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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

[NEWS] Minho accepts role on MBC's new drama 'Medical Top Team'


Minho has finally accepted the role of Dr. Kim Sungwoo for MBCs new drama, Medical Top Team!

Kim Sungwoo is the youngest member and third-year resident of the Thoracic and Cardiovascular department, a reputable doctor with remarkable instincts and a calm personality. Minho is expected to show a different charm from the powerful charisma he exudes onstage, as well as being eye candy-in-charge with his handsome smile.

I am honored to work with an amazing production team. I will work harder and show a more mature side of me through this drama, Minho stated.

MBC Medical Top Team will focus on doctors with exceptional skills that make up the elite team of the hospital. It is a drama about competition and conflict, friendship, and love. It is scheduled to air this October.

Source: Star News, Sports Khan, Economy Today
Written by: yumetokki, Darkick @

Saturday, July 27, 2013

[TRANS] 130708-26 SHINee WORLD J + PLUS Update!

On location report ♪

Hello to everyone of SHINee WORLD J +PLUS.
Did you watch "Performance Z" that was aired last Monday?

This is a picture taken on the "Performance Z" filming day.

The members who made their appearance as guests were so hyped up on this day.
Those who watched the broadcast noticed this too, right! (laugh)

Lately, there have been more chances to meet everyone (fans), so everyday seems to be enjoyable!

SHINee will be appearing in next week’s airing of "Performance Z" so please watch it ♪
It's me, Minho

Hello to everyone of SHINee WORLD J + PLUS.
I'm Minho.

Are you enjoying the tour?

We had a blissful time in Saitama, Osaka and Niigata. When I think that the same blissful hours are waiting for us, everyday becomes so exciting.
I'm so happy that there are so many chances to meet you at the later half of 2013!
When I see light sticks in SHINee's color, it becomes my strength and it is also the moment where I'm in happiness.
Let's make a lot of wonderful memories together in the summer, autumn and winter of 2013!
Everyone, tag along with us properly, okay ^▭^♪
✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Tour Special Page✦
Gourmet Quiz


(T/N: Answer for the Gourmet Quiz and hint by Jonghyun)

The answer for the Niigata gourmet quiz is the soft and very tasty poppo-yaki!
The snack that is usually found at the stalls!
The name "poppo" sounds cute, isn't it ^^

(T/N: Poppo-yaki - steamed bread flavored with brown sugar)
✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Tour Special Page✦
Gourmet Quiz


A quiz from Jonghyun

Jonghyun's hint
"The way it's arranged on the plate... looks like a roof. It also looks like a pyramid. But if you look at it one by one, the color and shape are like sticks, yet it's soft like a baby's neck that can't hold up the head yet. And also, Tokkikki! How cute~ ^^"

What did Jonghyun eat?
The answer will be revealed tomorrow! Look forward to it ♪

(T/N: Tokkikki is the mascot of Niigata, the one Jonghyun was holding)
✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Tour Special Page✦


It's my first time coming to Niigata and I'm moved by how tasty the rice is!

This is omusubi (rice balls) made by me~

Since the rice is tasty, my omusubi is very delicious as well!!
The members enjoyed eating my omusubi as well, so they can testify for me (laugh)

Sprinkled dry seasoning as the final touch! The snow man in the middle is the charm point ^^
✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Tour Special Page✦

First time in Niigata!

Arrived in Niigata~ Unfortunately it's raining at the venue ☂
But, it just happens that booths for both the goods and fan club are located inside, so everyone won't get wet ^▭^

The venue in Niigata is lively from the morning, despite it being the first time for the tour to make its stop here ♪

The members are very fascinated since it's their first time in Niigata too.
They ask the staff on the local specialties and dialect among other things...surely, they're looking forward to the concert!
Everyone, let's liven it up to the max for this first concert in Niigata ☆

Backstage report 1


Since Niigata is known for its rice, even the rice in catering seems like its shining (laugh)
Today's catering ♥

Everyone, including members and staff, have a large helping (laugh)

Also, the side dish that is almost as popular as the rice, chawan mushi ♪
The dish that taste like home cooking is so popular!

