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Sunday, July 7, 2013

[FA] 130706 SHINee - Japan Arena Tour 2013, Osaka-Jo Hall Day 1

During the interval between Juliette and Seesaw Onew stole a sip from a water bottle and threw it on the stage. Like a man.

Onew and Jonghyun did the Boys Meet U gesture together, and Key mentioned that Osaka is similar to his hometown Daegu~

During Sunny Day Hero, Minho and Jonghyun walked down the stage arm in arm~ and Minho and Taemin danced Gangnam Style.

During Beautiful, JongKey were doing a goofy dance behind while Minho was rapping.
SHINee were all playing with the mics on the mic stands.

During START, Jonghyun was made to dress up as Taro, and Minho later took his drums and danced with it during Dazzling Girl.

MinKey left the stage together, Key pulled Minho down the stage by tugging at his shirt.
JongKey singing looking at each other during Keeping Love Again ♡

Minho gave Jonghyun a long tight hug till Onew came to separate them.
Jonghyun: Dude, enough.
Source: ipipie

Key said that he particularly likes Osaka as the people's enthusiasm and talking (dialect) is similar to Daegu’s.
Source: Locktan
Translation: squishyjinki

Taemin's shoe dropped, Minho's and Onew's mic dropped during Dream Girl
Translation: KEYBEOMMIE

Onew called Key by his real name "Kibum"
Source: Locktan
Translation: kkb_lockets

Key was in charge of the speech and fans were giving very big support.
Jonghyun: "such nice words"
Source: SHINeeBloom
Translation: kkb_lockets

Jonghyun says that Taemin's intonation is weird then Key started mimicking Taemin's intonation.
Source: 最近累抽抽的含酱酱

During Encore, Jonghyun removed his vest and threw it on the stage then Taemin removed his vest as well and kept waving it with all his might. It flew off the stage and almost flew towards the seating area.
Source: 最近累抽抽的含酱酱

(Key) There is a bright pink patch in the middle of his blond hair ^^^^^^ while he was dancing, his hair (bounced) >< His lemon-head bounces >< SO! CUTE! ><"
Source: 最近累抽抽的含酱酱

Today, 2min is as bold as always! touching! 2min danced to Psy's song XD During KLA (s/n : Keeping Love Again), they gave secret touches to one another as usual XD .
While riding the small car, Mr Choi was very 'BS' (??) as he was unable to nudge Taemin to move XDD During encore, they whispered to one another. Taemin even told Minho in a playful manner "Please do not bully me"

Minho is still the lead member in doing hugs and kisses;
Key couldn’t stand watching it any longer and commented "stop it~~" another funny thing was when they sang START, Minho couldn’t find the switch on his lightstick.

The one who gave the thank you speech was still Key. But 2Min was totally not paying attention to Key, who was talking - 2Min kept whispering to one another.

Just then, Minho suddenly interrupted and MinKey was suddenly the ones whispering to one another. Fan: I really do not know how to explain this scene actually.

"There were many mishaps during Dream Girl today : Taemin's shoelaces were loose? or got untied? Minho's mic stand fell and the mic rolled out as well.
Onew's mic fell out too.
Minho happily treated the mic as a soccer ball and kicked it even further away.

Jonghyun managed to pick up the mic during one of the part and returned it back to leader-nim
While Onew was talking, Taemin looked towards Onew and threw out a towel.

Minho caught it at once and reprimanded "Wait, what is this! Taemin! I am telling you seriously/sternly that our leader is talking, yet you threw out a towel."
Taemin "As I wish~
As usual, Key was the one giving beautiful speeches in fluent Japanese.

Fans below also supported him. In this very harmonious atmosphere, Jonghyun suddenly commented "Such rare nice words~" causing the entire concert hall to burst into laughter.
Source: SHINeeBloom

Some people saw Taemin having his knees grazed, his white pants were stained with blood but it wasn't serious so he continued to dance passionately; ahjumma fans wanted to hug Taemin (because of this).....
And there's Ontae hug. Kiddo, you have worked hard ^^"
Source: natsuyuzora
Translation: thpapergangster

Today Jonghyun still got forced hugged and kiss by Minho,
Key who is at the side and can't stand looking at it anymore, said "Stop",
and one more thing that is really hilarious is, today when singing Start, Jonghyun coudn't find the switch for the lightstick.
This is a mixed up account: In the end when they were giving their thanks, similarly it was Key who said it, 2min disregarded Key who was speaking and whispered to each other, at this time

Jonghyun suddenly interrupted (should be interrupting Key and saying his own things), so things took a turn and in the end Minkey were whispering to each other.

The force-kissing devil Minho: "I only want to kiss once kiss kiss kiss" (Kissx3 lyrics),when singing this line, he faced Jonghyun and acted like as if he is going to kiss him! "Hey! Stop it" Ignoring Jonghyun and still insisting on wanting to kiss him, "Ya, I'm serious" with a serious-yet-smiley face.

Today when singing Kiss You, Jonghyun dressed up as an Osaka iconic figure Kuidaore and sang, Minho who saw Jonghyun's outfit and looked envious, hugged and stroke the drum twice like a kid,
then he snatched the prop spectales from Jonghyun and wore it and continue singing. (This is the iconic figure that Jonghyun dressed up as

Today while Onew was talking continuously,
Taemin threw a towel at Onew, Jonghyun who blocked and caught hold of the towel "Wait a moment, what is this! Taemin-san! I'm seriously telling you that Onew is speaking, and you threw a towel (at him)." Taemin: I'm happy~
Today when singing Kissx3, Onew-san sent out flying kisses speedily to the audience!
Key who is always the speaker of nice words, today he also used fluent Japanese to give thanks, fans also cheered loudly. In this harmonious and wonderful atmosphere, "Nice words that are indeed rare" suddenly said by Jonghyun, following that everyone laughed hard.
Source: SHINeeBloom绽放
Translation: laetitia_aw

After 1000-nen, Minho was sticking to Jjong, hugging him then Key came to them saying with serious tone, "Please stop it" and hit Minho.

