share a strong relationship
The SHINee quintet have a strong bond. They even go out together when they are not working. Key revealed, “If we’re in Korea, we will meet up with our friends for gatherings. If we’re overseas, we will board the tourist bus together and go shopping!”

Even today, new Hallyu wave groups are debuting non-stop, so how does SHINee maintain their position in the entertainment industry? Jonghyun said, “We have to maintain our own SHINee style. Be it dance or fashion, it has all got to be SHINee style!”

Many fans are curious about SHINee’s secrets towards maintaining beautiful skin. Jonghyun revealed, “Good rest is most important. We are unable to rest well due to our work commitments; therefore it’s very important for us to remove our makeup completely.”

Source: Tang Jie from mypaper
Translated by: debcrazy @

Monday, November 26, 2012

[NEWS] 121126 SHINee Releases MV for New Japanese Single “For 1000 Years, Always Be By My Side…”

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SHINee‘s full music video for their sixth Japanese single “For 1000 Years, Always Be By My Side…” has been released on Youtube today. The single will be officially released next month in Japan on December 12.

“For 1000 Years, Always Be By My Side…” is SHINee’s first Japanese ballad and features an emotional music video.
The B-side track, “Kimi ga Iru Sekai” is another winter ballad song that features piano and percussion sounds.

The group last released their fifth Japanese single “Dazzling Girl” in October. It has been a busy year for SHINee as “For 1000 Years, Always Be By My Side…” is also their third promoted single in Japan this year.

Source: Soompi

INFO] 121126 Special website "Black Cat Cinema" to show complete version of SHINee's new music video, opening December 7th to 9th

SHINee Black Cat Cinema

The music video for SHINee's new single, "For 1000 years, always be by my side..." (album to be released on 12 December) will be revealed to the public through EMI Japan's official Youtube channel today at 19:00 JST. This latest music video is created in a short film style based on SHINee's song with the theme of "The thoughts you want to deliver to people that you cherish... a story of a little miracle that surely happens a few times somewhere in the world". Please enjoy not only the voices of SHINee in perfect harmony but also the story too.

Furthermore, a special video, the complete version of the music video for "For 1000 years, always be by my side..." that is included only in the limited edition version of the single will be released for a limited time only for three days: 7-9 December (Friday-Sunday). The music video that is released today is delivered in a form that can be regarded as the preview for the complete version. A special website, "Black Cat Cinema", will be opened to show the complete version of the music video. There are also plans to include various content to welcome the showing days, so please check it out.

■ SHINee - 「For 1000 years, always be by my side...」 Music Video

(※ This link will be opened to public on 26 November (Monday) 19:00 JST)

■ EMI official YouTube channel

■ Black Cat Cinema (「For 1000 years, always be by my side...」 Special site for limited time)
※ Accessible from PC and smartphone only
(※ This link is scheduled to open to public on 26 November (Monday) 19:00 JST)


Source: shineeworld-j, tsubuOl
Translated by: red @

[INFO] 121126 SHINee's music video for "For 1000 years, always be by my side" to release at 7:00 PM JST today

Posted Image

SHINee's music video for "For 1000 years, always be by my side" will be released at 7:00 PM JST today!
The music video has already been uploaded to the link below, and will become set to public when the video releases.

Source: k_j_j_k_t_y
Shared by: joAnnwashere @

]NEWS] SHINee’s Jonghyun Shares a Sexy, Wet Selca

Posted Image

Jonghyun of SHINee might just be the K-Pop king of selcas.

On November 24 he put up a picture of himself on his Twitter with the Tweet, “It was fun! Singapore! I’ll see you again in December! Good night.”

In the picture the singer is wearing a white tank that shows his muscular body. He is grinning widely and his wet hair hangs over his face.

Of course netizens had nothing but praises for this handsome picture. “You are really handsome”, “The concert was fun!”, and “Good night to you too, Jonghyun!” were some of the comments that were made in response to his Twitter.

The day before, Jonghyun and the rest of his SM family members performed in Singapore for the SM Town World Tour Concert.

Source: Soompi

[NEWS] SMTOWN World Tour 3 in Singapore: SMTOWN’s Wet and Wild Night in Singapore

Posted Image

SMTOWN’s Wet and Wild Night in Singapore

Touted as the concert of the year, the highly anticipated SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Singapore proved to be a record-breaking feat. Last night, the first ever commercial concert to be held at the Floating Platform kicked off to a 24,000-strong crowd.

With a total production value of more than S$5 million, and a stage set-up which took 96 hours to complete, the concert which featured some of the biggest names in K-pop proved to be nothing short of spectacular, as expected of SM Entertainment's standard.

The popularity of KangTa, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee, f(x) and EXO are unmistakable as it was earlier reported that the queue for the free-standing moshpits began as early as one week before the concert, and the fans did not go home disappointed.

Though one of the big screens failed to work halfway through the concert and never did recover, and though the lightings seemed mismanaged during certain songs such as Super Junior's Superman, it is the artistes' energy and dedication to their craft that made up for everything that was lacking technical-wise.

Pyrotechnics such as laser lights, revolving stages, water elements and mobile carts that carried the artistes around the huge concert venue have always been the highlight of SM Entertainment's concerts. Combined performances by artistes from different groups like the Dance Battle are a hit with the fans as usual. It was a sight to behold, as the lightsicks of different colours (representing different fan clubs) filled the venue in neon rainbow shades.

Just as the idols were thankful for the downpour which subsided before the show, it started raining heavily towards the last six songs of the concert. The artistes were drenched but they still tried their best to sing and dance on the slippery stage, and the fans were soaked to the knees despite their ponchos but few chose to leave.

It was one touching moment as all the artistes came on stage for the finale song Hope, when the rain suddenly became a drizzle and eventually came to a halt, and the die-hard fans were rewarded with plenty of fan-service and splendid fireworks display.

Rain or shine an event it was, with the artistes giving their all and the fans giving their support to their idols until the very end of the concert.

Written by: Dang Hui Ling
Shared by: joAnnwashere @

SMTown, S'pore's biggest K-pop event, $2.5m stage, fireworks, water fountains

Pyrotechnics plus fire flames, 64 canisters of confetti, fountains shooting water up to 8m high are some of the highlights of SMTown Live in Singapore at The Float @ Marina Bay this Friday.

It is the SMTown Live World Tour III, showcasing artists under top Korean label S.M. Entertainment. The tour is coming here for the first time and it is the biggest ever K-pop concert to be staged in Singapore.

The four-hour, multi-act concert being staged here at a cost of $5 million will feature performances by iconic Korean acts including Super Junior and Girls' Generation.

Running Into The Sun's creative director Beatrice Chia-Richmond, who was also the creative director of last year's National Day Parade, says "both events are similar in scale, (involving) massive staging, effort, excitement and, of course, time taken".

As for the floating platform that SMTown Live will perform on, and the scene of many a nation-building moment, it is the world's largest floating stage at 120m long and 83m wide. The platform has been used for National Day parades since 2007 and also has a 27,000-seat gallery.

Out of 23,000 tickets that went on sale, only 1,000 remain, priced at $218 and $168. Top-tier tickets for the 4,000-capacity mosh pits, along with VIP and premier gallery seats, have sold out.

The stage set-up alone costs half of the total production value of $5 million.

At least 96 hours are needed to set up the stage, with equipment coming from Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea.