After finishing their meal, it's time for rehearsal, so to the stage the members go~



I went to test my luck by participating in the campaign that gives the desk pad as a present at the CD promotion booth in the venue!

You get a draw for the desk pad for each CD or DVD that you buy.
I tried it right away ♪

I got Key's desk pad ^^
Should I keep trying until I get all five members~ (laugh)

Local snack


We received snacks.
It's non-other than the local specialty, sasa dango ♪

The members are quite familiar with the taste, since it's similar to Korean mugwort rice cake!
It's just that, they keep asking why it's wrapped in bamboo leaves (laugh)
Also, it's well liked since it's in bite size~ hands never stop feeding ^▭^

(T/N: Sasa dango -  made of mugwort-flavored mochi (glutinous rice) and red beans wrapped in bamboo leaves)
Breaking News MV Episode


Hello to everyone of SHINee WORLD J + PLUS.

It's been getting hotter ever since we entered July, right! Since SHINee WORLD 2013 ~Boys Meet U~ Tour has already started, the heated days will continue (laugh). Everyone, do you feel heated up now? ^▭^

Every tour stop is blessed with good weather, the intense sunlight truly makes the venue glitter!  But, everyone, please make sure to be careful of a heatstroke.

This scene is the last scene in the Breaking News music video where everyone made their pose in the end, but Taemin couldn't make his pose well and caused the members to break into a big laugh!
Recently, this episode has become a source that must be talked about in the tour to liven it up. (laugh)

With that intention in thought, this pose of Taemin is probably a scene that shouldn't be missed!?♪
✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Tour Special Page✦
Gourmet Quiz


(T/N: Answer for the Gourmet Quiz and hint by Onew)

The right answer is beni shouga tempura!
I think I like the crunchiness!?^^

(T/N: Beni shouga - pickled ginger, usually served with many Japanese dishes)

Translated by: red @

Friday, July 26, 2013

[TRANS] 130724-26 Twitter Update

Onew : Lee! Chang! Sun! Is! The! Best!
(T/N: Lee Chang Sun is MBLAQ's Lee Joon's real name)

Jonghyun : There's a lot to learn from an ethical human~~ And there's a lot to learn from a biological human~~ What am I talking about?? Not telling you heh

Translated by: @shiningtweets

[INFO] 130726 Key and Jonghyun to host f(x)'s Music Spoiler


Key and Jonghyun will be bringing you their witty charms as the special MCs for f(x)'s Music Spoiler "Play! Pink Tape" showcase on July 29!

SHINee's female counterpart f(x) has just made a comeback with their title song '첫 사랑니 (Rum Pum Pum Pum)' from their 2nd album 'Pink Tape'.

f(x)'s Music Spoiler "Play! Pink Tape" will be officially launched at 11:11am KST on July 29, which will be streamed live through Naver Music. 

Source: SMTOWN
Written by: J.Kimkeysemily @

[NEWS] SHINee’s Minho has been offered a role as a doctor in a new MBC Drama ‘Medical Top Team’

Boy band SHINee member Minho has been offered a role in an upcoming medical drama starring top actor Kwone Sang-woo.

An official with SHINee’s agency SM Entertainment told TenAsia over the phone on Thursday that the idol star is considering playing a doctor in “Medical Top Team” (translated title).

Actress Jung Ryeo-won will also star in the series, and Oh Yeon-seo and Ju Ji-hoon have been cast in the show too.

Directed by Kim Do-hoon of hit historical drama “Moon Embracing the Sun” and written by Yoon Kyung-ah of medical drama “Brain,” “Medical Top Team” will show how a medical dream team comes together while reflecting on the reality of the medical industry.

The drama is set to show every Wednesdays and Thursdays on major broadcasting channel MBC starting in October after “Two Weeks” (translated title) ends its run.

Minho, 21, debuted with his popular five-member group in 2008. He has been in a couple dramas, most recently SBS’s “For You In Full Blossoms” last year.

