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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

[TRANS] 130715-19 Twitter Update

130719 Jaewon
Jaewon : I liked seeing this, Choimno... You punk!

130718 Onew, Jaewon, J'Kyun

Onew : Ruby Taem
(T/N: Taemin's birthstone is ruby.)

Onew : DAECHIFE!!!!!!!OOWAAAH!!!!!!!
(T/N: Daechife is an abbreviation of the Daegu Chimaek[chicken+beer] Festival.)

Jaewon :  Happy bday to our puppy. I always look forward to your growth.

Picture Translation
Dreaming Taebong: Yes hyung^^~
Jaewon: Taebong
Dreaming Taebong: Yes?
Jaewon: Why were you born?
Dreaming Taebong: kkekekegekegegeke
Jaewon: Why why
Dreaming Taebong: These words alone are touching, hyungㅠㅠ
Jaewon: kekekeke
Dreaming Taebong: To think that you know the day that I was born keke
Jaewon: Good job being born, cutie

J'Kyun : Lastly with SHINee's Jonghyun! @realjonghyun90 Nice meeting you, manner king. SHINee is jjangjjangman~!

130717 Jonghyun, Yoon Jiwon

Jonghyun : Food is good. I finished it.
Yoon Jiwon : @realjonghyun90 I'm a staff of... The Queen's Classroom... Ha........... Breaking down... easily.........I am... Hana's.. unni... I'm going to... tell Hana... about this...... I'm... gonna ask... to change the main... ost... to The 2nd Drawer...
(T/N: Hana is one of the characters from the drama. The 2nd Drawer is an OST from the drama.)
Jonghyun : @yuldion The Queen's Classroom is definitely jjangjjanggirl~^^!! The best actors and a solid story! It's the best drama^^ Earlier today, my tweets were sick for a bit but now it feels like they're being healed~^^!! Haha, I couldn't watch the live broadcast because of my schedule!^^ I'll watch it through Kook TV.. I'll watch it twice..
(T/N: Kook TV is an online streaming site.)

Jonghyun : The 2nd Album ‘Pink Tape’ Art Film

f(x) is coming out. If you don't look forward to it, I'll kill you. If you don't buy the album, I'll kill you. Mark my words... Kid, the listeners who've heard some music here seem to be f(x) fans. IYVCH jjangjjangman.
(T/N: Jonghyun is imitating Min Jonggook, a murderer from the drama "I Can Hear Your Voice", during one of his trials. He made a typo with the abbreviation and wrote IYVCH instead of ICHYV.)

Jonghyun : The people who saw me make the typo IYVCH... If you tell others about it, I'll kill you. I'll kill the ones who heard too... Mark my words...

Jonghyun : Am I promoting ICHYV or am I promoting f(x)? Killing two birds with one stone! Woohoo!

Jonghyun : Ah, but The Queen's Classroom is jjangjjangman too!

Jonghyun : No, jjangjjanggirl!

Jonghyun : If the tweet I posted spreads around and reaches The Queen's Classroom production team, I'll kill them. I'll kill all the people who spread it around too. Mark my words... TTTTTT The Queen's Classroom jjangjjangman

Jonghyun : Shark hwaiting! Heartless City hwaiting! The Queen's Classroom hwaiting! ICHYV hwaiting! You're the Best, Lee Soonshin hwaiting! Korean dramas hwaiting! SHINee hwaiting!

Jonghyun : "@withMBC: SHINee is jjangjjangman too^^... So what I'm saying is, this is a conspiracy. I've been hacked by Min Jjonggook. Murdering wasn't enough, so he's even hacking. Ah geez, what a heartless world. How was he educated? I summon him to the Queen's Classroom, go go. He needs to sing Green Rain and become fresh.

Jonghyun : Rain sound jjangjjangman!

130716 Onew


TRANS: Onew : I love you people

130715 Jonghyun

Jonghyun : What is this! Lee Jinki sitcom?!! Oh kehe now everyone is collecting acting experience except for me.... I'll look forward to it, unemployed Jingki...

Jonghyun : ............Kekekekekke I went really fast but it took an hour and 30 minutes! ! Next time, I'll take the subway.

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