Posted Image
The setting up of the stage for this Friday's SMTown Kpop concert, at the floating platform. -- ST PHOTO: CAROLINE CHIA

Posted Image
The setting up of the stage for this Friday's SMTown Kpop concert, at the floating platform. -- ST PHOTO: CAROLINE CHIA

Source: Straits Times
Written by: Rachel Boon
Shared by: joAnnwashere @

[NEWS] SM Entertainment readies 2013 calendars incorporating unique photoshoot concepts

Posted Image

SM Entertainment fans can soon get their hands on their very own 2013 SM Entertainment calendars. The agency is readying its 2013 calendars which will feature SM Entertainment’s biggest artists including DBSK, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x) and EXO.

Each artist will have their own unique concept for their photo shoot with SNSD’s being ‘classic’, Super Junior being ‘runway’, SHINee being ‘tree’, f(x) being ‘flower’, EXO being ‘party time’ and more.

A variety of different calendars will be released including a 25-cut desk calendar, a 13-cut wall calendar, individual artist table calendars and even diaries.

The new calendars will be released in the coming weeks.

Source: enewsWorld
Shared by: joAnnwashere @

Sunday, November 25, 2012

[TRANS] Minho for W Magazine Interview

As soon as he finished SHINee’s showcase in Fukuoka and Osaka and returned to Korea, Minho dashed directly to the studio. It was near 10 PM when he finished the photoshoot. “It’s Japan. It’s not like there’s a time difference.”

When asked if he was tired, his small face smiled from across the table as if saying it’s no big deal. While conversing, the sentence we heard the most from him was something like this: “I still think that I lack a lot. I want to learn a lot when given the opportunity.”

Q: As soon as the drama “For You in Full Blossom” finished, you returned to SHINee and carried out your schedules in Hong Kong and Japan. You must have been exhausted from filming a 16 episode mini series. Was it hard to adjust on stage right away?
While I was filming, I was busy to the point I couldn’t even remember how the day went by. That’s why when all of the filming ended, the feeling of emptiness was big at first. I spent quite a long time as Kang Taejun and the fact that this character was leaving me made me sad. It’s an experience that has left me special memories. I actually felt relieved to continue my schedules as soon as I finished. The busy lifestyle kept my mind off it and I believe it helped me. On top of that, I met my members again so I felt relaxed as if I had come home for the first time in a while.

Q: Did the SHINee members watch “For You in Full Blossom” often?
I think they didn’t watch it a lot. They were also busy with their own schedules. But it seems like they made an effort to watch. I was grateful.

Q: If you had to point out one person who monitored it sincerely, who would it be?
It’s Jonghyun hyung. He frequently gave me different kinds of opinions. He was very surprised at the amount of time invested in order to film 2 episodes a week.
Q: What did the members say most about your acting?
‘It’s childish’ (laughs). It seems that way since it’s a school story. There are also parts that don’t suit men’s preferences. Other than that, they also complimented me saying how fun I was and how my role isn’t like me.

Q: In which aspect did they think you looked the most different?
It’s because my image was drawn and cold at first. Anyway, I think they were amazed that I was acting on TV. It was a bit strange.
Q: Last time in “Salamander Guru and The Shadows”, you had many sunbaes to rely on like Im Wonhee, Oh Dalsoo, etc. However, in “For You in Full Blossom”, the importance of your role was bigger and your responsibility was heavier. Did you feel burdened by this before the filming started?
During “Salamander Guru and The Shadows”, rather than stepping up and trying to do something, I stood back and tried to learn a lot from the sunbaenims. But in this project’s case, I couldn’t help but get more nervous as the male lead. Of course I’ve had a desire to act for a long time so on the other hand, this opportunity made me excited. Anyway, I thought I had to work hard. I prepared for the project as I studied the character. In the end, I believe the nervousness affected me positively.

Q: The broadcast ended in early October. It seems like you’d have an evaluation of this project.
I’m watching the drama from the beginning again. I monitored it when I was in the midst of filming, but I see different things compared to then. It’s probably the same for other things but my dissatisfaction after it ended was especially big, maybe because “For You in Full Blossom”; was the first mini series I starred in. I thought, ‘I still lack a lot’ and ‘If I have an opportunity later, I have to show a different image.’

Q: Kang Taejun of “For You in Full Blossom” is a high jump athlete with popularity that comes close to an idol’s. He’s a high school student but he isn’t an ordinary one. In that sense, have there been times when he has overlapped with your teenage self? What did you worry about the most when you were around that age?
I debuted but I worried about how people saw me. I lacked a lot so I wondered if it was okay for me to stand on stage with this level of skill and I definitely lacked confidence. So I was the type to worry on my own even with my debut ahead of me.

Q: Looking at your past interviews, you often talked about how you are lacking.
I am not satisfied with myself that much. I’m not just saying that. I truly feel that I still lack in a lot of areas. Of course it’s not like there aren’t any times when I want to compliment myself… No, I guess I’m the type who grows through reasoning and scolding rather than compliments. I listen to people’s opinion but my own evaluation is more important.

Q: In your acting debut one-act play “Pianist”, you had a kiss scene with your partner Han Jihye. If the romance in “For You In Full Blossom” is suited for teens, then “Pianist” is a more mature melodrama. The two-shot you did with Han Jihye who is 7 years older than you came out more romantically than we expected so we were quite surprised. We saw an expression of a different emotion than when you sing on stage as SHINee..
It was my first time so there are scenes I actually did confidently without calculations. It was obviously difficult, but on the other hand, it was comfortable.

Q: What is your reason for choosing that project? Many idols also take up acting but they mostly start with a light toned sitcom. Although it is just a one-act play, “Pianist” is full of emotions so it was not an easy project for a new actor.
Acting has been my goal and dream even before I debuted. I was already known as a SHINee member so when I started to act, I had a lot of thoughts about the direction I was gonna take. I wondered if starting acting could be my future direction since I was known as a SHINee member at first. I was in the middle of thinking which method and which project I should start with. I considered taking the one-play act and I was able to get a good scenario. As soon as I read it, I wanted it so I immediately met with the director and got the OK. The people around me were clearly worried though. Not only the director but even my management was not certain I could pull this project off. That’s why I wanted to prove it to them through the finished product. Even before I started, I told myself not to worry or to worry later after being confident. I think I was like that because I wanted to do it so badly.

Q: It appears that you had an interest in acting before singing.
That’s true. The offer I received before I joined the company was, “Do you plan on acting?” But seeing as how SM is a musically powerful company, I first came to be known through SHINee. It didn’t seem like debuting as an artist would hurt my acting career later. Back then, I had no spare time to draw out my future plans on a big scale. I was a boy who was running towards an ambiguous dream while devoting myself to the practice I was given. I worried over how to do better with my part that I was responsible for. I never once thought, ‘If I become an artist, will I grow further with acting?’

Q: That was deep despite your age. Do you think you matured earlier than your peers around the same age?
I think it’s because I started working earlier than others. If you look at it one way, I advanced and if you look at it another way, I just happened to skip certain parts. I suddenly get those thoughts when I hang out with friends who attend school normally. ‘Ah, so this is what people around my age talk about and this is how they act.’ I actually hear my friends calling me a grown-up quite a lot. When I’m together with people my age, I feel like I’ve returned to the days prior to my debut. It feels like I’m making up for the school days that I skipped out on.

Q: Don’t you envy your friends who are living the lives appropriate for their age? It’s a time when it’s natural to do things like date..
That is true. I know this is but obvious but I have gained as much as I have lost.