Reporter. Bae Sun Young
Photographer. Lee Jin Hyuk
Translator. Jessica Kim

Source: 10asia news

[TRANS] GINGER Japanese Fashion Magazine - Minho’s Interview

GINGER Japan Fashion Magazine - Minho’s Interview

‘To The Beautiful You’ Japan DVD starring Minho, a member of TVXQ’s junior - SHINee, has been released! He has also three previous work as male leads.  ’To The Beautiful You’ is an original Japan love comedy drama. The story of the female lead, dressing up as a guy to encourage and motivate a male athlete to return to the the high jump sports field; you can also have a deeper understanding the daily life of an artiste.

Minho: ‘Of course, I have read the original work, and have watched the original drama series (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e), so I wished that I could act out a more diversify male character through my effort. Close to the age of 21, I think I must act out a good role.’

Question: I heard during Minho’s student days, you are more playful and put in more effort in sports than studies.

Minho: ‘I am better in sports since young. I am very interested in soccer under the influence of my father, and there was a period where I really wanted to become national player. After debuting as a member in SHINee, that time I was still in high school, so it’s a little regretful that my high school memories was not a lot.

Question: During outdoor scenes filming, Minho enjoyed the times carefreely, especially when the rest of the casts were about the same age as him and it felt like he is back to his student days. However, it seems like when he knew there will be kiss scenes in the script, he was really nervous at first.

Minho: ‘I feel that as long as you are an actor/actress, you will definitely feel nervous. It was not an exception for me, my heart was beating really fast. However, as Taejun (Minho’s character in the drama) , I have to do it. The very first kiss scene was when I was drunk, because it is scripted that he did it unconsciously , I just got to hide my nervousness and do it.

Question: The drama script depicts that TaeJun is cautious towards people he loves, but at the same time, he is a straight-forward person. Does Minho, in real life, has this side of ‘Tae-Jun’ too?

Minho: ‘I have the straight-forward personality too. However, TaeJun is much ‘slower’ than I really am; If I have a girl who I really like, I will go up to her more confidently. (laugh)’

Question: Have you tried asking female friends around you, if they have seen a side of you that made their heart went pumping.

Minho: ‘Any attitudes of myself really makes me worried. For example, if I have an attitude which I did not notice (has caused disfavour to others), I would ask and start to take notice of it so that I will not show it again next time.’

Question: How about, if you wish to bring a Japanese lady to Korea for a date, where would you go?

Minho: ‘It will definitely be the beautiful scenery of Hangang River. I would bring her there in the evening, for a walk, enjoying the night view; if hungry, we can have fried chicken and drink beer. It definitely is an ideal date.

Question: Being a member of the group, owning a nickname of ‘Flaming Charisma Minho’; a very favourable member with an originality and steady communication skill on top of a shining smile; this Minho has been described to be the ideal guy.

Minho: ‘I should always carry a responsible heard to do every task, there is still a distance between myself and that description of me, but I will continue to work hard and achieve better.

Picture Source: Sweet Ring
Japanese - Chinese Translations: Mr.Minho
Chinese - English Translations: Forever_SHINee [4]

Thursday, July 25, 2013

[NEWS] Mstar Taiwan to hold SHINee Style Dance Competition 2013


Let's dance! As the saying goes, 'sports is beneficial to physical and mental health', and dance is another kind of sport that is good for your body.

Are you itching to do more than just playing dance games with your fingers? Here's the chance to showcase your dance skills in SHINee Style Dance Competition 2013! Come and challenge one of SHINee’s hits, “Dream Girl”. Contestants will not only get a chance to receive comments from SHINee, they will get an opportunity to walk away with cash winnings (in TWD)!

Here’s a quick tip! Mstar's dance stage showcases the genuine cover dance for <Dream Girl>, where the dance steps are identical to those in the music video. For those who are afraid of forgetting the dance steps, go revise!

Upload your cover dance videos online from July 24th till 15th August, and register your video through Mstar’s official website in order to qualify. On August 21st at 8.00 p.m (GMT+8),  there will be an announcement of the top 3 teams chosen to participate in the final round!

