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Friday, July 26, 2013

[TRANS] GINGER Japanese Fashion Magazine - Minho’s Interview

GINGER Japan Fashion Magazine - Minho’s Interview

‘To The Beautiful You’ Japan DVD starring Minho, a member of TVXQ’s junior - SHINee, has been released! He has also three previous work as male leads.  ’To The Beautiful You’ is an original Japan love comedy drama. The story of the female lead, dressing up as a guy to encourage and motivate a male athlete to return to the the high jump sports field; you can also have a deeper understanding the daily life of an artiste.

Minho: ‘Of course, I have read the original work, and have watched the original drama series (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e), so I wished that I could act out a more diversify male character through my effort. Close to the age of 21, I think I must act out a good role.’

Question: I heard during Minho’s student days, you are more playful and put in more effort in sports than studies.

Minho: ‘I am better in sports since young. I am very interested in soccer under the influence of my father, and there was a period where I really wanted to become national player. After debuting as a member in SHINee, that time I was still in high school, so it’s a little regretful that my high school memories was not a lot.

Question: During outdoor scenes filming, Minho enjoyed the times carefreely, especially when the rest of the casts were about the same age as him and it felt like he is back to his student days. However, it seems like when he knew there will be kiss scenes in the script, he was really nervous at first.

Minho: ‘I feel that as long as you are an actor/actress, you will definitely feel nervous. It was not an exception for me, my heart was beating really fast. However, as Taejun (Minho’s character in the drama) , I have to do it. The very first kiss scene was when I was drunk, because it is scripted that he did it unconsciously , I just got to hide my nervousness and do it.

Question: The drama script depicts that TaeJun is cautious towards people he loves, but at the same time, he is a straight-forward person. Does Minho, in real life, has this side of ‘Tae-Jun’ too?

Minho: ‘I have the straight-forward personality too. However, TaeJun is much ‘slower’ than I really am; If I have a girl who I really like, I will go up to her more confidently. (laugh)’

Question: Have you tried asking female friends around you, if they have seen a side of you that made their heart went pumping.

Minho: ‘Any attitudes of myself really makes me worried. For example, if I have an attitude which I did not notice (has caused disfavour to others), I would ask and start to take notice of it so that I will not show it again next time.’

Question: How about, if you wish to bring a Japanese lady to Korea for a date, where would you go?

Minho: ‘It will definitely be the beautiful scenery of Hangang River. I would bring her there in the evening, for a walk, enjoying the night view; if hungry, we can have fried chicken and drink beer. It definitely is an ideal date.

Question: Being a member of the group, owning a nickname of ‘Flaming Charisma Minho’; a very favourable member with an originality and steady communication skill on top of a shining smile; this Minho has been described to be the ideal guy.

Minho: ‘I should always carry a responsible heard to do every task, there is still a distance between myself and that description of me, but I will continue to work hard and achieve better.

Picture Source: Sweet Ring
Japanese - Chinese Translations: Mr.Minho
Chinese - English Translations: Forever_SHINee [4]

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