Q: What do you consider to be your greatest gain?
It’s experience. The things I could not learn at school, I learned through work. I think that’s how the mold of inexperienced thoughts broke early.

Q: We don’t know if this influences you but have a biological hyung and many sunbaes. It’s a contrast from your fellow member Key who is the same age as you yet leads a group of his age.
That doesn’t mean I don’t get along with people my age. However, I learn a lot of things when I’m beside the hyungnims. They are the ones who have already experienced what I haven’t and what I will. I learn trivial manners be it filling a cup of water when we eat together.

Q: It seems like you listen to other people’s stories attentively.
It seems like it. I talk to my dongsaengs just as much as I listen.

Q: Your manager must not get upset that often.
It’s not like that either.

Q: What do you usually complain about?
I act like a baby playfully, saying I don’t want to work. It’s because we’re always together and we’re that close. I think about how I shouldn’t do that but there are times when I can’t act that out. There is this though: I feel the 10 wrongs or mistakes I made when I was unaware of what I’ve done wrong can then be lessened to 5. I think actions speak louder than thoughts between people who are comfortable with each other. I think I am still quite young.

Q: Do you think you are young or youthful?
I think I am still young rather than youthful. This is a slightly different topic but I think men become different in their 10’s, 20’s, 30’s, and so on. It feels like we don’t become different after every year but after every 10 years. That is why I think I’ll have the mind of a 20 year old all the way until I’m 29.

Q: Have you wondered about what you’ll be like when you’re in your 30’s?
I haven’t thought deeply about it. Just that I want to be like this? I want to be a cooler person. I want to achieve the goals I set myself to achieve by that time..

Q: Is there such a goal?
I want myself to become the best in my area. That’s why I’m in the middle of running with all my strength at a young age. There are moments when I think that the present where I’m just running restlessly is nice. If it’s not now, there will be too many things I won’t be able to do. Even having a photoshoot like this today is really fun for me.

Q: What do you think “manliness” is?
Isn’t it responsibility? Taking responsibility for his work until the end. Doing his best passionately.

Q: Do you think you are responsible?
I’m working hard to be. If there is one thing I cannot do, it’s waking up in the morning. Aside from that…

Q: Among the hyungs you are close with, who has the biggest age gap with you? Is there a name that we might know?
It is director Jang Jin. I think it’s because the director is a smarter person than I am. We share personal stories and spill our problems to one another.

Q: The director gives you advice on your problems?
You’d think there wouldn’t be anything in common between someone in his 20’s and someone in his 40’s but interestingly enough, the director and I can relate. People assume we are close because of our occupations as actor and director but we didn’t meet through work in the beginning. We are close hyungnim and dongsaeng who came to know each other just by chance. When we meet up, we talk a lot about the sports we like and text each other often like friends.

Q: Don’t you also have a hyung?
We are particularly close. He’s the one I go to first when something happens. I ask my parents for advice afterwards.

Q: Are you the type who often shares stories with your family about your activities as singer or actor?
My mother says a lot about it to me especially. I talk about it the most with my mom. But no one in my family has touched upon my work personally. They have never let out any opinions such as “This is uncomfortable.”

Q: Have you ever felt embarrassed by a concept while promoting in SHINee? You are a team that especially makes daring attempts in stylings and performances.
I’m actually not very flexible. In the beginning, they ordered me so I just did it like it was homework. But a lot of the thoughts I had were broken as I promoted. I learned that new attempts create interesting products. I worried about it the most around debut. I wondered how people would react to a group of young kids coming out saying noona is so pretty and throwing fast balls. But the response was really nice. That experience was a huge one. After that, I was able to naturally accept even bolder concepts. Having the members who filled the areas in which I lacked was definitely a big support.

Q: What if you get a role that you’d be after as an actor but SHINee’s fans oppose of? Will it be a problem?
That is something I haven’t thought of. But I still want to do it for sure. If it’s something I have to do, then wouldn’t I try it out? If people can love even that side of me, I think that’d be nice..

Q: Do you have any plans for the short remainder of 2012?
Looking back, I was preoccupied with “For You in Full Blossom” for almost half a year from the preparation period to the actual filming. Before that, I did album promotions for SHINee. I was so busy that I couldn’t accomplish any of my goals that I thought of in the beginning of this year. I barely did one out of ten? Therefore, I want to use the rest of the year to finish what I couldn’t do. And I want to spend as much time as possible with my family.

Q: Out of the goals you have yet to accomplish, which is the most urgent?
Reading books. I planned on reading 1.5 volumes every month, but I’ve barely read 2.5 volumes in the past 10 months. It’s basically the same as not reading a book. And I’ve thought about watching not only recent movies but good movies that I missed out on when I was young. I didn’t do my homework properly though.

Q: Your answer is too much like a model student’s.
Is it? I want to spend that much time on it but I don’t have time so it’s a shame. Another thing I haven’t been able to do is vacation? This one seems difficult… So I just want to read a book first.

Q: What book are you reading now?
It’s been a long time since I’ve held a book in my hand so now I’m deliberating over what to read. I’m thinking about putting on a cap and going to a large bookstore to pick one out tomorrow right away.

Source: W Korea Magazine
Translated by: kimchi hana & raaaf @

[Me2Day] 121123 Key2Day Update

[Key] 됴랑 쑤오랑 김키랑 태국으로 :-) 바지 컬러들좀 보소 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ우리 맞춘적 없음 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
[Key] With Dyo, Ssuo and Key to Thailand :-) Look at the color of our pants kekekeke we didn’t plan it kekekekekeke
(T/N: Dyo is D.O and Ssuo is Suho and they’re from EXO-K.)

Posted Image

Translated by kimchi hana @

[INFO] SHINee to make brief appearances on LOVE FM’s “LOVE ☆ KOR!” and FBS’s “Mentai Wide”

SHINee’s short comment segments will be airing on radio show “LOVE ☆ KOR!” and television show “Mentai Wide” of Fukuoka.

◆ LOVE FM (Fukuoka) - “LOVE ☆ KOR!”
__November 24 (Saturday); 19:00 to 20:00 JST
__※ OA Comment

◆ FBS aka. Fukuoka Broadcasting System - “Mentai Wide”
__November 28 (Wednesday); 15:48 to 17:53 JST
__※ OA Comment
__※ The content of this broadcast is subject to change.

Cr: joAnnwashere @

[TRANS] Shining SHINee for SPUR Magazine Interview

presented by KEITA MARUYAMA

Mr. Keita Maruyama who designed the costumes for SHINee song, ‘Dazzling Girl’ that was released last month, collaborated with us this time to produce SHINee’s styles exclusively for SPUR. The styling theme is ‘Tokyo MIX style’ where he used Tokyo men fashion brands to create Tokyo looks. The sparkling SHINee has arrived!

KEITA - I chose a style of clothes that they usually wear, an image of their real clothes. Not that I know how it is like in real life (laugh).

[Key] I worked with Keita during ‘Dazzling Girl’ before, so I’m glad to work with him again since we already know each other. I even tried styles that I don’t usually wear so it’s quite refreshing.
[Minho] Since it’s the second time for us to work together, I could relax a little. I think I might have been troublesome the first time we worked together but he accepted everything well so I’m thankful to him.
[Taemin] We first met when he came to Korea for our Dazzling Girl costume fitting. I remember him as a passionate person.
[Jonghyun] I’m so happy to meet him again after working with him for our music video and jacket shooting. The styles he chose were great so I enjoyed the photoshoot.
[Onew] Just like before, Keita is someone who is delicate and meticulous. I think it’s great how he always pay attention to details.