Furthermore, Minho kept imitating Jjong's "Thank you for waiting for us" and Key told him to stop it. He probably was serious because he said it in Korean.

The part with apple prop, Onew took a part from the apple and after the song ended he went to return it back and stroke the apple fondly. I died.

Onew drank water in the short interval between Juliette and Seesaw. No time to take care of it so he had to throw it aside. Staff at the stage came to wipe it.

Onew was talking, "Next is the last song, blablabla" and explaining when Taemin threw his towel. Jjong commented, "Taemin, Leader is talking about wonderful thing, what is this?!"

Taemin replied, "This is my heart! (smile)"
Onew grinned. Also, I died.
Onew's mike fell during Dream Girl and Jjong picked it up for him.
During Kiss Yo Onew was playing alone - bouncing, tumbling.
Even when others stopped playing and focusing into singing he was still playing by himself.
Took a while before he realized it and joined the others ← just a little kid.
When Key singing while sitting cross-legged, his posture was too good that it looked like he was meditating.
Taemin wore that Ittemin hat!
And he screamed his name, "Ittemin!!"
During Kiss Yo, Jjong wore Kuidaore Taro (T/N: this is Kuidaore Taro
Source: Nami_lugia

Taemin kicked the signed ball towards the standing area but couldn't reach it. Then, aimed for the box seat. In the end after trying for 3 time he failed. His then dashed to other side.
Taemin made a mistake at the start of Fire and covered it with his smile♡
The last part of Kiss Yo, the one where he talked with phone receiver in his hand, he changed it into Kansai dialect!
Original - "Hello, would you like to kiss me?"
Kansai ver - "Hello, aa~ sounan ya~"
Super cute. Dead.
Key - "I really love Osaka"
He said the feel and intonation of the dialect "super similar" to his hometown Daegu.
Key - (speaking in Korean, Daegu dialect)
JH: Quite nervous since it's been a while, isn't it?
ON: It's all thanks to everyone.
Onew was mildly scolded by Jonghyun after that.
Source: shinette0718

Dream Girl - Taemin's mic stand about to fall but he quickly handled it nicely with his foot.
Super smart!!
Dream Girl - Onew dropped his mic and resolved to sing next part without it but Jjong picked it up and passed it to him. After that Minho laughed at Onew.
Jjong's fav line - "Those standing! Arena! 1st floor! 2nd! 3rd! 4th... no 4th floor?"
Key "Nope"
This place is not as big as Saitama Arena~
Minho was interested in Jjong's Kuidaore appearance. He let go off his ride and went to Jjong. He tried the glasses and very satisfied to see that it was shown in the screen. In the end he played with drum but it wasn't funny and the song even ended already.  Choi Minho was worn out.
During line up at the start of Sherlock, the gap was like
so Taemin pushed Onew to close the gap, grinning.
Taemin's cap fell during Dazzling Girl. I kept watching for the time when he would pick it up in cool manner but he didn't pick it. Then the position changed and Onew took that position so he kicked it away splendidly as he danced. Then Taemin was back at that position, picked it up and wore it. Onew saw that and laughed.
Key was giving a serious talk during MC, about how everyone's support became their strength and all, then suddenly Jjong said "After a while, ee hanashi ya na~ (What a nice talk, in Kansai dialect)" and told audience, "Everyone, say it together!" Everyone was confused but said the line then Jjong asked to say it one more time.
He looked satisfied after they said it once more.
Source: 45suplee

Sunny Day Hero, when everyone gathered, Taemin suddenly hugged Onew tightly
During chorus in Hello, Key and Taemin chatted together, then during the end of Jjong's line they did a fast tempo weird dance

During Sherlock, at the first turn Jjong took off his vest. Usually Taemin would took his off at the 2nd turn, who would've thought Onew would took off his.
Everyone went "Kyaa~!!"

Key was talking seriously during MC when suddenly a girl in the audience gave a really loud scream. Key calmly asked, "Huh, what was that for? Is it appropriate timing for that?"
During chorus in Kiss Kiss Kiss, the part where they sang "Kiss kiss kiss" Onew was throwing flying kiss in a high speed. Probably around 20 kisses.

During Sunny Day Hero, when Key was singing, Minho came closer to him and they're back to back with each other, he pushed Key.

Minho: Lightsticks are beautiful, but everyone is more beautiful
When Key was talking, Minho and Taemin, side by side, were chatting and Minho pretended to kick Taemin. Jjong saw it and pointed it out, making them both apologized, bowed to the audience.
Source: obo0718

During Start, Taemin was riding a red car.
It got stuck at a ramp and couldn't move forward. After a while it finally moved but stuck at the next ramp.
Adding to that, it was slow so he was left behind by others
Source: korea_shygeeks

During the first MC Onew brought the towels for all members, passed it to Jjong, and Jjong hand it to each member.
During the first MC, Jjong wiped his face with towel and a thread was on his right cheek, which Onew gently took it away
When Minho said audience prettier than the lightstick ocean, Jonghyun replied, "Just as I thought, Minho, you..."
Source: jonghyunNo1

Key was laughing at Taemin's Japanese.
Key: What's with your pronunciation? Just like in Japanese language learning tape. (started to imitate a few line)
Taemin: Yes, I learned Japanese through tape!
Source: aionee_51

Translations: red @
Compiled by: J.Kimkeysemily @

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