The final competition will take place during SHINee’s VIP Fan Meeting in Taipei, where the shining idol group will be the judges, and will select the ultimate winner.

The event will be held at the following date and venue:
30th August 2013
Neo Studio - Conference Room/Exhibition Hall
22 Songshou Road, Xinyi District
Taipei City

Source: Mstar’s Official Website
Translated & Written by: J.Kimkeysemily, sherylmilo, & debsayys @

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

[NEWS] '91 line Nicole and Key happy to reunite

Widely known besties, KARA's Nicole and SHINee's Key, posed for a friendly picture when they reunited.

Nicole instagrammed a photo with her close buddy on the 23rd with the caption, "A face I'm happy to see ♥ We appeared on the same program! My keybumbum~~~."

The picture told fans how close the two stars were as they linked arms and smiled brightly for the camera. Fans seemed glad to see the two idols together as they have known for quite some time now that the two are really close friends and members of the famous '91 line' group.

Netizens commented, "Nicole and Key are really close," "It's nice to see them," and "I'm envious of that kind of friendship."
cr: allkpop

[INFO] SHINee to participate in 'United States of Odaiba 2013 Mezamashi Live'

SHINee is set to perform at 'United States of Odaiba 2013 Mezamashi Live' this August!
The event's theme for this year is "It’s not Odaiba without fun! It’s not summer without adventure!". Live concerts starring SHINee and various performers, and also a number of appealing attractions will be provided for attendees. 
Additionally, the event will continue to support victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and economic recovery just as it did for previous years, with the aim of cheering up Japan from the grounds of Odaiba. 
Performance Details

Date: 12th August, 2013 (Monday)
VenueFuji Television Headquarters / Odaiba Area, Japan
Artist: SHINee
Date/Time: Aug 12 (Mon), 16:30 - 17:00 JST
Lottery application period: July 25 (Thu) 12:00 JST - July 28 (Sun) 18:00 JST
Ticket-draw results: July 20 (Tue) 13:00 JST - July 31 (Wed) 18:00 JST
The tickets can be acquired via lottery.
For further information on availability and lottery application, go to
Written by: J.Kimkeysemily @

[NEWS] SHINee to become the face of Mstar Online for Singapore and Malaysia!

SHINee will be endorsing their first ever game outside of Korea!

The boys are now appointed the ambassadors of Mstar Online in Singapore in Malaysia. Not just that, it's the first time that a K-pop artist is the face of a music and dance game in Singapore and Malaysia as well. Mstar Online is a free 3D music and dance game by Nurien.  

Of course, with SHINee as ambassadors, the game features a bunch of SHINee's songs such as "Why So Serious?", "Dream Girl", "Nightmare", "Sherlock", "Ring Ding Dong", "Juliette" and much more!

You can also get a bunch of exclusive SHINee items from the game like cushions and t-shirts. SHINee said, "Mstar is a music and dance game, which fits our style perfectly. On top of that, we like gaming too. This is such a match made in heaven!".
cr: allkpop

[NEWS] Director Park Chan Wook chooses Key as a potential casting choice


On July 22, the press conference for a new movie Snow Piercer, was held, and its director Park Chan Wook, revealed that he would like to cast SHINee’s almighty Key in his future projects.
The director expressed, “My daughter really loves SHINee, so I know them. She especially likes Key the best.” Sharing his daughter’s love for the group’s multi-talented member, Park Chan Wook said that if he were to cast a SHINee member in his movie, it would be Key.
Last year, Key impressed critics and reviewers with his outstanding performance in his debut musical, “Catch Me If You Can”, as Frank Abagnale Jr. His attention to detail and versatile expressions caught the eye of many, and most possibly, Director Park; as the latter emphasized that Key has a lot of sense and personality, which in turn makes him an ideal casting choice for the director’s future movies.
In other news, Key will be playing the lead role of Clyde in Korea’s production of the award winning musical, “Bonnie and Clyde”.
Cr: enewsworld

[TRANS] 130715-19 Twitter Update

130719 Jaewon
Jaewon : I liked seeing this, Choimno... You punk!

130718 Onew, Jaewon, J'Kyun

Onew : Ruby Taem
(T/N: Taemin's birthstone is ruby.)