KEITA - I took tweed items from various Tokyo men’s fashion brands for this season as the main and styled them in an autumn look.

KEITA’s comments
→ Key is a fashionista himself. No matter what you let him wear, he’ll pull it off well.
→ Minho has a perfect style and his figure is like a model. If I were to choose, I’d say he is the type that looks better in a conservative style, so I tried not to break too much of that image.
→ Taemin is very gorgeous. He fits any look, so I tried giving him something with strong characteristics.
→ Jonghyun looks cool with his firm body. He suits both formal and sporty looks.
→ Onew has a strong character. No matter what he wears, he made it looks like Onew’s style.

[Key] Thing that I want most right now is a firm and steady bag that may last long.
[Minho] I’ve been busy with drama shooting so I didn’t have time to shop. Things that I want the most would be… I want to order a suit. Since it’s my first one, I’d order a black one.
[Taemin] Last year while in France, I bought dark blue BALMAIN pants. It was expensive so I was really nervous when buying it that my hands were shivering (laugh). But I felt good after I bought it.
[Jonghyun] Something I bought recently is a grey long coat. Both the material and figure is beautiful. I want to coordinate it with my other clothes. The first time I bought clothes on my own was… I think it was during junior high. But I don’t remember what it was (laugh).
[Onew] I like this coordination the most, especially the shoes. I like footwear that gives off an autumn look. This autumn, I’m fond of shoes so I bought a lot of them. The one I recently bought was a pair of simple sneakers in grey.

KEITA - I want to dress them up in a more mature style, a perfect image in nice suiting. But at the same time, I want to add a little playful mood to it.

The boys who are natural by heart, but professional in their efforts and well trained expressions.
When I was in charge of costume design for ‘Dazzling Girl’, I was with them for two whole days. They’re really good boys with good manners. During the music video filming, despite having to dance the same choreography for ten takes, they maintained their excitement and perfection without any strained look at all. I thought then that they’re great, just like athletes. Also, they’re really, really close with each other. Really. It’s to the point you may think they must have been together all the time to be that close. Their pureness and decency yet with a hint of playfulness and mischievousness made me think that they really suit the image of men’s fashion that I created. Since they’re still young and fresh, I tried something that doesn’t resemble their image and added something that may not fit to them that much. They each have quite a distinguished character so I tried to emphasize it and add a difference to their characters at the same time. That’s what I thought when I did the styling.

[Key] My recently bought outfit is my Halloween costume. It’s a Joker costume. I’m going to wear that, along with having my hair and make up done for a party. (Other members cut in, saying that they didn’t get the invitation) The other members don’t know about the party (laugh).
[Minho] First thing I bought myself ever since I was born? Before then, I always went shopping with my mother. But when I was in my 6th year of elementary school, I bought a pair of Nike sneakers for the first time on my own through Internet using money that I’ve been saving. It was the Air Max 95.
[Taemin] Since it’s my second time working with Keita, I was able to interact with him comfortably. He chose items that suit us for this time as well. I like this coordination the most.
[Jonghyun] The first expensive thing that I bought was a Givenchy T-shirt. That was when I was 20. Among the styling that we donned this time, I like the one I’m wearing right now the most. Even the size is perfect with me.
[Onew] About two years ago, when I was buying myself clothes for the first time, Key brought me to various high end shops in Seoul. I bought a lot of clothes so I can’t recall what they were.

Source: SPUR magazine
Translated by: red @

[TRANS] 121123 SHINee Japanese Fansite Blog Update

Hello to everyone visiting the fansite.

It is already in the second half of November and it’s getting colder, isn’t it?

Winter is gradually arriving to every region that held the ‘Dazzling Girl SPECIAL SHOWCASE’ which started from 1 November, but as you can see in the photo, the wonderful performance by the members together with all of your passionate cheers united into one and made the venue become a warm space.

The members are now doing their best to prepare for another wonderful performance to show to everyone through their new single next month, so please look forward to it!

Also, the footage of ‘Happy MUSIC LIVE 2012’ which was held on the last 10 November is scheduled to be aired on 30 November so please take a look at it.

Source/Credit: minoutshine
Translated by: red @ 

[TRANS] SHINee - Hanako Japan Magazine Interview

[ ONEW ]

Q1. The thing you want most right now

Happen to see and fall in love at first sight with a 25-tonne lorry/truck (laughs) I hope that one day I am able to build my house surrounded by nature. It would be great if I can park my truck next to my house.

Q2. The recent thing that made you laugh really hard.

I can’t think of it right now, because I laughed really hard frequently, everyday.

Q3. The thing you anticipate when coming to Japan.

First (on the list) would be Live (performance)! Then Ramen, Beef rice and other food.

Q4. What kind of man do you aim to be?

Able to let others feel that I am an easy going, carefree person.

Q5. What recent event have caused you to feet the closness (bonds) between members?

During music performances. Able to pinpoint one another’s mistake. Because of this, we become closer and more cooperative.

I am very glad fans say that they like my voice very much

During Arena Tour solo, Onew used his beautiful voice and his long note to shock and mesmerise the entire concert arena. But Onew humbly responded “I really love the song “Friend”, I feel that it really suits me, but I feel that I have not sang it well.” On the other hand “Fans seems to like my voice. On this note, I feel really happy.” In addition, we asked Onew what aspect of him does he think fans like about him. He analysed “Because I am considerered the rather laid-baid type, so I may come across rather cold, a sense of quiet and stable-ness?” Among SHINee members, he is the oldest and is the only member with O-group blood type. Hence we asked him if he had any troubles before because of this (his blood type). “Hmm~no special feelings about that. Tackling with any problems, I love to look it from a distant perspective. Ah! But I am still someone who has his own opinions, but my timing is always wrong (laughs). I frequently envy those people who can say (the right) words at accurately (at the right moment).”

Also, “If I wasn’t the oldest, perhaps my presence would be less prominent.” On another note, Onew seems to be mindful when he speaks Japanese “For example when (I) order beverage for room service, I will say “Ice..a little bit~” I am like that recently.”During the interview, Onew constantly maintained his smile and gave people a sense of stability and calmness. He exudes a sense of healing aura.

[ KEY ]

Q1. The thing you want most right now

Nothing particular that I want. I am satisfied with my life right now.

Q2. The recent thing that made you laugh really hard.

Even though he is the maknae (Taemin), but he calls our managers name directly. I find that very interesting!

Q3. The thing you anticipate when coming to Japan.

It should still be shopping! I also want to travel to other places!

Q4. What kind of man do you aim to be?

I want to be someone others can easily strike a conversation with. Hope that the others will not think too much.

Q5. What recent event have caused you to feet the closness (bonds) between members?

When we create a record for a handphone game together. Everybody’s heart is united as one (laughs).

It is very interesting to change the theme of the fashion style everyday.

