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Thursday, July 18, 2013

[NEWS] 130718 SHINee's Taemin celebrates his 20th birthday and asks fans to share their love for those in need

SHINee's Taemin celebrated his 20th birthday on July 18th.

Taemin took to SHINee's official page to thank his fans for all their love and support as well as sharing a handsome picture of himself.

On the post titled "Thank you ^^," Taemin wrote, "Hello~^^ It's Taemin who celebrated his birthday today. Our fans who celebrate my birthday before anyone else every year.. Thank you. I'm not able to take care of you guys, but I feel like I'm always receiving from you... And I'm always thankful for the gifts that you prepare full of love and care. I believe my fans know my heart.. ^___^ But..... now I think it will be a even more special and precious gift if you will share the love and care for people who are in need more than I am.. I'm happy and thankful from just your love, I hope you guys will understand me...^^"

He continued to write, "Thank you so so much for celebrating my birthday~!! I will celebrate you guys too~^^ I love our SHINee WORLD who always view us with an unchaning heart!♥♥♥♥♥"

Wow, handsome and kind-hearted? Seriously, who cannot love this guy after his sweet message? Allkpop wishes you a happy 20th birthday Taemin!

cr: allkpop

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