Onew : DAECHIFE!!!!!!!OOWAAAH!!!!!!!
(T/N: Daechife is an abbreviation of the Daegu Chimaek[chicken+beer] Festival.)

Jaewon :  Happy bday to our puppy. I always look forward to your growth.

Picture Translation
Dreaming Taebong: Yes hyung^^~
Jaewon: Taebong
Dreaming Taebong: Yes?
Jaewon: Why were you born?
Dreaming Taebong: kkekekegekegegeke
Jaewon: Why why
Dreaming Taebong: These words alone are touching, hyungㅠㅠ
Jaewon: kekekeke
Dreaming Taebong: To think that you know the day that I was born keke
Jaewon: Good job being born, cutie

J'Kyun : Lastly with SHINee's Jonghyun! @realjonghyun90 Nice meeting you, manner king. SHINee is jjangjjangman~!

130717 Jonghyun, Yoon Jiwon

Jonghyun : Food is good. I finished it.
Yoon Jiwon : @realjonghyun90 I'm a staff of... The Queen's Classroom... Ha........... Breaking down... easily.........I am... Hana's.. unni... I'm going to... tell Hana... about this...... I'm... gonna ask... to change the main... ost... to The 2nd Drawer...
(T/N: Hana is one of the characters from the drama. The 2nd Drawer is an OST from the drama.)
Jonghyun : @yuldion The Queen's Classroom is definitely jjangjjanggirl~^^!! The best actors and a solid story! It's the best drama^^ Earlier today, my tweets were sick for a bit but now it feels like they're being healed~^^!! Haha, I couldn't watch the live broadcast because of my schedule!^^ I'll watch it through Kook TV.. I'll watch it twice..
(T/N: Kook TV is an online streaming site.)

Jonghyun : The 2nd Album ‘Pink Tape’ Art Film

f(x) is coming out. If you don't look forward to it, I'll kill you. If you don't buy the album, I'll kill you. Mark my words... Kid, the listeners who've heard some music here seem to be f(x) fans. IYVCH jjangjjangman.
(T/N: Jonghyun is imitating Min Jonggook, a murderer from the drama "I Can Hear Your Voice", during one of his trials. He made a typo with the abbreviation and wrote IYVCH instead of ICHYV.)

Jonghyun : The people who saw me make the typo IYVCH... If you tell others about it, I'll kill you. I'll kill the ones who heard too... Mark my words...

Jonghyun : Am I promoting ICHYV or am I promoting f(x)? Killing two birds with one stone! Woohoo!

Jonghyun : Ah, but The Queen's Classroom is jjangjjangman too!

Jonghyun : No, jjangjjanggirl!

Jonghyun : If the tweet I posted spreads around and reaches The Queen's Classroom production team, I'll kill them. I'll kill all the people who spread it around too. Mark my words... TTTTTT The Queen's Classroom jjangjjangman

Jonghyun : Shark hwaiting! Heartless City hwaiting! The Queen's Classroom hwaiting! ICHYV hwaiting! You're the Best, Lee Soonshin hwaiting! Korean dramas hwaiting! SHINee hwaiting!

Jonghyun : "@withMBC: SHINee is jjangjjangman too^^... So what I'm saying is, this is a conspiracy. I've been hacked by Min Jjonggook. Murdering wasn't enough, so he's even hacking. Ah geez, what a heartless world. How was he educated? I summon him to the Queen's Classroom, go go. He needs to sing Green Rain and become fresh.

Jonghyun : Rain sound jjangjjangman!

130716 Onew


TRANS: Onew : I love you people

130715 Jonghyun

Jonghyun : What is this! Lee Jinki sitcom?!! Oh kehe now everyone is collecting acting experience except for me.... I'll look forward to it, unemployed Jingki...

Jonghyun : ............Kekekekekke I went really fast but it took an hour and 30 minutes! ! Next time, I'll take the subway.