Regarding the earlier questions, Key used his friendly smile to ask “Can I use Japanese to answer them?” Other than work, his social network circle has extended to other idol groups, it is perhaps because of this reason, Key is able to create such feeling (sense of friendliness)! “My house is at Daegu, it is somewhat like Japan’s Osaka. Since I had no friends in Seoul, hence I particularly (made) many friends in the entertainment industry. In the past, I was the one who took the initiative to approach people, but now seems like there are many people who wants to be my friend (laughs).”As a fashionista, Key, who has always been receiving attention, will also give his friends styling opinions. (So) what are the main points Key pay attention to? “Colours and theme are very important. For example, I want a cute theme today, and a cool and handsome look for tomorrow. There will be a different theme for everyday. For the following day’s outfit, I will also prepare and plan them before I sleep.” As for a girl’s style “If our taste are similar, it would be great. For now (I am going for) the “Sid and Nancy” movie feel. I am Sid and the girl will be Nancy. It would be the best under such conditions.” Recently, something shocking happened to Key. “I realised my room is really messy (recently)! I am actually a person who loves to tidy up things and hang my clothes up nicely… I will always stack up my birthday gifts in boxes and place them on the floor. But because of this, it is really tiring to return back (to Korea) after coming to Japan directly~ (laughs)”

Q1. The thing you want most right now

To rest.

Q2. The recent thing that made you laugh really hard.

When I’m watching Korean variety show “Infinity Challenge”

Q3. The thing you anticipate when coming to Japan.

Delicious food. Especially Japan’s ramen!

Q4. What kind of man do you aim to be?

A man who will do his best in his work, as well as (a man who) will achieve his goals. Also, a man that is able to solve his problems alone/ independently. I am still far from that….

Q5. What recent event have caused you to feet the closness (bonds) between members?

Due to filming of drama, I have not seen the members for months. I feel very relaxed when I am around with them, I feel very warm and cozy.

It is the first time playing the lead in a drama; It is a good experience

Minho has caught attention for playing the male lead character in “For You in Full Blossom”. “As a lead character, it is indeed really tiring to lead the entire drama. As I lack acting experience, when I look back (at the drama), I sometimes will feel “Ah~ It is such a pity (that I could have done better) in this scene!”, as expected, these words came out from the man who has a strong desire to win, Minho. Taejoon, the charcter Minho plays fell in love with Jaehee, the female character played by Sulli from f(x) under the same management company. Talking about the hot-discussed kissing scene, “because my relationship with Sulli is not bad to begin with, so I think that the effects came out well.” Was the kiss initiated by Minho? After asking him, he (replied) “Yes” hahaha and laughed bashfully. He not only has a perfect appearance but also good in all sports; full of manly aura but yet gentle - simply flawless.” Analyze yourself what kind of person is Minho? “Cautious, tries to avoid causing trouble for others, will always embrace a positive thinking when dealing with anything.” During the interview, being unexpectedly being teased by other members, Minho seems to be very happy too. When we told Minho what other members replied for “Q5. What recent event have caused you to feet the closness (bonds) between members?” - ( members raised the long absence of Minho as their answer), Minho responded “Really!” and seemed extremely happy. His beautiful eyes are even more dazzling now. 


Q1. The thing you want most right now


Q2. The recent thing that made you laugh really hard.

When I play soccer with my friends; when I fall and make mistakes.

Q3. The thing you anticipate when coming to Japan.


Q4. What kind of man do you aim to be?

(A man with) a sense of responsibility, with regards to his work, he will not give up easily. Work that he has planned out, to be executed wholeheartedly/ with his best efforts.

Q5. What recent event have caused you to feet the closness (bonds) between members?

When Minho came back after his filming activities. It feels like family being constantly around with one another. Even though it can be annoying at times (laughs), but when (he is) absent, (I) miss him a lot. I am really happy that we are able to return back to those days where we always see one another.

I hope one day I will be able to let my fans listen to the lyrics and songs I have composed.

As a maknae of SHINee, he has been doted by everyone; Taemin is also often hailed as an “angel” by fans. But for his solo performance for this year’s Arena Tour, he unexpectedly performed an intense rock song. His charismatic handsome performance, full of manly aura have caused many fan’s hearts to throb. (We) asked Taemin which side of his is the real him? “Cool and cute, both of them” Taemin laughed as he replied. He then asked “Am I able I eat this?” he very politely asked before placing it in his mouth. We can only describe him as cute, seeing this side of Taemin. Taemin is really an angel right? “Haha, it would be weird for me to answer this myself….(laughs). But people around me often say that to me. Because of this, I frequently greet people with smiles.. perhaps this is the reason?” Taemin is 19 years old this year, he even has juniors in his management company. “Even though I have juniors like EXO but they are hyungs and dongsaengs I have met since my trainee days. I also frequently meet them in practice room. Rather than saying that I take care of them, it is (more appropriate to say that) we take care of one another (laughs)”. Taemin has recently embarked on a new challenge “Actually I have started to learn how to compose music recently. As a singer, I want to be able to translate messages that I want to let everybody to know. Hopefully, one day I will be able to let everyone listen to the lyrics and songs I have composed!” 


Q1. The thing you want most right now


Q2. The recent thing that made you laugh really hard.

There is a drawing-guessing handphone game; seeing those drawings made me burst out laughing.

Q3. The thing you anticipate when coming to Japan.


Q4. What kind of man do you aim to be?

Able to understand another person from their perspective. Pretend to not know even knowing it. Even though as a man, we cannot just depend on strength, we have to broaden our hearts and to be more more emotional.

Q5. What recent event have caused you to feet the closness (bonds) between members?

When I gave Minho a hug after he has completed filming his drama. Normally, I won’t do that~ (laughs).

Humans’ emotions are just like the weather; they change easily.

He is the first person to do his solo photoshoot, after the photo-taking session, he immediately went on to do his solo interview. He gives off a different vibe from his photoshoot session. During the interview, he gives people a sense of stability. He also pay close attention to listen to our questions. When we asked Jonghyun if he has encountered any interesting moments, he replied with a sense like an artist/poet “I think it is interesting to compare human’s emotions with weather. Weather is just like emotions; there are many changes in just one day. For example the weather seemed to be very good initially, but there can be a sudden downpour. Feelings/Emotions can fluctuate right?” To Jonghyun, every day life is his source of inspiration. “If I were to use this this place to describe my family, my mother (will represent) this table and this pen woulld be me (laughs). I often include daily experience into other things.” Are there any solo activities would you want to try out? “I have not particularly thought about that, but if there is opportunities to act or do musicals, I will gladly work hard on them. But for now, SHINee’s activities are most important.” Jonghyun seems to have watched Minho’s drama; he will even remember his lines and purposely mimick him. “Because it can be tiring for Minho to work alone, so (I) have to punctually watch (his drama) to support him. I am really not a straightforward person (laughs).”

Src : Hanako | Scanned by K-aten | JP-Chi : AzucenaYang | Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

[INFO] 121121 SHINee to appear as special guests on JTBC's Patti Kim Show, recording set for November 21st

Posted Image

SHINee will be appearing as special guests on an episode of the Patti Kim Show, recording on November 21st.

The television series was designed to be both a variety show and a concert-like performance show to commemorate legendary diva Patti Kim's retirement as a singer. Past episodes have featured special performances from Patti and her guests.

Fifty members of SHINee's official fanclub will be allowed into the recording.

< JTBC Patti Kim Show >
Date: November 21, 2012 (Wednesday); 3:30 PM KST
Location: Hoam Art Hall, Central Seoul

The broadcast date of SHINee's episode is unspecified for now.

Source: SHINee's Official Board
Written by: joAnnwashere @

[NEWS] 121121 SHINee receives the Minister of Culture Award at the 2012 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards

Posted Image

South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism and Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) held its annual award show, ‘Korean Popular Culture & Arts Award‘ at Seoul’s Olympic Hall on November 19th.

Three K-Pop artists won awards at the award show. SHINee won the Ministry of Culture Award, 2NE1 won the Prime Minister’s Award, and Psy received the highest honor with the Cultural Medal Award. Actor Kim Soo Hyun also received the Ministry of Culture Award.

The awards are given to recognize the contributions of people and artists in the promotion and spread of the Hallyu Wave.

SHINee, EXO-K, miss A, B.A.P, BtoB, f(x), and Davichi were all in attendance. After receiving their award, shown in the video below, SHINee went on to perform Sherlock.

Source: allkpop
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[TRANS] 121119 SHINee Japanese Fansite Blog Update: Event Quiz From Key

Posted Image

Posted Image

This is a quiz from Key.
Where is this place?

[Hint] The city which holds the location of the Dazzling Girl Special Showcase event on 8 November.

Source/Credit: minoutshine
Translated by: red @

Sunday, November 18, 2012

[NEWS] 121117 SHINee’s upcoming single “1000-nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite…” airs on ZIP-FM Radio

South Korean boy group SHINee will be releasing their upcoming sixth Japanese single, “1000-nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite…” on December 12th.

Earlier today, Japanese radio station ZIP-FM broadcasted the song for the first time. With Christmas coming up, the song has that winter feel while showcasing their tremendous vocal talent.

Check out the track below!

Via tokyohive

Saturday, November 17, 2012

[NEWS] 121117 SHINee’s Minho breaks cup stacking record on ‘Star King’

SHINee‘s Minho showed his athletic ability by breaking the cup stacking record on November 17th’s ‘Star King‘.

Elementary school student Kang Hee Joon, the top ‘sport stacker’ in South Korea, appeared on the show. Members of SHINee and f(x) practiced for a week prior to filming in order to attempt to break his record.
Onew, Victoria, and Luna lost to the record holder, but the last competitor, Minho, was able to stack 12 cups within a faster time. However, he was disqualified for not returning the cups to their original position.

Kang Hee Joon offered a rematch, and Minho gladly accepted. The SHINee member then beat the champion’s record by 0.24 points.

[TRANS] 121117 Jjong Twitter Update

Let’s go Let’s go!! Jonghyun ah Let’s go! Shanghai!

Credit: realjonghyun90
Translation credit: Forever_SHINee

Jonghyun’s twitter update @ 6.37pmKST 121116 

Hi Galaxy… A girl with high expectation… one day I will definitely get you…!! ㅋㅋㅋ

Phone: Which function do you wish to use?
Jonghyun: I love you
Phone: I appreciate your confession
Jonghyun: I love you yo~
Phone: Love is not something which you can express easily
Jonghyun: I really love you
Phone: Sometimes your over-expressing love will become a burden
Phone: If you wish to operate the function, please say ‘Hi Galaxy’
Credit: realjonghyun90
Chinese Translations: Hyunstar
English Translations: Forever_SHINee[4]

[TRANS] 121117 Jjong Twitter Update

Let’s go Let’s go!! Jonghyun ah Let’s go! Shanghai!

Credit: realjonghyun90
Translation credit: Forever_SHINee 

Friday, November 16, 2012

[INFO] 121116 SHINee to record for the 700th special episode of Inkigayo on the 18th + broadcast to air on the 25th

Posted Image

SHINee will be appearing on SBS's 700th special episode of Inkigayo. They will not be able to appear on the actual recording day due to their overseas schedule. Instead, SHINee will pre-record their performance on November 18th.

SHINee's pre-recording will take place at the "Inkigayo post-recording" happening right after the live broadcast of Inkigayo on the 18th. Their pre-recorded performance will then broadcast through Inkigayo's 700th episode on November 25th.

Approximately 200 registered members of SHINee's official fanclub will be allowed to attend SHINee's pre-recording.

SBS Inkigayo Post-Recording
Date: November 18th, 2012 (Sunday); 4:00 PM KST
Location: SBS Open Hall in Deungcheon-dong

Source: SHINee Official Board
Translated by: papiermache @

[INFO] 121115 Special trailer for SHINee's new single, "For 1000 years, always be by my side" to release at 12:00 PM JST

Posted Image

Posted Image

A special trailer for SHINee's newest ballad single, "For 1000 years, always be by my side," will release today at 12:00 PM JST.

The video has already been uploaded to the following link, and will soon be released to the public through EMI Japan's Youtube Channel.

The screenshot below shows SHINee appearing melancholy under the moonlight, fitting of their first-ever ballad single.

Posted Image

Source: k_j_j_k_t_y, BMSJURI
Written by: joAnnwashere @

[INFO] 121115 SHINee interviews and comment segments to broadcast on Japan's ZIP-FM, FM AICHI, and STV Radio

Posted Image

SHINee has been scheduled to appear on the following radio broadcasts in Japan.
The list is subject to change in the case of unforeseen circumstances.

ZIP-FM (Nagoya) - "BREEZY SATURDAY" - December 8 (Saturday); 7:00 to 13:00 JST
"K-POP DISCOVERY" Segment (10:00 - 10:30 JST)
※ SHINee Interview OA

FM AICHI 80.7 - "Fresh Up Eye" - December 5 (Wednesday); 8:20 to 11:00 JST
※ SHINee Comment OA

STV Radio (Hokkaido) - "Korean Nights are Hot!" - November 17 (Saturday); 22:00 to 23:00 JST
※ SHINee Interview OA
Note: Normally this segment is called "Korean Music is Hot!"

ZIP-FM (Nagoya) - "BREEZY SATURDAY" - November 17 (Saturday); 7:00 to 13:00 JST
"K-POP DISCOVERY" Segment (10:00 to 10:30 JST)
※ SHINee Comment OA

Written by: joAnnwashere @

[INFO] 121115 SHINee's appearance in "MEN'S NON-NO" fashion magazine hits shelves on December 10th

Posted Image

SHINee will be appearing in an issue of "MEN'S NON-NO" (a male fashion magazine), to be sold on December 10th.

Source: shinetter,
Written by: joAnnwashere @

Posted Image
"SHINee!! @MEN'S NON-NO next issue"

Source: _HeeeJin
Shared by: joAnnwashere @

[INFO] 121115 SHINee adds a new show and extra seats to the "SHINee World J Fanclub Event" lineup due to popular demand

A new performance and additional seats have now been added to the SHINee WORLD J FANCLUB EVENT 2012 lineup.

The heated response given off by fans has given way to the addition of a new event to the schedule! SHINee will now be performing two events (instead of just one) on December 24th at the Makuhari Messe Event Hall in Chiba, Japan. The new event is currently planned to start at 2:00 PM JST, a few hours before the already-scheduled event at 7:00 PM JST.

To satisfy demand, changes have been made to some venue seating layouts. Extra tickets will be going on sale for the two events on December 20th (Osaka-jō Hall) and December 24th (Makuhari Messe Event Hall; 7:00 PM JST).

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to attend one of the iconic SHINee World J fanclub events, sign up now!

■ SHINee's Official Fanclub "SHINee WORLD J" -
※ Admission to fanclub events is decided by lottery.

SHINee WORLD J FANCLUB EVENT :: Summary of Changes
★ New Performance: 
_ _December 24, 2012 (Monday; Christmas Eve) - Makuhari Messe Event Hall (planned for 2:00 PM JST)

 Seats/Tickets Added:
__ December 20, 2012 (Thursday) - Osaka Castle Hall (7:00 PM JST)
__ December 24, 2012 (Monday; Christmas Eve) - Makuhari Messe Event Hall (7:00 PM JST)
__ ※ If you have already been elected to attend these performances, please do not apply a second time.

SHINee World J members who have joined before 3:00 PM JST on November 26th, 2012.
※ Complete the membership application and send in your payment to join SHINee WORLD J.
※ If you choose the option of paying through a convenience store, your payment may be subject to a one-day delay.Payments made through convenience stores should be sent in by Friday, November 23rd.
※ If you apply for two tickets, the person you bring must also be a member of SHINee World J.
※ Pre-school children are not allowed to attend the events.

Acceptance Period
Those who want to apply for the new ticket lotteries must apply during this period.
November 14, 2012; 3:00 PM JST (Wednesday) - November 26, 2012; 3:00 PM JST (Monday)

Ticket Price
5,500 yen (tax and system-use fee inclusive)

Application Limit
Up to two tickets per performance.

※ Applications can only be sent in through mobile phones and smartphones. Those who do not have mobile phones cannot apply.
※ For more information, refer to the ticket page.

Cr: joAnnwashere @ 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[NEWS] 121112 SHINee’s Onew Goes Shopping for Latest F/W Trends

SHINee’s leader Onew was seen shopping in Garosugil, Shinsa-dong, an area similar to New York’s Soho Street. One of the store’s employee said that he was looking at winter fashion items such as a soft-looking knitted cardigan along with gloves and woolen hats.

It was revealed that the singer was interested in the labels of young fashions designers from abroad and that the stores he visited were the same as those Key of the same idol group stopped over in.

On the other hand, SHINee has just successfully wrapped up their world tour concert “SHINee World Ⅱ” in Hong Kong.

Being the vocalist of his group, Onew’s passion for music is uncontested. For the OST of the drama series “To The Beautiful You” in which fellow group member Minho starred in, Onew recorded a song titled, “In Your Eyes” that was released on August 22nd 2012. 

[NEWS] 121113 SHINee ranks as the top-selling Korean artist in Japan for October with "Dazzling Girl"

Posted Image

October was a month with lots of Korean artist releases in Japan, as the charts are speckled with releases by SHINee, BEAST, T-ARA and B1A4 among others.

SHINee takes the crown in last month's sales for Korean artists in Japan as their newest single "Dazzling Girl" sold 109,032 copies since its release date on October 10th. The song shot them to the 4th spot on the monthly single rankings.Following them in 8th place is KARA with their single "Electric Boy." It sold 70,161 copies. On the 21st spot in the rankings, we can find BEAST's "Midnight" which sold 25,409 copies. Supernova's leader Yoonhak is just three spots below with his second solo single, "Waiting 4 You."

Monthly Oricon Ranking Chart - Single
1. “UZA” – AKB48 : 10/31 (1,128,696)
2. “Beautiful life/ GAME – Fukuyama Masaharu : 10/10 (167,732)
3. “Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu” – SEXY ZONE : 10/3 (110,406)
4. “Dazzling Girl” – SHINee : 10/10 (109,032)
5. “Wakuteka Take a chance” – Morning Musume : 10/10 (87,727)
6. “Ikujinashi Masquerade” – Sashihara Rino with Anrire : 10/17 (79,945
8. “Electric Boy” – KARA : 10/17 (70,161)
9. “Luminous” – ClariS : 10/10 (66,872)
10. “Go to the top” – Koda Kumi : 10/24 (63,331)

04. SHINee - Dazzling Girl (10/10) - 109,032 copies
08. KARA - Electric Boy (10/17) - 70,161 copies
21. BEAST - Midnight (10/17) - 25,409 copies
24. Yoonhak from Supernova - Waiting 4 You (10/17) - 21,959 copies
28. Girls' Generation - Oh! (09/26) - 17,389 copies

Source: Koreaboo, Tokyohive
Shared by: joAnnwashere @

[TRANS] 121113 SHINee’s Japan Mobile Site Update: Taemin

I am really happy that recently the chances to be able to meet all of you have increased.
Our new single ‘ 1000年、ずっとそばにいて (1000years, always by your side…)’ will release very soon, I guess the chances to meet will increase even more.
The winter this year, I want to spend it warmly with everyone!

Source: SM Ent. Japan Inc
Credits Minoutshine
Japanese-English Translations: Forever_SHINee[4] 

[TRANS] 121112 "SHINee's Tokyo Photo Diary" Interview in ELLE Girl Japan, December Issue

SHINee's Tokyo Photo Diary

The popular boy group, SHINee made a comeback for this magazine. What will happen if we give them cameras...!?

It was a day in October. The 5 member boy group SHINee came to the studio in the city. SHINee are now graced with a manlier aura in comparison to the SHINee we met a year and half ago, when the group made their first appearance in ELLE Girl. It's no wonder that their Japanese skill largely improved, as they've been traveling around Japan from spring to summer this year for their Japan Arena Tour. They are becoming widely known but are still the same friendly people.

"We've been back and forth between Japan and Korea countless times and I've also had my favorite ramen just as many times!" (Taemin)

"A Japanese friend who is living in Korea has been teaching me the Japanese language. Somehow I just can't get myself to remember the honorific words! (laugh)" (Jonghyun)

The concept for the photoshoot this time is 'Tokyo Photo Diary'. Each of the members received a camera, then were instructed to take pictures of each other. Similar to how we've been aware of their closeness, they began getting excited to take each others' pictures. Minho, who had just finished his drama shooting, especially expressed, "It's been a long time since I met the members!" He was so cheerful that it left quite an impression♪. Speaking of photos, Key is most likely to be the best at displaying great sense no matter what is given to him, yet...

"Recently my mother gave me a handy-cam as my birthday present. So now I'm actually more into taking videos than pictures. I've been recording most of the time, enough for [the footage] to be called a SHINee documentary. Since too much [footage] of our candid selves is recorded, it has become a treasure that probably can no longer be displayed publicly. (laugh)" (Key)

They released a Japanese original single, 'Dazzling Girl', last month. To honor their single, we asked about what kind of girl they think is dazzling.

"The one who does her best in her work." (Jonghyun)

"If I were talking to a girl and suddenly found that we have something in common, then I'd see her as dazzling. Her face would look different right away!" (Key)

"The one with an aura!" (Onew)

"A girl who would like me. Also, I might be attracted to perfume too." (Minho)

"Am I the only one who thinks that girls who are about to get married somehow look really beautiful?" (Taemin)

Photos that they took are scheduled to be revealed to the public through the internet later so please look forward to it!

Source/Credit: ELLE Girl
Translated by: red @

[TRANS] 121111 Onew and Taemin's "TALK 2 YOU Vol.1" Interview in JILLE Magazine, December 2012

KNIT - Wearing knitwear which is the talk of the season in a chic style
The popular 5 member group, SHINee is known for their skillful singing and performance. They're also known as a fashion icon and now will appear in every issue of JILLE for a short period. In each volume, two of the members will talk on various topics including their thoughts towards each other and fashion. Onew and Taemin took the honor to appear in the first volume.

Let's put more effort to talk to each other from now on
Taemin: It's been 6 years since we first met, hasn't it?
Onew: Taemin was just a kid then. You were wearing a school uniform and your hair was just like how a student's should be. You really gave off such a gentle aura. I thought you were cute then.
Taemin: It's different now, isn't it?
Onew: Yeah. You're different now. Not only are you cute, you have become manly now.
Taemin: (Victory pose) Usually, people who meet me for the first time say that I'm cute or that I seem easy to get along with since I smile a lot. I'm not supposed to say this myself, but I think usually they're of good impressions.
Onew: I've been told that I look cold though...
Taemin: I think in your case, you leave different impressions in different situations. There are two sides to you after all. Your serious face leaves a strong impression. When you smile, the impression is completely different. The one who said that you look cold probably saw you when you weren't smiling. Among the five of us, I think Jonghyun, Key, and you are those who might leave strong impressions.
Onew: I see. It's probably like that.
Taemin: We're being the complete opposite lately, aren't we? I'm the youngest and overflowing with energy but you're already getting old and there's not much time left... Joking! (laugh) Sorry, I was kidding. We both play important roles in the group, don't we? I just have to follow leader Onew and do my part as the maknae. I think then the other members will lead me well too.
Onew: It'd be great if it were like that (laugh). In SHINee, everyone knows their role very well so we're all doing just fine. In your case, I can feel it from the way you think or talk that the words you chose reflect your maturity. I even think that there's a lot to learn from you.
Taemin: Really? (Straighten up)
Onew: Yeah. I think we both play the role of the listener, don't we? Even before our debut, we would listen to everyone's words. But with the increase in activities, we've become busier and our chances to consult each other have decreased. That's quite a shame.
Taemin: I think it's the same within a family. When we're together for too long. we somehow don't talk to each other that much anymore. I think it's probably because we've been around each other too much that we tend to talk less.
Onew: That's why I've been thinking that we should put more effort to talk with each other from now on.
Taemin: That's right. So there's something I'd like to share with you right away. Will you listen to me? Recently, there are so many things that I'd like to learn. I'd like to learn about composing songs and I really want to improve musically. I want to do sports too. Lately, I've been into soccer. Do you have anything that you want to do at the moment?
Onew: Let's see. I want to be on the stage. If it's possible, I'd like to try being an MC or a DJ!

Be careful of the velcro strap when wearing knitwear! (laugh)
Onew: We wore knitwear for today's photoshoot. I actually like knitted tops. People say that I look good in it too. If we think about it practically, you get warmer when you wear knitted clothes. That's why when winter comes, I feel like wearing knitwear right away.
Taemin: You definitely have the image of wearing knitted clothes and I think it does suit you. I really like the one I wore for this photoshoot that I feel like getting one for myself. I am the type who keeps wearing the same clothes if I am really fond of it. I think that's why there was a time I became attached to knitted clothing.
Onew: You have the tendency to be like that after all. Knitwear gets caught onto other things so you don't feel like matching it with sneakers with velcro straps, right?
Taemin: Huh, but it's a top, It won't get stuck with shoes though?
Onew: No, it can get stuck, you know! So be careful of shoes with velcro straps as well after this (laugh). So what kind of cautions do you take when you wear knitwear?
Taemin: Choosing the one that fits my body size rather than loose one, I guess.
Onew: I see.
Taemin: As for girls, they look cute in one piece knits, don't they? The one that you can barely see their collar bone in.
Onew: Yeah, I like that too!
Taemin: I like it when girls wear a one piece, even if it's not a knitted one. Like, a white dress with flamboyant patterns printed on it. Don't you think girls who can wear that kind of dress well and pull it off actually look quite feminine?
Onew: I know! So to all JILLE's readers, I'd like you to have fun trying to match not only one piece dresses, but other kinds of knitwear as well for winter fashion.

SHINee's 1 question and 1 answer!!
Who is the most romantic member?
Onew: Key
Jonghyun: Me (laugh)
Key: Me (laugh)
Minho: Jonghyun
Taemin: Key

Source: Jille Magazine
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[TRANS] SHINee looking back to their first concert of arena tour in Fukuoka through LOVE FM interview

SHINee looking back to their first concert of the arena tour in Fukuoka through the LOVE FM interview

SHINee had a special showcase for the Dazzling Girl event in Fukuoka few days ago and DJ Anna from Stylish Life of Fukuoka LOVE FM met them afterwards for a short interview. The recorded interview was aired on 6 November.

Before airing the interview, DJ Anna shared her thoughts on the boys as there was around one year gap since she'd last seen them. She said that SHINee didn't change a bit as they're still the same boys with great attitudes. Not only just with good manners, despite having the interview right after their event ended, they seemed to be in high spirits and answered her questions earnestly.

Parts of the recorded interview:

How do you feel after finishing the first event?
Onew: It was enjoyable.
Key: I was quite worried as this is our first day but there is really a lot of fans that came so I think I had an enjoyable time.

The fans were so happy to have you back in Fukuoka. Did such a thought ever reach to you?
Jonghyun: We're glad to be here. Fukuoka was the first place where we held the concert for our arena tour so it's a memorable place for us. We even talked amongst ourselves about coming back here, so we're excited to be here.

The last time you're in Stylish Life was when you had just released the Japan debut single, 'Replay - you're my everything-'. Then you had various activities including releasing singles and having a Japan Tour. You experienced so many things in a short time.
Jonghyun: Within that short time we were able to have a few releases and got the chance to meet our fans. We'll be working hard afterwards as well and wish to meet our fans again.

Is there anything about Japan that you particularly like?
Jonghyun: Surely, it's none other than the food.
Key: During the arena tour, we were able to have a taste of the famous food from each region that we went to, so that's something that we really enjoyed.

Memories from the first stage of the arena tour in Fukuoka.
Taemin: Many fans came and supported us. I still remember them singing to our songs and I am grateful to them.
Jonghyun: During the first stage, we're really nervous, worrying on how fans would react to us. But then we're really happy to see so many fans came, so we managed to give our best for them.

Was there anything that changed between concerts in the tour?
Key: Personally, it'd be my hair style. We had the tour around two months, my hair was different for almost everyday. I tried all kind of hair styles. Since I will participate in a musical in Korea, my next hairstyle is going to be blonde.

Performing at various stages, was there any episode or happening that you'd like to share?
Taemin: The staff prepared a surprise event to celebrate our first year anniversary which made me realize that it's been a year already. A lot of memories came back to me at that time. Then I thought that I should work hard from now on as well.

Is there anything else that you'd like to share?
Onew: On 12 December, our new single "For 1000 years, always be by my side..." will be released. Please look forward to it.

The interview ended with Key introducing the coupling song, 'Run With Me'.

Source/Credit: TONGHYUN
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[TRANS] SHINee Japanese Mobile Update: Onew

Onew at the Dazzling Girl shooting studio  

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This cat seemed to be hungry as it pestered people with its eyes all the time when they were coming out of the studio's entrance.
And then, when Onew came out...

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The cat that had just been fed just wasn't interested in Onew (laugh).
Even though it had been glaring that much to every single person for the whole day...
Onew felt lonely since the cat didn't even take a look at him.

And then he suddenly mumbled, "I want a pet too~" When asked why he didn't keep any, "I can't take care of it every single day, it would be a pity for the pet," was the kind answer that he gave. (Just as expected from Onew~)

After that, he kept gazing at the cat for a while!

Source/Credit: minoutshine
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Onew Greeting!

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We had fun today~ We'll have fun next time too~
Let's get fired up for it!

Source: SHINee's Japanese fansite (available only to J-fans), @minoutshine
Translated by: ryokimayuu @